Opening a Big Pile of Retro Tech You Sent In!

One last donations unboxing for 2020! Lots of vintage computer hardware, software, oddware, games, and technological goodies. Thanks to everyone who contributed -- and also made offers to do so! It's always humbling the kinda stuff that shows up.
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  • rippin
    rippin6 dagen geleden

    That Compaq LTE is amazing! Would love to see it up and running.

  • Murilo Santos
    Murilo Santos8 dagen geleden

    Please, RECYCLE! ♻️

  • criggie
    criggie9 dagen geleden

    "inb4 2021 is worse" @43:47

  • Pet Brett
    Pet Brett9 dagen geleden

    You guys don't have Coffee Crisp? That explains a lot!

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen11 dagen geleden

    Wow I had a pentium 120mhz Compaq Armada when I was 10 in 2000. I sniped it on eBay for 92$. It had a seperated battery/handle. But it also could take a docking station like that. Mine only had a floppy and 11.1k modem.

  • Pierre Lucas
    Pierre Lucas11 dagen geleden

    The windows package was very nice before like that in 5'1/4 version and it's looks very serious. You buy an heavy package included inside the box of the computer. It was a pleasure to open all packages. When you saw an package like that, you knew it was serious only seeing outside and inside. Compaq was up HP for me before but HP bought Compaq with an woman presidence.

  • Pierre Lucas
    Pierre Lucas11 dagen geleden

    it was period of Hi8 and 8 mm with Sony, Panasonic and Sharp. Samsung who copied a little bit these previous cameras with an lower quality very visible not as today. gxxx mixing video card box were very known at this period. I was hesitated with 3 DFX and Matrox Millenium or Orchidee or Mystic at this period I believe remember.

  • Capt. Jairus Quigley
    Capt. Jairus Quigley12 dagen geleden

    Hello from a fellow Jairus! Never come across anyone else with my name before!

  • StandardNerd
    StandardNerd12 dagen geleden

    QEMM 386 was the best memory manager IMHO. It worked great for multi user BBSs with MUDs

  • salmonfire
    salmonfire15 dagen geleden

    Oh i remember that Davis Instruments weather station! Did they sell it at Radio Shack, mmm cant remember!

  • BobRooney
    BobRooney18 dagen geleden

    i shed a tear when i saw the LS120 and Sparq drives. i had such a wonderful time with those drives when i was a kid.

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet20 dagen geleden

    That’s a pretty slick weather station for 25 years ago. I have a wi fi weather station that’s pretty similar, obviously significantly updated, solar powered. But that’s pretty cool.

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet20 dagen geleden

    That Duke Nukem pen is sick, and those ATI speakers 😭

  • Dick Dawson
    Dick Dawson21 dag geleden

    no coffee crisp down south? wow are you cats missing out big time.

  • Janice Alejo
    Janice Alejo22 dagen geleden

    Great donation

  • Michael Mustillo
    Michael Mustillo24 dagen geleden

    I love Manner! Great stuff since I moved to Vienna

  • Michael Mustillo
    Michael Mustillo24 dagen geleden

    Scream tracks don't need hardware. I think Winamp plays them fine. I miss tracking with it

  • Tolen Tarpay
    Tolen Tarpay24 dagen geleden

    Christian Space-chickens game review! Increase the heat, man! Oh, yeah & cool show; love these unboxing eps...don't forget the chickens tho...

  • Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG
    Gunslinger SyayoRPG/CRPG24 dagen geleden

    PLEASE DO A The Journeyman Project games LGR review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ブブタン
    ブブタンMaand geleden

    The ATI STEREO F/X was a sound blaster clone with some interesting features. Those speakers were bundled with the sound card's midi expansion box. Very rare.

  • Paul Reed
    Paul ReedMaand geleden

    When I started at General Motors in 1998, all 8th levels and above had those Compaq laptops and docking stations! All were running GM COe (Consistent Office environment) which was just Windows 3.1 rebranded.

  • Sam Thredder
    Sam ThredderMaand geleden

    That Compaq is the laptop version of the G1 Transformers Metroplex toy

  • Alexander Eliseyev
    Alexander EliseyevMaand geleden

    Please do the Weatherlink video!

  • effexon
    effexonMaand geleden

    So youtube videos like this are officially now same as 70s, 80s,90s game and music magazines with people sending mail letters and items and getting feedback. This is cool, my fav part in computer magazines were Q&A columns.

  • aiden4life
    aiden4lifeMaand geleden

    how does he have so much space

  • Kojima Yoshiyuki
    Kojima YoshiyukiMaand geleden

    My dad had a duke nukem cd from korea which was supposed to have some sort of addon but Im not sure if either of us still has it

  • Cameron Kelly-Johnson
    Cameron Kelly-JohnsonMaand geleden

    I had and loved LS-120 drives. They were amazingly useful at the time.

  • Michael Newton
    Michael NewtonMaand geleden

    Wow that 3 cd monster what a wonderful beast!

  • TheGoodS1r
    TheGoodS1rMaand geleden

    whelp, if f1 contacts you for your laptop, there's your retirement fund right there

  • President-Elect Mike
    President-Elect MikeMaand geleden

    That Duke poster was amazing!! 😂😂💀💀

  • SinGulaR2
    SinGulaR2Maand geleden

    lol... he Power Duke addon cd. Have that too :)(

  • LangyX
    LangyXMaand geleden

    the ati speakers go to a VGA in monitor.

  • Jason howe
    Jason howeMaand geleden

    the compaq is likely a portable console for a network admins

  • PrettyTony
    PrettyTonyMaand geleden

    Please do an oddware on that Weather Monitor :0

  • David Coleman
    David ColemanMaand geleden

    Coffee ... the nectar of the Gods! If I had coffee when I worked for IBM, inside I must be well toasted hahaha

  • ukranaut
    ukranautMaand geleden


  • Lydia Ostmo
    Lydia OstmoMaand geleden

    I’m so old, I had to google inb4. Sigh.

  • ver strahlt
    ver strahltMaand geleden

    innteresting stuff... especially the LGR-DukeNukem3D-poster

  • Blue Peanut
    Blue PeanutMaand geleden

    I used to have one of the Compaq "monstrosities" used. It got me through high school and all 9 levels of Wolfenstein. Can't remember when it left my collection, but I miss it to this day.

  • Blue Peanut
    Blue PeanutMaand geleden

    Its been a while since I've caught an lgr vid. Are the background titles rotated to show off the collection or are the faves showcased?

  • tigerdave99
    tigerdave99Maand geleden

    QEMM used to fly off the shelves when I worked at CompUSA back in '90-93.

  • neophytealpha
    neophytealphaMaand geleden

    It would be cool to get one of those Screensaver and shirt package.

  • neophytealpha
    neophytealphaMaand geleden

    I actually have read Doonsbury for a long time.

  • josh blake
    josh blakeMaand geleden


  • josh blake
    josh blakeMaand geleden

    hahah oh man that wood grain wallet is 10/10

  • Louis Keser
    Louis KeserMaand geleden

    I had one of those 5280's that I dialed up to the 9s in the early 2000s. Had multiple hard drive caddies so I could swap and run different OSes. Loved it because it was a workhorse. Took mine everywhere. The modular ports could hold a floppy, CD ROM or a battery. That is why the battery has the door that extends to the right. You could put it in a modular port and pull the door over to cover the rest of the slot. At the time, with two batteries in the laptop, I would use it for tuning WiFi shot lines and scouting interference. I heard from a Compaq rep about a "workstation" base and hunted around for one. There was another, smaller base that didn't have speakers or the ISA slot that I had, but that usually stayed at work. Mine had a plastic monitor shelf that curved over the back and fit into those two sockets in the top front. The battery disk indicators were aligned to being able to max out each, and indicated which on was indicated by the quadrant of the machine the port was on. The IrDA in the base was really hit or miss but the one on the laptop always worked better. I tried using the Compaq Hardcard accessory in the ISA slot on the base, but it kept locking up, so I replaced it with an ethernet card. I remember the speakers as being pretty good as I used to listen to the GITS soundtrack on it often while working. Somewhere I have a picture of that machine, the dock, a Handspring Visor and a 17" CRT as my home workstation. Used that for about 4 -5 years before getting an IBM from work and using that moving forward. It also came with a "wireless modem" set up. It wasn't cellular, but an RF telephone accessory that worked with a base and a cordless modem. Was kinda cool as a gimmick. Could support 28.8 if you used the phone port on the remote or 33.6 if you used their special PCMCIA modem. Worked so long as you a) didn't really move around and b) no one tried to use another cordless telephone. Even when the phone was on a different line, it would still kick you offline with CRC errors. I kinda miss those workstation docks. Yeah, the new usb c stuff allows for more diversity, but give me one of those old LTEs or a MacBook Duo for looks any day!

  • DrCatBot
    DrCatBotMaand geleden

    The Midwest loves LGR!

  • Fuck You
    Fuck YouMaand geleden

    I love when you talk a little calmer? I guess? It's like borderline asmr. With all the opening and materials and stuff makes it really relaxing.

  • LifeWulf
    LifeWulfMaand geleden

    Wait, y'all don't have Coffee Crisp? Not my favourite but I like it.

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie BishopMaand geleden

    The efficacious bangladesh intrahepatically unfasten because sagittarius compellingly shrug across a overt fairies. ossified, hanging editor

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001Maand geleden

    When in the area, come visitLGR’s enormousIBM branded drink ware collection...

  • maximborn23
    maximborn23Maand geleden

    how do you have so much space?? please tell me your ways

  • stampy Dragon
    stampy DragonMaand geleden

    The MK supposed to be said like mack

  • Le Zarathustra
    Le ZarathustraMaand geleden

    *rawwrr raawwrr raaaarwwr WEATHER*

  • Javier Sánchez
    Javier SánchezMaand geleden

    dude I wonder how do you keep all of THAT dust-free... sorry if I'm a bit silly mentioning this, but it gives me anxiety seeing all that equipment you have there and I wonder how do you keep it clean and without any dust accumulating. Just jealous of your mancave though!

  • LiveOVErdrive
    LiveOVErdriveMaand geleden

    That Doonesbury Zonker shirt is a thing of beauty.

  • CypressDahlia
    CypressDahliaMaand geleden

    Just a quick trivia thing the girls on the cover of the South Korean Tony Hawk box are FinKL I believe. They were like the top selling pop group of that time.

  • Rafael Anaia
    Rafael AnaiaMaand geleden

    I think those speakers at 11:20 were made for a launch event of a new product. I have already worked as a journalist doing reviews and hardware analisis. The big companies always invite the websites and partners for produt launches and they always gift us at the events with some of these things.. It can go from a paper notepad to a custom flash drive with the brand logo or some really unique things, like those speakers.... for an example: I have here an "AMD Fusion portable battery speaker" ... some AMD Bulldozer Dogtags, a Intel Pillow and some classic stuff like some plush Intel Astronauts from pentium era...

  • Gold Shards
    Gold ShardsMaand geleden

    17:31 Ehh

  • Jackilyn Pyzocha
    Jackilyn PyzochaMaand geleden

    For a moment, I thought the wallet would be a floppy drive!

  • Sage Delphi
    Sage DelphiMaand geleden

    OMGGG I can’t wait to see the weather station video you make!! I love your channel and I love meteorology like.... worlds colliding

  • Sly_Botts
    Sly_BottsMaand geleden

    Just want to throw this out there. I have a GTX 560 ti and a GTX 660 just sitting around. They're not any good for modern gaming but would work in a retro rig. Anyone know what I should do with them?

  • Bims0n
    Bims0nMaand geleden

    that commander keen poster is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen edit: okay I take it back, that Clint D3D Poster is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen

  • Bims0n


    Maand geleden

    19:02 okay I was really buffled when I saw the box of my local post supplier, also these manner schnitten are like the best thing ever. let's go austria!

  • Derek Witt
    Derek WittMaand geleden

    I’ve seen some weird Doom death match mods, such as killing Barney the Dinosaur. The newsgroup alt.dinosaur.barney.die.die.die was hilarious!

  • Milk_ape_is_milky
    Milk_ape_is_milkyMaand geleden

    Okay, in addition to classic technology, what I'm really into is classic/ historical firearms. I would absolutely love to receive a flood of packages containing items related to that hobby to my FFL and C&R licensed dealer....

  • Rodrigo Arriera
    Rodrigo ArrieraMaand geleden

    I wonder if he knows how good he sounds

  • Bill Lowery
    Bill LoweryMaand geleden

    Must is a first person exploration adventure game. Must recommend. If you don't want it please send to Mandalore Gaming

  • Joe Barracuda
    Joe BarracudaMaand geleden

    A Packl Manner Schnittn hihi! 👌👍

  • Karen St John
    Karen St JohnMaand geleden

    Coffee Crisp...yum...

  • Shelby Gonzales
    Shelby GonzalesMaand geleden


  • lukey666lukey
    lukey666lukeyMaand geleden

    Past me sucks too

  • Amanda Hucklebuck
    Amanda HucklebuckMaand geleden

    Yooo I used to own one of those compaq laptop docky things. Found it in garbage

  • findantu
    findantuMaand geleden

    5$ says that xp cdkey starts with fckgw rhqq2

  • findantu
    findantuMaand geleden

    Dude you have zork and the journyman project /jelly

  • Becky Eisenhard
    Becky EisenhardMaand geleden

    9:00: T H I C C

  • horus falcon
    horus falconMaand geleden

    I always knew Zonker was going to turn out to be a coder... :-) We use Davis weather stations at my workplace. It's actually good stuff until a hurricane shows up and blows it down. I carried a Compaq laptop very similar to this one back in the day when I worked in the oilfield offshore. It was actually a pretty rugged beastie.

  • Medieval Folk Dance
    Medieval Folk DanceMaand geleden

    I recently went on an eBay looksee. Can someone explain to me how VCR's are triple digit prices, but Blu-Ray player/burners are dog dirt cheap???

  • Xrx
    XrxMaand geleden

    Please please please restart the lgr thrifts that is my favorite series of yours

    BLKBRDSR71Maand geleden

    I see future videos in the making.

  • joltdude
    joltdudeMaand geleden

    Davis is still im buisness last I checked... A lot of those weather stations use 1Wire net developed by Dallas Semiconductor... Its related to their button security fobs

  • UndershotMars48
    UndershotMars48Maand geleden

    I think I know who sent that THPS 2. Aron from Rad Rat Video.

  • Nekrost
    NekrostMaand geleden

    I wish someone sent old laptops to for collection 😐

  • Sebastien Hamen
    Sebastien HamenMaand geleden

    I love how this guy receives a lot of free stuff and acts so unappreciative while receiving them lol.

  • Angela Walker
    Angela WalkerMaand geleden

    I want very much to see a video on the Compaq laptop! If by some chance it has internal PCI expansion, it would be super-cool to see a 3DFX card in there! If not, just show the thing running - even that enjoy watching!

  • Jackson Morgan
    Jackson MorganMaand geleden

    You sir have my full attention

  • Bob Newell
    Bob NewellMaand geleden

    The cyrix Media GX was a terrible, terrible CPU and things like this are why they are out of business. I think it has built in sound and video on chip. I had a laptop in 1998 that had a 233 mhz Media GX CPU that ran about the same speed as a pentium 133. There is a YT video titled "How Quake Killed Cyrix" or something similar that describes their wear FP calculation performance.

  • Koen van Dommelen
    Koen van DommelenMaand geleden

    MKLinux = MacLinux :P The MK should equal Mac

  • Adam Chandley
    Adam ChandleyMaand geleden

    Your face on the poster? Cute. Your laugh when you realized? Peak charm.

  • Rich Wigmore
    Rich WigmoreMaand geleden

    Clint: "Coffee Crisp? Well, that looks goooood!" Me, a Canadian: "lol, it's not."

  • Sarah Radulovich

    Sarah Radulovich

    Maand geleden

    That's some Canadian blasphemy right there

  • ___________
    ___________Maand geleden

    You can't seriously keep all that stuff...

  • William Shinall
    William ShinallMaand geleden

    Help me find a ryzen 5600 and a geforce 3600ti LGR!!!

  • Sean Barrett
    Sean BarrettMaand geleden

    Thought it said Big Pile of Retro Trash ;)

  • Octavin Adi Nugroho
    Octavin Adi NugrohoMaand geleden

    LGR Unboxing video!! Never skip a second until it finish.. and do some research for weird stuff :D

  • DarthPaperBoy
    DarthPaperBoyMaand geleden

    Gettin' in late and whoever got them shirts are some lucky folks. Cool stuff!

  • OldUKAds
    OldUKAdsMaand geleden

    I loved my Matrox video card... being able to capture old videos and make my own edits just felt magical at the time.

  • apacheSR
    apacheSRMaand geleden

    23:49 rofl

  • MiSTer Walrus FPGA
    MiSTer Walrus FPGAMaand geleden

    lol if you could please make a video of the Tony Hawk game with kpop girls replacing the skaters, that would be awesome/interesting. I only first heard of that in the Digital Foundry episode you referenced, as well.

  • Meeb
    MeebMaand geleden

    i’m so jealous of the apple speakers, i’ve been trying to find a set in as good condition!

  • Steven Carlson
    Steven CarlsonMaand geleden

    so want to see that compaq laptop running on that amazing dock !!!

  • Joel Gattaca
    Joel GattacaMaand geleden

    Keep the opening packages videos. They’re great!!