Need For Speed II - 24 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective


A review of Need For Speed 2 from 1997, focused on the Special Edition presented in all its 3dfx Glide mode glory. And it is a downright goofy game when compared to its predecessors! A dozen supercars and one-off concept cars to drive, plus dinosaurs and outhouses. Superb.
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● Background music is from the NFS2 OST:
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  • LGR
    LGR5 dagen geleden

    Ahh dang it, I wish I'd seen this before... I was wondering how they went about filming the game's intro cinematic and well, here's a making-of video from 1997 that shows some behind the scenes stuff regarding exactly that. Fantastic:

  • Marc S

    Marc S

    14 uur geleden

    @Pritesh Ruthun t

  • Marc S

    Marc S

    14 uur geleden

    @Pritesh Ruthun Yt

  • Marc S

    Marc S

    14 uur geleden

    @Pritesh Ruthun Y

  • Marc S

    Marc S

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    @Pritesh Ruthun t

  • Marc S

    Marc S

    14 uur geleden

    @Pritesh Ruthun t

  • R P
    R P35 minuten geleden

    100% with you on the gt90. I had the 1/18 mastio in black too! I also got this game in ‘97 when I was 11. Are we the same person?? 😳 throwbackkkk

  • Speyde
    Speyde36 minuten geleden

    That's what I wish as mobile game

  • Dan Francisco
    Dan Francisco54 minuten geleden

    Playing with friends on LAN, lot of fun. And oh, i remember that concept car S2000? Or something like that, super fast or fastest car on that game or just in the SE.

  • szewei1985
    szewei1985Uur geleden

    Haha miss the pre-underground NFS mang

  • Ro Boat
    Ro Boat3 uur geleden

    My first NFS experience, what a great day

  • Sahan Serasinghe
    Sahan Serasinghe3 uur geleden

    One FZR2000 for me please... 😍

  • SammyM00782
    SammyM007823 uur geleden

    Amazingly, I had forgotten I ever played this until the menu music started playing. Totally forgot about the GT-90 too until now.

  • SleeperSheep
    SleeperSheep4 uur geleden

    Still have the NFS II disk from when I was a toddler! Thank you for reviewing this game!

  • Dodonsky
    Dodonsky4 uur geleden

    i feel it... best game back in the days

  • The Night Hob
    The Night Hob7 uur geleden

    Please review nfs 3 !!!

  • King of Uruguay
    King of Uruguay8 uur geleden

    the first videogame i ever played

  • Chris Hominski
    Chris Hominski9 uur geleden

    the main menu in this game is 90s PC as hell

  • Cole
    Cole9 uur geleden

    Hey, Clint! Your channel inspired me to get into retro computing, but I really don't know where to begin. If you could really help me out, I wanted to build a Windows 95 machine but I don't know what to get or even where to start. Help!

  • ClawieArmy
    ClawieArmy9 uur geleden

    Why did kids save pictures of everything? I remember I did it aswell during the 56k era.

  • Nour Imam
    Nour Imam10 uur geleden

    Ah yes, I had tonnes of fun with that game

  • Cody Marshall
    Cody Marshall12 uur geleden

    The menu music makes me want to play unreal tournament.


    was 5 years old when i played this game and remember i couldn't stop playing this game.

  • Carlos Ferrari
    Carlos Ferrari14 uur geleden

    Say what you will about this game but damn it was fun to play!! I got myself grinning watching this video alone lol The new ones got nothing on the first two - specially the PSX version that had a much better graphics for some reason (my friends had the Saturn and damn it the graphics sucked in that platform). They should remake this like they did with the first Resident Evil ones… That would be awesome!

  • joke🃏🎭
    joke🃏🎭16 uur geleden

    Did you stopped reviewing sims stuff?

  • Mitch Baltazar
    Mitch Baltazar16 uur geleden

    24 years.. I'm old now.

  • thesinzia
    thesinzia17 uur geleden

    Hey Clint, that Mclaren F1(shown about the 3:25 mark) isn't black, but rather British Racing Green. It's just so dark that it looks black!

  • Juan Barreto
    Juan Barreto17 uur geleden

    The SONG! hahaha This song appears in the NFS 2016

  • pepito papita
    pepito papita18 uur geleden

    Been waiting for this

  • Latin lover24
    Latin lover2419 uur geleden

    Ooooo brings back memories!!!

  • rusty paperclip productions YT
    rusty paperclip productions YT20 uur geleden

    Review killing Time it's a pc game released in 1996 or 7 by studio 3DO it's 10.99 on Steam more expensive on GOG and free on the zoom platform

  • qdave
    qdave21 uur geleden

    How to play this in windows 10?

  • ThehakkeMadman
    ThehakkeMadman22 uur geleden

    Wish I still had those pixelated pics of the Dodge Viper I downloaded as a kid!

  • Akkordinator
    Akkordinator22 uur geleden

    Check out Toca Race Driver 2 (2004) if you want to see the GT90 in another game

  • PreBound
    PreBound23 uur geleden

    I wish I would've experienced '97 through the eyes of an innocent 11 year old, but I was a troubled 21 year old instead.

  • TrashToTable
    TrashToTableDag geleden

    I still play this and Porsche Unleashed on my dimension all the time lol (mostly PU) and I still got my GT90 hotwheeles too xF

  • Open ID
    Open IDDag geleden

    My God! One of my first PC racing game back then, this bring back time..

  • ElectronicsAddict
    ElectronicsAddictDag geleden

    You're my idol

  • luke yami
    luke yamiDag geleden

    Those FMV videos about the cars remind me a lot of Top Gear.

  • Miljan Vukićević
    Miljan VukićevićDag geleden

    This is the best CHANNEL ON NLdron EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Mārtiņš Belte
    Mārtiņš BelteDag geleden

    Cheat codes was the most fun my sister, I and my friends had with it

  • sounds pro Bangladesh
    sounds pro BangladeshDag geleden

    its my first video game

  • Jeffrey Flores
    Jeffrey FloresDag geleden

    plz plz plz plz review 3

  • Connor Brown
    Connor BrownDag geleden

    I still have this on my PS1

  • Crawl Talk Run
    Crawl Talk RunDag geleden

    In NFS 2 my buddies and I spent hours on each map flipping over one of each civilian car. The ONLY way this was possible was to have eyes on all the flipped over vehicles otherwise it would despawn. So one of us would go flip a car and push it back to the pile and we did this on most if not all maps. Then Hot Pursuit came out.. wtf is NFS 2?

  • Scott L.
    Scott L.Dag geleden

    Fuckin' good old days

  • tengoindiamike
    tengoindiamikeDag geleden

    Dude I was born in 1985 and this was a halcyon days time machine episode for me to watch. I totally forgot about driving the T-Rex and school bus LOL great times! Great stuff

  • xSingulari7yx
    xSingulari7yxDag geleden

    Can anyone tell me why every version of the game i try now has down graded smoke effects like in this video. In the original burnout smoke would cloud up stay for about 30 seconds and float in the direction of the wind.

  • GameShedStudios
    GameShedStudiosDag geleden

    I'd like to see an LGR style review on the original Dungeon Seige game.

  • Daniel Campos Ramos
    Daniel Campos RamosDag geleden

    Hey man, now days there is a 3dfx wrapper for diablo 2 that actually worked very well on unreal tournament, try it out!

  • That BigJeep
    That BigJeepDag geleden

    will you ever do a retrospective of Diablo II LOD? Played it a ton but would LOVE to hear your thoughts as you play. plus with the remaster coming up it might be a good time for it?

  • John John
    John JohnDag geleden

    I’m miss the days on MS dos

  • Luigi Bellantoni
    Luigi BellantoniDag geleden

    I had that game😍

  • GamersPlayBR
    GamersPlayBRDag geleden

    This game defined my childhood, probably the game I played the most as a kid. Pure nostalgia watching this! I had the SE version but for some reason it had software render graphics. I tried a lot of things at the time but never actually got to play the 3dfx version.

  • Ivan Ković
    Ivan KovićDag geleden

    Thank you very much for this review. You drove me back to my childhood and I went digging through my boxes to find NFS2 CD.

  • MrUtzbutz
    MrUtzbutzDag geleden

    Whats about the mighty FZR 2000? I loved this car...

  • impactQuake
    impactQuakeDag geleden

    NFS2:SE was my first original big box game, good times.

  • Kashanali Alu7
    Kashanali Alu7Dag geleden

    My memories

  • Ritchie Cantuaria
    Ritchie CantuariaDag geleden

    Oh, I still remember the amount of hours I spent having fun with psx's NFS2, it was a great game!

  • Eichro
    EichroDag geleden

    This video made me feel things. From an owner of a Maisto black GT90 model to another.

  • Tech guy
    Tech guyDag geleden

    I'm trying to install it but it says 64bit error

  • Nash Gold
    Nash GoldDag geleden

    Early 3d accelerators had very limited memory, so no space for car interior.

  • Nash Gold
    Nash GoldDag geleden

    Early 3d accelerators had very limited memory, so no space for car interior. It seems the accelerated mode has lower rest textures too.

  • Bob Waite
    Bob Waite2 dagen geleden

    Still my favorite arcade racing game with road and track nfs close behind. Simple mechanics, fun environments and insanely fun cheat codes.

  • Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming
    Uncle Mike's Retro & Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Greetings! 😎 As always, Clint, your collection brings back the memories!

  • DawnOfTheOzz
    DawnOfTheOzz2 dagen geleden

    Never played the PC port, couldn't afford it, but I did play the PlayStation version of NFS II. Still have fond memories of driving the Monolithic Studios course in the slowest car in the game, the Movie Tour Bus.

  • CyberKiller1
    CyberKiller12 dagen geleden

    I'm waiting for NFS2SE to ever be out on GOG... Day 1 buy.

  • J. M.
    J. M.2 dagen geleden

    My first ever pc game for my first ever Pc back in 97. It didn't work out of the box but once I got my compaq Presario up to spec with those direct3d drivers i was hooked. My favorite thing about it was the sound track!

  • macViLL
    macViLL2 dagen geleden

    MY GUY! WE HAVE THE SAME LIFE! I had all of the same GT90 models/cars. And I was a NFS 2 fanatic.

  • lucasterable
    lucasterable2 dagen geleden

    Rubber band AI killed Need For Speed.

    ZOMBIESTRESSIN [ZMB]2 dagen geleden

    With how much you like the nfs and cars idk how you didn’t become a car guy. Now I’m pretty sure someone asked before but what car/s do you drive/have

  • Willdrick
    Willdrick2 dagen geleden

    Clint, you probably did this: get NFS2SE+FZR200 cheat car+ monolith track + wild mode, it becomes a wipeout game

  • Matthews Davila
    Matthews Davila2 dagen geleden

    This game actually looks really fun for 1997

  • Farticus Maximus
    Farticus Maximus2 dagen geleden

    Have you ever played Ark'kritz the Intruder? Seems up your alley!

  • Paul Muad'dib
    Paul Muad'dib2 dagen geleden

    Ok, the bomping mouse cursor got me.

  • Mr PGR2
    Mr PGR22 dagen geleden

    How do you install the game on windows 10?

  • TheVentMan
    TheVentMan2 dagen geleden

    Hey LGR, I have a suggestion for a game covered in the future: Since you've covered Cities Skylines and all it's DLC, what about trying the Console Edition? (Beware no mods make this game a million times harder to play)

  • PhantomFly_Br2
    PhantomFly_Br22 dagen geleden

    Oh.. look, im not the only one who remembers this game.

  • tirthb
    tirthb2 dagen geleden

    GT90 still looks super awesome

  • Scoopy Pigeon
    Scoopy Pigeon2 dagen geleden

    That menu music is a fucking tune!

  • Mark Snethkamp
    Mark Snethkamp2 dagen geleden

    Now do hot pursuit!

  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam2 dagen geleden

    ELECTRONIC ARTS!!!! They make the best games!! (How it was in 1997) Electronic Arts.. More licensed franchise shovelware, yay.. (Now)

  • Rodrigo Girão
    Rodrigo Girão2 dagen geleden

    It makes me wonder: say, Clint, do you know Screamer? It's more arcadey, maybe the first "Daytona clone" on the PC.

  • Shashank Degloorkar
    Shashank Degloorkar2 dagen geleden


  • Life of Main
    Life of Main2 dagen geleden

    Intro: Can 100% relate

  • George-Christian Sandor
    George-Christian Sandor2 dagen geleden

    Man this is the first nfs i played on my first PC, a K6-2 266Mhz haha, great fun times, thank you for the memories!

  • jtpal12
    jtpal122 dagen geleden

    This was the first ever video game I ever played. I was about three. Is it as good as NFS3, High Stakes or Most Wanted? Not really, but I still love it a lot. Monolithic Studios is one of my favorite tracks in any racing game and the music is top notch throughout

  • Sam Huff
    Sam Huff2 dagen geleden

    I hope you do a follow-up with Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit. That is the one that got me into the Need for Speed series.

  • faustorigoni
    faustorigoni2 dagen geleden

    Juegazo!! Lo gasté.

  • Diurno MX
    Diurno MX2 dagen geleden

    I loved this game, remember playing this in 1997/1998 with split screen with a buddy of mine, both on Keyboard, can you imagine!!! I thin we played the regular or SE. I also fondly remember the intro TRACK trance song at the main menu. booming.

  • Nathan Ingram
    Nathan Ingram2 dagen geleden

    Yesssss! Do Hot Pursuit next!! So much nostalgia. Thanks for the videos 🙏

  • Nathan Ingram
    Nathan Ingram2 dagen geleden

    Yesssss! Do Hot Pursuit next!! So much nostalgia. Thanks for the videos 🙏

  • Mike P
    Mike P2 dagen geleden

    i used to cheat on this game all the time on psx - i would get the army truck and just plow every car off the road to win

  • Michael Skřepský
    Michael Skřepský2 dagen geleden

    I loved the physics, because NFS3 felt like the cars nannot turn at all. An Bomber car was the most fun in the bends doing drifts.

  • Markus Schäfer
    Markus Schäfer2 dagen geleden

    1. Watched video. 2. Felt nostalgic. 3. Dug out copy of NfS2SE. 4. Installed on P100. 5. Realized how badly I need to plug a Voodoo-card in there... A least it controls great with my Sidewinder gamepad!

  • Steven Gilbert RC
    Steven Gilbert RC2 dagen geleden

    I HAD THAT 1/8th scale gt90 as a kid, lost it for sure, wish i took better care of my stuff now

  • SasukeitachiUchiha
    SasukeitachiUchiha2 dagen geleden

    My favourite NFS game when I was young. I loved everything about it and of course the F50 is my favourite car ever. I remember being excited to play it on high detail because we had a 3DFX card

  • Negisechan (Chan-Chan)
    Negisechan (Chan-Chan)2 dagen geleden

    Oh hey! You managed to get the non-SE gate fold box for NFS2 that you mentioned in your "Remembering the Classic Need For Speed Games" video! NICE!

  • Silicon Prairie
    Silicon Prairie2 dagen geleden

    14:42 Tom Scott made a video about this particular track. It's titled "I Drove My Childhood Favorite Racing Game In Real Life".

  • gebezeira
    gebezeira2 dagen geleden

    I remember when I went w/ my dad to buy my first Pentium 233 Mhz MMX with 64MB of memory and 6MB of video, the seller asked if I was going to use Autocad on that machine... Nah, just for games. LOL Cheers from Brazil!

  • Teleporterdown
    Teleporterdown2 dagen geleden

    NFS 3 Hot Pursuit for PS1 was my jam back in the day. The fact that you could drive away from the cops in a high speed pursuit was such an awesome concept

  • Twisted Transistor
    Twisted Transistor2 dagen geleden

    Such a great game McLaren f1 all day any day

  • Zero Sponge
    Zero Sponge2 dagen geleden

    Fun Fact: The Main Menu theme of NFSII got remixed in the Wii/3DS versions of NFS The Run by Mick Gordon. It plays as the very first stage in the story. The original theme returns as one of the garage music in NFS 2015.

  • mrnicktoyou
    mrnicktoyou3 dagen geleden

    That main menu music just gave me shivers. I didn't realise how burnt into my brain it is and I haven't heard it since the 90's.

  • The Art of Checking
    The Art of Checking3 dagen geleden

    Ohhhh the nostalgia.... That menu music. Those cars. The cheat codes.... Outhouse races in split screen with the horn crash cheat, pretty sure I never ever laughed as I did trying to get away from my friends in that mode =D =D Great review as always 🙏🙏😁