SGI Indigo2: An $86,000 Workstation from 1995

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Diving into the Silicon Graphics Indigo² desktop workstation computer! This was a beast in 1995, and yes, "it's a UNIX system, I know this!" How do the pros and cons stack up, what games can you play on it, and is it worth the cost today?
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  • JimsEquipmentShed
    JimsEquipmentShed5 uur geleden

    Amazing machines, our designers used to use them to simulate design for disassembly processes. When you walked into the design studio, it was like entering another world.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N7 uur geleden

    I used to use them all thru college at WPI for solid modelling, FEA and CAD. They were awesome! I wish I could buy a case and put a modern computer in them they always looked cool.

  • Billy W
    Billy W19 uur geleden

    I wish gamer computer looked like the indigo instead of red and block edge lord crap

  • juan ahmed
    juan ahmedDag geleden

    1995 two gigabyte ram is good Now 9 tb ram or more ram is good

  • TexasCat99
    TexasCat99Dag geleden

    Looks rather like the Amiga 3000 inside (1990) in terms of layout. The floppy drives where the optical drive is. That was about $3000 back then @ 25mhz. 2MB RAM.

  • World Theory
    World Theory2 dagen geleden

    Unix huh?… I wonder if anyone has gotten a version of Linux to work on it. I figure Linux might have an ever so slightly higher chance of compatibility with some more games. Though I guess it would be a shame to use anything but the intented OS on it. Especially if it comes with a *_3D File Browser!_*

  • coolman9i6
    coolman9i63 dagen geleden

    Can’t believe how small this thing is compared to like a Mac Pro

  • Mr nobody Mr
    Mr nobody Mr3 dagen geleden

    More fact:sgi also used on titanic movie

  • Elden Slick
    Elden Slick5 dagen geleden

    absolute coolest t-shirt.

  • GeekFilter
    GeekFilter7 dagen geleden

    I used to test multi-media trainman software, like Lexus Labs where you learn not to be an a-hole car salesman, on these machines before they went off to be mastered onto CDs. This just brought back a flood of memories! And yes, people CONSTANTLY made the 'It's a UNIX system' joke.

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro7 dagen geleden

    No better way to throw $86,000 away than to buy a computer

  • zvuho
    zvuho8 dagen geleden

    4:50 carbonfiber racing $10k bikes come without pedals. or with very crappy ones expecting you to install your very personal choice

  • English With Phil
    English With Phil9 dagen geleden

    8:00 oh, these blocky flying 3D menus scream mid-nineties... Destruction Derby and such, so nostalgic!

  • Joe Myers
    Joe Myers13 dagen geleden

    When people type on keyboards and they are showing it while they type, I always try to guess what they’re typing.

  • Kevin Richey
    Kevin Richey14 dagen geleden

    I'd buy one just for the case and replace the guts with a RasPi

  • Timbre Haze
    Timbre Haze15 dagen geleden

    That’s cool and all, but can it run doom?

  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan17 dagen geleden

    Can it run Crysis ?

  • God Slayer
    God Slayer20 dagen geleden

    Fun Fact - John Ramsey - the father/killer of Jon Benet Ramsey was the CEO of Access Graphics one of the main if not the only source for SGI systems to the average person.

  • K T
    K T21 dag geleden

    this is what it looks like if there is a ps2 2

  • brandon smith
    brandon smith22 dagen geleden

    I been a tech geek since I was like 10 years old they ain’t nothing on a pc I can’t fix and I also build PCs sometimes and no that thing today wouldn’t be worth 5 bucks

  • Mozz Jones

    Mozz Jones

    5 dagen geleden

    From a technological point of view YES this thing is probably worth 5 bucks at best Seeing how far things have come since this machine was conceived.. But it was state of the art super high end graphics work station of it's time and a piece of history, Which makes it valuable to many collector nerds in the industry and general public. Just like anything, It's worth what people out there are willing to pay.. Aided by any significance.

  • Dublin Anondson
    Dublin Anondson23 dagen geleden


  • Autistic Pixel
    Autistic Pixel24 dagen geleden

    96mb of ram to 64gb of ram, one day we'll have 2tb of ram maybe.

  • DJ Fergusson
    DJ Fergusson25 dagen geleden

    you have to run half-life off of that thing

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro25 dagen geleden

    Don't you get the feeling that consumers were bamboozled out of billions of dollars through planned obsolescence by all these computer companies?

  • Alex Castro
    Alex Castro25 dagen geleden

    It's hilarious that an iPad Pro today blows away that $86,000 machine... 😆

  • Nazgim
    Nazgim26 dagen geleden

    You could play a game named BzFlag on it. Which is still avaible (not sure if it is avaible for irix anymore tho)

  • Andre Carneiro
    Andre Carneiro27 dagen geleden

    State of the art of its time!

  • Chance Hooper
    Chance Hooper29 dagen geleden

    God I loved old SGIs. Worked developing engineering software on them. Great OS which was years ahead of its time. My old 150MHz Indigo could do video editing and real-time 3D rendering when most people were wowed by windows 3.1. The O2 was unreal at modelling and the Indy had video conferencing in 1995, when most people though a 33kbps modem connection to a bulletin board was cutting edge. The Octanes were beasts and we all lived in awe of the Origins and Onyxes. Great compilers for development, great software tools for creativity and built-in web development software from the early 1990s. Built like tanks, too.

  • Yarnosh
    YarnoshMaand geleden

    Back in the day it bothered me that they could never bring together the more polished interfaces of Windows and MacOS with the high end workstations of the time. THose SGI machine had god awful X11 interfaces but they were rock solid. It is no wonder Microsoft eventually dominated for workstations when PC hardware finally caught up (primarily driven by gaming). If only SGI had put more work into the UI toolkit. But this is what you get when your dev staff is primarily engineers. It's like the early web before designers got involved. Programmers suck at user interface design.

  • Avzarathustra
    AvzarathustraMaand geleden


  • UKSL MacLab
    UKSL MacLabMaand geleden

    Wow I remember working on these in 2000. Very strange beasts!

  • Justin James
    Justin JamesMaand geleden

    We used the work on SGI's. Ironically we didn't do any 3d graphics stuff. It just so happens that the software we used and created happened to run on them. When I first used one in 1994 I never looked at Windows 3.1 the same. We also had an SGI server with 1GB of RAM like this one. I couldn't imagine that much RAM on a computer. At the time my PC had like 4MB.

  • Desek Resek
    Desek ResekMaand geleden

    The fact that our phones are stronger than these workstations... Wow

  • xyso
    xysoMaand geleden

    imagine buying one of these in 1996 and figure out now that its worth a tenth of the price

  • jammi
    jammiMaand geleden

    I had one of these in 2007 and ended up giving it away. You're wrong about the keyboard, though. It's a mechanical one and a pretty good one too, it's using the best Alps switches that were around at the time, similar but not same switches as on the legendary Apple Extended II keyboard.

  • TooMuch TooFast
    TooMuch TooFastMaand geleden

    Do you realize that Jurassic Park would never have been a thing w/o this thing? Whew I’ve always wanted one of these PCs ❤️

  • Shawn P
    Shawn PMaand geleden

    WHY would you CALL it an "Indigo" and then EVERYTHING attached to it is BEIGE or GREY? At LEAST make an INDIGO faceplate for the optical drive and give it a purple keyboard and monitor!

  • skilliyay
    skilliyayMaand geleden

    How does this compare to a cellphone CPU in 2021?

  • Rawr rawr
    Rawr rawrMaand geleden

    Thank you for all of your time and efforts you have invested in making this video available to the public.

  • Siakol Yano
    Siakol YanoMaand geleden

    The 100GB Hard disk is not original, you can tell with the "HP Invent" logo which came out in 1999-2002. Indigo 2 went out of production in 1997.

  • andrew u
    andrew uMaand geleden


  • kintoki kintoki
    kintoki kintokiMaand geleden

    In my university we had some of those indigo 2, octane and O2 irix unix was a pecular unix...

  • Dragon Butt
    Dragon ButtMaand geleden

    Its an xbox :o

  • Se Sa
    Se SaMaand geleden

    For 86 grand you couldn’t get a matching disk drive? (Mouse, or keyboard$)

  • Rich Tygart
    Rich TygartMaand geleden

    I would have hoped that the spirit of computer future would have come to me in 1995 before I laid down $86,000 and whispered in my ear 👻"Before you buy, remember the Moore's Law."

  • dc ocz
    dc oczMaand geleden

    I would of liked to of seen the software talked about like SoftImage

  • CaptainToyota
    CaptainToyotaMaand geleden

    Man in 95 those specs are insane. Love to had run old games on this thing to the max. Also i wonder how many ppl think jurassic parks computer scene was made up

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon JonesMaand geleden

    The snow boarding games was mind blowing

  • Flavia Trans
    Flavia TransMaand geleden

    I like the colour

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay BrooksMaand geleden

    Nintendo didn’t actually work with SGI they just licensed SGI technology mainly open GL

  • Cesar Guevara
    Cesar GuevaraMaand geleden

    Oh wow... I was aware of custom architecture of super computers for scientific research, but not custom architecture for graphic processing work stations.

  • Juan Miguel
    Juan MiguelMaand geleden

    A full page ad for Bryce on one page, the same for SGI on the facing page. A river of my tears connecting both. Those were the days. Sigh.

  • TheBeast
    TheBeastMaand geleden

    Never herd of this, yet again i had a hp compact with windows 2000 or windows 98 on it in 2008 I can't remember lol

  • Esteban Barbero
    Esteban BarberoMaand geleden

    7:58 OMG! that's what the Nintendo developers used for the file select in Mario 64! No wonder, because they repurposed a lot of assets and demos from their workstations when they were developing N64 hardware and games

  • Patrick Palmer
    Patrick PalmerMaand geleden

    I have an Indigo^2 and an Indigo^2-10,000... and they are beautiful. But you're right you can't do much, can't even surf the web. BUT they do put out a lot of heat, so that's nice.

  • Scally
    ScallyMaand geleden

    It’s compatible with windows 10 32-bit!

  • Wyvern
    WyvernMaand geleden

    Very cool, looks like a PC version of the PS2. Way ahead of it's time- I'm just surprised they got away with it's fairly anemic cooling solution. I think my family's first computer had a 20Mb HDD back in the early 90's- I remember when the 64Mb memory card came out for PS2, I was shocked at it's "massive" storage size.

  • Mickelodian Surname
    Mickelodian SurnameMaand geleden

    I was dragged out of the office by my boss back in the day to go tyre kick one of these. It was the dome shaped octane featured here. Ultimately he didn't buy it, mostly because here in Ireland you'd never have found anyone that had ever seen one let alone used it. Roll on almost 30 years and now half the processors used in American PC's are made here. Along I might add with all those Covid19 vaccines....

  • Harrison Carter
    Harrison CarterMaand geleden

    Time to make N64 games!

  • Roland Priske
    Roland Priske2 maanden geleden

    A poor man's Cray.

  • Lex Barringer
    Lex Barringer2 maanden geleden

    Did you get a hold of a SGI Moose Cam? Those were hilarious.

  • Lex Barringer
    Lex Barringer2 maanden geleden

    I had the Iris, indy and Power Indigo 2, then moved to the 02 and Octane. I remember these years!

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger5112 maanden geleden

    but can it play crysis?

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen Roberts2 maanden geleden

    seeing the new Mac Pro sell for as much as $55k, I understand the frustration with ultra expensive computers. But if my calculation is correct, this computer would sell for just shy of $150k new when adjusted for inflation. Imagine a mac pro that was that expensive...

  • redrick
    redrick2 maanden geleden

    I would absolutely love to have a PC case inspired by the Silicon Graphics workstations.

  • ikeagggé
    ikeagggé2 maanden geleden

    imagine slapping an ssd on this bad boaye

  • High Tier Loot
    High Tier Loot2 maanden geleden

    An RTX at their Time

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson2 maanden geleden

    I can see why some computer companies went backrupt selling systems for those high prices

  • Adrian Kilgour
    Adrian Kilgour2 maanden geleden

    Does it run WIndows?

  • Cheese is gud
    Cheese is gud2 maanden geleden

    Ok, pretty sure the keyboard and nice WEREN'T ps2 compatible and they would fry if you even tried that

  • Sherlock24jp
    Sherlock24jp2 maanden geleden

    8:03 That´s explains why Lex could put Jurassic Park back on line almost at the end of the film.

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz2 maanden geleden

    Run Windows 7 on it

  • Hello There!
    Hello There!2 maanden geleden

    Is nobody going to talk about how similar 7:58 is to the Super Mario 64 selection menu?

  • J Walking
    J Walking2 maanden geleden

    Now 86p !

  • Men In Black
    Men In Black2 maanden geleden

    I had one and it was a very nice computer. I used IRIX, and OpenGL then Apple and other PCs came with more productive stations. Rip.

  • scottcol23
    scottcol232 maanden geleden

    $86K is the price you paid for Alien Technology in 1995. Sounds about right. Meanwhile i was trying to run Quake on my DAD's 486DX 66 work PC. I always got his old computer when he would upgrade about every few years or when any MAJOR generation changes came. at that time I would have had a home built amd 386dx 40. I was 14 in 1996

  • Boanerges57
    Boanerges572 maanden geleden

    In 1998 I was walking home from college and found an SGI monitor on the curb for pickup the next morning. Took it home, changed a fuse inside it and got to enjoy an amazingly high quality 17" rebadged sony CRT that had a calibrated color palette. I felt very fancy.

  • Jacob
    Jacob2 maanden geleden

    wait what? 990 megahertz? in 1995? Jesus fuck this was a top of the line machine for its time.

  • Arcademan09
    Arcademan092 maanden geleden

    No one pointing out that the SGI menus are the SAME AS MARIO 64! Which makes perfect sense considering they supplied the hardware, even their CPUs share the same name! Mips!

  • Et Mount
    Et Mount2 maanden geleden

    But... can it run Crysis!?!!!

  • Roman Glomb
    Roman Glomb2 maanden geleden

    it looks stupid to pay so much money but if you save a lot of money because to can do more work in much shorter time it can actually safe you money in the long run. but for private use paying 86k for a workstation is pretty insane ;-)

  • Hugo Dufort
    Hugo Dufort2 maanden geleden

    We had a bunch of Indigo workstations with Irix at the university in the video rendering lab in the mid 1990s. Pretty impressive machines. I remember spending nights programming my faulty raytracing algorithms and watching them fail to render cubes, cows and scenery onscreen. Good times! 😆

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen2 maanden geleden

    7:25 15,000rpm hdd. You would never see that in a consumer hdd. Like a lot of early 2000's hard drives were like 4000 to 5000rpm

  • Workshop 1668
    Workshop 16682 maanden geleden

    I have a couple of Impact 10000s but one needs the 2 feet stands if anyone has one, I'll buy.

  • joedmac78
    joedmac782 maanden geleden

    The 1986 model came with a flux capacitor

  • mercster
    mercster2 maanden geleden

    I used to do UNIX admin on SGI machines for the Air Force. Weird OS (IRIX). Cool boxes though, and cool graphics accelerators.

  • mercster


    2 maanden geleden

    "Was never meant for public use"? Any public company could buy this if they wanted to. I guess by "public" you mean, putting it into your home? Sorry man I'm a UNIX nerd going way back, you should expect this kind of blowback when you cover a UNIX system and say a bunch of inaccurate shit. ;-) Love your channel but really, stick to video games.

  • mercster


    2 maanden geleden

    10 years in the future? Linux was first "released" in 1991, by 1995 is was at least version 1.2.

  • mercster


    2 maanden geleden

    I really doubt a workstation of this class would cost $86k. A souped up SGI server could easily top $200k, but... a workstation? Probably not.

  • Pierre SixKiller
    Pierre SixKiller3 maanden geleden

    nice pc

  • Tyjohnable
    Tyjohnable3 maanden geleden

    Everything but the cpu and gpu would have been top of the line 10 years later. When I built a system in 2005 the most ram you could get was 4 gigs but only some motherboards could even use the one gig sticks.

  • Edna Mode
    Edna Mode3 maanden geleden

    God this thing is so impressive that it's disgusting to me. It's 2021 and almost every piece of technology I own has less storage than the 300 GB this thing could potentially have with two hard drives...

  • Nicholas Raiti
    Nicholas Raiti3 maanden geleden

    $2300?! I garbage picked like 5 of the purple ones from Chrysler when they were clearing out hardware from the old viper program like 10years ago. I ended up scrapping all of them because they took up too much space. Super cool systems though.

  • blackrockcity
    blackrockcity3 maanden geleden

    Emulating Irix is now possible, but I heard it’s slow.

  • Addy Plantagenet
    Addy Plantagenet3 maanden geleden

    Can it run crysis?

  • Marco Genone
    Marco Genone3 maanden geleden

    I have three of those lovely sgi totem, so much time spent with Softimage, and who remembers Sofimage Eddie! Then Matador and Flame and Oh my gosh this is nostalgia...

  • Superd Mane
    Superd Mane3 maanden geleden

    I used to have one, on one of my old jobs, love that purple goblin!.

  • Batuhan
    Batuhan3 maanden geleden

    can it run crysis?

  • Dennis Younkin
    Dennis Younkin3 maanden geleden

    Yep, in the 90’s I worked for Johnson Controls Automotive systems Group and we had 4 Indigo 2’s

  • Kanishq Quotes
    Kanishq Quotes3 maanden geleden

    Honestly that box is a work of art

  • Варган Крыма
    Варган Крыма3 maanden geleden

    1Gb RAM?😳

  • Abstract
    Abstract3 maanden geleden

    One question: can you program an N64 game

  • Riyad Djerrah
    Riyad Djerrah3 maanden geleden

    Looks like an Xbox...