Opening 60 Packages of Retro Tech You Sent In!

Haven't done one of these in, what, 8 months? Jeez. You all sent in lots of computer hardware, oddware, games, and electronical goodness once again. Excellent stuff here, thank you so much!
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  • Steve Sharp
    Steve SharpUur geleden

    Ha Pete Cannon. hes a great producer. Does loads of stuff for high focus records among others.

  • Tim E
    Tim EDag geleden

    whoah! I can't wait for a video on that imagewriter! What a gem!

  • kerryedavis
    kerryedavis3 dagen geleden

    The Illum camera thing looks cool, until you realize how little glass the lens actually has.

  • kerryedavis
    kerryedavis4 dagen geleden

    So, if I have a NLdron channel for ~20 years, will people send me dozens of boxes of stuff too???? nice gig!

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick Lange6 dagen geleden

    Some of these are technically not tech.

  • benneburg
    benneburg10 dagen geleden

    Why is that D2 LoD box waving to us? Are you keeping it against its will?

  • RDG D.
    RDG D.12 dagen geleden

    I saw the orange box in the thumbnail, and I came.

  • Tokyo Warfare
    Tokyo Warfare12 dagen geleden

    at the current rate your whatever storage you've will be the next RESET PC

  • Alexx Baudwhyn
    Alexx Baudwhyn15 dagen geleden

    That unopened ImageWriter 2 and keyboard/play and keys combo now makes You the Pope of Geeks

  • Jay Futon
    Jay Futon16 dagen geleden

    Wow! What a haul! I am supremely jealous!

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme
    Jean-Claude Van Damme21 dag geleden

    Almost 10 months since the last one...🤔

  • ChloeXianah
    ChloeXianah23 dagen geleden

    I still use and love PS7 & CS2 which i bought I am NEVER going to pay that astromically insane subscription fee for the suite now I simply can’t afford it and even if I could I wouldn’t

  • Plastic Dirt Tech
    Plastic Dirt Tech23 dagen geleden

    this is like opening a treasure chest in my dreams. i very literally have dreams about coming across this stuff

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew ChristiansenMaand geleden

    LGR totally does mail call from storage in case a nerdy fan sends him a lo-jacked package lol.

  • Andi K
    Andi KMaand geleden

    Hang a peice of black cloth about 2 feet wide by 4 feet long on your wall and pin all the badges you got on it if you turn it 90 degs you could even make a fake screen of it! thanks Clint enjoyed again :)

  • Pingu The Dealer
    Pingu The DealerMaand geleden

    I saw the running with scissors sign and immediately clicked

  • Kevin Dorff
    Kevin DorffMaand geleden

    The pin really whips the llama's ass.

  • 0GBrooklyn
    0GBrooklynMaand geleden

    This video left me raging with envy. Even tough I have a whole cramped up pile of stuff myself. I was doing ok untill that trs-80 unboxing. So that's it I need my own youtube channel so people can send me some stuff. I wish I could stop watching this video!!

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious RobotMaand geleden

    The keyboard/keyboard is the perfect thing for your oddware series

  • Conscious Robot
    Conscious RobotMaand geleden

    Your whole life feels like Christmas, doesn't it

  • HUE
    HUEMaand geleden

    CS2, I remember pirating that back in the day lol

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbhMaand geleden

    I seriously admire your patience and strength in not opening everything the instant it arrives. hahaha Man delayed gratification much!

  • sharpisharp
    sharpisharpMaand geleden

    It is so chilling to watch your videos! All of them.

  • Collin5139 2
    Collin5139 2Maand geleden

    3M made computer stuff? I only really associate them with safety equipment like respirators and chemical splash goggles...

  • David Powers
    David Powers2 maanden geleden

    Maaaan, seeing that Jedi Knight box brought me back. I have such a clear memory of visiting a Best Buy as a kid with my uncle who was the family computer guy. We were browsing the PC game section(yes that used to exist), I saw the box and, having been a huge fan of Dark Forces, made it known that I wanted that game like right now. It was fall so Christmas was on the horizon. I got the game that year. I played that game probably more than any game in the history of my gaming career (I'm 37). It was legitimately my first introduction to online gaming beyond playing online chess. The Microsoft Gaming Zone hosted it and the expansion, Mysteries of the Sith. Those were amazing the days of early online multiplayer gaming.

  • Ryan Winklevoss
    Ryan Winklevoss2 maanden geleden

    Do you still accept packages i have some cool stuff id love to send your way

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs2 maanden geleden

    Can you share an image of the mysterious USB with the security configuration protocol @14:30-15:22 ?

  • Intercept
    Intercept2 maanden geleden

    I like LGR weird shit. Has character, as much as I have distaste in his taste

  • karehaqt
    karehaqt2 maanden geleden

    I do love me some jazz-infused unboxing music.

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet2 maanden geleden

    did you get everything you wanted for Christmas little boy?

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet2 maanden geleden

    I’m leaving to check out the NES Doom 😆

  • TotallyOther
    TotallyOther2 maanden geleden

    i’ve got CP/M on 8” floppy (in the folder with documentation) that should be paired with that TRS-80. how do i send it to you [if interested] ?

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome
    Ass_Burgers_Syndrome2 maanden geleden

    If we want to send you some stuff, to where should it be addressed?

  • nobody nowhere
    nobody nowhere2 maanden geleden

    Lytro is cool

  • CephalonBondarev
    CephalonBondarev2 maanden geleden

    45:50 Those look like Alps SKCM Cream to me, might need a second opinion from @chyrosran22

  • Keri Kerigan
    Keri Kerigan2 maanden geleden

    I broke my toe on an image writer II >.

  • Gaming music
    Gaming music2 maanden geleden

    6:15 i bought one of these with a mount for a hardrive a month ago for only 5euros in the box

  • comicsansgreenkirby
    comicsansgreenkirby3 maanden geleden

    Palm Pilot? I'm starting to miss my Palm Z2 Handheld

  • Amy jo Jinkerson
    Amy jo Jinkerson3 maanden geleden

    how about t tapistry with enamal pins

  • Pete Warburt
    Pete Warburt3 maanden geleden

    Half of his videos I have no idea what he's talking about I love it

  • Prozacgod
    Prozacgod3 maanden geleden

    You got to do a review of winamp, because it really whips the llamas ass.

  • Bruno
    Bruno3 maanden geleden

    PKware sounds a lot like a Ness ability from Earthbound :)

    NATURAL SPIRIT3 maanden geleden

    I've taken the rubber velvet stuff off before and spray painted it black flat or gloss

  • Jesper Andersen
    Jesper Andersen3 maanden geleden

    jelly of the pkzip box :D REAL zip! and that 12MB harddrive, omg it is enormous, you really need to do a "teardown" so we can look inside the box of that harddrive and the model II :D and all the other goodies :D sadly I have to pay dearly for "old hardware" so don't have much but oooh the nostalgia, it is awesome and good ole Winamp, what's not to love :D I remember ripping all my CD's to mp3's it was glorious times

  • Holden Cole
    Holden Cole4 maanden geleden

    That RWS package was tight as fuck. I died at the pipe.

  • Uros Petrovic
    Uros Petrovic4 maanden geleden

    HALF LIFE ! YAY !!!! :D And WOW- so much cool stuff !

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 24 maanden geleden

    Dood that’s froogin’ nuts. BeOS 4 with a box - major score. BTW there’s a modern version of BeOS for free - The Haiku OS proj.

  • Blaine Hopkins
    Blaine Hopkins4 maanden geleden

    51:14 you can heard the Nerdgasm. lol love it ! =)

  • meaninglez100
    meaninglez1004 maanden geleden

    21:23 That is the fastest I've ever seen anyone close a laptop

  • Starman
    Starman4 maanden geleden

    That Lytro camera looks like a cheap version of a Hasselblad

  • Dylan Wheeler
    Dylan Wheeler4 maanden geleden

    Man that Lytro camera is damn cool. Would love to find something like that thrifting

  • DannyArcade
    DannyArcade4 maanden geleden

    "take them home" what? where are you?

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    Storage unit

  • DovahCheif
    DovahCheif5 maanden geleden

    great vid! the letter at 4:47 did not look like it said dear "clint" lol

  • dnkakusei
    dnkakusei5 maanden geleden


  • Tim Dalby
    Tim Dalby5 maanden geleden

    Alright, who's the other winamp guy? I'm still rocking it, too.

  • Brendan Burris
    Brendan Burris5 maanden geleden

    I have an IBM Thinkpad 600E, it still works for some reason. The rubber coating on it has just started to peel off all over. Sad :(

  • Greg Karris
    Greg Karris5 maanden geleden

    That TRS-80 Model II is really, really cool!! Glad it didn't end up ground up at a recyclers...

  • ssss
    ssss5 maanden geleden

    The packing job on that last machine was disappointing no wonder the keyboard broke :( props for playing it off you had to have been at least a little annoyed

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    Be annoyed that something that was donated to him broke? No, he's not that kind of petty

  • Eirik
    Eirik5 maanden geleden

    How come that 2D Duke Nukem game had the same sound effects as the original Commander Keen?

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black5 maanden geleden

    Hey Clint, I hope your fan was on because that would explain why the flap on your Diablo 2 case kept moving...

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    He was trying to escape before Diablo 4 comes out

  • Ubersnuber
    Ubersnuber5 maanden geleden

    And in today’s video of “notice me senpai!” mail, we get fans who wants to get noticed. Maybe a “hehe, you remember that I like thing!”. Or maybe “let me send you something expensive to quadruple the notice me factor”, or, “I’ve got nothing better than materialism for senpai to notice me”. All favourites in their own way.

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    You need help, kid

  • Warboy_Gameing 15
    Warboy_Gameing 155 maanden geleden

    LGR: talks about computer specs Me, who just enjoys his content: I like your funny words, magic man

  • Mango Sweet
    Mango Sweet5 maanden geleden

    Will you make a follow up video testing out any of these gems? Sorry i haven't watched all of this video so i dont know if you have or not.

  • Loliboly
    Loliboly5 maanden geleden

    26:10 Dude... ×D

  • Blake Hoyt
    Blake Hoyt5 maanden geleden

    14:59 Macintosh Color classic boot sound

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen5 maanden geleden

    43:45 my dad had that creative soundblaster inter audio bay in his Pentium 4 1.7 Ghz my mom built him! Thats so cool to see :D

  • Adam Borseti
    Adam Borseti5 maanden geleden

    Dude, that old school Black Mesa box is wicked!

  • chileo1
    chileo15 maanden geleden

    I love how the German guy immediately starts by criticising his efficiency in responding to emails

  • bst 857
    bst 8575 maanden geleden

    You've got enough windows pins now to create a whole pin based operating system

  • rePool
    rePool5 maanden geleden

    Still fairly new to the channel, glad I found it, but man do you make me nastolgic watching through these videos. Last night for the first time in 30? years I don't even remember how long, I pulled out my old 468 dx2 or mx2 motherboard and processor, find some of my old stock of edo and sd ram. I kept this motherboard as a "memory" because as a nerd, I planned to one day rebuild my original PC. Shes in good shape and now I'll have a useless, but memory PC rebuilt soon. I also have a chest full (20+) laptops from lenovo, IBM etc I should see still run. Anyway, if you read the comments section, here is a question for you since this is a game I've been looking for since the 3.1 days. It was an amazing racing game you could do loops and stuff in. Lynx or something, but I can't remember the name of it. Every time I think Lynx, I think the browser for Linux, so I can never find the old game.

  • Ian Hay
    Ian Hay5 maanden geleden

    I used to look with utter amazement and awe at the sight of a TRS-80 complete with monitor in the Tandy store.....I miss my local favourite store ever.

  • New The Hedgefox
    New The Hedgefox5 maanden geleden

    "There are a lot of Steves that watch LGR" but what if one of them is steve from minecraft

  • murderface
    murderface5 maanden geleden

    WOW! A BeOS

  • El norteño Feliz Mx
    El norteño Feliz Mx5 maanden geleden

    Black mesa pc cd rom and Xbox series x

  • eyecontactleadsto
    eyecontactleadsto5 maanden geleden

    Perfect Owen Wilson 'wow' at 40:54

  • Reinforced Thr3ads
    Reinforced Thr3ads5 maanden geleden

    hey Clint, here's a funny idea. Do a poll on that loom camera you got their. Then ask said people what year it came out. Just blow their minds.

  • Maxwell Bolanz
    Maxwell Bolanz6 maanden geleden

    14:12 "shows "DO NOT SHOW" administrative key to all of youtube" what a legend XD

  • Mr. Ed
    Mr. Ed6 maanden geleden

    That Model II keyboard will most likely need new foam for the key switches. It was one of those capacitive types. If it is the kind I am thinking of.

  • Ren Listra
    Ren Listra6 maanden geleden

    what the heck is BEOS 4 ?!?!?!?

  • RH Saputro
    RH Saputro6 maanden geleden

    That WinAmp pin! Wanna get one. 😁 Edit: And yeah, those others too.. 😁

  • Johan Froloff
    Johan Froloff6 maanden geleden

    26:39 Boppin is one of my favorite games from back in the day. great soundtrack.

  • fourfourfour eightyfour
    fourfourfour eightyfour6 maanden geleden

    BOPPIN ! ...supports two players on the same keyboard !!!! i loved that game

  • Quaalude Charlie
    Quaalude Charlie6 maanden geleden

    So nice to see all this stuff , Thank you to everyone that made this Video Exist :) QC

  • Kenneth Campbell
    Kenneth Campbell6 maanden geleden

    omg i spent over $100 on the SB Live! (not including the 5.25 in expansion). back in the day. (should have just used integrated audio, waste of money...) i never had a sound card go bad before, except the $100+ SB Live! smh.

  • Dytlief Moller
    Dytlief Moller6 maanden geleden

    Those Pins are awesome :) Made my day remembering Win95, I was 10 years old

  • mike persechino
    mike persechino6 maanden geleden

    is that candle the encarta head?

  • Jarrod Clark
    Jarrod Clark6 maanden geleden

    I need that keyboard/piano thing!!! And I need it to work with windows 10 lol......... no for real!!!

  • Dave turbo
    Dave turbo6 maanden geleden

    It is Christmas 🎄🎄 everyday for this man...

  • Dominic Ene
    Dominic Ene6 maanden geleden

    love his Casey kasem voice. remind me of my child hood

  • Scioneer
    Scioneer6 maanden geleden

    Ah the infamous Goodwill/Dell contract. Thing is, Dell did include the option for vintage machines to be excluded from the deal, yet most Goodwills don't quite understand that they can indeed sell Apple IIs, Commodores, and TRS-80s should one get donated.

  • robsku1
    robsku16 maanden geleden

    How do you seearch for someone's channel? Legit Question, I couldn't find Raster I.

  • manuel fieg
    manuel fieg6 maanden geleden

    You sound like peter griffin...Love the channel!

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    He doesn't sound even remotely close to Peter griffin

  • Squdoodels
    Squdoodels6 maanden geleden

    18:01 that laugh tho

  • Stephanie C.
    Stephanie C.6 maanden geleden

    I love these videos, they’re so relaxing to watch. It’s so nice you always remember people who have wrote in before and I absolutely love that you’re never yelling at the audience. Thanks for the content and for being you (:

  • dorpth
    dorpth6 maanden geleden

    You're feeling old when you realize you recognize all this stuff from when it was on store shelves. :(

  • Samuel Fogelgren
    Samuel Fogelgren6 maanden geleden

    44:01 Look at that Diablo II Cover moving! First paranormal capture from LGR? :-D

  • Koala Spruce
    Koala Spruce6 maanden geleden

    The RG300 looks great. We need a video on the LYTRO camera. Would love to learn more.

  • beyerch
    beyerch6 maanden geleden

    How can I get people to mail me cool retro stuff?!?!?!?!? Any chance you have an old IBM DOS 3.5" somewhere? Could use it for a Model 30 I'm working on.

  • Rockin
    Rockin6 maanden geleden

    Would you Clint LGR master of pcs calculator etc my grandfather before he passed wanted me to give his calculator collection to someone I don’t know how old they are but if interested message back

  • EmiBondo
    EmiBondo7 maanden geleden

    17:37 for personal keeping