VU Meters for the PC! Cooler Master Musketeer 2 from 2004

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Remember the CoolerMaster Musketeer II System Dynamics Detector? Heh, I don't. But I absolutely *DO* remember 2004 when these kinds of case mods and 5.25" drive bay add-ons were all the rage! Featuring dual backlit VU meters with 7 LED colors, stereo volume sliders, and a hard disk activity indicator with a dancing needle indicating drive activity. Wonderful.
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  • Zomebes
    Zomebes10 dagen geleden

    I really miss these charmingly stupid pc add in parts. I've had the Musketeer 1 in Corsair C70 case purely for the retro look for years.

  • Sterconium
    Sterconium14 dagen geleden

    10:09 Oh hi tiny LGR!

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow16 dagen geleden

    Anyone notice the PCB says "Usketeer" and not Musketeer? lol

  • Derealized
    Derealized26 dagen geleden

    This just reminds me. I built a PC in 04, and since I was doing a complete build I decided why not spend a few dollars more and make it look cool. So I had the window on the side but, they had these light bars back then. They burned out or broke so long ago now that I forgot about them. Can't even find pictures of them now it's weird but I remember these tubes that lit up.

  • Jesse Rash
    Jesse RashMaand geleden

    I was 4 years old when this was a thing wow.

  • Reiwas
    ReiwasMaand geleden

    I remember seeing this in our local computer shop window and I wanted this so bad as a kid :D

  • Nathaniel
    NathanielMaand geleden

    Is it bad that he's Pentium I system is the same case I use today with my Cooler Master 5.25 fan controller from 2001

  • modsandends
    modsandendsMaand geleden

    I have three of the Musketeer III tube amps. The VU meter on them was for the sound, so the needle would jump all over the place as the sound level increased and decreased. If you heard the needle ticking the end pin, you knew your gain was set too high. They're pretty useless and were considered quite dumb even when they came out, but it didn't stop me from buying up three of them for PC-based passthrough surround sound that ends up being over-processed from digital to analog and then back to digital again when you send it to your speakers. I'm not sure if I want to give them up yet. LGR, hit me up if you're interested in borrowing one for a video review.

  • R. Casey Davis
    R. Casey DavisMaand geleden

    I wish some kickstarter or something would make real analogue meters for computers.

  • The Nado Nation
    The Nado Nation2 maanden geleden

    I want it in black!!!!!!!

  • John Profane
    John Profane2 maanden geleden

    This was not a vacuum tube amplifier, instead it is called a hybrid amplifier, since most of the amplfication is done by solid state components and tube is just for decoration.

  • The Cando Railfan
    The Cando Railfan2 maanden geleden

    I think it is RGB, but each colour can only be on or off, which comes out to 7 colors.

  • drunkredninja
    drunkredninja2 maanden geleden

    the golden age of pc mods

  • Potato potata
    Potato potata3 maanden geleden

    LGR knows what details are most important for NOS pc parts, I gotta know what it smells like. There's nothing quite like the smell of new pc parts, especially new old pc stuff

  • Celtic Man
    Celtic Man3 maanden geleden

    I think these were to show off your machine at a LAN party or something. It's not like we had real social media to get our daily head pats. errr. I like em. Sorry. lmao I like tat.

  • TalenGryphon
    TalenGryphon3 maanden geleden

    I loved mine so much I'm putting VU Sweep Meters in the dash of my project car :-). Though in that application they flank a boost gauge. I need another Musketeer for my current desktop. Always left mine on amber so it looked like an old home theater receiver

  • HerrKoO
    HerrKoO3 maanden geleden

    This is the coolest thing ever. Are there still Dails like this for modern PC's?

  • Phawnix
    Phawnix3 maanden geleden

    I'm always paranoid when I order things from China that it will have lead paint or carcinogenic materials of some kind. Seeing you take apart this stuff and sniff the crap out of it with no hesitation helps me feel better. 🤣

  • EZ2ACTux
    EZ2ACTux4 maanden geleden

    Cousin of the circlefire

  • Sandra Payne
    Sandra Payne4 maanden geleden

    I still have one of these in an old case I built, the case is all oak and I added an oak faceplate to the meter, though I never really ended up using the VU meters as I found they impacted audio quality too much, but the HDD meter still works fine to this day.

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts4 maanden geleden

    I had a Musketeer in my CM Stacker:p

  • lee constant
    lee constant4 maanden geleden

    Yessss ! @8:25 the old school LGR Foods theme song. Love it

  • SteelRodent
    SteelRodent4 maanden geleden

    I recall lots of these things coming out in the 90s, after the MPC standards became a thing, and they were all crap and useless. The HDD indicator would work better if it functioned on the PWM principle, but that'd require actual electronics to convert the on/off signal into an analogue curve

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles4 maanden geleden

    I don't know if you can actually buy it, but I found a listing for the musketeer 3 that seems to be in stock.

  • Intercept
    Intercept4 maanden geleden

    One day when I reach the age of 35 ish I'll be bumbling around with my hobbies and not being distant due to work.

  • Adam Lawson
    Adam Lawson4 maanden geleden

    That case and fascia were used on several items--you mention these around 3:30 - 4:00 Crazy. I remember going to Fry's I think it was, and seeing dozens of these things. Also on the old school NewEgg.

  • BadAndUgly
    BadAndUgly4 maanden geleden

    A small capacitor on the HDD meter would smoot it out. Many retro amplifiers with analog meters had capacitors to make them "slower".

  • PhunkBustA
    PhunkBustA4 maanden geleden

    13:48 ah the memories 😄

  • rcjtp
    rcjtp5 maanden geleden

    That Musketeer 3 reminds me of a board AOpen made for P4s that had a vacuum tube in the audio section. I still kinda want one of those for the novelty of it.

  • Atlas Network
    Atlas Network5 maanden geleden

    One of the biggest regrets i had in life was not getting a lian li pc-60. I got a lian li a couple of years ago, but it's not the same. Also lian li make garbage cases now. These days you're better off getting a fractal design case.

  • Kevin
    Kevin5 maanden geleden

    Those actually look really classy on that rig. I dig it.

  • Martin Mane
    Martin Mane5 maanden geleden

    The early 2000s was the wildwest for computer parts

  • Firenado
    Firenado5 maanden geleden

    to make the hdd meter work better you could put a 100uf capasitor or more on it to make it more smooth

  • Charlotte Dashwood
    Charlotte Dashwood5 maanden geleden

    That is really cool. I'd love that on my computer.

  • Jeremy Hinkle
    Jeremy Hinkle5 maanden geleden

    13:05 was that dust or an orb. You decide. In all seriousness great video.

  • Meri Lundström
    Meri Lundström5 maanden geleden

    Haha, obviously the product name refers to those flying "swords" (needles) :D

  • Wang Dong
    Wang Dong5 maanden geleden

    God this guy needs to lose his virginity fast

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva5 maanden geleden

    Dartagnan disliked that!

  • iceman0124
    iceman01245 maanden geleden

    I had an Apevia I think case with 3 VU meters built into the front of the case

  • LukeAkAscooterkid
    LukeAkAscooterkid5 maanden geleden

    I brought this case second hand and use it in my modern PC, like you say in this video, such a great case easily modifiable

  • Atherial
    Atherial5 maanden geleden

    Why does Mr. Roger's Porno music play when he's installing the equipment?

  • BØLT
    BØLT5 maanden geleden

    Whoever thought having two separate volume controls for left and right can f*ck right off lol

  • Natsume-Hime
    Natsume-Hime5 maanden geleden

    Ah addons that were form over function. Glad to see not all that much has changed in gaming PCs over the last decade and a half or so.

  • cpuguy2001
    cpuguy20015 maanden geleden

    CTRL + ALT + SHITFT + F7 /fuzz ENTER CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F7 /nodamage ENTER

  • LowKey LowKey
    LowKey LowKey5 maanden geleden

    These devices are about as useful as a chocolate teapot mate. I think if there is another one. I'll pass on the video.

  • K Larsen
    K Larsen5 maanden geleden

    As for the front 3½ bay - vs pci LED controler: You could be out of front bays and thus be forced to use the back...

  • MemeReviewer
    MemeReviewer5 maanden geleden

    Can anyone tell me anything i should know about The Number Nine Revolution IV GPU? I have done some research on it, and it was said to be a rare card, and I have found one.

  • Matt
    Matt5 maanden geleden

    Honestly, so many of these drive bay accessories are such garbage. I'm sure plenty are NIB in garbage dumps.

  • Andrew MacKinnon
    Andrew MacKinnon5 maanden geleden

    As much as I love the functional minimalism and cable management of modern cases my heart still pines for the wanton impracticality of the early 2000s.

  • Lee Fire
    Lee Fire5 maanden geleden

    Commenters with $200 of rgb lights, rbg fans, and rgb mouse pad with a touch screen fan controler: "This is useless"

  • Rastislav
    Rastislav5 maanden geleden

    Man, it has been a long, long time since I've seen Molex connectors.

  • Todd Harris
    Todd Harris5 maanden geleden

    Oh man that Vaccum Tube addon is gloriously unnecessary. Want

  • root42
    root425 maanden geleden

    Also I wonder if you could mod this with a capacitor to smooth the HDD LED indicator. I.e. so that it only maxes out when the LED is on all the time, and otherwise it only goes for some part. And it's really mysterious why the left VU meter is lagging...

  • root42
    root425 maanden geleden

    I wonder what that mystery LDV07 IC is. Nothing to be found on the internet about it. The bigger IC is a LM324N quad op amp.

  • Terry Lee
    Terry Lee5 maanden geleden

    You can't really read the numbers using the red light. I think I like the lighter blue the most, green looked pretty clear and good as well

  • Joel Hinson
    Joel Hinson5 maanden geleden

    The audio VU meters are doing the Night at the Roxbury head bob.

  • Monostripe Zebra
    Monostripe Zebra5 maanden geleden

    Fuuu, that is cool

  • literarylottie
    literarylottie5 maanden geleden

    This is just peak 2004 aesthetic.

  • Eric Sills
    Eric Sills5 maanden geleden

    Dang you're a fast unscrewer!

  • Stephen kempe
    Stephen kempe5 maanden geleden

    I like how it doesn't look pretty inside nobody did that in the old days haha

  • Jonas Vilander
    Jonas Vilander5 maanden geleden

    Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but you're using an SD card(w/ a SCSI adapter) for your main drive right? It's possible that the very sharp on/off reading of flash storage like an SD card is why the meter is going up and down so fast. If you feel like it, try testing the meter with Win98 installed on a regular HDD, and see if that makes a difference. Would be interested in knowing the results, even if you don't make a whole vid about it.

  • LiveWireBT
    LiveWireBT5 maanden geleden

    Looking at the inside of your Lian Li I just now realize that my pretty expensive intertech case which I had in the 2000s must have been a Lian Li. It had a different, more expensive looking face plate, 2× 80mm out blowing fans, 2× 92mm fans in front of the HDD cage. A fan at the top and more childish stuff a twenty something at that time would dream about… like an Aerocool 2 bay LCD fan control, of course. Good old times when modders and enthusiasts soldered most crazy LED lights themselves. In the past years I started covering all excessive lights with black tape. :-)

  • Kudo Shinichi
    Kudo Shinichi5 maanden geleden

    hey, i just figured out what my family's first computer was when i was around 5 or 6, it was an old DOS with windows 3.11 loaded on it and it was an old compudyne, can't remember what cpu it had but i remember it was a model that had a green triangle below the power button. the only game we could play was rodents revenge because we did not have a mouse and you could not find a seriel mouse anymore in my area. man i miss that computer

  • Kudo Shinichi
    Kudo Shinichi5 maanden geleden

    maybe adjusting the pots on the inside might fix the delay and sensitivity too?

  • Kudo Shinichi
    Kudo Shinichi5 maanden geleden

    i love these types of things, i want to get a big massive fan controller set or something like that

  • anamnesis
    anamnesis5 maanden geleden

    Can someone please tell me where Clint gets his chill jazz music? I want the LGR soundtrack.

  • Pietro Gagliardi

    Pietro Gagliardi

    9 dagen geleden

    I think they're all NLdron Audio Library tracks. I've heard the song that starts at 4:07 in other channels (DankPods uses it to compare headphones)

  • Marina U
    Marina U5 maanden geleden

    Make a review of the sims 4 star wars

  • Ck
    Ck5 maanden geleden

    I have played this game that he's playing I can't think of the name of it what is the name of the game you're playing with the car

  • Benny Benjaman
    Benny Benjaman5 maanden geleden

    It is actually pretty nice of them to include that back slot color knob. If you only had 1 floppy slot and needed it you'd be out of luck. I appreciate the thought CoolerMaster

  • Kentucky Ranger
    Kentucky Ranger5 maanden geleden

    You could slap a capacitor on that HDD meter to slow the needle rebound down. That would give it a more "I'm doing something productive" look. LOL!

  • Dam Sen
    Dam Sen5 maanden geleden

    Will you ever review old classic gem games?

  • Rochelle Tollemache
    Rochelle Tollemache5 maanden geleden

    When are you uploading the Sims 4 Star Wars review?😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Not Public
    Not Public5 maanden geleden

    15:30 ..tell me I wasn't the only one who was very pleased and got to dancing right away! ;) .. chick 🧲 boys. Hold my beer....

  • knite000
    knite0005 maanden geleden

    those were the days. I used to have have a similar one, but in my car, with the middle meter showing the battery voltage. There was a time where anything with analogue meters just looks cool.

  • Heated Pool and Bar
    Heated Pool and Bar5 maanden geleden

    Having separate volume sliders for left and right channels would trigger me to obsess over keeping them at the same level.

  • Mikołaj P.
    Mikołaj P.5 maanden geleden

    Next time, PLEASE consider showing and commenting the red arrows movement with non-red highlight :) honestly I only saw the arrows when you'd started toying with colour change button

  • Giovanni Camporelli
    Giovanni Camporelli5 maanden geleden

    “Just passing things through” ...reminds me of Office Space when they have the job review scenes 😅

  • Hardwell
    Hardwell5 maanden geleden

    what about the know/potentiometer inside it? could that fix its insensitivity?

  • Innocent_Bystander
    Innocent_Bystander5 maanden geleden

    I could see if the hdd led vu meter had some form of built in math so that each tick of the light added something to the display, and it was constantly subtracting down to 0. That way it'd spike up and fall down in a more organic faction instead of being all or nothing. I'm not sure why they'd split volume controls between left and right though. That would annoy the ever loving shit out of me.

  • metallicarabbit
    metallicarabbit5 maanden geleden

    i like them! not for any serious use (its useless) but its so aesthetic! i'd put one in my modern rig just for a giggle!

  • Rozan Ibnu Muammar
    Rozan Ibnu Muammar5 maanden geleden

    Wait for The Sims 4 Star Wars Batuu Review hehe

  • LinuxDaily
    LinuxDaily5 maanden geleden

    Is it a bad thing that I still use an original ibm model m from 1990 as my daily keyboard in 2020?

  • Grand wat
    Grand wat5 maanden geleden

    Plz lgr I Know the pack is dog shit but please review it also I wan't you thoughtz on the sims are you burned out and are you excited for paralives and are you done with the sims

  • Samburger
    Samburger5 maanden geleden

    A hell of a lot nicer then that thermaltake crap

  • codenamemati
    codenamemati5 maanden geleden

    Red needles with red lights? Yeah, right. Very ez to see.

  • badjoojoo85
    badjoojoo855 maanden geleden

    you wouldn't pay $50 dollars back in 2004, neither would I, I hope it cost less in 2020!

  • talz13
    talz135 maanden geleden

    7:36 - typo on the board?!? "USKETEER II"?

  • Michael Battaglia
    Michael Battaglia5 maanden geleden

    Midtown Madness 2 FTW!!!

  • JayZx
    JayZx5 maanden geleden

    I still have this sucker but in black!!

  • digi owl
    digi owl5 maanden geleden

    Before the days of "gamer grade" hardware...

  • Vicen
    Vicen5 maanden geleden

    Can't wait for your review on the new Sims 4 star wars pack😂😂

  • Dez Dez
    Dez Dez5 maanden geleden

    You may already know but there’s a new dlc for the Sims 4 and it’s Star Wars themed here we go again.

  • Lord Athus Wilke
    Lord Athus Wilke5 maanden geleden

    Will LGR have the courage to review The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu? Stay tuned to find out.

  • Alfie Mitchell

    Alfie Mitchell

    5 maanden geleden

    I think he’s not going to review it, which tells you how bad it is. However he has donated to the patreon of upcoming life sim game, paralives - which looks leaps and bounds better than the hot trash that is The Sims 4

  • johneygd
    johneygd5 maanden geleden

    While it looks gimmick with all it’s fancy colors, but it’s not something you would look at the whole time, it’s not that you would testing things with it contstandly, In fact you will still spend more time watching to your monitor then watching those spinning meters, but if you have roomates, you can watch those glowing meters once in a while while you do your work on the pc. So in general it’s not worth the whole installing process, i rather would have an external one with very huge huge huge meters on it to make it look more appealing.

  • HappyDeux
    HappyDeux5 maanden geleden

    CoolerMaster are so shit these days. Even their thermal compound is outdone by standard grey goo, I never buy their stuff any more.

  • Magna Ryuu
    Magna Ryuu5 maanden geleden

    Wonder what other products that pcb was used in seeing as it has a lot of marked but unpopulated areas on it

  • Yvon Cui
    Yvon Cui5 maanden geleden

    L and R needles don't sync possibly because the discrete BJTs used to drive the coils are generic models and they don't match.

  • Kommando Kodiak
    Kommando Kodiak5 maanden geleden

    Cooler master mice are fantastic, theyre no joke and they put in real design into them. Theyre better than razor mice both in software and hardware and quickly approaching logitech

  • LemonHero
    LemonHero5 maanden geleden

    2004 fifty bucks for an un useful gimmicky meters. There was a reason I never bought any of these bay "utility" items.

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang5 maanden geleden

    Im just waiting for youKNOWwHAt