The AdLib Gold Experience: Is it really worth $3000?

Wetenschap en technologie

The Ad Lib Gold 1000 sound card from 1992 sells for crazy high prices. But why? Let's unbox one and see if it lives up to its legendary reputation by delving into its history, determining why it failed, and seeing how it actually performs on early 90s PC hardware. And of course, play Dune. 🎶
● Thanks to Jim for lending me the card!
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  • LGR
    LGR21 dag geleden

    For those asking for a video of all the Juke Box songs, well, that's already a thing: Video quality is a bit warbly but you're not missing much. It's all about the sound and the sound is superb 👍

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    @hMsT 444

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    @hMsT 4⁴3rd

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    @AngeLeo CorroDead 4⁴4

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    @MaverickBlue 443

  • DA666
    DA6664 uur geleden

    This is an Oddware and a Tech Tales episode together with a fantastic showcase all in one! Awesome video, Clint!

  • Kwistenbiebel200
    Kwistenbiebel20017 uur geleden

    And with all that said,. Amiga sound was still much better to my ears back then.

  • Robert McQuiggan
    Robert McQuiggan22 uur geleden

    I missed all this crap.. because I switched to Amiga from PC in 1990.

  • Ariawan Sulistya
    Ariawan SulistyaDag geleden

    Wow, Altec Lansing ACS 90 😍

  • Alpenjodler1
    Alpenjodler1Dag geleden

    So legal entities can murder each other? That's metal

  • Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming
    Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming2 dagen geleden

    And here I am scrapping at the salvage yards for an occasional "Crystal Crap" sound card and you got the GOLD 🙄

  • Ethan Queen
    Ethan Queen2 dagen geleden

    Great video. Thanks for putting it together. I have a couple different cards that also have that same special Yamaha chip on them and supposedly they are Adlib Gold compatible but I have way too many projects going on to test them yet.

  • Speedcore Jihad
    Speedcore Jihad2 dagen geleden

    wtf i didn´t know that "stunts" could sound like good and like shit ;) i only have the pur non adlip gold Experience back in the days on my first PC a x286 machine :) xxD Cheers

  • Tony Costa
    Tony Costa2 dagen geleden

    Gold is best!

  • Galactic Rangers
    Galactic Rangers3 dagen geleden

    i had one, it was very limited because of compatibility. looking at those prices now i laugh, i think i just threw it in the bin one year many moons ago after doing a clear out of old junk.

  • Ion Studio Agency
    Ion Studio Agency3 dagen geleden

    Cool video ... it's always motivating to check out other people's ideas and also perspectives, speaking for me ...

  • Ákos Angel
    Ákos Angel4 dagen geleden

    fuck the Creative Labs CEO all my homies hate Creative Labs CEO

  • umeng2002
    umeng20024 dagen geleden

    Replacing all the electrolytic caps might be needed since it's so old, even if unused.

  • Deadzio
    Deadzio4 dagen geleden

    This box was opened multiple times don't get fooled

  • LGR


    4 dagen geleden

    Never said the box had never been opened. Only the card itself was sealed in plastic.

  • qallincha
    qallincha4 dagen geleden

    Stephane Pick recomposed his songs for each board and developed a special driver for the AdLib, allowing him to add nuances in his play. Listen to the full Dune OST here with the best parts of each boards :

  • Robots Everywhere
    Robots Everywhere4 dagen geleden

    Awesome video! I remember hearing an adlib gold once in the mid 90s and finding that... well, my Amiga sounded better. (It was on Cryo's Dune too coincidentially)

  • Jim Alfredson
    Jim Alfredson5 dagen geleden

    Honestly, Creative Labs just had the better name from a pure marketing standpoint. SoundBlaster is a much more memorable and exciting name than AdLib.

  • _aesthetic
    _aesthetic5 dagen geleden

    what was that about a boot sector virus?

  • Giorgio Elgar
    Giorgio Elgar5 dagen geleden

    The software bloat and low functionality is probably due to the bankruptcy meaning they never really got to finish the product

  • Alkemyst
    Alkemyst5 dagen geleden

    I was Apple //e then...The apple midi card was a game changer especially Ultima V.

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz5 dagen geleden

    Are they really that valuable? I've got one literally new in box, from a bunch of computer stuff my grandmother game me way back

  • kevin majorca
    kevin majorca5 dagen geleden

    Never buying Creative products ever again.

  • Richard R
    Richard R6 dagen geleden

    Is it just me, or does the soundstage of the gold sound offset to the right while the sound blaster sounded more centered? Maybe it was due to video mastering or recording, but it could very well be due to aged components.

  • Titch McGavin
    Titch McGavin6 dagen geleden

    I watched this video on my TV with a 5.1 speaker set up set to pro logic. When you played music on the adlib Gold, some of it was being sent to the rear speakers, yet when you played the comparison on the SB pro this was not the case and only appeared to process through the front stereo speakers. 🤔

  • Linux Tech Tips
    Linux Tech Tips6 dagen geleden

    That's crazy, I threw away two of these like two years ago. Shit.

  • Martin English
    Martin English6 dagen geleden

    I recall it played cd's well.

  • Martin English
    Martin English6 dagen geleden

    Oh, I am sick! I had one with the accessory cards and recycled it in 2002. It still worked well.

  • Digitalmindseye
    Digitalmindseye7 dagen geleden

    I forgot about the joystick port being on the sound card, those were the days!

  • Charles McKee
    Charles McKee7 dagen geleden

    I had a Pro Audio Spectrum 16 card with a SCSI connector for cdrom. It sounded exactly like this card in Dune 2000. Way better than anything from Soundblaster.

  • Daniel Millage
    Daniel Millage7 dagen geleden

    I had Stunts 4D. I remember saving up my lunch money to pay for an AdLib or SoundBlaster card.

  • Garland Rice
    Garland Rice7 dagen geleden

    I remember the Sound Blaster card. It really was a thing back then.

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez7 dagen geleden

    $3k is MADNESS. Specially now, as we have YMF262 on FPGA since 2018. YAC512 is just a simple D/A for YMF262, totally unnecessary on FPGA. And YMZ263 is a ADPCM/PCM "manager".

  • Helminth Combos
    Helminth Combos8 dagen geleden

    2002 comes around and sound cards are in massive decline and audio quality is massively increasing.

  • Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman8 dagen geleden

    I never tried an Adlib card out because at the time Soumd Blaster by Creative Labs was and still is the real “Gold” Standard.

  • TheBibliofilus
    TheBibliofilus8 dagen geleden

    Almost worth it for that top of the line Tyrian experience though..

  • TheCivildecay
    TheCivildecay8 dagen geleden

    7:41 I had the same face as that guy on screen when the high notes started :D

  • mrbigmouth502
    mrbigmouth5028 dagen geleden

    That is a SICK utility knife at 4:03! I mean, I want an Adlib Gold too, but I bet one of those knives is more attainable haha.

  • Andrew Pemrich
    Andrew Pemrich8 dagen geleden

    Oh my god. I’d kill for a high-res capture of the Dune OST from a Gold😍

  • SutorippuDotCom
    SutorippuDotCom8 dagen geleden

    They should have made a deal with Santo Gold.

  • AeonG
    AeonG8 dagen geleden

    8:25 I am forever cursed to think of DarkSydePhil every time anyone says "DSP".

  • Rex Orp
    Rex Orp8 dagen geleden

    Oh, the fun of TSRs and the days of autoexec.bat and config.sys memory manipulations. For those that wonder TSR is Terminate and Stay Resident for memory functions. Thanks for the memories but I don't miss those days.

  • Stéphane Tremblay
    Stéphane Tremblay9 dagen geleden

    "Quebec-based Ad-Lib Incorporated" ... WHAT?! Holy cow, I didn't even know that this company was from my province! That is so cool!

  • IconOfSin88
    IconOfSin889 dagen geleden

    What a perfect song to end the video on!

  • Brian R
    Brian R9 dagen geleden

    would you say the adlib is worth it's weight in gold ;)

  • Farzher
    Farzher9 dagen geleden

    but what the heck is a sound card

  • thmalex
    thmalex10 dagen geleden

    6:35 Viewer from Hong Kong: Good Old Days when Hong Kong still having its own IT industry.

  • Cars with Ed !
    Cars with Ed !10 dagen geleden

    I’m pretty sure I saw one of these in an old shop in a box of other crap once

  • AFK
    AFK10 dagen geleden

    when he said "this is ad lib gold and creative labs can suck it" I felt that.

  • Aenygma
    Aenygma10 dagen geleden

    Your sound card works perfectly!

  • Karl Hamilton
    Karl Hamilton10 dagen geleden

    This is like an advert for the Amiga. We never had to deal with any of that bullshit cos we had Autoconfig.

  • bob weaughtababyitsaboy
    bob weaughtababyitsaboy10 dagen geleden

    Subtitles "[Vocalized sounds of appreciation]" I dunno who did the subs but that right there is gold

  • Joe Pro
    Joe Pro10 dagen geleden

    All I can think about is when we'll see the next LGR Foods episode.

  • John Coops
    John Coops10 dagen geleden

    LOL, what a joke. I was buying PC equipment in that era and the Adlib sounded like any other shitty 1980's/90's midi card. The samples are equally dreadful, and the composers use only the sounds that make it sound 8-bit. Total fail when something so expensive sounds so horrible. We were listening to CD, even copying them so that set the standard - these cards were a fail because they all sounded like shit, so you might as well just buy a cheapy SB clone.

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson11 dagen geleden

    I almost didn't bother watching this... I was a Sound Blaster Pro kid. My cousin got an AdLib Gold for his 286. I wonder if he still has that thing. So much Scorched Earth and Civilization on that machine

  • Neon Abe
    Neon Abe11 dagen geleden

    dual rtx 3090: *visible fear*

  • mitykas
    mitykas11 dagen geleden

    Thank you!

  • BiPedal Species
    BiPedal Species11 dagen geleden

    'The last time it was touched by human hands' -even before you said that I was thinking 'Why isn't he wearing gloves?'. Freaking millenials. Sincerely Gen X :P

  • charl
    charl11 dagen geleden

    I liked the mini tech tales at the beginning!

  • Star Tower
    Star Tower11 dagen geleden

    That sim city 2000 music sounds amazing. Having only a sb16 back then my memories relate only to that card but the richness of the sound produced by the adlib gold is miles ahead.

  • John Storm
    John Storm12 dagen geleden

    All the songs were shitty midis back then, why would you spend that money on a sound card 😂

  • Rik Slagter
    Rik Slagter12 dagen geleden

    7:46 Oh my god, all the goosebumps!

  • WhyteLis21
    WhyteLis2112 dagen geleden

    Basically, this card just comes down to, "supply and demand." Don't you just love it? Lol.

  • Paul M
    Paul M12 dagen geleden

    I remember trying to get a Sound Blaster sound card to work on my Amstrad 386 in the early 90’s. What an experience that was 🤬🤬🤬

  • Pseudonymous
    Pseudonymous12 dagen geleden


  • Bryant Floyd
    Bryant Floyd12 dagen geleden

    I've got a 192 KHz 24-bit 7.1 Channel HD Audio with Nahimic audio enhancer built-in audio in my modern Intel i7 gaming mini desktop chassis that provides for better audio experience than AdLib Gold 1000 ISA Yamaha YMF262 sound card from 1992.

  • Sandwich Glitch
    Sandwich Glitch12 dagen geleden

    Remembering installing a new game and always choosing Sound Blaster... not just because we had it, but because it sounded the coolest...

  • Mac Nifty
    Mac Nifty12 dagen geleden

    You also reminded me of the telephone answering option that did work and that is why I had the special US robotics modem which had a Voice option like War Games. And Yes it worked! This was in the days when I was a member of the 2600 club. That's when BBS systems were the primary for the board of education communication / network. I was war dialing on auto pilot for weeks that summer finding all the carriers and using other tools to get in! I did!

  • Mac Nifty
    Mac Nifty12 dagen geleden

    It was really a gimmick because back then sound wasn't even high Fidelity yet. At least when it comes to the games but I used it for recording for the windows sound mapper and Sound recorder built into Microsoft 3.1 and I made the 1st digital recorder and sampling system. 1990. Of course at the time I was just a 14 year old kid and thought I invented something that the world didn't know about. That's when I used O kinds of audio chips... What they eventually put in greeting cards years later. With a 5 second stereo recording I stacked up the chips into individual banks like you see the launch controllers today for producers. I made a launch controller a long time ago. I made a launch controller a long time ago with midi in and out. No lights though lol.

  • Mac Nifty
    Mac Nifty12 dagen geleden

    Wow I remember that! I had that and a really fancy us robotics modem.

  • Dr. Reason
    Dr. Reason12 dagen geleden

    In 93 I bought a AMD wave table sound card on closeout. It seemed to have failed because it needed a 24K TSR to make it function as an Adlib or Soundblaster compatible and this meant that some games ran out of memory. I was using Novell DOS 7.0 and it had great high memory management so is usually had well over 500 KB of real mode memory at the DOS prompt. I think it was the best bargain purchase I ever made but I might have hated it if I was using MSDOS 5.

  • killerskincanoe
    killerskincanoe13 dagen geleden

    Sounds like Creative is bag of dicks

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok13 dagen geleden

    This is a great bedtime story for my kid

  • Vincent Valentin
    Vincent Valentin13 dagen geleden

    I'm watching this on Valentine's day and I can totally feel the love lol.

  • Red_ Guy
    Red_ Guy13 dagen geleden

    Tyrian music!!!

  • Billy Bell
    Billy Bell13 dagen geleden

    17:19 - *I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE* ....Nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen13 dagen geleden

    But was'nt this just a "music" card and not a voice effect card like the soundblaster was?

  • MrGrumblier
    MrGrumblier13 dagen geleden

    A Quebec company? They probably got delayed when they discovered the real world mostly speaks English.

  • Louis rodriguez
    Louis rodriguez13 dagen geleden

    No no and more no

  • squishylime
    squishylime13 dagen geleden

    2:17 Dune or Lady Gaga Paparazzi

  • Gaming History Source
    Gaming History Source13 dagen geleden

    The jukebox mode reminds me of a sega genesis.

  • ThatSly B
    ThatSly B13 dagen geleden

    Uh... i am 4 minutes in. Why did you not mention the part where it says there is a virus on the 4th disk? Why the fuck is there a virus on an official driver disk?

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 213 dagen geleden


  • James Taylor
    James Taylor13 dagen geleden

    My Holy Grail (one that I wish I had bought back then) is the Gravis Ultrasound... :)

  • Slavic Union
    Slavic Union13 dagen geleden

    Today we don’t need sound blaster cards when a PC mother has one builtinto it with just a simple chip

  • Nick Mullins
    Nick Mullins13 dagen geleden

    Ad Lib was my very first sound card!

  • Sheila Dikshit
    Sheila Dikshit13 dagen geleden

    nuts. had no idea ad lib was the original sound card. thought it was a second rate / junk product, not as good as the sound bastard.

  • Lucas Milani
    Lucas Milani13 dagen geleden

    It's great but it's useless. Sad.

  • Turtle Turtle
    Turtle Turtle13 dagen geleden

    I really enjoy these videos.. it's like history being captured in our lifetime.

  • Christopher Born
    Christopher Born14 dagen geleden

    Price and lack of compatibility kept me from wanting one back in the day. I opted for a Thunderboard as an upgrade from AdLib. Then a PAS and finally AWE32 with DB50 XG wavetable addon for Yamaha awesomeness. Historical value and rarity sure make it interesting, but I can’t say I would ever want one for myself.

  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin14 dagen geleden

    Okay difference between the Sound Blaster 16 and SB Pro?

  • Neon Blaze
    Neon Blaze14 dagen geleden

    creative labs can suck it... oh man i cant stop laughing

  • John Chung
    John Chung14 dagen geleden

    Wow the main chip is made in Hong Kong... There is no chip manufacturer in Hong Kong for many years already😮

  • Potatoes
    Potatoes14 dagen geleden

    Whenever i watch your channel you take me back to the good old days like before i was even born in '95 xD

  • andre walger
    andre walger14 dagen geleden

    So, did someone visit Sim Wong Hoo and removed his knee caps? And if not, why not? What is wrong with people?

  • Steve Marcel
    Steve Marcel14 dagen geleden

    So its the RTX sound card equivalent?

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams14 dagen geleden

    This is great for insomnia in the best way possible.

  • tcpnetworks
    tcpnetworks14 dagen geleden

    I installed a few hundred of these back in the day. They were annoying to get working.

  • goopah
    goopah14 dagen geleden

    Another fascinating video. Thank you, LGR!

  • goopah
    goopah14 dagen geleden

    Beautiful card, but the only people motivated to pay those prices would be serious retro collectors or huge fans of Dune who want to play the game with best possible audio quality. And who also have money to burn in that pursuit.