The Smallest Windows PC in 1995 Was Also a Phone! IBM Palm Top PC110

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Not only was the IBM PalmTop PC 110 the world's tiniest DOS and Windows subnotebook in 1995 but it also functioned as a telephone handset! Let's take a look at this fantastic little 33MHz 486 computer from the mid '90s, which also strove to be a personal organizer, a digital notepad, a desktop clock, a portable fax machine, and a digital camera all in one handheld device.
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  • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez
    Fernando Aguila GonzalezDag geleden

    Man, Japan in the 90's sounds more futuristic than my country

  • Anto7358
    Anto7358Dag geleden

    What an incredible machine for its time! Props to IBM Japan and Ricoh for the design and manufacturing of such a great, little laptop. And thank you, LGR, for this extremely interesting showcase!

  • Adam Lawson
    Adam LawsonDag geleden

    So clear to see the camera ancestry. With that dock it reminds me of Sony's infamously crazy adaptors, slots, and buttons on their cameras and audio gear.

  • Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming
    Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Man, I was fully grown and living in Germany in 1995 and I WISHED I could have had one of these babies. My paychecks always failed to rise to my dreams back then 🤑

  • DeAn H
    DeAn H2 dagen geleden

    Such useless shit tech lol

  • GRAYgoose124
    GRAYgoose1245 dagen geleden

    4:30 Yo lemme get some of those sound pictures bruh.

  • Random User
    Random User5 dagen geleden

    Personaware - You'll never see it coming! This would be such a cool slogan.

  • Ezee Flores
    Ezee Flores6 dagen geleden

    I was fascinated with rotary phones in the 90s. Imagine my delight with such a powerful miniature thing back then.

  • Dowdheur Schtwideul
    Dowdheur Schtwideul6 dagen geleden

    Now I understand where my GPD Win Max actually come from. Respect

  • mercster
    mercster6 dagen geleden

    Hah this is actually more powerful than my first IBM-compatible PC, which was 486DX/33mhz but only 4M ram!

  • mercster


    6 dagen geleden

    They really needed to upgrade the fonts on this thing, it's all a bunch of indecipherable scribbles, doesn't even look like english. 😒

  • mercster
    mercster6 dagen geleden


  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström6 dagen geleden

    This is so damn amazing! IBM was a cool company back then!

  • Zayn Mitchell
    Zayn Mitchell7 dagen geleden

    The cumbersome bear frustratingly imagine because cello interspecifically expand regarding a abnormal wax. sincere, delightful bag

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo7 dagen geleden

    Scheisse waren die ihrer Zeit voraus 😂👍🏻

  • R F
    R F7 dagen geleden

    Oh hello there Gpd win max...

  • Attack Roflchopter
    Attack Roflchopter7 dagen geleden

    *Phone rings, *grabs 90s window phone..... ' Hella' LUL

  • SuperGourmetguy
    SuperGourmetguy7 dagen geleden

    that really looks like a USB port! do usb devices fit in it, but not work?

  • Walt Berger
    Walt Berger7 dagen geleden

    Cant find one for sale

  • Daniel Sihotang
    Daniel Sihotang8 dagen geleden

    Why you always playing doom

  • Crimson Bender
    Crimson Bender8 dagen geleden

    Looks like something Johnny Mnemonic would carry.

  • INcorp 23
    INcorp 238 dagen geleden

    Screen looks like the ds

  • MemeBoy
    MemeBoy9 dagen geleden

    This is like a smartphone, but it's a laptop, from the 90's.

  • Daniel Abbasi
    Daniel Abbasi9 dagen geleden

    Smart phone of 90s

  • Cipher
    Cipher10 dagen geleden

    11:54 Even back then, Samsung was going up with semis.

  • Linus Fu
    Linus Fu10 dagen geleden

    Why is it that we always get the urge to type or write juvenile nonsense on computers for no reason? Perhaps I relate to writing "FARTS" more than I should have.

  • Sinister Thoughts
    Sinister Thoughts10 dagen geleden

    I'm just blown away. In '95 that had a lot of stats that would be welcome in a desktop at the time, especially the processor. I never knew there was anything like this back then.

  • Emine Başoğlu
    Emine Başoğlu10 dagen geleden

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  • Emine Başoğlu
    Emine Başoğlu10 dagen geleden

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  • Emine Başoğlu
    Emine Başoğlu10 dagen geleden

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  • Emine Başoğlu
    Emine Başoğlu10 dagen geleden

    Bu telefonu nasıl oluşabilir biliyor musunuz ben bilmiyorum vallahi ben çünkü güneş Işığım benim odam öyle böyle bir alan ki bilemiyorum yorumlara yazın lütfen güveniyor musun J benim onun telefonuna şey yapılabilir biliyor musunuz lütfen bilin size göre güveniyorum ben benim ismim Taylan

  • KrotowX
    KrotowX11 dagen geleden

    This would be my dream machine at mid-1990s. My workplace then had similar "laptop" in business suitcase size for communications equipment testing. Also with sound card :)

  • Edward Brocklesby
    Edward Brocklesby11 dagen geleden

    I saw this at a computer fixing store and it cast $60. I did not buy it because I did not know it was worth that much :(

  • dorstefan
    dorstefan11 dagen geleden

    2:21 Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Collection.

  • matt thomas
    matt thomas11 dagen geleden

    so it was a chromebook way before google was ever a thing.

  • k swiss
    k swiss12 dagen geleden

    I'd like to see what could be packed into something that size today.

  • Sha Sho
    Sha Sho12 dagen geleden

    Did he sound like tom hanks when he said good call at " 18:56 " ?

  • TheGamerKing 34
    TheGamerKing 3412 dagen geleden

    this phone/computer was ahead of it's time

  • lucasterable
    lucasterable12 dagen geleden

    Its the pandora handheld!

  • RC 3d
    RC 3d13 dagen geleden

    I have one, have the xt infraestructure, but have a defect in screen flat cable, always broken.

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez13 dagen geleden

    Gpd win grandpa via 1995

  • sj33
    sj3313 dagen geleden

    This is more powerful than the desktop I had in 1995.

  • Robert Say
    Robert Say13 dagen geleden

    7:59 “really ergonomic “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rabblerouser
    Rabblerouser14 dagen geleden

    I was just on an Ultraman video binge recently! Needless to say I was pretty stunned when I saw it was endorsed by Ultraman. I wonder if Godzilla has a PC sponsorship...

  • J K
    J K14 dagen geleden

    This thing is surprisingly future proof.

  • Benny T
    Benny T14 dagen geleden

    I love it! It's a good design. Make them again IBM. Shoot, make laptops again IBM.

  • Paul Enriquez-Goehring
    Paul Enriquez-Goehring14 dagen geleden

    This is so cool It's crazy to believe that this was brand new when I was a kid at the ripe age of 5 in 1995 We've come so far in computers that it's insane Now adays, a computer that makes phone calls is common I carry around 2 such devices (one can swivel for more screen real estate)

  • BlackDolphin90
    BlackDolphin9014 dagen geleden

    My phone is more powerful...will there be something smaller and more powerful than a smart phone in the future that makes it look like a brick too???

  • Ari Creech
    Ari Creech14 dagen geleden

    your intro is very good. :]

  • CJ -
    CJ -14 dagen geleden

    Also known as the Windows DS

  • CJ -
    CJ -14 dagen geleden

    Also known as the Windows DS

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf14 dagen geleden

    in 1995 i was 9 and didnt think PCs were a thing... when i heard of computers i thought more like 60s style computers

  • smooth operator
    smooth operator14 dagen geleden

    I remember being so hyped when they announced 𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞™ at E3 95! Truly flipped the genre on its head.

  • Ebiru2387
    Ebiru238714 dagen geleden

    Omg i completely forgot about chips challenge!

  • Steven Whiting
    Steven Whiting14 dagen geleden

    That is more powerful than my 386sx that I had back then as all we could afford :(

  • ck5150
    ck515014 dagen geleden

    that was definitely the shit in 95 💯🤩

  • BDcycling
    BDcycling15 dagen geleden

    This is the apex of Japanese computer craze! How can anyone not love it.

  • GuillermoMasipGamerHD2
    GuillermoMasipGamerHD215 dagen geleden

    1st year 2009 2nd year 2010 3rd year 2011 4th year 2012 5th year 2013 6th year 2014 7th year 2015 8th year 2016 9th year 2017 10th year 2018 11th year 2019 12th year 2020 13th year 2021 (now) 14th year 2022 (future)

  • Poble


    15 dagen geleden


  • SummonTheEnderman
    SummonTheEnderman15 dagen geleden

    i want this pc in 2021

  • King Jinga
    King Jinga15 dagen geleden

    The smartphone before time.

  • Rick Rick Rick
    Rick Rick Rick16 dagen geleden

    That new coke can for scale lol

  • Benny Prabawa
    Benny Prabawa16 dagen geleden

    Woowwww.... 🤩

  • CavalloDiSpade
    CavalloDiSpade16 dagen geleden

    holy hell this thing is really well designed! the easy access CR2032, the easy to replace battery, the CF slot man this thing make a lot of aweseom deisgn decisions that I wish had caught on more.

  • laserhawk64
    laserhawk6417 dagen geleden

    OMG TYRIAN!! BTW... for other fans of the game... OpenTyrian is a thing and it runs on modern systems ;) ahhh, the memories. Oh, fun fact: I actually live not far from the HQ of the company that *made* Tyrian, and they're still around today... back then they were "Epic MegaGames"... they've since taken the "Mega" out and are uhm a lot more famous ;)

  • MrCosmin94
    MrCosmin9417 dagen geleden

    4mb of ram? Wow. My phone has 12GB lpddr5x.

  • Antonio Manteca
    Antonio Manteca18 dagen geleden

    Awesome piece of tech!

  • Adam Jessop
    Adam Jessop18 dagen geleden

    A modern Windows 10 PC can't do everything the PC110 can out of the box. Almost everything, just not the World Clock. I believe Skype now comes with Windows 10 out of the box, so that takes care of the phone calls and you still have Windows Fax and Scan. Not sure about Wineries 8/8.1, but Windows 7 certainly couldn't do everything the PC110 can out of the box, as it doesn't come with Skype.

  • Darcy Ferrier
    Darcy Ferrier18 dagen geleden


  • quiksilvermanblue
    quiksilvermanblue18 dagen geleden

    Imagine the flex of playing full doom on a bus in 1995. The drip would be real

  • Jesper Sevel
    Jesper Sevel18 dagen geleden

    why not put a modern lcd-screen in to it / better colors and no screen tearing..

  • Xnepp Exty60
    Xnepp Exty6018 dagen geleden

    This "laptop" has more ports than a macbook

  • epicman158
    epicman15818 dagen geleden

    Would love one of these, but $900 on ebay is insane currently

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine18 dagen geleden

    I would want to use this as a phone in this day and age

  • Bob Pantry
    Bob Pantry18 dagen geleden

    dose that thing even have a damm battery

  • jbfarley


    18 dagen geleden

    @Bob Pantry *does, and watch the video

  • Bob Pantry

    Bob Pantry

    18 dagen geleden

    So it dose

  • Charles Unleashed
    Charles Unleashed19 dagen geleden

    Japan again. In 1995 I was using a SHARP Fontwriter. Those ribbons cost a fortune these days.

  • newbiepee
    newbiepee19 dagen geleden

    always loved the mini era when it was like 'cool' lol to this day id buy netbook if its cool and i can do sump with it i had a dope 10inch dell Insp, Nickalodeon edition

  • Fluffy Destroyer
    Fluffy Destroyer19 dagen geleden

    if the phone bit was cellular I'd say this would qualify as a smart phone

  • imachynn
    imachynn19 dagen geleden

    Epic Megagames a brand name way ahead of its competition of the time.

  • psycosoft1
    psycosoft119 dagen geleden

    Not the smallest. Smallest ran xp and then Vista. I have a couple of them and almost all acc.

  • Vaporweeb95
    Vaporweeb9519 dagen geleden

    "Persona ware... I bet you never saw it coming!" I'm happy now.

  • Fribigy Forty-Seven
    Fribigy Forty-Seven19 dagen geleden


  • John Cate
    John Cate20 dagen geleden

    15 years ahead of its time. But I kind of understand why they didn't keep developing it. Even at the price they were selling it for in 1995, I bet they weren't making much off these. That device was pushing the bleeding edge of what was possible then.

  • G6 Liara
    G6 Liara20 dagen geleden

    So this must be the predecessor to today's smartphones. And it's from the 90's

  • G6 Liara

    G6 Liara

    18 dagen geleden

    @jbfarley Still. It's easy to be amazed by a device that could literally do the same things a modern smartphone can do (except for wireless phone calls). And it is from 1995, which is a good 13 years before the first smartphones came to the market..

  • jbfarley


    18 dagen geleden

    except no, not really, it's just a regular laptop that acts as a landline phone

  • bronevaya
    bronevaya20 dagen geleden

    would love to install some modern guts in that thing! amazing!

  • Tayler Robinson
    Tayler Robinson21 dag geleden

    This is basically a smart phone

  • jbfarley


    18 dagen geleden

    except no, since it's just a laptop with a small landline receiver built ini



  • marlb0r015
    marlb0r01522 dagen geleden

    The size is like, 2x that of Gba sp probably. Awesome, but as a laptop i would rather have something bigger.

  • bururu
    bururu22 dagen geleden

    You can't fool me, LGR. That is a New Nintendo 3DS XL

  • BlUsKrEEm
    BlUsKrEEm22 dagen geleden

    I love Ultraman, but why use a literal Giant to advertise your tiny PC?

  • N B
    N B22 dagen geleden

    Aww man, Japan gets all the cool shit!

  • Ada Noble
    Ada Noble22 dagen geleden


  • The Builder
    The Builder23 dagen geleden

    Can't imagine them being that useful for real work, ergonomics over portability for devices you use for long periods of time

  • Aidan Slobodian
    Aidan Slobodian23 dagen geleden

    wait what was that test song? i liked it

  • Aidan Slobodian

    Aidan Slobodian

    23 dagen geleden

    at 15:53

  • TheConservatardedShitlib
    TheConservatardedShitlib24 dagen geleden

    My sash says Ultraman

  • Lennart Regebro
    Lennart Regebro25 dagen geleden

    Damn, that thing was as good, or possibly better, as the laptop I used from 1997 to 2001.

  • ShermanTech
    ShermanTech25 dagen geleden

    Let me just say: Japanese technology is the best.

  • Jairo Becerra Torres
    Jairo Becerra Torres25 dagen geleden

    min 2:47 HP 200 LX el mío es de 4 MB RAM, funcionando en la actualidad, puesto que funciona con sólo dos baterías AA y mediante interface serial, aun intercambio y trabajo archivos. Saludos!

  • Robbie Goldman
    Robbie Goldman25 dagen geleden

    Omg im in love

  • Oh shit it's her
    Oh shit it's her25 dagen geleden

    this is still impressive today. it was really ahead of its time. cute little thing.

  • nightcat
    nightcat25 dagen geleden

    I would've loved this cutiepie of a laptop as a kid, heck I won't mind having this now just for the fun of it haha.

  • Nigga Balls
    Nigga Balls25 dagen geleden

    hey i have one of those!