Opening an Overwhelming Number of Retro Tech Packages!

Wow, once again a whole slew of things showed up in the LGR mailbox over the past however many months. Lots of vintage computer hardware, software, oddware, games, and tech goodness. Wonderful stuff all around, thank you for your kindness and generosity!
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  • Screwface Romeo
    Screwface Romeo5 uur geleden

    25:56 Oh look they made a mouse for Randy Bobandy, that goddamn cheeseburger walrus basketball-eatin' ma'fucka

  • Crylhound
    Crylhound23 uur geleden

    32:06 :D

  • Fake Account
    Fake AccountDag geleden

    The dude is already rich. No need to sent him your expensive @$$ games. Put them on ebay and at least get some cash for them!

  • evyn
    evyn2 dagen geleden

    i never thought i'd hear the words "pc bartender" said ever, let alone this much in one segment

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh4 dagen geleden

    wow some great suff there! i used to get in so much trouble for wasting dads system badges, (he sold and serviced systems welllllll back in the day) i loved sticking them on random things. thanks, Il buy some of those system badges to give to my dad for Christmas.

  • Cantor Yakov
    Cantor Yakov7 dagen geleden

    that Voodoo was used for mining

  • line ways
    line ways7 dagen geleden

    Dual Pentium Pro => give that to meeeee

  • Colt Fox
    Colt Fox8 dagen geleden

    @LGR. I'm an IT director and I'm currently cleaning four rooms that are full of 80s and 90s technology. A lot of it is still in the factory packaging. I'll ship it to you if you want. I hate to just throw it in the dumpster.

  • deGrelle's Ghost
    deGrelle's Ghost9 dagen geleden

    The gorgeous, sexy screen on the HP calculator's display really boils down to one phrase- "you're in the butterzone now, baby."=

  • Jake Camp
    Jake Camp9 dagen geleden

    Did i hear a future LGR Reset warehouse?

  • Joshua Suhy
    Joshua Suhy10 dagen geleden

    My mom used to type my papers for me on Word Perfect back in the day. Like, I would tell her what I wanted to write and she could fly typing can help me get things done. Ohhh glory days

  • Always Falling Short
    Always Falling Short12 dagen geleden

    Ok I don't hate the storage drawer at all. I could put a bunch of sd cards and a few flash drives or dongles in one of those.

  • K Charles
    K Charles13 dagen geleden

    That Desalvo is sick !!!!!!

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson13 dagen geleden

    Techmoan is a joke

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson13 dagen geleden

    I would love to get some of the things you have sent to you

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson13 dagen geleden

    I have a Travan drive

  • Chris LeBlanc
    Chris LeBlanc14 dagen geleden

    Hey Clint, do you remember the Live Strong (Lance Armstrong) laptop? I remember it because it was the first laptop I ever sold while working at CompUSA.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith14 dagen geleden

    PC drawer to go along with cup holder AKA cd-rom drive ;-)

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet16 dagen geleden

    a subwoofer in your drivebay? Nope, bad idea. it's gonna vibrate the crap out of your computer, probably cause instability

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet17 dagen geleden

    26:10 nice feeling ball 😳

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet17 dagen geleden

    Granted, you don't like accepting a ton of stuff you can't or won't use, but these viewer send in videos are my favorite on your channel, i don't even know why tbh, it's just interesting to see all the random stuff while you drool over it like a kid at christmas

  • Kas b
    Kas b18 dagen geleden

    Dell Inspiron 9100: Working totally fine 41:47 *checks battery* Dell Inspiron 9100: Guess I'll die.

  • Boyce Cat
    Boyce Cat19 dagen geleden

    Did anyone find geeknspiel on ebay I couldn't.

  • Daniel Linger
    Daniel Linger20 dagen geleden

    I've not looked to see if you've tried it but that subwoofer (assuming it actually does do sub) is going to make the PC case a LOVELY rattling instrument). Sometimes I look at products and think "that's just sad".

  • Tym K
    Tym K21 dag geleden

    This whole video is just references to the names of characters and what they're named after from the show Reboot.

  • Jim Flagg
    Jim Flagg22 dagen geleden

    I had Tab Works it was kinda cool. There was also Norton Desktop which made your Windows 3.1 work like Windows 95 where you could drag files into icons.

  • Demonocolips
    Demonocolips23 dagen geleden

    snk cartridge, giant raspberry pi 4 compute module.

  • MinerBloxer64
    MinerBloxer6429 dagen geleden

    I have a play card that my mom got from target years ago

  • MinerBloxer64
    MinerBloxer6429 dagen geleden

    1 hour of GIFTS

  • Aaron R-C
    Aaron R-CMaand geleden

    SL2W8 !!! The most famous Pentium II of them all! They could almost all overclock from 300MHz all the way up to 450MHz... Yup. 50% overclock... Pretty much the start of the mainstream overclocking era. Neat!!

  • Chris
    ChrisMaand geleden

    I have unironically had a storage bay thing in my PC for over a decade, it has Memory cards/adaptors small USB devices and thermal paste in it. Really handy!

  • K3NnY_G
    K3NnY_GMaand geleden

    18:40 - Every computer in my highschool had one of these; you missed how they rotate in the housing left and right to direct the sound. Because.. Why not.

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewinMaand geleden

    I'm honestly not sure why I watch these specific types of episodes... All they ever do is make me insanely jealous lol.

  • Wheelie Blind
    Wheelie BlindMaand geleden

    I have not seen any CD cards in a good while it would be neat to seem them on blue ray. When I was a kid, by the time I was a little older those games came out, my little sister used to play them.

  • Eric Glandon
    Eric GlandonMaand geleden

    Omg I loved microsoft flight sim on my old dos rig

  • michail okeefe
    michail okeefeMaand geleden

    Nice laptop

  • H Dips
    H DipsMaand geleden

    Just casually receiving a brand new NEO GEO 64. Such...... LGR.

  • Jzaa jzaa Sho
    Jzaa jzaa ShoMaand geleden

    1:03 Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Nill
    NillMaand geleden

    Disney World is open. You might be thinking of Disneyland when is closed for covid

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo JinkersonMaand geleden

    Techmoan is a joke he is not willing to help me

  • jbfarley


    23 dagen geleden

    That's a very stupid and extremely childish complaint if you're serious

  • Adrian Stoness
    Adrian StonessMaand geleden

    need a old 4x cd drive

  • Pheeb Hello
    Pheeb HelloMaand geleden

    You need to buy and ultrasonic cleaner.

  • Adam
    AdamMaand geleden

    Man, new to this channel, but the wealth of hardware and software in that man's house. Insane. Makes me want to start my own collection.

  • Adam
    AdamMaand geleden

    12/31/1999 the world thought it was going to wake up to total chaos. I remember it well. I was 26 so, it was just an excuse to party extra hard on New Years Eve. Lmao

  • Tiago Vinicius
    Tiago ViniciusMaand geleden

    How many treasures, a real treasure, ❤️ I love your videos. 🇧🇷

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel StewartMaand geleden

    Love the old macs. I owned both a G3 Powerbook and a G4 Power mac.

  • Ryan Stoddard
    Ryan StoddardMaand geleden

    Clint can theoretically buy some land and build a museum with all the stuff he has had donated to him and I’m sure all of us will want to visit. And the 8 Bit Guy can come around and give lectures in the auditorium on different aspects of retro computing.

  • The Boss Roleplay
    The Boss RoleplayMaand geleden

    Haha the pc said st.luis mo I'm near that I'm in Missouri that's cool

  • J.P. Canonigo
    J.P. CanonigoMaand geleden

    Reminds me a scene from Wayne's World Free Geek: Well, don't you want to open your present? LGR: If it's a severed head I'm going to be very upset Free Geek: Open it. LGR: What is it? Free Geek: It's a gun (drive) rack. LGR: A gun (drive) rack... a gun (drive) rack. I don't even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a gun (drive) rack?

  • Milk_ape_is_milky
    Milk_ape_is_milkyMaand geleden

    Clint has become a more grateful receiver of donations/gifts. He used to be kind of an elitist snot in these videos and I couldn't watch them. I get that he's very focused on his art, but it can be pretty hurtful if you don't show some gratitude for what people send in

  • jbfarley


    23 dagen geleden

    No he wasn't

  • ronch550
    ronch550Maand geleden

    You have one of the finest NLdron channels. Love all these retro stuff.

  • MarkNF82
    MarkNF82Maand geleden

    A local music store has a bunch of similar looking Nakamichi drives for listening kiosks (MBK 1000). They are dark grey with a cover over the the headphone and volume control section.

  • Le pro du mac
    Le pro du macMaand geleden

    Aluminium hummmm

  • silvarknite7
    silvarknite7Maand geleden

    track balls on laptops are the best!

  • Aaron
    AaronMaand geleden

    yeah. leorio's in a hurry how fun. i guess i had better post this since tyts randomly faltering seemingly

  • Aaron
    AaronMaand geleden

    oh yeah. thanks also yo

    NATURAL SPIRITMaand geleden

    The people are sending you stuff to make you rich some day LOL

    NATURAL SPIRITMaand geleden

    I have old Amiga,Comm 64 and other hundreds or even thousands of games if your interested LGR Am in Gemany

    NATURAL SPIRITMaand geleden

    In 20 years from now those dvds and cds will be gone if you have in air conditioner and cool place maybe 60 to 100 years last.

  • Mariokid64
    Mariokid642 maanden geleden

    10:19 microsoft flight simulator 1.0

  • Andy B
    Andy B2 maanden geleden

    "For people of all ages" Wait. What?

  • Petar Lončarević
    Petar Lončarević2 maanden geleden

    Those card CDs were present in Serbia also. :D Mostly as "business cards" for guys in suits and apart from containing print info, usually contained an autorun & mini website on them.

  • Curtis McGee
    Curtis McGee2 maanden geleden

    My dude, we had tabworks on our 386 advanced with windows 3.1. I didn't quite understand that tabworks was an overlay. Not enough experience with our first proper home computer. Just knew how to get to dos for command and conquer.

  • Janice Alejo
    Janice Alejo2 maanden geleden

    0:32 Travan Tapes 1:35 Miniature CD-ROMs 3:02 2 IBM Badges 4:04 Bunch of Stuff 5:10 Math Rescue Plus for PC 7:02 Pi System 8:01 Creative 3D Blaster CT6200 9:04 Bunch of Stuff 10:20 Microsoft Flight Simulator for MS-DOS 12:40 PC Bartender for Windows 14:09 CompactFlash Reader 15:16 HP-285 Stuff 16:42 5-disc CD-ROM Changer 17:54 Easy Connections Minisubwoofer 18:49 Jingle Disk 19:21 5.25-inch drive bay storage box by CompUSA 20:29 MS-DOS 4.01 20:58 Bunch of Software 24:22 Bunch of Software again 25:38 Burger Mouse 26:46 Bunch of cards and radio things 31:14 PGA370 31:34 Slots 32:14 Toshiba Satellite 325CDS 33:43 Microsoft Office Assistant for PC 34:53 Bunch of Stuff

  • Janice Alejo

    Janice Alejo

    2 maanden geleden

    36:53 Pong clone 37:23 Psion Organizer II 39:19 Kodak Advantix FilmDrive FD 300 Box 40:28 Dell Inspiron 9100 42:22 Floppy disks 42:29 Red Hat Linux 5.2 43:45 Board 44:59 IBM PS/2 CL57 SX 46:11 WordPerfect for DOS 46:35 IBM COBOl compiler 46:49 The Right Writer 47:17 Official Guide to Netscape Navigator 47:22 2 Netscape Navigators 47:50 SuperVGA by BOCA Research for Windows 3.1 48:30 Linux WordPerfect Office 2000 48:43 PowerBook G3 50:46 Tandy DMP-310 Stuff 52:32 SNK Stuff 55:43 IBM PC Stuff

  • Janice Alejo

    Janice Alejo

    2 maanden geleden

    1:35 One of my Most Unusual CDs of all time

  • Luke Meador
    Luke Meador2 maanden geleden

    how many "rare" things were in the video? im at 8:30 and have counted 3 already

  • Kirt Hooper
    Kirt Hooper2 maanden geleden

    My father had the Toshiba satellite. I remember playing some serious solitaire on that thing.

  • cookiefarmer
    cookiefarmer2 maanden geleden

    he’s so lucky

  • TheUncleBo
    TheUncleBo2 maanden geleden

    I had an old Zenith laptop i wish i still had to send you thing ran windows 3.1 and was a dinosaur

  • Peter Kropotkin
    Peter Kropotkin2 maanden geleden

    Pale moon browser comes pretty close.

  • Zhaleh Farrokhzād
    Zhaleh Farrokhzād2 maanden geleden

    Daaaaang.... I'm jealous of that Neo Geo 64 PCB and games

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie Bishop2 maanden geleden

    The well-made fact connolly bump because balance evolutionarily greet minus a cynical software. juicy, filthy icicle

  • Timo Juhala
    Timo Juhala2 maanden geleden

    Eagerly looking forward to that video on old Linux versions!

  • Christopher Fowler
    Christopher Fowler2 maanden geleden

    NT on dual proc? Oh you're in for some pain. Ran a dual PII-400 set up with NT4 on it for a 3-D animation workstation back in the day. So many painful gotchas. Good luck!

  • いろいろ
    いろいろ2 maanden geleden

    8:01 This is the largest QFP package I've ever seen...

  • Jesse Erven
    Jesse Erven2 maanden geleden

    If anyone can find an upload or the full game of athena desktop warrior please share I cant find it

  • Jesse Erven
    Jesse Erven2 maanden geleden

    athena desktop warrior expert software my childhood comes flooding back to me I'm so glad i remember this game one of my first games that came with a used computer i bought from some weird dude at a comic shop

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi2 maanden geleden

    22:47 I wonder if you'd end up collaborating with the "Defunctland" and/or "Midway to Main Street" NLdron channels on a review of that?

  • Kevin Bhasi
    Kevin Bhasi2 maanden geleden

    18:23 I have one of those! However, I bought mine from some years ago, and the front of mine isn't glossy.

  • armani
    armani2 maanden geleden

    im getting nauseous from all the people sending in boxed games/software in bubble mailers

  • TheUltimateCrash
    TheUltimateCrash2 maanden geleden

    Man that was a cool pic!

  • Aex Tb
    Aex Tb2 maanden geleden

    1,44 Mln subscriber, like 1,44 Mb floppys

  • Aex Tb
    Aex Tb2 maanden geleden

    Yes i see one hours a man open some box of retro tech and that is better than xanas...

  • Tony Darre
    Tony Darre2 maanden geleden

    I'd seen the 5-disc CD changer in some of your later videos and wondered where you got it

  • sandakureva
    sandakureva2 maanden geleden

    >Dr Ruth. >All ages You gotta pick one.

  • Morten Voigt
    Morten Voigt2 maanden geleden

    And OS 2 warp...

  • Morten Voigt
    Morten Voigt2 maanden geleden

    A bit rough, but still got the original pirates manual if you want it...

  • Morten Voigt
    Morten Voigt2 maanden geleden

    When I see him open an sound card... The only sound I hear is eargasm😅 true champ Clint....

  • Morten Voigt

    Morten Voigt

    2 maanden geleden

    An yeah, he's fascination is real, simple game like civ, (not really gonna call it simple) but it really made the difference... Never underestimate real midi....

  • Rambo John
    Rambo John2 maanden geleden

    Still no Gunman Chronicles eh....

  • mediacoregroupph
    mediacoregroupph2 maanden geleden


  • Ryan
    Ryan2 maanden geleden

    LOVED that walt disney world explorer as a kid, would be great to see you do a video on it.

  • Mike Lynch
    Mike Lynch3 maanden geleden

    I still have an old Kodak Advantix camera and developed rolls of advantix film from my childhood.

  • MaLOL :D
    MaLOL :D3 maanden geleden

    Don’t forget Fujitsu Siemens things because after I have. This computer

  • MaLOL :D
    MaLOL :D3 maanden geleden

    Don’t forget that pro gamer pc love customize her pc

  • MaLOL :D
    MaLOL :D3 maanden geleden

    Yes goodies name

  • MaLOL :D
    MaLOL :D3 maanden geleden

    Lol i love ridicule things but funny burger mouse

  • Joshua Coleman
    Joshua Coleman3 maanden geleden

    Is it weird to have a crush on Future LGR when Present LRG has always been my bb? Asking for a friend....

  • Muhaimi Mohamed
    Muhaimi Mohamed3 maanden geleden

    @40:43 this should able to run win10 I guess

  • blur27
    blur273 maanden geleden

    Unlabeled package from Malta? Pan Am wouldn’t approve of you opening that lol

  • Ryno Bones
    Ryno Bones3 maanden geleden

    My dad got me the Dr. Ruth program when I was a kid so he didn’t have to have the talk with me. Good stuff, actually.

  • TyrantLizardKing
    TyrantLizardKing3 maanden geleden

    you should open a museum