The Windows Me Experience: Was It THAT Bad?

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Revisiting the infamous Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition from the year 2000. It's considered by some as the worst Windows operating system, and even one of the biggest flops in tech period. But was Me truly as terrible as its reputation suggests?
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  • randomstring
    randomstring7 uur geleden

    That video you made, makes so much sense, at the same time as it makes absolutely no sense at all. It should've been the only video humanity sent out on Voyager.

  • hope dies
    hope dies10 uur geleden

    Oh, god. Old media player... memories of getting high then staring at the visualizer while listening to eiffel 65. 🤣

  • Gaius Baltar
    Gaius Baltar17 uur geleden

    I loved Windows ME. It booted faster than any other OS.

  • John Estupido
    John Estupido17 uur geleden

    I love this guys is just like NEWMAN!

  • Daniel Zimmer
    Daniel Zimmer21 uur geleden

    Just a small detail, but I liked the shadow of the mouse cursor which somehow made the whole GUI look better.

  • Roma Hicks
    Roma HicksDag geleden

    Oh god. The visuals, themes, media players... talk about bringing back memories.

  • Josh's memes
    Josh's memesDag geleden

    Do you use windows 95 as your main?

  • Yegor Matsekha
    Yegor MatsekhaDag geleden

    Please don't share with others, how3ver it was my raforit3 edition of windiowns

  • Renato Medeiros
    Renato MedeirosDag geleden

    Type product key, excluding the dashes in the boxes below: FARTS BALLS FARTS BALLS FARTS

  • James McLean
    James McLean2 dagen geleden

    how is millennium edition the worst? vista was the worst! it couldn’t even run solitare! instead, you would get a bsod.

  • kerryedavis
    kerryedavis2 dagen geleden

    One reason why there might not have been any need to install/re-install drivers, is if the ME upgrade kept the drivers etc from 98. A clean install might give you different results.

  • Sideways66779
    Sideways667793 dagen geleden

    could be worse, you could be using Vista

  • Angel Seraphim
    Angel Seraphim3 dagen geleden

    OMG! I remember playing around with the media player and thinking the skins were cool! Looking at it now they look terrible! XD

  • Miguel Angel Medina Rise
    Miguel Angel Medina Rise3 dagen geleden

    Its so try-hard with all this music.

  • ArthurGoesUTTP 2006
    ArthurGoesUTTP 20063 dagen geleden

    Windows Mental Embarrassment

  • kairon156
    kairon1563 dagen geleden

    I still use Winamp simply because of its' UI skins. I believe VLC has skins as well.

  • mingkee27
    mingkee273 dagen geleden

    The windows destiny was like sine wave 98: good ME: bad XP: good Vista: bad 7: good 8: bad

  • Surtyr
    Surtyr3 dagen geleden

    Amazing thing is that even i never used that system i could without being lost, windows ui is just timeless

  • Jeromy Kriege
    Jeromy Kriege3 dagen geleden

    Spent 500 on this in 2001 worsts version of Windows ever! Even Vista was better

  • Alex Caswell
    Alex Caswell4 dagen geleden

    My buddy ad I often joked that ME was an intentional Y2K prank on the world by Microsoft...

  • nyengster
    nyengster4 dagen geleden

    well. i liked it XD

  • Stoyan Tsalev
    Stoyan Tsalev5 dagen geleden

    Yes. Yes, it was. Next question please.

  • remote44
    remote445 dagen geleden

    Confession time... I worked at a store called "Computer City" I begrudgingly sold people Windows ME... However I did advise EVERYONE to buy the upgrade copy and use Disk 1 of Windows 3.1 so they could save $150 bucks... I am glad I tried to help, Computer city went under, was it ME who did it? :D

  • anthony vileta
    anthony vileta5 dagen geleden

    for me when it first booted it brought back memories hearing that boot jingle

  • snufflmup
    snufflmup5 dagen geleden

    that's right everyone, i am now officially a windows os

  • Tegan pilots a Chicken
    Tegan pilots a Chicken5 dagen geleden

    Wow this was such a blast from the past!!! Thanks for making this video. Brought back a lot of memories, some good, others not so much. But for better or worse this was the operating system I had in my mid-teens.

  • Tegan pilots a Chicken
    Tegan pilots a Chicken5 dagen geleden

    To answer the title of the video,.. Yes. Yes it was.

  • ホール青
    ホール青5 dagen geleden

    Yep 80% of the people I knew back then skipped ME, most people that had it had the OEM forced on them when buying a new PC, kinda like how MS handled upgrading from 7 to 8. I kept using 98r2 until XP rolled out, it never existed to me. Vista wasn't that bad though, all I can say is the RAM usage and tools pretty much killed its potential to become 7 before 7 came out.

  • Yoko The Spacewhale
    Yoko The Spacewhale5 dagen geleden

    the windows we all saw "fast" internet through for the first time

  • tenmillionvolts
    tenmillionvolts6 dagen geleden

    What I remember most is awaiting it's release while hoping like hell that it wouldn't come to a grinding halt whenever a program crashed like 98 did... no such luck. It seemed slightly more stable but if anything crashed, Windows still ended up needing a reboot and you lost anything that was unsaved. Windows 2000 was so much more stable that I skipped M.E and advised everyone to do the same

  • gabecii47
    gabecii476 dagen geleden

    the box looks like if its ceral

  • Peter Bustin
    Peter Bustin6 dagen geleden

    God it was shit. So unstable - I think it had bi-polar syndrome !

  • Soulmourne
    Soulmourne7 dagen geleden

    Milenium is ok but people always criticise things when the issue is their garbage computers happened with vista, 7 is just a better vista but vista is not bad, the thing is that people had issues couse they tried running aeros with garbage pcs with bad graphics cards

  • TheSilliestWilly
    TheSilliestWilly7 dagen geleden

    Completely easy and seamless upgrade experience. Everything worked right out of the box, no driver issues. Cool and edgy Windows Media Player skins thrown in for free... I think this video is really LGR discovering that the Windows ME hate was an unjustified witch-hunt against a perfect operating system!!!

  • Adam Jermaine-Jones
    Adam Jermaine-Jones7 dagen geleden

    ME couldn’t play an MP3 without glitching halfway though

  • Adam Jermaine-Jones
    Adam Jermaine-Jones7 dagen geleden

    Don’t worry about covering up the product key. No one would purposely put them selves through the ME nightmare

  • Ciaron
    Ciaron7 dagen geleden

    I just remember that at the time they were predicting that everyone would be using Linux by 2003 after it came out. I did have it on one of my laptops only to downgrade it to Windows 98.

  • Mark Lender
    Mark Lender7 dagen geleden

    WindowsME and Windows 10 are hands down my two favorites and I started back when the only option was MS-DOS. I think ME is the first time I ever had a home network setup in our house too. It was really easy to do for the first time. Also driver support was way better in ME than in previous versions. Thanks for this video, the nostalgia it stirred for this nerd was intense lol

  • Taurus Dragon
    Taurus Dragon7 dagen geleden

    i had very few problems with Windows ME. I really liked it!!!

  • Windows ME
    Windows ME7 dagen geleden

    Windows me was ok

  • Mark Grice
    Mark Grice8 dagen geleden

    migraine edition

  • dewy200884
    dewy2008848 dagen geleden

    I loved Windows ME. Got to install it in my vmware.. Nostalsgic !!!

  • Nate
    Nate8 dagen geleden

    I really did enjoy WIndows ME. It wasn't windows 2000 but it got the job done. In fact, I think it was the precursor to Win xp home vs win xp pro.

  • Ilmari Kinnunen
    Ilmari Kinnunen8 dagen geleden

    Mmm, WinMe was a hoot. Had to fix errors on disk at every startup, reinstall drivers once a week and reinstall the entire OS once a month.

  • Matt Rogers
    Matt Rogers8 dagen geleden

    I helped friends and family with their computers in the late 90's and early 2000's and Windows ME was the bane of my existence. It constantly crashed and caused so many problems I would reformat their computers to Windows 2000, even brand new out of the box systems had problems. I was glad once XP came out, it was a big improvement. My personal computer would crash 3 times per day on ME until I reformatted to 2000 then later XP, it was such an unstable mess of code. Microsoft basically added code to Windows 95 to make Windows 98, then added code to make Windows 98 Second Edition / Internet Explorer Edition (where instability started to crop up), then added even more code to make Windows ME, resulting in such an unstable, tangled mess of unmanageable code it is no wonder that it crashed & froze & hung up so often.

  • andrew prettyquick
    andrew prettyquick8 dagen geleden

    It had dual CPU support....

  • Vaertai
    Vaertai9 dagen geleden

    OMG seeing that compaq in the beginning, one of the first computers my parents bought as a kid, same blue/purple front and all. (year late but great content, just found you recently)

  • Gus the Goose
    Gus the Goose10 dagen geleden

    Ok- Windows ME and Windows 2000 both have (the same) startup and shutdown sounds, but the install CD-ROM for WIndows ME... it emits the Windows 98 boot sound when you put it in, not the Windows ME one, and then, when it starts, it plays the Windows NT 4.0 shutdown sound...? I am the only person bothered by this.

    CHANGE_YOUR_OIL_REGULARLY10 dagen geleden

    I really don't miss Microsoft products. Moving to Linux years ago I haven't used a windows based pc in 7+yrs. I have run it in a VM tho for the two older programs I use occasionally that are windows only. Moving to Linux is not a decision I regret in the least.

  • --
    --10 dagen geleden

    I hate it. It was that bad.

  • JoeCensored
    JoeCensored10 dagen geleden

    ME wasn't terrible, but it was a clear step down from 98SE. It wasn't in the same league as the Win 8 disaster.

  • Radu_2440
    Radu_244010 dagen geleden

    The real question is... Is it windows ME more bad than windows vista?

  • Graham Watson
    Graham Watson11 dagen geleden

    I used to use 2000 for years. Honestly never had a problem with it until Vista was on the horizon. Then it died because of a virus, installed xp for a few months then jumped on to Vista 64. Also... I still use those speakers.

  • Tony Wise
    Tony Wise11 dagen geleden

    I was one who downgraded to 98SE when I got a machine with ME on it. Then went XP which was the best until Win 7. After? - Linux for me.

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley11 dagen geleden

    18:52 That's so creepy, like Microsoft saying "your kids now belong to us"

  • julio jaramillo
    julio jaramillo11 dagen geleden

    wow I had forgotten about boot diskettes

  • My Creations
    My Creations11 dagen geleden

    What’s was wrong with windows me? Windows me was always a stable operating system for me I never had a single glitch out of it I used it in a virtual machine

  • qwerty
    qwerty11 dagen geleden


  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior12 dagen geleden

    Hey I had the Presario too! I was like 2 years old back then.

  • DigikidForever
    DigikidForever12 dagen geleden

    I bought and used WinME and honestly had absolutely NO problems with it whatsoever. As a certified tech myself I found that the so called “issues” were highly exaggerated and therefore bunk.

  • hassan zaidi
    hassan zaidi13 dagen geleden

    Windows Moron Edition

  • Zumzifero
    Zumzifero13 dagen geleden

    Thanks God Windows 2000 came along! You should test OS2 2.1 which was a great SO with windows support.

  • Sub Stantial
    Sub Stantial13 dagen geleden

    Windows ME isn't bad enough, it just had to force you to listen to Beck. I guess it's better than being forced to listen to U2 though (thx itunes).

  • Joni Fili
    Joni Fili13 dagen geleden

    Liked it a lot. Never had more issues than any other OS

  • theFLCLguy
    theFLCLguy13 dagen geleden

    When I had it as a kid I would have to do a clean windows install once a year. I think it was a bug where windows would eat HDD space. I was like 13 or so at the time so I don't remember it perfectly. I just know it would become more and more unstable over time and when the HDD would get past half way.

  • SC
    SC14 dagen geleden

    In case you don't know yet: The instability and big problems of wiindows me mainly derived from the mixture of windows 98 with windows me drivers / dll components. even if you bought a cheaper windows me upgrade edition (from 98 to me), that does not mean, it is recommended to actually do that on an existing windows 98 installation. so, if you did the upgrade process on a minimum fresh windows 98 install. (with no win 98 drivers a.s.o installed), you got a better - more reliable - windows me installation. ppl fear new installations and prefer upgradings - I know. but in the windows me upgrade process, it was definitely a better choice.

  • nikolygtx
    nikolygtx14 dagen geleden

    Stilll not bas as windows 10

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith14 dagen geleden

    ME was weird. That’s why XP was so great. Almost why Windows 10 is so great because 8 was a turd sandwich

  • Luke Johnston
    Luke Johnston15 dagen geleden


  • irbaboon1979
    irbaboon197916 dagen geleden

    Best way to resolve 98/ME issues was a good old dual boot but windows got a lot better with win2k which was not marketed as a gaming OS but stuff just worked great... why not do vid on win2K?

  • Dylan Dog
    Dylan Dog16 dagen geleden

    My first OS

    DELEK16 dagen geleden

    My first computer was a PIII 600E MHZ don't remember which motherboard, came with WinME installed and it was a nightmare, constant freeze/hangs and ended up installing Win98

  • Paradigmical
    Paradigmical16 dagen geleden

    My first computer was a ME machine... in 2009

  • André Sousa
    André Sousa16 dagen geleden

    17:16 [upbeat music]

  • backfire357
    backfire35716 dagen geleden

    I don't see how anyone thought a newer operating system would perform better. It's not more efficient and it's loaded with more stuff constantly running in the background. My XP machine is fast although out of date. My windows 10 machine is slow and chuncky and doesn't like to have facebook open for more than a few minutes. my XP machine doesn't do the extra's so facebook can't eat more and more ram over time and i can use the chat without restarting my browser. Basically i only use an OS for stuff i have to use it for. You'd think my xp machine doesn't do youtube... but as it turns out you can if with some modification and it will work better.

  • Kansasistheman
    Kansasistheman16 dagen geleden

    26:26 try Roller Coaster Tycoon (maybe both 1 and 2) I remember giving it to a friend and it didn’t work on ME. We called support and they said that the game isn’t supported on ME and they didn’t plan on ever supporting it.

  • Merling Stoss
    Merling Stoss16 dagen geleden

    Fisher-Price Windows, as we used to call it...

  • Miguel Aguirre - Gmail
    Miguel Aguirre - Gmail16 dagen geleden

    I never had any issues with W98SE nor WMe. Never ever! I started using Windows since W1.0.

  • Jibo Da Grey
    Jibo Da Grey16 dagen geleden

    "it would download things everyday, if you wanted it to" yea not anymore, they will force bullshit on you

  • Pilletta Doinswartsh
    Pilletta Doinswartsh17 dagen geleden

    Yes. Next question.

  • Gian Carlo

    Gian Carlo

    9 dagen geleden

    Was Windows Vista that bad?

  • kerensky
    kerensky17 dagen geleden

    Почему сейчас нет такой красивой музыки на старте?От современных звуков уши болят!

  • Daniel Leite
    Daniel Leite17 dagen geleden

    18:54 Please, upload this video on youtube

  • Jack Ginsberg
    Jack Ginsberg17 dagen geleden

    Windows ME was the OS that came with my first computer. Worked fine for a kiddo wanting to play the Sims.

  • Piece of Schmidt Gamer
    Piece of Schmidt Gamer18 dagen geleden

    I'd say if you gave the people of 21 years ago the same level of PC/Internet experience we have today their experience with PC's and the Internet would've improved in not insignificant ways. I'd say the improvement would be as much as 30%. You would still have to deal with the hardware and software issues, however.

  • Piece of Schmidt Gamer
    Piece of Schmidt Gamer18 dagen geleden

    I had a Windows ME computer. An old Dell if I remember, back in 2005-06. The computer itself wasn't all that special, but I don't remember anything wrong with the OS. I remember _way_ more problems with my 3rd computer, a Vista powered Gateway than with my ME computer.

  • J. Jaturonk
    J. Jaturonk18 dagen geleden

    Win Me was the last OS that I used in Pentium MMX 166 MHz HDD 2.1 GB PC .....21+ year ago.

  • Wupme
    Wupme18 dagen geleden

    Windows ME was never really slower than 98. And in some areas, like pure numbercrunching for example seti@home, it outperformed windows 98 by a large margin. But it was simply unstable. Even with carefully selected components and drivers. And just a few days testing playing around with it, will not show how bad it really was.

  • Ray Mathews
    Ray Mathews19 dagen geleden

    It was garbage. I had to restore the os every month

  • Clay Cassin
    Clay Cassin19 dagen geleden

    Active backgrounds. Explorer thumbnails. Picture thumbnails(!). Improved driver support. SYSTEM RESTORE. Heck yes, it crashed. About as often as 98SE. But it now had a save tool, which literally saved me countless times. Did I mention THUMBNAILS? Anyone who says ME sucked compared to 98SE clearly did not use it, or is brain damaged.

  • TheDigitalThreat
    TheDigitalThreat19 dagen geleden

    800x600, THAT needs a crucifix~

  • oldman prostate
    oldman prostate19 dagen geleden

    I love seeing that old loading bar

  • Kaynos
    Kaynos19 dagen geleden

    MSN Gaming zone. Oh yeah. Any Asheron's Call players here ?

  • Jay Rowe
    Jay Rowe19 dagen geleden

    I just threw out all my windows install disks from 95 to Win7 this past January. Should I have kept those for any reason?

  • HopperIsHere
    HopperIsHere20 dagen geleden

    Tbh I don’t really have a problem with Windows ME I don’t understand why people didn’t like it...

  • Jimmy NoName
    Jimmy NoName20 dagen geleden

    Through my experience WinME could work reliable IF: 1. Installed through clean install and not upgrade. 2. No ISA or old non-PNP devices were plugged in. 3. Chipset/sound/graphics preferably had drivers in newer format (WDM) and not already deprecated back then *.vxd. Had 2 PCs running it (Celeron 333+VIA+TNT2/M64+Ensoniq AudioPCI and later Athlon64 3k++VIA K8M800 - dualboot with XPx64) and never had bigger issues. Maybe because of VIA chipsets? System protection/restore saved my %%% from several virus infections so i truly loved those features.

  • Jeromy Asp
    Jeromy Asp20 dagen geleden

    Had the pinball game on my 98. It came with it.

  • Inexternal Records
    Inexternal Records20 dagen geleden

    Because of this video, I went and bought an "EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION, NO HARD DRIVE" IBM ThinkPad T21, an original IBM AC power adapter manufactured in 2004, an IBM 40 GB IDE HDD and a brand new 3rd-party battery. Also broke out some old Windows 98 and ME install discs my mom had for decades. She bought the operating systems as digital purchases a long time ago. Made sure to back them up with ImgBurn.

  • mutedmutiny
    mutedmutiny20 dagen geleden

    You said it all man - the issue with ME was how insanely unstable it was. People these days have no comprehension of how bad operating systems were back then, but no joke a PC running windows me had to be restarted literally every day, otherwise the OS would just start going to shit and the computer would become completely unusable. It was ungodly and frustrated the hell out of me. I eventually upgraded to win2K pro which was like such a godsend after having used me for awhile - like seriously I can’t even explain to people how much of an upgrade that was and how amazing win 2K was. It may even be my favorite OS of all time even to this day, all for how it rescued me from the depths of hell that was me. Oh and as far as what was causing the instability, as far as I recall it was due to a few factors but the main one was that it wasn’t built on the NT kernel. That one thing was the root cause of all the issues with it.

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson20 dagen geleden

    I had a mate who love WinME, he said it never failed on him and he was a project manager for an engineering company and used it hours and hours. I never really had any issues, coding and running various techie software on it. I genuinely think MS didn't really want it and wanted to move on so they kind of crippled it by not bothering to fix it properly, simply to force people onto the next version of Windows and keep the cash rolling in.

  • OriginalRitz
    OriginalRitz20 dagen geleden

    Countless sleepovers playing D2 on a pentium 3 windows ME system!