Opening Up 5 Months of LGR Mail and Retro Oddities!

Vintage computer hardware, oddware, PC games, electronics, and strange old tech. Excellent donations as always, thank you so much!
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  • Brian Bivins
    Brian Bivins11 dagen geleden

    One peanut to rule them all.

  • Pablo Toledo
    Pablo Toledo14 dagen geleden

    26:12, wow beautiful floppy keeper

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet2 maanden geleden

    Davids +1

  • ChloeXianah
    ChloeXianah3 maanden geleden

    I wished i'd have appreciated 2019 more Its been a pile of plop ever since But LGR videos are surely a great tonic. Thanks Clint.

  • Martin Bengtsson
    Martin Bengtsson3 maanden geleden

    Holy crap! That first game from Sweden, Mall Maniacs, is awesome. Played that a lot as a kid :o

  • Holden Cole
    Holden Cole3 maanden geleden

    Shoutouts to Holden.

  • Janice Alejo
    Janice Alejo4 maanden geleden

    0:51 Mall Maniacs for PC 1:25 SNES-style Controller 1:30 SNES controller port Adapter 2:01 Windows Sticker 2:22 The Internet Experience for PC 2:39 Tempest Shirt 3:11 4 CDs 3:48 The Jazz Pianist for PC 4:21 2 Foods 4:42 Delta V for PC 5:14 Sound Blaster CT1350B 5:43 Build Engine Shirt 6:06 Exodus Journey to the Promised Land for Game Boy 7:19 2 Avon Products 8:52 Vaporwave Shirts 10:18 3 Floptical drives 10:24 Floptical disk 11:29 NASA Museum for PC 12:08 Logitech Audioman Compact Digital Audio Tool 12:39 2 PC Games 13:41 We All Need Extra Speed for PC 14:50 Floppy disk holder 15:18 Action Arcade Adventure Set for PC 16:06 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Harbinger for PC 16:48 Star Stuff 17:55 IBM Executary 224 Dictating Unit 19:11 10 arcade ports on IBM PC 20:31 Sinclair stuff 22:08 Many PC games 24:17 Swingline Stapler 24:39 GeoWorks Ensemble 25:30 Woodgrain and Packing peanut 27:20 The Prophecy for PC 27:57 Super Solvers Gizmos & Gadgets for PC 28:46 Gaming fundraisers 28:57 T shirt 29:01 2 Computer software 29:51 Keyboarding for Dummies 30:59 The Journey to Wild Divine for PC 31:33 Bunch of Instruction manuals 31:44 Lots of PC Gamer Magazines 33:19 IBM stuff 33:24 Microchannel graphics card 33:30 IBM S390 Video Manual 33:33 6 PC Games 34:41 Mr. Sound FX 35:05 2 Flight games 35:47 Blokken 3 for PC 36:04 RDC-i 700 Image Capturing Device 37:51 Bunch of Barbie games

  • Christoffer Brobäck
    Christoffer Brobäck4 maanden geleden

    Mall Maniacs

  • David Bac
    David Bac4 maanden geleden

    Clint, Can you do a review of the Alone in the Dark games?

  • R C
    R C4 maanden geleden

    39:05 when you first showed it I was hoping that it played some kind of 8 bit chiptune version of Barbie Girl. It'll do.

  • R C
    R C4 maanden geleden

    24:50 - Michael: "That's what she said."

  • Exotic Beatz
    Exotic Beatz5 maanden geleden

    I wish someone would send me cool stuff in the mail. All i get is bills 🤣🤣🤣 jp. Love the videos man, keep up the great work!

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie Bishop5 maanden geleden

    You're most welcome! That's a shame about the sound recorder, it was light activated and I was hoping it would play when you opened the box. But I knew you would have to film as well so I modified it to have a power switch so you could shut it off after you took it out(the batteries are quite difficult to remove.) It wasn't a great mod and I guess I learned my lesson on hot glue reliability in transit. As far as I could tell, every one of those was in a different language except for the three English ones. I was able to determine what every language was except the other non-Japanese copy of Fashion Designer. I'm curious to know what it is if anyone recognizes it. The note was typed on a Smith Corona Galaxie Deluxe manual typewriter using a correcting ribbon to get white ink and signed using a Ko-Rec-Type correction tab. It turns out there are not a lot of options for white ink out there.

  • MyYoutube
    MyYoutube5 maanden geleden

    Clint is the friend we all wish we had.

  • Kathleen Kelley
    Kathleen Kelley6 maanden geleden

    Okay, so this is totally random, but one of our nicknames for our cat is mitty(short for mitten) so every time you say "middie" we laugh!

  • Ray Cathcart
    Ray Cathcart6 maanden geleden

    I have been playing Spaceward Ho! in one format or another for 27 years. It's available for Android.

  • beyerch
    beyerch7 maanden geleden

    Wow, people send you cool retro stuff for free? Niiice!

  • DigitalSparky
    DigitalSparky7 maanden geleden

    Woodgrain and packing peanuts.... what about... a woodgrain packing peanut? :p.

  • DigitalSparky
    DigitalSparky7 maanden geleden

    "that's an awesome stapler" ... ut oh, Office Space anyone? :P.

  • MrJav69
    MrJav697 maanden geleden

    I thought Amari was for women

  • GEORGE 777
    GEORGE 7778 maanden geleden

    Your not supposed to snort it :)

  • Bowtech2
    Bowtech28 maanden geleden

    The plane(Black Widow 2 ) on the cover of Jet Fighter should have been our next gen fighter, not the Rapter.

  • Experiment IV
    Experiment IV8 maanden geleden

    damn i really wanna play mall maniacs - has LGR put it on the internet archive?

  • Jaide Beck
    Jaide Beck9 maanden geleden

    Part of my college courses back in the mid early to mid 90s was dictation. :o

  • Kane Undabel
    Kane Undabel9 maanden geleden

    Frag!!! I need & want that DS9 game! :)

  • TheBuefurd
    TheBuefurd10 maanden geleden

    Your channel mascot should be the One Peanut. :P

  • Liliana Raven Cutrere
    Liliana Raven Cutrere10 maanden geleden

    I received my first 386SX-33 in 1992 for the Holidays and they threw in MANTIS for free. Hours of fun.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn10 maanden geleden

    Bit selfish for people to use this as a platform to market their companies and products. It's not about that. But the DOS games were fun. I forgot there were so many. Good to chase curiosity.

  • Gregg DiStefano
    Gregg DiStefano10 maanden geleden

    Hey Clint. I just want to say I love your channel and the vids you post. You remind me of my friend, Theo who is an computer/IT tech. Keep up the great work.

  • Shawn Colton
    Shawn Colton10 maanden geleden

    Where do I mail my retro stuff to him?

  • Mehmet Bağcan
    Mehmet Bağcan10 maanden geleden

    33:04 Homeworld! I wish you can make an apisode about this game.

  • Maricella Wright
    Maricella Wright10 maanden geleden

    If you ever review the barbie games I would appreciate to see if there's a way to print the barbie fashion designer's patterns in pdf, instead of wasting paper (I tried everything I know but my options are limited) Thanks in advance

  • bremer1701
    bremer170111 maanden geleden

    Team up with Pushing Up Roses and create your own adventure game. :D

  • Chance Webster
    Chance Webster11 maanden geleden

    I want that Floppy holder, not gonna lie that was satisfying as hell.

  • Metzie
    Metzie11 maanden geleden

    Oh my god Mall maniacs.....what a horrible game but fantastic throwback! I believe you got that game for free when you bought something at the grocery store here in Sweden and my dad was like Hey its a fucking free game and my son is bugging me about these expensive games, FINALLY he is going to shut up when i give this to him xD

  • Kip Anderson
    Kip Anderson11 maanden geleden

    The one second from the top on the left is Japanese and says fashion designer.

  • Menace312
    Menace31211 maanden geleden

    The Barbie box, second from the bottom on the right, is in Danish. It reads: "My own office". Another piece og trivia: The Barbie tune you played, is also from a Danish band, named: Aqua. ;)

  • Goosedub
    Goosedub11 maanden geleden

    9:45 crab rave

  • TGAPro MKM
    TGAPro MKM11 maanden geleden

    wow cool video....

  • Evan Belanger
    Evan Belanger11 maanden geleden

    the jazz pianist? more like the azz penis

  • Rambo John
    Rambo John11 maanden geleden

    Is that a blank sticker or am I losing it?

  • RadioActivo RD
    RadioActivo RD11 maanden geleden

    I dont know why but hearing you laugh was satisfying

  • drrobotnikmeanbeanma
    drrobotnikmeanbeanma11 maanden geleden

    Can you open magneto disk to replace it with a rw cd and burn music to the cd ????

  • El Penguino Feo
    El Penguino Feo11 maanden geleden

    I've got that Exodus game but for NES still wrapped in plastic.

  • john parker
    john parker11 maanden geleden

    Prophecy is an absolute masterpiece of a game i challenge you to play it with no walk through

    MADVENTUREJaar geleden

    Compare all the game creation programs from back in the day.

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel GarciaJaar geleden

    At 5 years old she's better with using a computer or cell phone even than most adults are!!! As much as she loves computers, I'm sure she is gonna make her living with computers somehow when she grows

  • Samuel Garcia
    Samuel GarciaJaar geleden

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My 5 year old little girl would go nuts for those Barbie CD kits!!! WOW!!!

  • SandyRiverBlue
    SandyRiverBlueJaar geleden

    19:56 A well loved collection. And have you ever seen packaging from the 80s look so clean?

  • D827 Kelly
    D827 KellyJaar geleden

    Being on lockdown currently came across your unboxing videos. some trips down memory lane! A real shame the sun workstation didn't survive the posting to you back in a previous video. If it'd have had been one of the older ones it may have survived, my father worked for Sun and I grew up with lots of them in the house as well as every version of the pc from xt to pentium and a number of quirky systems such as the Oric systems and Toshiba MSX which came with a awesome sound cassette tape with the advertisement sound effects on.

  • snoop dogg dank kush
    snoop dogg dank kushJaar geleden

    32:40 I've seen him cruising around in my neighborhood.

  • iixslashxii
    iixslashxiiJaar geleden

    the Israeli ones were released many years ago...

  • BallsNface
    BallsNfaceJaar geleden

    Ricoh also made the processors for the NES and SNES

  • Satan Official
    Satan OfficialJaar geleden

    THE pinball game for PC is of course... Balls Of Steel.

  • Doron Tsur
    Doron TsurJaar geleden

    39:41 You've got two hebrew translations of the Barbie games. The one that you're holding reads "Fashion Designer" and other one at the bottom left stack is "Storyteller". They were both translated by an israeli company called מחשבת (reads Mach-sh-vet). They also translated and released a lot of other games including Simon The Sorcerer 1&2 - which were amazing games and an important part of my childhood. They also translated the first Discworld game and (probably) published Starcraft in Israel. Thanks LGR for your videos! Here's the hebrew wiki for the company -מחשבת_(חברה) Their official website from 1999, some links are still working (this part is translted to english And a lot of their games are available here

  • Javan Conklin
    Javan ConklinJaar geleden

    Flaming Cheetos, lol

  • Jeff Newbill
    Jeff NewbillJaar geleden

    I've found a place I can send all of my old PC stuff!

  • thedrummerboycr
    thedrummerboycrJaar geleden

    He's not show enough grateful about amazing stuff are giving as gift!! Anyway some people are lucky although not deserve Believe me this kind of people not apreciate many of this things they're receive

  • teamdren07


    Jaar geleden

    I think he's grateful. He has a large collection and even has to rent extra storage. This video was actually filmed in a rented storage unit.

  • KoolDude No-lastname
    KoolDude No-lastnameJaar geleden

    i never knew ur name was clint

  • jeremy toutain
    jeremy toutainJaar geleden

    I had that same floppy disk holder!!

  • Pat Callahan
    Pat CallahanJaar geleden

    My Commodore 1702 monitor (with intact door!) came with a TON of packaging peanuts! But for $200, I'd rather clean up that mess than find out the monitor was trashed in shipping. If I ship something like this, I'm going to try expanding foam in a can and trash bags.

  • CaffeinatedTech
    CaffeinatedTechJaar geleden

    Holy crap, I used to have that Action Arcade book back in the day.

  • Tic Tac
    Tic TacJaar geleden


  • Farzana Kawsar
    Farzana KawsarJaar geleden

    i also never played star trek,saw it in ads tho

  • Farzana Kawsar
    Farzana KawsarJaar geleden

    stuff and that I didn't mean to put them together haha

  • Farzana Kawsar
    Farzana KawsarJaar geleden

    and other stuffthat are not food sometimes

  • Farzana Kawsar
    Farzana KawsarJaar geleden

    if u are lgr FOODS why do you do things with devices sometimes especially this video

  • Kizzabell
    KizzabellJaar geleden

    I really love that toast rack keyboard.

  • Eek Rats
    Eek RatsJaar geleden

    I think it is interesting how, in 30 years, people will look back on our current 2020 VR and say, "HA! They always say 'vr' as if it is even close to real life!". That will be great to see!

  • Justus Govaert
    Justus GovaertJaar geleden

    2:36 it really sounded like you said Neefen. And Neefen means cousins in Dutch

  • TheSandwichSlayer
    TheSandwichSlayerJaar geleden

    Its like Bad Unboxing but without the gross-out humor and memes

  • Justin Demoret
    Justin DemoretJaar geleden

    Team up with The 8-Bit Guy and make a Thrift Store Sim game.

  • ActuallyIsActual
    ActuallyIsActualJaar geleden

    I didnt realise Star still made printers, but they are one of the best manufacturers of CNC lathes!

  • TrialzGTAS
    TrialzGTASJaar geleden

    That Gizmos and Gadgets Super Solvers game was my favorite growing up!

  • seldomseen68
    seldomseen68Jaar geleden

    This looks like Christmas morning to me.

  • slitor
    slitorJaar geleden

    Oh man! The PC Gamer CDs were awesome! We need more Myst-like user interface! Whatever happened to gravy trader?

  • MoosesValley
    MoosesValleyJaar geleden

    You are gonna need a bigger house Clint. You sure got some great stuff there.

  • freeman239
    freeman239Jaar geleden

    16:19 The packaging is meant to look Cardassian in origin.

  • 全勳學院阿綸的
    全勳學院阿綸的Jaar geleden


  • Matthew Rease
    Matthew ReaseJaar geleden

    That packing peanut made my day

  • Avacado
    AvacadoJaar geleden

    Do ya like jazz

  • Bubbibjoern
    BubbibjoernJaar geleden

    "Mit eget kontor" is "My own office" in danish.

  • David McKeitch
    David McKeitchJaar geleden

    Yer Da sells Avon.

  • carly franklin
    carly franklinJaar geleden

    can you do a video on the speccy 128 toast rack?

  • ThoughT
    ThoughTJaar geleden

    I can just imagine the funeral. The casket, with it’s wood grain trim, will lower into a pit of packing peanuts.

  • michail okeefe
    michail okeefeJaar geleden

    The game creator you could do a game call LGR save the world that you go round the world picking parts to build commodore 54 and putting it together before the world blows up

  • Al VK2FVAX
    Al VK2FVAXJaar geleden

    Spaceward HO! aka.. "The Ho!" is not a game, it's a lifestyle. I started playing versions of it in 1995, still gets massive airtime in my house in 2019. Brilliant game. Truely.

  • James Fondren
    James FondrenJaar geleden

    He gets so tickled. I love it.

  • scose
    scoseJaar geleden

    We need coverage of the game making tools! Maybe try to implement the same ultra simple game in several different "game maker" packages, like Pong?

  • Rob Cosentino
    Rob CosentinoJaar geleden

    " start getting into dictation machines for some reason"

  • Matt
    MattJaar geleden

    Dang... That SimCity soundtrack sold on Discogs for $60 USD in 2016

  • SpectralDrone
    SpectralDroneJaar geleden

    The Blokken game is a Belgian tv show, which surprisingly still airs, it's a tv show which combines tetris and a quiz, i think you get some tertris blocks each time you answer correctly or something like that

  • Ian East
    Ian EastJaar geleden

    I'd love to see AVGN's review of that Exodus game.

  • Aimee Crawford
    Aimee CrawfordJaar geleden

    _you can never escape from the packing peanuts. they are always there. they are always watching. waiting. they will overtake you._

  • Fabienne
    FabienneJaar geleden

    I like the Windows 98 stickers 👌🏻

  • That Random Guy
    That Random GuyJaar geleden

    "You all are nuts" Heh, not like you are for the one packing peanut ;)

  • Phoenixesper1
    Phoenixesper1Jaar geleden

    didn't clint try to print that same crab on a t-shirt using the old color ribbon t-shirt printer program a few months back?

  • ovinitas
    ovinitasJaar geleden

    I want to sent you somethin... that I hope you can make video of it.. But How?

  • FZ Videos
    FZ VideosJaar geleden

    Hey Clint can you posts all the gaming ads from all PC gaming magazines on your LGR's Twitter ?

  • Half Man Half Puppet
    Half Man Half PuppetJaar geleden

    Yeah I knew David was Portuguese!