The 1992 MIDI Experience: Yamaha "Hello! Music!" Kit for Windows 3.1

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Setting up and exploring the Yamaha CBX-T3 synth module and testing it with classic MS-DOS games and early nineties Windows MIDI sequencer software! It may not be a popular General MIDI music option, but being based on the TG100 it still held its own when it launched at $450 in late 1992/early 93.
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● Download floppy disk images of the software here:
● Background music courtesy of:
● Featuring MIDI soundtracks from:
Rise of the Triad
Duke Nukem 3D
SimCity 2000
X-COM: UFO Defense
Space Quest III
Passport Designs Jukebox
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  • Kaiwen
    Kaiwen4 dagen geleden

    My previous boss gave this unit to me for free, and I never touched it until seeing this video! Also a quick question if anyone here could help me out! I'm sending midi from Logic, and I can get the grand piano sound if it's set to the GM-L1 mode. But how do you change instruments? I tried to send MIDI to different channels, but nothing changed in the GM-L1 mode. Although it did change in the C/M mode if I send MIDI to different channels. Thanks in advance!

  • R. Voogt
    R. Voogt7 dagen geleden

    19:00 "what are you doing, step editor?"

  • Xylo Piano
    Xylo Piano8 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else think he was about to play Never Gonna Give You Up at the beginning?

  • Fernando Trebien
    Fernando Trebien13 dagen geleden

    21:11 Yay, we've got synthiness!

  • rm2kmidi
    rm2kmidi13 dagen geleden

    This last track sounds like something from Sim City 2000 XD

  • Almondatchy
    Almondatchy19 dagen geleden

    Almost thought I was going to get rolled

  • Trance88
    Trance8826 dagen geleden

    Canyon.mid sounds like the intro to some early 90's informative PBS TV show.

  • GuvernorDave
    GuvernorDaveMaand geleden

    30:44 the attention to detail throwing in those "half-beat" hi-hats lol. I love it!

  • GuvernorDave
    GuvernorDaveMaand geleden

    10:32 motherfkn ZELIARD???

  • Nyghtowl Studios
    Nyghtowl StudiosMaand geleden

    I had an old Yamaha keyboard as a kid, it was from the late 80s or early 90s, but it also featured AWM. And God... I just loved how it sounded. It was a PSS-790 and I wrote my first pieces of Music with the inbuild multitrack recording. This thing sounds quite similar. I would love to have a MIDI-Device or SoundFont so I could use some of the sounds in Studio One today! If anyone knows something, let me know pls :D

  • Malfattio
    MalfattioMaand geleden

    That Bosa Nova midi sounds a little like Giant Steps

  • Mark Orendas
    Mark OrendasMaand geleden


  • Kahl Dragonborn
    Kahl DragonbornMaand geleden

    Everyone come back and show love to this video!

  • Loenne555
    Loenne555Maand geleden

    Never heard of this device before, but I really like the GM sound quality... Would've been highly interested how the Monkey Island 2 score sounds like.. Yamaha does what Rolandon't... Or does it? ;)

  • TurboPikachuX
    TurboPikachuXMaand geleden

    13:15 such a sega saturn-like sound

  • extreme egon
    extreme egonMaand geleden

    Awesome video clint! Nice mix:D

  • M The Critic
    M The CriticMaand geleden

    I used to sell these in a shop when I was a teen!

  • Ethan Stiles
    Ethan StilesMaand geleden

    LGR music channel please!!

  • JP Toutant
    JP ToutantMaand geleden

    I love midi sounds

  • Jamie Weller
    Jamie WellerMaand geleden

    Hi. How much are these worth second hand in mint condition?

  • Kmilli03
    Kmilli03Maand geleden

    You need to start another sub channel and call it LGR Beats! Then just make different midi beats whenever you feel like it and share them

  • random guy
    random guyMaand geleden

    Im not a tech nerd but I love this stuff I think I might be turning into one

  • Matt C
    Matt CMaand geleden

    Look Mum! Lazy game reviews

  • Stephen Fink
    Stephen FinkMaand geleden

    I remember the CANYON.MID track being used as some Cable Access Shows openings.

  • Curtis Mitchell
    Curtis MitchellMaand geleden

    "chuckles at dubiously made statement" holy shit your subtitles are god tier LGR lol

  • HungrieHipp0
    HungrieHipp0Maand geleden

    I can't be the only one who thought at the beginning we were about to get LGRickrolled.

  • HungrieHipp0


    Maand geleden

    Or the start of some Clint Collins hits.

  • Luci Rosse
    Luci RosseMaand geleden

    My first synth was a Yamaha CS1x which is both general midi and XG compatible... it also has the same "serial" connectors to the PC/Mac

  • AtheoAng3l0
    AtheoAng3l02 maanden geleden

    I kinda miss the time when I loved owning diskette jewel cases and CD wallets.

  • Samuel Fogelgren
    Samuel Fogelgren2 maanden geleden

    Such wonderful sound of that midi unit!

  • Big Time Aze
    Big Time Aze2 maanden geleden

    I thought you were gonna rick roll us at the start of the video.

  • littleconman978 and freinds
    littleconman978 and freinds2 maanden geleden

    your song sounds like it should be in Plantx 3 made by 8-bit-guy

  • Corkoth55
    Corkoth552 maanden geleden

    Midi is a little bit before my time .. Or I just wasn't exposed to it (25 y/o) it's a strange concept to me I guess. How a game soundtrack can sound completely different based on what hardware you used?

  • Roger Muppet
    Roger Muppet2 maanden geleden

    Nice tune man! :D

  • Grak70
    Grak702 maanden geleden

    how dare you play canyon.mid and destroy my youth like this...

  • Arnuld15Governator
    Arnuld15Governator2 maanden geleden

    No joke LGR, I want to hear the full version of Grab bag from that midi kit setup. Sounds awesome and different from the other uploads that you hear uploaded from others on youtube.

  • B4NCL4M
    B4NCL4M2 maanden geleden

    That Roland so crisp

  • PrivateCheeselaw
    PrivateCheeselaw2 maanden geleden

    *me, trying to digest everything Clint is saying and showing* ''amazing''

  • Dean Prananda
    Dean Prananda2 maanden geleden

    Is this midi works on windows 10 or not?

  • Sanchit Abhang
    Sanchit Abhang2 maanden geleden

    Hello, Can you upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 on a $5388 Windows XP gaming PC?

  • Robo-Teh- Kid
    Robo-Teh- Kid2 maanden geleden

    Can someone please link me this version of rise of the triad ost?

  • icanrunat3200mhz
    icanrunat3200mhz2 maanden geleden

    Your subtitles are spectacular.

  • Ben Morrison
    Ben Morrison2 maanden geleden

    Wow can you please share that X-COM UFO Defense track? I can't find that version online and the instruments in this one really rip

  • thesman32
    thesman322 maanden geleden

    16:03 that's the demo tune my Technics KN5000 keyboard plays.

  • Harold Simmons
    Harold Simmons2 maanden geleden

    Woah! Anyone ever play Mole's Quest? I instantly recognize the song at 17:31 from that game.

  • QuantumBraced
    QuantumBraced2 maanden geleden

    Man you really needed to be rich to be a PC enthusiast in the early 90s. Every peripheral is like $500, computers were like $3000... And that's 1992 dollars.

  • Cameron Allgier
    Cameron Allgier2 maanden geleden

    I've seen a few people mention the 12:34 transition in the comments, but has nobody acknowledged that brilliant intro? Pure style and class.

  • plan7a
    plan7a2 maanden geleden


  • Nicolas Faust
    Nicolas Faust2 maanden geleden

    Ok is it just me or does that classic Doom theme remind anyone else of the 90's Power Rangers theme?

  • Stoney3K
    Stoney3K2 maanden geleden

    So that "Passport MIDI Player" came with a free soundtrack of Leisure Suit Larry 4?

  • xap81
    xap812 maanden geleden

    wow, that midi music in dos is so awesome!

  • Todd Summerfield
    Todd Summerfield2 maanden geleden

    Hey mate.. how would I go about contacting you.. I'm in Australia and have stuff to send ya brother 👍🇦🇺

  • Ghost Raider
    Ghost Raider2 maanden geleden

    That intro though

  • Chris Daze
    Chris Daze2 maanden geleden

    Jan Hammer look out!

  • Alex Summers
    Alex Summers2 maanden geleden

    GREAT VIDEO - got me all in the fired up for the 80s. I ran, jump and dived into Spotify, and found an 80s TV/Film Soundtrack playlist with over 12 hours of 80s luscious blissful nostalgic overload music! :D

  • Eggplant Co.
    Eggplant Co.2 maanden geleden

    90s Chip > 2020s Trap.

  • MrTibbs90
    MrTibbs902 maanden geleden

    The music is awesome! Shame it didn't do sound effects.

  • Joe B
    Joe B2 maanden geleden

    thank you sir!

  • AtheoAng3l0
    AtheoAng3l02 maanden geleden

    Sounds awesome. Little me from the '90s would love this.

  • MultiTelan
    MultiTelan2 maanden geleden

    That is such a beautifully early 90s box. Good god. 1.44MB subscribers

  • INTENSE plays
    INTENSE plays2 maanden geleden

    Really thought he was gonna rock roll is in the intro.

  • Danilo Nunes
    Danilo Nunes2 maanden geleden

    29:00 Could be easily the new LGR videos theme. So cool

  • Blubus
    Blubus2 maanden geleden

    Fun vid in all its midi awesomeness :) Happy 1.44M Subscribers Clint!

  • Maik Kellerhals
    Maik Kellerhals2 maanden geleden

    I'm glad modern sequencing software and DAWs are much more comfortable to use. But interesting to see how it was ;)

  • onyourjackjones
    onyourjackjones2 maanden geleden

    The Distorted guitar noise is horendous. Something Roland still haven’t fixed on their windows GM synth set in 2020.

  • MrDuncl
    MrDuncl2 maanden geleden

    I really enjoyed the tune you created at the end. I wonder if you have ever played with Grooveboxes from the same era, e.g. the Roland D2? There used to be loads but I guess tablet apps made them obsolete.

  • Nathaniel Greensides
    Nathaniel Greensides2 maanden geleden

    I was born after Doom was released, and want to play it, yet still have not. Somehow, from watching LGR videos, i have come to recognize the main song to the extent that I realized someone exiting the apartment complex was playing it really loud in their car... Happy 2020 I guess...

  • Nat Grant
    Nat Grant2 maanden geleden

    I like the tune you created there at the end! I never had an external device like that but I had an AWE soundcard and a copy of Cakewalk Pro that I used to play around with quite a lot. I only wish I knew where all the MIDI tunes I wrote got to. I imagine they're all on a floppy disk around here... somewhere.

  • T1 M4R
    T1 M4R2 maanden geleden

    Awesome video as always!

  • Selfpowered
    Selfpowered2 maanden geleden

    "The worst way to do it" - calling out 80% of modern bedroom music producers

  • magnusm4
    magnusm42 maanden geleden

    You think nobody would notice those first drum notes were the drum solo by Phil Collins in his song In The Air? YOU WERE WRONG!

  • D_37
    D_372 maanden geleden

    I don't know about all of you but classic Doom music just makes me happy.

  • leetylr
    leetylr2 maanden geleden

    The big band midi file sounds great and the piano sample is extremely nice.

  • HipYo Yoster
    HipYo Yoster2 maanden geleden

    If you don't use that to get the music from Daytona USA, then you have failed my friend....

  • B - Nabs
    B - Nabs2 maanden geleden

    The little conductor in Passport is hilarious.

  • Smacksalad Productions
    Smacksalad Productions2 maanden geleden

    Hahah! Superb MIDI track, I'll do you a remix at some point :)

  • Smacksalad Productions
    Smacksalad Productions2 maanden geleden

    Ouch, that MIDI editor looks horrendous :D Keystep is great btw.

  • Smacksalad Productions
    Smacksalad Productions2 maanden geleden

    As someone who uses MIDI everyday but never has any reason to fuck with this kinda thing, this video is fascinating :)

  • Everett Smith
    Everett Smith2 maanden geleden

    Was this how elevator music was made

  • ACL Custom Displays
    ACL Custom Displays2 maanden geleden

    Wow so cool ,I missed out on these kits, I was poor and was using screamtracker and cool edit for my music introduction at that age, I think was around this the rompler era...I still have my X5DR half rack...I saw the cbx_k3 for sale not long ago and had never seen that midi keyboard ever, now I know what the model was referring too as part of a bundle thing, that's cool, you have to get that keyboard Clint for that setup now, apparently it's a beast metal chassis and keybed is really on the Yamaha synths around that time

  • B Dre
    B Dre2 maanden geleden

    I could listen to this playing game music for hours. I grew up in the hayday of 80s and 90s pc, Sierra adventure games especially had spectacular soundtracks on supported sound cards

  • B Dre
    B Dre2 maanden geleden

    Damn you did the miami vice drum intro

  • Rio_G
    Rio_G2 maanden geleden

    Any chance you’ll put up audio/midi stems of that banger you wrote at the end? I’m feelin a remix brewing 😅

  • Ck
    Ck2 maanden geleden

    Clint are you any good at fixing a PowerMax G5 I used the program that gets rid of read me files and different languages that I don't read Because my hard drive was getting full. When I rebooted the power Mac and tried to click down in the dock on the finder or anything nothing would execute or do anything I bought a hard drive off of eBay that has leopard and I have a install leopard disc you think I can plug in the new leopard hard drive. Would that let me fix my hard drive thats corrupted and maybe reinstall and save all my files without losing years of work and family files

  • Ck
    Ck2 maanden geleden

    Always interesting things on this channel I love this channel

  • Ck
    Ck2 maanden geleden

    Now you can tour the world and Start you a band like the nitty gritty dirt band but you could call it. The nitty MIiDI dirt band just kidding

  • Floyd McKenzie
    Floyd McKenzie2 maanden geleden

    That Yamaha keyboard is so clean. 👌

  • Frankie Flores
    Frankie Flores2 maanden geleden

    Can you do midtown mandess 3

  • FortunaChan
    FortunaChan2 maanden geleden

    Looks curious, how listen with the Monkey island midi sound system and using this midi

  • Daniel Berger
    Daniel Berger2 maanden geleden

    Much like the flawless transition at 12:34, that intro was one of the best I've seen on any NLdron video, let alone one dedicated to a detailed description of something delightfully digital.

  • Silas McGee
    Silas McGee2 maanden geleden

    The music before the intro *inhales* exquisite

  • Working Order
    Working Order2 maanden geleden

    More MIDI content please! Can you do an episode on Windows 3.1 DAWs and show off your mad music skills?

  • Proxima64
    Proxima642 maanden geleden

    Ah yes, yet another piece of niche equipment that will now be financially gatekept from those who could truly benefit from it, yet aren't fortunate enough to be showered in ad revenue and donations as a result of mere Wikipedia recitations and NLdron's terribly partisan algorithm, and instead rot and collect dust on the trinket shelves of only the most entitled tier of NLdron's silly retro tech hierarchy/LARPer community. At least you've reminded me to be grateful to own an FB-01 before you ultimately defile the market for that synth, too. I hope you're happy with the monster you've so opportunistically created, at the expense of enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Andrew Hanson
    Andrew Hanson2 maanden geleden

    Hi Clint. I've been watching your videos for about 8 years now. Can I suggest you do a series on operating systems? I'm a huge fan of Nathan's Toasty Tech's website and I'd love to see that translated into videos. Thank you for the wholsome content!

  • Rix xy
    Rix xy2 maanden geleden

    hey LGR can you do a re-review of No Mans Sky?

  • jbfarley


    2 maanden geleden

    Terrible idea. The game is completely irrelevant. It would be a massive waste of his time. Nobody is going to buy the game because of it, and it would get very few views compared to something relevant

  • Chuck Wood
    Chuck Wood2 maanden geleden

    I’m really impressed by how full featured that old midi software was! Even if it looks like it would be super clunky to use

  • Eduardo Capdeville Cureño
    Eduardo Capdeville Cureño2 maanden geleden

    I started recording midi files around those days and I think I used that program... I have a bunch of .mmm files that I would love to hear but I don’t know any modern app that plays them... do you know any? Thanks!

  • Wojciech Szmyt
    Wojciech Szmyt2 maanden geleden

    The mix at the end

  • Skull Man
    Skull Man2 maanden geleden

    This video is candy to my ears dude

    budgetguitarist.com2 maanden geleden

    Blast from the past. I HAD one of these, along with TRAX, which was my first sequencer. I had a Mac LC III in those days, a massive upgrade from my previous Mac Plus. This module had some pretty cool sounding drums. Boy did I love that setup. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • Jeremy Holloway
    Jeremy Holloway2 maanden geleden

    Friends don't let friends do retro MIDI composing on anything but an Atari ST. Or an Atari TT. Or an Atari Falcon030.