TRS-80 Color Computer: Radio Shack's $399 Micro from 1980!

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A retrospective look back at the original TRS-80 Color Computer, 40 years later! Radio Shack sold the CoCo range of machines from 1980 to 1991, and although it never took the low-cost home microcomputer market by storm, it's still an 8-bit system worth revisiting and enjoying today.
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  • LGR
    LGR5 maanden geleden

    Definitely check out the other channels taking part in #SepTandy 2020! If you like vintage computery goodness, you're sure to find some good stuff here: Mr Lurch's Things DaveJustDave The Retro Channel Adrian's Digital Basement Josh Malone nldron.info_48kRAM Jan Beta MindFlareRetro Tech Tangents Retro Spector

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    Pet your cats

    4 maanden geleden

    Bill Swan now that’s a business

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    Tomy Power

    5 maanden geleden

    LGR Keyboard YES!

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    5 maanden geleden

    What's happened with the intro? Didn't you have some nice jazzy sounds? Why have they been replaced with audio defects? Come, I wanna thumb up the video at the start. Can't do that now. I wish to promote music.

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    5 maanden geleden

    @Existing Button Sure go ahead

  • Existing Button

    Existing Button

    5 maanden geleden

    Can we talk about Nvidia Geforce 256?

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M2 uur geleden

    The computer where they just looked at the application notes from Motorola and made that exact computer.

  • artao5
    artao522 uur geleden

    Being a musician, you'll get this. How crazy is it that most of the Korg Volca series STILL uses audio like the cassette drive to transfer data. I'm specifically talking about the Volca Sample here, original. (The one I bought, and love) LOL eh? .. THEN they got smart and made the Mark 2 with USB .. considering selling this one and buying that one. But then, I'm running the Pajen custom firmware, and IDT the Mark 2 has all the functions Pajen put in there. Or perhaps he's done a custom firmware for the Mk 2 now. I haven't checked. hmmmm

  • J Grove
    J GroveDag geleden

    You really have to appreciate Clint's deep and abiding dedication to working FARTS into every video. I salute you sir.

  • Darth Gumby
    Darth Gumby4 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the video. Pretty sure I had one of these as a kid, though at the time I didn't really appreciate it. It's been lost for ages though, probably thrown away with some other junk we had around in the late 90's. Wish I could go back and tell myself to hold onto it now.

  • sharpisharp
    sharpisharp5 dagen geleden

    Okay. Instead of putting the game into your drive, you have to TYPE IN THE COMPLETE CODE OF THE GAME to play it?? O_o

  • Bastiaan Oskam
    Bastiaan Oskam5 dagen geleden

    I'm in love with the coco

  • datagod
    datagod6 dagen geleden

    I had TRS-80 COCO, the silver beast. I bought an upgrade module that increased ram to 16K (or maybe 32?) and included extended basic. The joysticks were very useful for plotting graphics. I would use two joysticks and draw a line between the two (hv) positions on screen. Flipping through the 6 pages of graphics memory while drawing made for some interesting psychadelic affects. Oh, I recall also being able to poke an address which greatly increased the computer speed. The music in games was sped up so it didn't sound that great but it was neat to be able to run code faster. Oh how I wish I knew what happened to that system. I had so many early prototypes of my games including home made fonts, stock market simulator, gravity and planets, etc. Thankfully Rasbperry Pi and Python have let me continue to explore my ideas.

  • Avery Mitchell
    Avery Mitchell7 dagen geleden

    What does thing have, like 1/1,000,000th the power of my gaming computer? So wild to see how far we've come. Also makes me even more proud of my system

  • Thunderwolf666
    Thunderwolf6668 dagen geleden

    My first ever computer was a Dragon 32, a clone of the Trash-80 with 32K of RAM. Quality machine

  • VR & AR dev.Studio
    VR & AR dev.Studio9 dagen geleden

    Disk Drive? I remember we used a Tape Recorder with my Brothers TRS-80

  • VR & AR dev.Studio
    VR & AR dev.Studio9 dagen geleden

    I had one of these! I also have the PC/AT in your opening images right now! I bought it to play DOS Star Trek games.

  • PDaug
    PDaug11 dagen geleden

    I had the 16K version. There was a 32K version if I'm not mistaken.

  • Mach 1 Padilla
    Mach 1 Padilla11 dagen geleden

    should of hooked it up to a 4K tv to see what it would look like

  • Robert Leather
    Robert Leather11 dagen geleden

    I'm 100% sure it was also collectively known as the TRaSh 80. But there you go.

  • Writer's Block
    Writer's Block11 dagen geleden

    The power supply is the most potentially flammable part of the computer, being the most prone to overheating or sparking. The 80's: Better wrap it in cardboard then.

  • mercster
    mercster11 dagen geleden

    Imagine an American apologizing for American spelling... come on LGR :P

  • Corrupt Liberty
    Corrupt Liberty12 dagen geleden

    Ahh, that Tandy deluxe joystick. Wore the skin off my thumb back in the day. Used it playing ZZT on my Tandy 1000 TX.

  • David Evens
    David Evens12 dagen geleden

    Yes, the sound on the tape sounds exactly like a MODEM. The usual way the data was encoded for tape storage was precisely the same way it was encoded for MODEM transfer, and this was the method used right back to the MITS Altair 8800. (Commodore didn't use this method, they had a true digital format, and the same one on all their 8-bit machines.)

  • David Evens
    David Evens12 dagen geleden

    It got the "TRS-80" moniker purely for marketing recognition of the Model I and Model II. The CoCo ran on the Motorola 6809 processor (and was pretty much the reference design from Motorola, as was the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64 from Wales, with both easily converted to run software for the other) instead of the Z-80 that was the original source of the "80" in TRS-80. Oh, and the way Dragon Computing collapsed resulted in new old stock Dragon micros only running out a few years ago. (You used to be able to buy them from a big retro hardware website in the US, which also had an impressive array of old floppy disk mechanisms for sale. Too bad a working 8 inch mechanism cost at least a grand five years ago. I really would like to get hold of the full schematics and plans for one to see if they could be replicated by some modern fabrication company.)

  • Ken Haldenby
    Ken Haldenby12 dagen geleden

    We had one of the beige ones with the cassette deck when I was a kid. We even had that dungeon crawler game. Good memories.

  • Amber Lynn Martin
    Amber Lynn Martin13 dagen geleden

    12:40 That cardboard piece looked like a guy going :O with that nose style shape. Now I can’t unsee it.

  • Farzher
    Farzher13 dagen geleden

    omg that keyboard looks like a bunch of buttons. imagine typing on buttons o:

  • Vermilicious
    Vermilicious14 dagen geleden

    What caught my eye was that splendid-looking CRT.

  • David T-Rex
    David T-Rex15 dagen geleden

    Chuckie egg is one of the best games ever. Was it not common in the USA?

  • TheSmurfboard
    TheSmurfboard15 dagen geleden

    Canada: it’s all about u

  • JW86SH
    JW86SH16 dagen geleden

    The lighting in this video makes me want to watch it over and I'm loving the green LED strip and the wood grain monitor stand with these peripherals and computer.

  • Ed Kummel
    Ed Kummel18 dagen geleden

    I had a CoCo back in the day. I found that there was an unused address channel on the memory controller. If I soldered additional RAM chips ontop of the existing ones, with the address leg bent outwards, and ran that to the unused address channel, I could create a second address space! Using a physical switch, I could physically switch between the ram! So, I could hold programs in memory, switch to the other memory address and run another program there! Kind of like a virtual machine! So one could be running a BBS program and the other could be doing word processing or something else! I then found that there was a guy named William Gates in Texas that was selling a CPM style OS. I purchased a copy, and a friend had an eprom burner. I replaced the coco eprom with my custom eprom and now my coco had an amazing amount of capabilites...including lowercase decenders! Yay!

  • \m/ MayheM \m/
    \m/ MayheM \m/20 dagen geleden

    My 1st computer was a TRS-80, I think it was a CoCo 2 or 3. We used the Apple IIc in school, and most of my friends had either Apples or Commodores. At least I had a floppy drive while most of my friends had tape One odd thing was, my TRS-80 didn't have a "QWERTY" keyboard. In high school, I couldn't practice my typing at home.

  • UncleFeedle
    UncleFeedle21 dag geleden

    5:03 - chess board the wrong way round!

  • John Asbury
    John Asbury21 dag geleden

    I had the Co Co 2 we got it for the amazing price of $99. I loved it until I saw my friends commodore 64

  • Jeff Galey
    Jeff Galey23 dagen geleden

    I bought a TRS 80 color computer that was 4K and upgraded it by myself by purchasing memory chips and soldering them together by stacking them ...! I made it 32K I also got in a magazine and purchased a new keyboard which had the risen rounded top keys....! I actually used this computer and wrote a bio rhythm program that I ended up selling ( folks their bio rhythm ) by placing a ad in the “national Inquirer” I still have one of the games I wrote it’s print out is downstairs in my studio it was called tunnel run teaching myself to write extended basic from the book, I feel was one of my biggest accomplishments that I ever did by myself...😹😹😹

  • Old Dude
    Old Dude25 dagen geleden

    My first computer (not counting the Pocket Computer 1) was the CoCo: 16k of Ram that I upgraded myself to 64k. Later, I added a floppy drive, when it was going for 1/2 price. For a monitor, I used a TRS-80 Model 1 monitor a friend sold me. I used that CoCo for many years, even after I bought my first PC-compatible: the Tandy 1000. By then, I also owned a PC 2 and a Tandy 100. Today (Jan 2021) I still have that old CoCo and it still works -- even most of the disks.

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas25 dagen geleden

    Someone found some Coco cartridges at work the other day. I saw them and was like "wow, these are ancient!"

  • Adalbert Šarić
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  • Derealized
    Derealized27 dagen geleden

    I used to have the TRS‐80 when I was growing up, along with the TI 99/4A. It was just such a great computer to learn with, and we had the magazines and used cassettes. It's been a long time since I last saw Downland. I spent so much time playing that game. That and Alpiner on the TI 99/4A "beware falling objects"

  • Zukovcheeki breeki
    Zukovcheeki breeki28 dagen geleden

    What is the background song from the start please ?

  • zolcos
    zolcos29 dagen geleden

    Zilog Z80: Too old and obsolete for this computer in 1980, but still used today in calculators costing over $100

  • postersm 71
    postersm 71Maand geleden

    So cool!!

  • mcleodmall
    mcleodmallMaand geleden

    Love the old TRaSh 80 machines :)

  • ufgator812
    ufgator812Maand geleden

    I wish I still had mine...

  • Tim R
    Tim RMaand geleden

    I'm in love wit da Co cooooooooo

  • David Stinnett
    David StinnettMaand geleden

    I kind of want to make a custom housing for a computer that looks like this....

  • mrRufffnTumble
    mrRufffnTumbleMaand geleden

    I had one of these when I was a kid in late 90's and remember copying endless lines of code to get something resembling a game on the screen only to get an error because I typed something wrong. There goes 2 hours of time wasted! Lol

  • ɐʞᴉuoꟽ ʇsnᒋ
    ɐʞᴉuoꟽ ʇsnᒋMaand geleden

    I love the green light of that computer XD

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzieMaand geleden

    It's so interesting an really cool. I'd love to see a modern version

  • Corinn Heathers
    Corinn HeathersMaand geleden

    trash 80 was one of the first computers I ever used

  • Almark
    AlmarkMaand geleden

    I had the Tandy Color Computer II 64k, I think I missed this one displayed on this video, because at the time my parents in 83 bought the VIC-20.

  • Thomas Williamson
    Thomas WilliamsonMaand geleden

    Someone needs to kickstart this type of idea, it would be fun to pick up some coding magazines in safeway imo.

  • Nick Blackburn
    Nick BlackburnMaand geleden

    "They're not rare machine" he says....try living in the UK my friend! Like Rocking Horse Poo! Great video mate, and if anyone would like to send me one of these lovely computers please let me know. :)

  • Stalwart Armor
    Stalwart ArmorMaand geleden

    The "not quite color" technique used to print the manual was called duotone and I loved setting those up. Er, not those specifically but ones like it. Back when full color printing was super expensive, duotones let clients add a splash of color on every page for a relatively small increase in cost.

  • Marc Fuchs
    Marc FuchsMaand geleden

    It's funny to think about, when a personal computer in 1980 came with 1MHz CPU and in 1986 with 2MHz, where the original Game Boy had 4MHz as a tiny mobile machine in 1989.

  • Scrapy 5672
    Scrapy 5672Maand geleden

    Ah the 80's no Pc for this fella, first computer of any Kind we had was the Atari... dam we drove my pops nuts every week for New games, back when there where malls, we could only pick games from the discount Large Isle Display, Most expensive game we got was bought for my Mom's she Love Space Invaders. other than that , never got into PC till joined service got one in 1997, yea that was hell of gap in tech. but hey i am out doors kinda person, but love the TEch. and your reminding me of how great the 80's where.

  • Todd Stewart
    Todd StewartMaand geleden

    DAMN. My parents had that exact same Panasonic TV when I was young. I think they bought it in 1984. It lased until around 1995 until a terrible lightning storm tagged the cable line and blew up most of our TVs. It is a trip to see it again.

  • Nikyjim Gaming
    Nikyjim GamingMaand geleden

    The trash 80

  • BrianAnim
    BrianAnimMaand geleden

    He's in love with the coco!

  • David Brawn
    David BrawnMaand geleden

    Very primitive like are four fathers used to use.

  • Fox Rivers
    Fox RiversMaand geleden

    I am here because this was my first home computer when I was young. I wrote a term paper on it in 11th grade using the word processor software and the CCR-81 cassette recorder while bumming the printer at the RS Computer Center. I took it with me to college where Hangman was a hit on my dorm floor and they even named my Coco "Leo".

  • Fox Rivers
    Fox RiversMaand geleden

    Whoa, what is the game shown at 14:26? I totally remember I loved that game.

  • Ph Mck
    Ph MckMaand geleden

    These were sold as Tandy computers at Tandy stores in many countries outside the USA.

  • Roy Baker
    Roy BakerMaand geleden

    My friend an I would always laugh at these. We thought we knew everything back in the day rockin' our TI/99 4A's, and the whole stigma of being, you know Radio Shack. LOL

  • Lee Townsley
    Lee TownsleyMaand geleden

    Man, the Dragon. My Dad had one when I was young. I remember very little about it as it was replaced by an Atari XL.

  • greg milstead
    greg milsteadMaand geleden

    I still have mine and it still works and I got most of the software for it still too

  • Robert Scott
    Robert ScottMaand geleden

    good one! Would love to see you cover the late 70s teletype computers & BASIC homebrew scene sometime.

  • Shaun Hall
    Shaun HallMaand geleden

    We played chess in it.

  • Douglas Alves
    Douglas AlvesMaand geleden

  • Lindsay Brown
    Lindsay BrownMaand geleden

    I still have my CoCo which has the 64K memory upgrade from the original 4K, also the upgrade Keyboard, with 2 external Hard Drives... I was in Computers back then and ran a few Computer Clubs and helped a lot of people expand and have External Dives. How to build replacement Joysticks etc.... they were good times, but still my CoCo :)

  • Leahcim Nworb
    Leahcim NworbMaand geleden


  • Craig Harrison
    Craig HarrisonMaand geleden

    I have that specific model colorpilot and it is beautiful.

  • Elisabeth
    ElisabethMaand geleden

    My first computer was a TRS Color Computer 2 that I had purchased at a flea market in middle school IIRC. Though we had maybe a 386 or 486 in the home by that point, but still the TRS was mine. I have a lot of fun memories programming on that thing. It definitely played a large role in getting me interested in computers.

  • Chitan
    ChitanMaand geleden

    I am starting to think that Clint likes the word "Farts".

  • JustTheBeginning
    JustTheBeginningMaand geleden

    I wanted one of these so bad growing up 😂🤣👍

  • Jeremy Catches
    Jeremy CatchesMaand geleden

    I spent so much time with this machine when I was a kid. We soldered in the 64k upgrade at one point. The book that came with it was excellent! It explained color basic and was easy to follow for a kid.

  • Care Bear
    Care BearMaand geleden

    These were terrible computers in their own time when you consider the cost to value compared to other computers of the era. I remember when I was in middle school we called them "trash 80s."

  • itzame Dave
    itzame DaveMaand geleden

    Was my first computer at age 10 lol

  • Bobby Lawn
    Bobby LawnMaand geleden

    My first computer was a Tandy. Loved that thing.

  • danwic
    danwicMaand geleden

    I had this computer as a kid. It was a nice little computer :)

  • Bret Wery
    Bret WeryMaand geleden

    My first computer was a Tandy trs-80 model 2000

  • Drew Murray
    Drew MurrayMaand geleden

    I'm from Canada and I spell it color. the other way is how the French spell it. coo lair

  • Charles W
    Charles WMaand geleden

    I’m really dumb when it comes to old computers but to me they just seem like systems with a screen that you type commands into and then it replies with more text. 🥴

  • Andrew O'Neil
    Andrew O'NeilMaand geleden

    MadMen Mid Century Modern energy

  • karl Andersson
    karl AnderssonMaand geleden

    Black text on green background ruined alot of eyes back in the day. It is not recomended to stare at for many hours will ruin your eyes. No worries for the occasional use though but if you use this colourscheme layout everyday for hours on end you will suffer the consequenses. THe opposite with black background and green text wich allso was used often back in the day is okay though.

  • findantu
    findantuMaand geleden

    I wonder if the switch coding game can reproduce those "games coding books"

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadianMaand geleden

    How did I miss this video until now?!

  • The classic game boy 01
    The classic game boy 01Maand geleden

    399 dollars that's a rip off even 30 dollars was really expensive

  • Street of Southbridge
    Street of SouthbridgeMaand geleden

    Tape loading sound will not play through tv without an AUDIO ON command. That prompt did not that that command !

  • Billy's Midway
    Billy's Midway2 maanden geleden

    My first computer was a CoCo1 with a 64k upgrade and eventually a 32k CoCo2. I loved those stock joysticks for many of the games that actually made use of the analog potentiometers to control the speed of the player’s character. It’s especially appreciated on the game Doubleback; which I missed so much that I bought a CoCo2 and another CoCo1 to play it again 30 years later. Dungeons of Daggorath is amazing and even warranted an entire quest in the book, Ready Player One. Audio Spectrum Analyzer also appeared in the concert scene in the classic movie Revenge of the Nerds. Take THAT, Apple!! I still enjoy programming my CoCos in BASIC and using the cassette tape for storage but I also have a floppy disk drive, Multipak Interface and a few other upgrades that I couldn’t justify spending money on in the 80’s. I never got into the alternate operating systems or the SD adapter, though I’ve considered it to simplify downloading and playing software from the Internet. I’ve had some success just using CoCoTape on my PC and sending the cassette audio through the headphone port, through a cassette cable to the CoCo; preserving some of the tape loading experience.

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B2 maanden geleden

    My Dad got one of these for the family in 1980/81? I feel bad cuz I preferred the instant gratification of the Atari 2600. I was impatient waiting for games to load on cassette. What a fool I was.

  • Kenny Fondren
    Kenny Fondren2 maanden geleden

    He picked the least of the cocos to review. 64k or better would have made more sense.

  • Bill C
    Bill C2 maanden geleden

    Commodore ppl called it trash80 back in the day

  • greenaum
    greenaum2 maanden geleden

    Probably the only computer ever with a... 9 colour graphics mode. 9! That's just so odd.

  • Misc Misc
    Misc Misc2 maanden geleden

    I'm drinking myself to death and this man is playing with computers from 40 years ago. Yeah sounds about right.

  • Ciara H
    Ciara H2 maanden geleden

    Back in the day one of the first upgrades many of us did on the old silver Cocos was replace that terrible keyboard with a decent mechanical one! If you look back in any Coco mag from the era (like Rainbow,) you'll see ads for new keyboards all over the place.

  • Will Parker
    Will Parker2 maanden geleden

    whats the name of the song in the intro? i have heard it in a mix before and cant find it in the website

  • Errickfoxy
    Errickfoxy2 maanden geleden

    What I had was the "Color Computer 2" but I recall someone later on telling me thaat what they were selling as the TRS-80 Color Computer 2 was not actually a CoCo? I don't really know at this point. But I did have the carts for Clowns and Balloons, and Atom. Edit: That's what I get for commenting early, looks like you went into the "2" after all.

  • Sam Eash
    Sam Eash2 maanden geleden

    Based lgr

  • alahollywood
    alahollywood2 maanden geleden

    3:20 Why the Microsoft license in the TRaSh 80?

  • daniel
    daniel2 maanden geleden

    We have a model 4 and an external floppy drive for it in mint condition :O

  • Judah Osborne
    Judah Osborne2 maanden geleden

    Part of me wants to get an old comp for playing lots of text adventures on, but.. I also like to have money. And I lack the space in my home.

  • alwaysasn
    alwaysasn2 maanden geleden

    I got a Cadbury advertisement as a mid roll on this video. It thanked me for supporting chocolate with 100% cocoa. 😂