Upgrading the Checkmate Amiga 1200! Indivision AGA, PCMCIA etc

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Adding all kinds of stuff to the LGR Commodore A1200 build! Indivision AGA MK2cr, PCMCIA Compact Flash, 15-pin PC joystick support, swapping the mouse ball for laser, upgrading the Kickstart ROM, along with plenty of little tweaks and fixes.
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  • LGR
    LGR7 maanden geleden

    The PCMCIA issue is fixed! Turns out the memory expansion's RAM was conflicting, so I needed to move a jumper from 8MB down to 5.5MB. Not an ideal solution, but I've ordered another board that won't cause issues. Also, I got some custom PCI brackets for the DVI and USB ports! Here's a video on my other channel: nldron.info/work/video/pnR8c8q5hojcaoE

  • david white

    david white

    8 dagen geleden

    I would have just used a dremel and drill on the expansion plate to make cut outs for the DVI and USB

  • Jimir


    4 maanden geleden

    @Daishi5571 Thank you, that was very informative.

  • Daishi5571


    4 maanden geleden

    @Jimir CF cards are often used as they have an IDE mode built in, so the electronics are really simple and reliable. There are SD card converters that work just fine but one look at the electronics show that they are more convoluted. I have an A1200 and use a Disk on Module (DOM) as my boot drive, a CF and an SD to hold my Games, Application, Music, Art ect... It started as an exercise to see if there was any significant advantage of one over another. All I have come up with is a DOM was designed to be industrial and has a reputation for reliability, CF has a simple interface and SD are cheap! none have failed and speed wise they are all capable of going faster than the interface in the A1200. Apparently some CF cards do not work on the Amiga but I have two and both work.

  • Jimir


    4 maanden geleden

    Yes, I know I'm late (I'm behind on all of my subs), but I've been wondering why you always use compact flash cards? Are there other options that would also work (SD for example)?

  • ностромов


    5 maanden geleden

    ZOMG, even in your new videos you're still not using gloves to touch the components with. I am NOT subscribing until you do, like, seriously. No joke. =)

  • Farzher
    Farzher8 dagen geleden

    amiga os 3.1.4, nice

  • willipic
    willipic12 dagen geleden

    I know this is an older video, but you could possibly use a bracket from an older PC video card that had DVI and VGA to mount the keyboard and DVI connector. The USB connector looks to be about the same size as a VGA connector.

  • WarthogDoctor
    WarthogDoctor13 dagen geleden

    Never change Clint

  • asherael
    asherael15 dagen geleden

    That optical mouse board conversion is an exquisite solution, god, i can't wait to have the income to dive into amiga.....

  • Zephyrian
    Zephyrian22 dagen geleden

    Add the Optical Drive, and then run DVD Ram in it somehow

  • Daniel Hollibaugh
    Daniel HollibaughMaand geleden

    Get an old pata disk drive from a Mac and a simple adapter board

  • Comfortably Numb
    Comfortably NumbMaand geleden

    "I enjoy swappin a floppy as much as the next guy"... How much did the next guy enjoy it lol

  • Comfortably Numb
    Comfortably NumbMaand geleden

    Was excited to see that flight game! Solid childhood memory

  • Chuck Anderson
    Chuck AndersonMaand geleden

    IBM PC for an Amiga Workbench background?: BLASPHEMY!

  • Dark
    DarkMaand geleden

    I always wanted an optical solution for these crappy old com mouses, this would be perfect

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulMaand geleden

    instead of 3d printing a PC slot bracket, bow about one for that "useless" opening over the board shown at 4:30 that seems to be pretty specific?

  • Paul Kline
    Paul Kline2 maanden geleden

    glue that usb port with JB weld, it will never come out again

  • Bit Rage
    Bit Rage2 maanden geleden

    I used to have a black viewsonic like that, it came with my Alienware (Real not A Dell) in '98

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown2 maanden geleden

    For the ports for the PCI slot, just find an old VGA card that has a 15 pin vga port and DVI port.. Unscrew it from the card and use that instead! Simple!

  • The O.E.
    The O.E.3 maanden geleden

    A processor upgrade is a definite must. I remember when I upgraded to a 68040 and it made a massive difference to games like Tornado, flight sims or the Elite series. The modern FGPA boards that are available now have great compatibility, lots of graphic modes for higher resolution displays and blow your nostalgic mind when you imagine being a teenager again.

  • Matt X
    Matt X3 maanden geleden

    I remember having CF adapter in my Amiga like 10 years ago. It was like having an SSD drive back then, but it wasn't much faster than a standard HDD because of the Amiga limitations. It was like 1.3MB per second but it was enough. I also used PCMCIA to CF adapter to transfer data from my PC laptop like ADF files for example.

  • Steve Hodson
    Steve Hodson3 maanden geleden

    Nice build. I miss the heft of a mouse with a mouse ball....kept my A500 mouse as-is, q-tip cleaning and all :D

  • superhungdwarf
    superhungdwarf3 maanden geleden

    sadly the hardware is impossible to find or when it is no one wants to ship. the amiga is dead. I gave up on it and trying to acquire the hardware

  • Sith Yarael
    Sith Yarael3 maanden geleden

    I like a heavy mouse. Helps with gaming to make those fine adjustments. Yet that is just me. And yes I know I am older than you and remember those mice with balls in them. Just had to clean the rollers off every other week. Yet that is what I started with thus I like the heavy mice.

  • rambobunny1
    rambobunny14 maanden geleden

    giving grandpa hip replacement

  • Scott Tait
    Scott Tait4 maanden geleden

    Why not fit usb & dvi on the blanking plate you forgot about! ...would make more sense and cost you only a bit if time

  • Trydowave Zod
    Trydowave Zod4 maanden geleden

    Cd roms handy for cdrom games and cd32 emulation.

  • Pat
    Pat4 maanden geleden

    They have CF adapters that can fit in the card slot so you can swap the CF from the back of the system

  • Pat
    Pat4 maanden geleden

    Can you build some games for the system. Something like how the 8bit guy did. Would like to see your twist on game development for old hardware

  • Andrew Automotive
    Andrew Automotive4 maanden geleden

    2:39 I know it's not the star of the show, but I had that same Compaq monitor back in the day. No, not the one in the shot, the one just off camera on the right with the side mounted speakers. 15" Compaq Presario?

  • Boban Krsmanovic
    Boban Krsmanovic4 maanden geleden

    Lol - at 19 minute, this is how average PC user is surprised how easy it was to fix that libs missing. He still can't believe he fixed it, so he had to restart Workbench. Only Amiga makes is possible! :) Great vid - by the way. :)

  • Mike Matkovic
    Mike Matkovic5 maanden geleden

    I love you LGR but we are TOTALLY DIFFERENT ! I love my "classic" computers as "original" as possible. No mods, no "new cases" etc, etc but I still do respect you.

  • Jay Kwon
    Jay Kwon5 maanden geleden

    I'd use the internal PCMCIA as a permanent "hard drive" and use the optical drive for easy file transfer, no PCMCIA CF adapter sticking out the side, waiting to be knocked out by things like that LGR mug and whatnot right in the middle of loading something.

  • King Arthur's_raven
    King Arthur's_raven5 maanden geleden

    Hmm beige

  • Gh0st620
    Gh0st6205 maanden geleden

    Along the lines of that type of driving game, Street Rod 1 and 2 are awesome. At least through emulation, Amiga version looks much better than dos.

  • Liam White
    Liam White5 maanden geleden

    I have a spare A1200 that's collecting dust and could do with an upgrade! I know what to do with it now. Thanks =)

  • LeoGotRock
    LeoGotRock5 maanden geleden

    Back in high school we used to steal the trackballs from the mouse and fuckin just DESTROY each other

  • Michael Blair
    Michael Blair5 maanden geleden

    Good video. I never had a Commodore Amiga, I regretted opting for a PC back in 1990 to replace my Commodore 128. I still regret that!

  • crapcbm
    crapcbm6 maanden geleden

    you can use a bracket of a grafikcard with dvi and vga ports

  • Adrian Mardianto
    Adrian Mardianto6 maanden geleden

    "Checkmate" brand? Sounds like Davie504's iconic catchphrase...

  • Fabio Spiesanzotti
    Fabio Spiesanzotti6 maanden geleden

    mouses have to by heavy not lighter!!!!!!

  • keith pendegraft
    keith pendegraft6 maanden geleden

    Clint why not

  • Curtis Bathurst
    Curtis Bathurst6 maanden geleden

    This is the only NLdron channel I actually need.

  • Frank Henchy
    Frank Henchy6 maanden geleden

    * There's some Ship Of Theseus going on. How much can you upgrade and still call it an Amiga 1200? * Blue DVI feels wroooong. * "I have a plan" sounds like BDG saying "kill two birds with one stone" to me now.

  • Cosmo Dookie
    Cosmo Dookie6 maanden geleden

    Never seen an Amiga with a be-quiet power-supply before! :D

  • Cosmo Dookie
    Cosmo Dookie6 maanden geleden

    Amiga was such a nice Computer-System (for me especially my A500 Plus) but always wanted to have a 1200 back in the days. Of course more and more during the 90s Amiga became obsolet.. Even so.. there is a certain charme a certain style that stands for Amiga..

  • iamthedavel
    iamthedavel6 maanden geleden

    Individual computers just released the AGA V3 video scan doubler. Probably will sell out quickly... I've been waiting years to get one for my A1200.

  • Lightblue
    Lightblue6 maanden geleden

    for the laser mouse i got also this ugly color for 3d printed part.... DAMN IT for the price comeon!

  • Don Plant
    Don Plant6 maanden geleden

    Why do you never adjust your monitors?

  • smbcollector
    smbcollector6 maanden geleden

    I'm still fascinated with how much I enjoy your videos considering I don't know what you're talking about half the time. They're just very relaxing and have that sense of going over to a friend's house after they've just bought something they're all jazzed up about.

  • Ryan Helinski
    Ryan Helinski6 maanden geleden

    I wonder if there is an optical conversion board for the old Microsoft PS/2 ball mouse. I have one but, like using a real hard drive, cleaning the rollers constantly is something I would live without.

  • Maximvs Payne
    Maximvs Payne6 maanden geleden

    please do more amiga-vids! it would be also cool to see some amigaone-vids from you :-) thx & cheers

  • Pedro Bona
    Pedro Bona6 maanden geleden

    4:26 Missed opportunity to use tiny barf-colored noctua fans.

  • Alexander Zerka
    Alexander Zerka6 maanden geleden

    18:20 Do you mind?-can I... I just want to ...snip off that adapter card with a pair of scissors.

  • Steve_CDH
    Steve_CDH6 maanden geleden

    Where do I buy that case Or if I can't buy one like that from somewhere the do you know a good place to buy sideways/desktop beige cases are?

  • Radek X
    Radek X6 maanden geleden

    everything works? Miraculle!

  • Juan Fonseca
    Juan Fonseca6 maanden geleden

    17:43 I remember Viewsonics as a good alternative to the expensive Sonys thru the 2000s

  • Zen Kim
    Zen Kim6 maanden geleden

    Hey, LGR -- a thought occurs... Some yrs ago the video card industry was coming out w/ video cards that only had a single DVI port 4 the signal output (no HDMI port, no old-school VGA DB15), & also came w/ an alternate backplate 4 the newer ultra-slim form factor cases. Step 1: Get an old DVI-only graphics card w/ both backplates included (preferrably 4 free or really cheap) Step 2: Assuming that the full-size backplate is still on the video card, swap that 1 out 4 the ultra-slim backplate Step 3: Use the now-unused full-size backplate 2 attach your DVI input port 2 the Amiga case back panel Step 4: Rejoice

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH6 maanden geleden

    I’ll admit I’m someone who likes plugging things in even if they don’t serve a real purpose. Having a filled PC case gives me satisfaction so I would put that optical drive in if there’s a place for it.

  • Pamishelizzz
    Pamishelizzz6 maanden geleden

    for the keyboard usb connector, why don't you just use the cover plate that is below? you can cut a hole in there and use it :)

  • Xs2Fun
    Xs2Fun6 maanden geleden

    Yes, you should go for a faceplate on the back, 3D printed for the DVI and USB port(s). Is there no shorter PCMIA card where the CF fits into ? Or maybe get an expansion card for in the back ? Maybe it's overkill an ODD in the checkmate, but to keep it more divers it may be an option... You don't have to use it, do you ?!

  • Zero Thehero
    Zero Thehero6 maanden geleden

    NLdron really upsets me at times. I watch your vids all the time, and suddenly you never show up in my algorithm. Yet... Logan Paul crap does.. and i never watch him and think he isn't even a good person. You make great content, and i never use to have to search your name to watch anything. So dumb.

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson6 maanden geleden

    Look, man-dude. I'm not really some tech guy, but seeing Test Drive on Amiga... My first computer was actually Amiga, and, not that I could make an interesting tech video out of it, bringing personal computers to Soviet Union was illegal, at least I gather this from what my aunt has told me. So me playing Test Drive, and some other games, was piracy on a whole another level. There was also a flying game I would enjoy seeing you review, but I don't remember the name. I could describe some details, but I don't know how much they would help.

  • cacodayum
    cacodayum6 maanden geleden

    Great video! I love how extremely lazy the actual game portions always manage to be nowadays, which, ironically weren't lazy at all when they were the main focus of LGR, as I recall... lol

  • Alex Blues
    Alex Blues6 maanden geleden

    Wow! From Brazil!

  • Rhyan O'Neill
    Rhyan O'Neill6 maanden geleden

    That mouse click noise is soooooo damn satisfying!!!

  • Silence Undefined
    Silence Undefined6 maanden geleden

    Intro music captions “Relaxed jazz music”

  • Ryan Holloway
    Ryan Holloway7 maanden geleden

    Love that case, better than your average tower.

  • Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*
    Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking*7 maanden geleden

    Plot twist: You upgraded it to have a chess program. (it's a Checkmate computer.)

  • Maestro
    Maestro7 maanden geleden

    4:09 It's like a thumb and index finger screw...lol I held it together until the Mmm at the end of it!

  • mer2329
    mer23297 maanden geleden

    if you have a dremel and small files (the tool) you can modify the PCI slot cover to have both DVI and USB. when i make a case mod i print the layout and then cut out the holes and sharpie the spots theat need to be cut and drilled. if thats not a option, look at ebay and aliexpress. there are tons of odd things there. im 99% positive someone is sellign a USB/DVI PCI cover. (i have seen a mini-b to micro- b USB cable on aliexpress before.)

  • Lord Publius
    Lord Publius7 maanden geleden

    Install the DVD drive. It's always nice to have more options.

  • Jonathan Richardson
    Jonathan Richardson7 maanden geleden

    Can it play DOOM?

  • J Rushing
    J Rushing7 maanden geleden

    Those games would have blew my mind back in the day lol!

  • Jeremy Holloway
    Jeremy Holloway7 maanden geleden

    Are there any patches available for Amiga games to use analog joysticks? [in analog mode]. And that's assuming analog could be read through the DB9s with that DB15 PC Game Port Adapter involved. I know it was a crime that such patches weren't available for the Atari STe and Falcon030 considering their Enhanced Joystick Ports - the ones that went on to be used by the Jaguar - supported analog and digital controllers but almost none of the games ever supported those ports or their extra functionality. Edit: I should've kept watching to see Gunship 2000 has analog joystick support built-in. That's awesome. But the patching question for other games still remains...

  • reginald burks
    reginald burks7 maanden geleden

    that was a high end system when i built my first system 😂

  • Gerard Kean
    Gerard Kean7 maanden geleden

    The=is is the first video I watched in 1920x1080 @60 which is my monitor's native

  • Daniel Antonik
    Daniel Antonik7 maanden geleden

    omg how this game work O.o i play on amiga 500

  • J Woody
    J Woody7 maanden geleden

    Id use the DVD drive anyway personlly, why? "just cauze"

  • Johan den Hertog
    Johan den Hertog7 maanden geleden

    Got three A1200’s and use A1200 cases from A1200NET. The A1500 Checkmate have to many flaws. If it was for the A3000 motherboard then i buy it. Is’t nicer with the original A3000 keyboard.

  • 187ed187
    187ed1877 maanden geleden

    Thanks for the nice placement of ads!

  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone Ross7 maanden geleden

    I think you can enlarge the holes on the usb cable holder so it bolts to the case.

  • Manuel Lujan
    Manuel Lujan7 maanden geleden

    Don't copy that floppy!!

  • lefthandedpolack
    lefthandedpolack7 maanden geleden

    designing stuff like a faceplate wouldn't be hard at all. 3d builder that comes with windows 10 is all you need.

  • Jupp3
    Jupp37 maanden geleden

    The biggest reason I can see for adding CD-ROM drive, is to play some CD based games with CD musics. This, however, would require a way to get line audio output from the drive, and I don't know if that's even possible with some modern CD drives...

  • SNOTcorn
    SNOTcorn7 maanden geleden

    You should do a video on the early VR games where you get abducted by a dinosaur. I think those ran on Amiga.

  • Paul Drage
    Paul Drage7 maanden geleden

    Hi Clint. For those two cables you can't connect to the back of the case, you mentioned getting a custom pci blanking plate made. I thought, if you have a Dremel or something similar, you could mark out a metal pci plate, and cut the holes you need to mount those cables.

  • skeptic 96
    skeptic 967 maanden geleden

    Hopefully he didn't throw away the old hardware he replaced.

  • Chas
    Chas7 maanden geleden

    8:08 Shoutouts to your Amiga amigo, little bug dude in the top right.

  • Si Goes Retro
    Si Goes Retro7 maanden geleden

    Great Build Clint. Find a way to get that Blizzard 1230IV in there, as much memory as you could want whilst retaining PCMCIA support

  • Nathan Getchell
    Nathan Getchell7 maanden geleden

    Hey lgr i have a coleco coleovision in gr8 condition cheack out my youtube channel!

  • BizkittBen
    BizkittBen7 maanden geleden

    Old mouse PCB looks quite shocked to be naked! 16:00

  • David Romero Blaya
    David Romero Blaya7 maanden geleden

    When Clint says "I have a plan", I am the only person who starts to hear inside his head "Brave New World" from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds?

  • akkudakkupl
    akkudakkupl7 maanden geleden

    There are some CD games that won't run of the HDD with your current setup - they need over 200MB RAM if I recall that right, so having a CD drive might be preffered if you want to play those ;-)

  • CaptainDangeax
    CaptainDangeax7 maanden geleden

    @LGR at 13:45 why not just drill a standard PC steel bracket ? any skilled guy with a powerdrill a vice and a file can do it for you. Or use an old DVI+VGA bracket...

  • Don Rico
    Don Rico7 maanden geleden

    For the back side usb port drill new screw holes but horizontally so they line up correctly.

  • Mike Klegin
    Mike Klegin7 maanden geleden

    hey dude, why not just dremmel the dvi, usb and pcmcia to go in those pci slots? save time, money and filimant

  • James Hare
    James Hare7 maanden geleden

    Not very pretty? I think it's beautiful.

  • Reinaldo Rauch
    Reinaldo Rauch7 maanden geleden

    Just draw the holes for DVI and USB ports in the PCI slot covers and then drill them with a hand drill

  • Don Stapp
    Don Stapp7 maanden geleden

    TY, enjoyed your video

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf7 maanden geleden

    So great to see some more Amiga Hardware/Software on your NLdron channel, really loved you build video also, hope to see in the future a lot more Amiga stuff on your channel.

  • darthv72
    darthv727 maanden geleden

    Clint, track down a copy of Walker. Its a really cool game with an ATST traveling through time.

  • doomslayer 66
    doomslayer 667 maanden geleden

    hey clint or lgr whatever you prefer, you should do a review on the logitech wingman joystick. i have one if you would like me to send it to you because i dont really have a use for it

  • Kuntal Ghosh
    Kuntal Ghosh7 maanden geleden

    21:08 where can i get that music?