Packard Bell Corner Computer: One of 1995's Strangest PCs

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A look back at the bizarre Packard Bell Corner Computer, one of the weirdest computer designs of the 90s. Pentium CPU at 200MHz, 64MB RAM, Windows 95, and floppy disk and CD-ROM drives jutting out of each corner. An infrared remote control mouse thing came with it, too!
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  • Scott Bartholomew
    Scott Bartholomew17 uur geleden

    I'm going back to the 90's where it's safe. . .

  • Jon C
    Jon C21 uur geleden

    They claimed a remote control was an industry first in '95? When the Macintosh TV came out 2 years earlier? Um....

  • DJ Crozzworkz
    DJ Crozzworkz3 dagen geleden

    As a fan of Nostalgia Mall and LGR, this video made my day when it came out.

  • Ser_Salty
    Ser_Salty4 dagen geleden

    I really want someone to build a sleeper PC in this case

  • Angel Scott
    Angel Scott5 dagen geleden

    I once had a computer store guy tell me CD drives will never make it past 4x because they can't build a better motor then that. His store didn't last long.

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear6 dagen geleden


  • Sam
    Sam7 dagen geleden

    I need to see a speed run attempt of Doom on the remote.

  • Jake
    Jake7 dagen geleden

    It's ergonomic, since your arms dont piston out directly in front of you, they come swinging in from the side lol

  • Mika Misaki
    Mika Misaki8 dagen geleden

    I had this exact computer. It was so dope

  • viralshield
    viralshield9 dagen geleden

    this is high tech these days too. so nothing new since the 90'

  • OG RetroPunk
    OG RetroPunk9 dagen geleden

    Holy crap! My mom bought our first PC in 1995 (an PB Legend of some sort) and I played the crap out of the Spider-Man Cartoon Maker! No one I’ve talked to since has ever heard of it. Ah, the nostalgia...

  • Aquaferme134
    Aquaferme1349 dagen geleden

    BTC keyboards are great I think, in terms of rubber dome, they are the best in that realm. Did most of my writing career on BTC keyboards, I still own 2 that I use to this day.

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX10 dagen geleden

    I've almost all but forgotten the days when there was all kinds of ports on the back of pc's. Thank goodness for USB.

  • Adam Lawson
    Adam Lawson11 dagen geleden

    I remember Midi Orchestator!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok12 dagen geleden

    Nerdgasm hearing the sound of Windows starting up

  • Parker Patterson
    Parker Patterson12 dagen geleden

    4:13 I don't care what you say, that is clearly the bacon button.

  • allmonkeysallthetime
    allmonkeysallthetime12 dagen geleden

    OMG I remember seeing these things as a kid!

  • Brothers in Metal
    Brothers in Metal13 dagen geleden

    7:47 Ahh Audio Technica Headphones, a man of taste.

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas13 dagen geleden

    More .midi music please...

  • Xs and Os
    Xs and Os14 dagen geleden

    I could never make progress in that ski game; a snowman would come out and eat me every time.

  • Mtndewgang
    Mtndewgang14 dagen geleden

    I always liked the idea for small and compact machines, i feel like this is a precourser to a lot of the modern small and weird chinese cases that kinda have a twist on it's design to usually cut cost. haha So cool.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf14 dagen geleden

    power and reset on opposite sides confirms this is a gimimck

  • Alexander Vaduva
    Alexander Vaduva15 dagen geleden

    The remote would’ve been perfect to pull prank on your siblings during their _“PC turn”._

  • Glauco Rocha
    Glauco Rocha15 dagen geleden

    One thing I really love about Clint is how he's so enthusiastic about the sheer/raw cheesiness of '90s design choices, especially for user interfaces, because that's literally me. I mean, look at this Packard Bell Nav thing: it's like basing your user interface aesthetics on a visit you took to your grandparents' house. And that's EXACTLY what I love about it, plus the cluelessness of designers back in the day.

  • Ted Tremendous
    Ted Tremendous16 dagen geleden

    It is weird how much I enjoy these videos. It is like chicken soup for my soul.

  • Cherry's DIY
    Cherry's DIY17 dagen geleden

    I remember seeing these in thrift stores in the mid 2000's. My parents often bought them for me and parts. Cheap as heck, then. My cheap education in computer repair and modification. Led to me to college and is a useful skill :3

  • Cherry's DIY
    Cherry's DIY17 dagen geleden

    I prefer the Quantum Fireball. The perpetually flushing toilet sound.

  • chris andrus
    chris andrus18 dagen geleden

    Damn how cool computers used to look I wish that products now would be unique but sadly that is not the case.

  • Harps Reehal
    Harps Reehal18 dagen geleden

    Thats ingenious

  • psycosoft1
    psycosoft118 dagen geleden

    Years ago we used these to stage houses. Had about 5 of them. Had corner tv's too

  • WingBeatZ
    WingBeatZ18 dagen geleden

    Omg that startup sounds take me right back.. All the beep boop and crunching!

  • Hoolio Iglesias
    Hoolio Iglesias19 dagen geleden

    I had one of these growing up.

  • Jacob Power
    Jacob Power19 dagen geleden

    Its a shame it doesn’t have a standard atx build so you got put a new motherboard into it and turn it into a retro sleeper

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson19 dagen geleden

    I love it

  • Dean Bergen
    Dean Bergen19 dagen geleden

    I used to sell these, they were garbage, often crashing during a customer demo.

  • Joe Gilbert
    Joe Gilbert19 dagen geleden

    That is so majestic

  • radeakins
    radeakins20 dagen geleden

    I remember my local college having dozens of these in 95 for a good while after. They had them in the computer library back when going to the library/college to use the internet was a family evening out. A few years later, these were packed into computer labs for beginners computer courses.

  • KM
    KM20 dagen geleden

    I had one of these.. 100Mhz cpu and 1gb HD. But mine didn't come with any remote.

  • Ragna Eyjadóttir
    Ragna Eyjadóttir20 dagen geleden

    Looks a bit like the Thermaltake Core p90 was a little inspired by that .. not much, but a tiny bit. Well, possibly not, but who knows .. maybe an engineer had this old case in mind when he suggested the similar 90 degrees angled design for the wallmount.

  • Yet Another Person
    Yet Another Person20 dagen geleden

    It's interesting seeing one of Roadgeek's (The Nostalgia Mall's) computer's on your channel.

  • Shriveled Alien
    Shriveled Alien21 dag geleden

    Stretch my chocolate starfish wide open until you can see the inside of my colon all the way through.

  • Jonathon Stillwell
    Jonathon Stillwell21 dag geleden

    That HHD noise. The boot up jingle. The nostalgia.

  • Eclectic Reader
    Eclectic Reader21 dag geleden

    I see nothing strange about it. It's a useful design.

  • Wazzy's Garage
    Wazzy's Garage22 dagen geleden

    Im surprised that its decently quick for being that old lol

  • Goodboy02 Network
    Goodboy02 Network23 dagen geleden

    Every mid-90’s computer manufacturer: “Our computers come with this office suite and that antivirus and this web browser and much more, all to prevent you from doing anything useful with them.”

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas23 dagen geleden

    I LOVED this vid buddy

  • RC286
    RC28623 dagen geleden

    I still have that remote somewhere. I used a plugin for winamp to allow me to use the remote with it. worked awesome for that.

  • Luca Playz
    Luca Playz24 dagen geleden

    29:42 that is Michael MJD's melody

  • Mustang Rt
    Mustang Rt24 dagen geleden

    is it stackable?

  • Kamil Borzęcki
    Kamil Borzęcki24 dagen geleden

    where do i buy this "get voodoo" poster?

  • Don Webber
    Don Webber27 dagen geleden

    I worked for Packard Bell in R&D in 1995. There where many stupid decisions made by marketing where they never consulted us first. Like the Pizza cabinet , and weird color palette snap on wavy trim pieces.

  • Narax
    Narax28 dagen geleden

    Release a case like that now people will be salivating over it and then ruin it with an obnoxious amount of lights inside.

  • Thomas Ullmann
    Thomas Ullmann28 dagen geleden

    I had a very similar model in my childhood. Similar look but a more traditional case, 133Mhz pentium and 16mb of ram.

  • Daevster 666
    Daevster 66629 dagen geleden

    Damn look at all the pci expansion cards! Now days if you build a pc with something like an Athlon 3000, or hell something with integrated intel graphics you won't need any expansion cards for graphics, sound or internet!?!?

  • SnakeVenom3000
    SnakeVenom3000Maand geleden

    Ah the 90's, when people got so confused with anything that wasn't a perfect square that they called it a Triangle.

  • Сом Речной
    Сом РечнойMaand geleden

    i finally admit that the LGR dude has a great narraiion, even if he's just reading prepared text. I could hire him to read me some fairy tale before sleep in my childhood

  • Muhamad Khoiri
    Muhamad KhoiriMaand geleden

    I want to have it one too ^_^

    CSCJBMaand geleden

    I feel like the older computers like these had a longer life expectancy at least when I was using 'em. Maybe due to the extra hardware. But they always seem to work very well, just unbelievably outdated with everything.

  • Tim Carr
    Tim CarrMaand geleden

    i love that lamp lol great vid clint ! love watching youre stuff :)

  • Scott Winterroth
    Scott WinterrothMaand geleden

    I happen to like the design, yes reminds me of my childhood in the 90s. My friend had a Packard bell, we had a Apple Classic followed by a no-name brand for Windows 95 and beyond era.

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzieMaand geleden

    That pc looks so interesting and odd

  • hateeternalmaver
    hateeternalmaverMaand geleden

    Somewhat corny I'd say... 🤷‍♂️

  • Queen Namina
    Queen NaminaMaand geleden

    I have vague memories from my childhood of my dad having this. At least the whole shape is triggering memories. I think it was his work computer back in the day

  • SIMBA 1
    SIMBA 1Maand geleden

    Defusing the bomb in journey man as a kid made me sweat so bad XD

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel StewartMaand geleden

    This is so ridiculously 90s. We had a Packard Bell in the 90s but not this gem.

  • Chet Pomeroy
    Chet PomeroyMaand geleden

    Had a Packard-Bell PC I bought new in the fall of 1995, but it wasn't a corner machine. It was complete junk, though. Sometimes in Windows 95 the monitor screen would turn into shades of turquoise green and would have to reboot it frequently to get rid of that green tinge. MS-DOS mode was really good for my WordPerfect for DOS 6.2, back when I was doing medical transcription. MS-DOS mode *never* crashed.

  • Officer Hotpants
    Officer HotpantsMaand geleden

    This *immediately* looking extremely uncomfortable to use. Either you sit at a 45 degree angle to the desk or you spend the whole time you're on it with your head twisted to the side.

  • catfree
    catfreeMaand geleden

    That design looks EPIC on an L-shaped desk

  • Cabroni
    CabroniMaand geleden

    Get Voodoo !

  • Adam
    AdamMaand geleden

    It's amazing how far computers have come. I remember when all this tech was amazing.

  • Adam


    Maand geleden

    Before the comments start, it's still amazing...just nostalgically amazing now.

  • DeVon Taruex
    DeVon TaruexMaand geleden

    I remember these!

  • autobotjazz1972
    autobotjazz1972Maand geleden

    I get what they were going for back when this came out there were alot of computer desks designed to fit into corners so i guess some one at packard bell thought this was a sure thing. Also LOL @ hanging vampire repellent.

  • Shellshock Gaming and toys
    Shellshock Gaming and toysMaand geleden

    Lgr: *plays the wave table audio galaxy.* Me: "and here presenting the 18:00 news is Lenard burner."

  • OysterBarron
    OysterBarronMaand geleden

    I was 11 years old and this was the first pc my parents brought that had windows on it, many fond memories of playing sim City 2000, the sims and i had forgotten about the spiderman animator that was ace. The remote came in handy when teaching friends to use the computer and if I remember it had an eject cdrom button that was the best button of all.

  • Christopher Ayres
    Christopher AyresMaand geleden

    Hope you were careful with it as Billy loves that PC cant believe he actually lent it to anyone

  • Adam R
    Adam RMaand geleden

    Oh man. Packard Bell Navigator and Journeyman Project Turbo. That's my jam, son.

  • MrKitlik
    MrKitlikMaand geleden


  • TheNukaDude
    TheNukaDudeMaand geleden

    that Windows 95 sound effect was so pleasing i swear

  • L0rdW1n
    L0rdW1nMaand geleden

    Like si vienes por tomex

  • Abel Lau
    Abel LauMaand geleden

    Reliving my childhood through this. 👍🏽 thank you

  • Robin Campfens
    Robin CampfensMaand geleden

    I think the journeyman project was the game I never remembered the name, thanks man.

  • Mengkuan Lin
    Mengkuan LinMaand geleden

    Hello sir I am one of your fans from Taiwan. I got a problem want to ask you. Why windows 2000 Professional not working in SATA mod. Once I turn on my computer running windows 2000 starting logo. After that Keep on blue screen. The error show me that 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. I really don’t have the ideas to solve the problem......

  • Mike Obeck
    Mike ObeckMaand geleden

    I worked for Bell Telephone from 1969 to 2004. Went through the entire computer beginning age (I mean where one might actually do some damn thing with 'em as a regular person). Had absolutely no training. They just started showing up in the field and basically we just pushed buttons and wiggled the mouse until something happened that looked like something I recognized. Seriously. Of course as time went on we got better and figured it out. To what extent we could. Now my wife and I scream at our phones for not doing whatever. LOL! Just a few thoughts about computers.

  • Matt Webb
    Matt WebbMaand geleden

    My Grandma had one of these back in the day. I remember going round hers playing solitaire and pool on it. She had a computer before me.

  • quaaludes
    quaaludesMaand geleden

    When he removed the middle piece that def caught me off guard lol

  • wadethewallaby2
    wadethewallaby2Maand geleden

    I have a laptop & I love to show you! I hope you see this comment! (Real name here) it's my dads & my floppy drive is not working? So help me?

  • Rex Manning
    Rex ManningMaand geleden

    Man finally something ive seen in real life! My school had these!

  • Fuzzybeans
    FuzzybeansMaand geleden

    That would look great in the corner of the oval office 🙄

  • Political Puppet Theatre
    Political Puppet TheatreMaand geleden

    Don't want it or one like it but do appreciate it is different and cool!

  • Alexx Baudwhyn
    Alexx BaudwhynMaand geleden

    Clint really painted himself into a corner this time

  • Jonathan Denton
    Jonathan DentonMaand geleden

    27:53 Is that an "Oof" I hear?

  • seniorxduck
    seniorxduckMaand geleden

    This looks like something you would buy in The Sims.

  • Alexx Baudwhyn
    Alexx BaudwhynMaand geleden

    Clint never cuts corners

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus HaleMaand geleden

    Just had a Hewlett Packard add. How appropriate.

  • Relaxed gaming sessions
    Relaxed gaming sessionsMaand geleden

    I remember these computer from the stores, quite an interesting idea of design :) never knew anyone who had this at home at least here in Luxembourg

  • Justin Michrina
    Justin MichrinaMaand geleden

    A remote eject button... I've seen this on recent disc based products too and just dont get it outside the remotest of uses

  • Milford Civic
    Milford CivicMaand geleden

    It's hard to believe you can fit the computing power of 200 of these computers in a smartphone today.

  • soft dreams
    soft dreamsMaand geleden

    Its sounds painful like teeth grinding :( lol

  • Sianostrakarenrenren
    SianostrakarenrenrenMaand geleden

    I honestly like it set up in the middle of a desk with the point against the all

  • Xmaster1990
    Xmaster1990Maand geleden

    Thank you for this time travel