Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 - 31 Years Later!


Late 80s PC flight simming at its finest. Taking a look at Flight Simulator 4 and its numerous expansions, add-on packs, and upgrades for MS-DOS PCs! I still love that Experimental Aircraft Editor.
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  • LGR
    LGR6 maanden geleden

    If you'd like to try FS4 yourself, the fully-expanded version is emulated in a browser here!

  • Winter Now

    Winter Now

    4 maanden geleden

    @WorldTravel1518 the FS2020 review will be posted in 2041, maybe '42 if we're still dealing with covid, and Trump's 6th reelection campaign.

  • haseena badshah

    haseena badshah

    5 maanden geleden

    694 likes lmao

  • MrDjBigZ


    5 maanden geleden

    @bruh moment yeah

  • bruh moment

    bruh moment

    5 maanden geleden

    @MrDjBigZ Motorstorm fan?

  • Fernando Cárdenas

    Fernando Cárdenas

    5 maanden geleden

    Haha, MSFS4. It would have been really cool if Microsoft had included a "button press to revert" mode like they have in Halo MCC to immediately go back to FS4 graphics in FS2020 in real time.

  • Stephan King
    Stephan King19 uur geleden

    I had the extra mail order charts. I remember them being delivered and the deliver guy told me he had a package for my dad. If I only still had them...

  • Todd Feigenbaum
    Todd Feigenbaum6 dagen geleden

    Played this in 1988 or 1989 with a black and white CGA Amstrad monitor at 320x200 resolution...ya we've come a long way.

  • x so x
    x so x8 dagen geleden

    Hell yeah dude I remember rocking this shit as a kid

  • Edaz
    Edaz10 dagen geleden

    Does it have raytracing?

  • I.R K
    I.R K11 dagen geleden

    8:30 never forget

  • imajeff Smith
    imajeff Smith11 dagen geleden

    yeah my first was subLOCIC Flight Simulator for my Atari 800XL, but somehow I can't find the box, books and maps now! Everything else still works

  • bwc1976
    bwc197612 dagen geleden

    This was so much of my teenage years! I even had that same Kraft Thunderstick. I loved making planes that would go above 300,000 feet so there was suddenly no atmosphere, and then struggle to regain control after it went below 300,000 again. When FS5 came out I was kind of disappointed because it didn't have nearly as many of the customization features built in as FS4 had grown to have. FS5 was prettier but more limited.

  • Winksplorer
    Winksplorer18 dagen geleden

    i never thought microsoft flight simulator was published by microsoft!

  • nick black
    nick black18 dagen geleden

    Is this that new flight sim comin out.. looks hot

  • Supra Guy
    Supra Guy22 dagen geleden

    Nimitz carrier, huh? Wonder if you can chase any UFOs from it ;)

  • Jon Smite
    Jon Smite24 dagen geleden

    Graphics r horrible. Looks like coloring book. And no sound effects. The map looks the same every were

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim25 dagen geleden

    8:29 Twin towers, ah.

  • Gestur
    Gestur26 dagen geleden

    I don't think that cover art at 1:45 would fly after 2001.

  • Cedric Sawatzky
    Cedric Sawatzky27 dagen geleden

    Now i know who has planned 9/11... ;)

  • Alexander Urban
    Alexander Urban28 dagen geleden

    even though i am a software dev and working in the IT buisiness for 15 years or somewhat - LGR makes me feel like he knows computers better than i do :-D

  • PhantomPanic
    PhantomPanicMaand geleden

    You know a game has to be old when you're getting 2042 frames per second. 😃

  • Buzz Bee
    Buzz BeeMaand geleden

    Your library of vintage games brings back a lot of memories. I really enjoyed the Mocroprose games.

  • あなたは誰
    あなたは誰Maand geleden

    6:50 9/11

  • Mkananoja
    MkananojaMaand geleden

    classic. i still have it installed on my trusty 386

  • Dave Tan
    Dave TanMaand geleden

    8:32 WTC

  • Peizxcv
    PeizxcvMaand geleden

    All I can say is I am glad I missed PC gaming from that early era. From 1989 to SimFarm in 1993 (the 1st game I played in 1995), graphic seems to have developed a lot

  • Buzz Bee

    Buzz Bee

    Maand geleden

    Going from 4 color to 16 color was huge.

  • MrCatalysis101
    MrCatalysis101Maand geleden

    Easy to laugh at it now but our minds filled in the gaps in visuals, much as one does when reading. Fun fact: 30 years from now they’ll be laughing at how primitive MSFS 2020 looks...

  • old grunger
    old grungerMaand geleden

    The twin towers was avoided with style lol

  • Boomproof
    BoomproofMaand geleden

    Wow LGR, almost sounds as if you never heard of Kerbal Space Program! :D

  • Serhat Ergin Çetin
    Serhat Ergin ÇetinMaand geleden

    Amerikalılar 🇺🇸: 31 years later! Türkler 🇹🇷: 31 anlayan anladı sj

  • Jon The Buddha
    Jon The BuddhaMaand geleden

    My favorite MSFS memory from the old days will always be landing the LearJet on the aircraft carrier.

  • Krnixle
    KrnixleMaand geleden

    Microsoft flight simulator 4.0 looks like a poorly coded old Roblox flight simulator with crappy meshes from 2016.

  • Smaakjeks K
    Smaakjeks KMaand geleden

    6:35 - Oh hey, that's my porno name.

  • CasualGamer
    CasualGamerMaand geleden

    Dark ages of gaming lol

  • Garrith Smith
    Garrith SmithMaand geleden

    LOVE IT!!!!!!! The Floppy disks to the sound is so nostalgic

  • Jane Smith
    Jane SmithMaand geleden

    For whatever reason F29 was my fave

  • krak_a_lak
    krak_a_lakMaand geleden

    It's funny that you can still identify it as Chicago by the buildings. That airport no longer exists however. I go fishing out there from time to time now.

  • I am not Dream
    I am not DreamMaand geleden

    That cover art with the twin towers tho...

  • OSRS - SoundDesign
    OSRS - SoundDesignMaand geleden

    That background music at the start. It immediately makes me think of Spirit Of The Law.

  • Vuxx RBLX
    Vuxx RBLXMaand geleden

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 looks like Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 but it's super low quality

  • Joachim jensen
    Joachim jensenMaand geleden

    9/11 an inside job

  • Rich r
    Rich rMaand geleden

    I loved this game had the first one up to the last one

  • aj jackson
    aj jacksonMaand geleden

    9:03 .... take it easy there mohamed atta

  • Alumlovescake


    25 dagen geleden


  • James Eden
    James EdenMaand geleden

    I think I had 2002 or 2004 back in highschool. It was fun.. pretty impressive for the time.

  • dani Leuenberger
    dani LeuenbergerMaand geleden

    lol. i remember this chigaco scenerie so well. don't know how many times i crashed into that black tower just for fun XD

  • RPAS
    RPASMaand geleden

    It was fun changing things in the editor. I made a lot of flights under 10 seconds due to jacking the wing dihedral or COG. I can’t remember if it was this or Chuck Yeager’s air combat I played first. All done on an 8088 as I recall with, the wonder of 8bit sound, mmmmmmmmm.

  • Ryan Rahail
    Ryan RahailMaand geleden

    Flying B-52 in Microsoft play simulator

  • Peter Richards
    Peter RichardsMaand geleden

    I tried to get into these sims....but god they were just awful. Awful graphics and ridiculous real time flight made spending hours in front of the pc a chore instead of fun. And this was back in the 80s before the big speed of today’s machines or raytracing gpus. We didn’t know better.... but somehow playing this “game” made you a acutely aware of the second hand on any analog clock! And yes, as a mattered. Mattered big time. The target audience was ‘WANNA BE’ pilots who couldn’t afford a real plane or the lessons to fly it. Pac-Man brought more excitement in the first level. I appreciate your enthusiasm LGR but unwarranted on this clunker.

  • Peter Richards
    Peter RichardsMaand geleden

    When the box actually says “featuring a patch” ... yikes.

  • Rainbow Warrior
    Rainbow WarriorMaand geleden

    i had 1.0, on an XT with CGA color.

  • Farecoal
    FarecoalMaand geleden

    That engine/propeller noise is horrible, my ears!

  • Thomas Blueschke
    Thomas BlueschkeMaand geleden

    Ohh yes...back in the days in school when we build curious models and try to fly them. Man what a great time back then.

  • Garrett Human
    Garrett HumanMaand geleden

    Nice collection

  • Hoppy and His Holiday Helpers
    Hoppy and His Holiday HelpersMaand geleden

    6:50 - Never Forget

  • gorka rullan
    gorka rullanMaand geleden

    i had it.... 31 years ago??? :-)

  • Aaron Holmes
    Aaron HolmesMaand geleden

    Falcon 4.0 was amazing. I lost my copy, must have a look for another

  • Dismal Timestamp
    Dismal TimestampMaand geleden

    brings back memories from my childhood on my Atari ST playing MSFS.

  • Dj Mccullough
    Dj McculloughMaand geleden

    I played this on my first computer, tandy hx 1000.. at like.. 3 fps.

  • Mystery Mayhem
    Mystery MayhemMaand geleden

    This was the first MSFS I used. My friend was kind enough to allow me to "borrow" it on my pc.

  • Johnny
    JohnnyMaand geleden

    I grew up with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight I enjoyed it so much.

  • In Out Door
    In Out DoorMaand geleden

    “The camel-detonating choppers of LHX” - LGR, 2020

  • Anthony Wan
    Anthony WanMaand geleden

    I can't wait until 2050: Flight Sim 2020 was AMAZING for it's time!!!

  • Michael Karger
    Michael KargerMaand geleden

    Thank you for reminding me how old I am... I played this one as well! :-D

  • ITAC85
    ITAC85Maand geleden

    I love the new intro!

  • zerotonine807
    zerotonine807Maand geleden

    that "NOW WHAT?" just killed me xD

  • Yerba
    YerbaMaand geleden

    Amazing, I played MS 95 as a 10 year old kid. I was running a 486 processor. Mind you I rented MS 95 from a blockbuster type of a store 😂

  • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw
    Driftliketokyo34 FtwMaand geleden

    Should I tell Clint about SimplePlanes?

  • Fur 10
    Fur 10Maand geleden

    The art on the cover of the versions is the most beautiful I have ever seen, I wish it were still like that, remembers the golden age of aviation

  • GuitarsAre LikeStupid
    GuitarsAre LikeStupidMaand geleden

    I went crazy with the scenery designer and made my entire town. I also remember a scenery pack that included a massive house that you could fly around, complete with a grand piano. The pack also included huge tunnels and a massive forest.

  • RuskiWaffle1991
    RuskiWaffle1991Maand geleden

    Jesus f*cking christ, this man has a whole shelf only for old sims!

  • itzame Dave
    itzame DaveMaand geleden

    Oh wow I've owned them all good stuff

  • Emilia Richmond
    Emilia RichmondMaand geleden

    I thought I’d mention the sound of the Cessna right at the start of the video actually sounds pretty similar to the electrical buzz you might hear in a headset while flying.

  • Crackleberries
    CrackleberriesMaand geleden

    How expensive would this have been to run back in the day

  • Trujeados
    TrujeadosMaand geleden

    8:30 straight up looks like an invitation

  • manley1979
    manley1979Maand geleden

    I guess I'm officially old because I remember the Chuck Yeager flight sim as the first lol

  • adds reclame
    adds reclameMaand geleden

    That cover art is so good

  • Brandon Akey
    Brandon AkeyMaand geleden

    Where can I preorder this?

  • Michael Zaite
    Michael ZaiteMaand geleden

    How odd, it didn't crash, or take a whole day to install......the past was so ....... Primitive.

  • Charles W
    Charles WMaand geleden

    Ah yes, the city of Chicago with its four buildings

  • Kai Olsen
    Kai OlsenMaand geleden

    8:31 ooh I can re create 9/11

  • Cara Miles
    Cara MilesMaand geleden

    I am having heavy childhood flashbacks!

  • HailAnts
    HailAntsMaand geleden

    I had the original subLogic Flight Sim. Bought it mall-order from a computer magazine for $35. Got it on cassette for my Model I Radio Shack TRS-80. Even had the WWI Flying Ace game in it..

  • elbob086
    elbob086Maand geleden

    My dog went crazy when the engine noise started

  • anthony vileta
    anthony viletaMaand geleden

    My first in the series was fs2004 a century of flight

  • Philip Yates
    Philip YatesMaand geleden

    Ah, when we all had to ask Manuel because there wasn't enough space on the disk to store the info.

  • AmericanMan 1967
    AmericanMan 1967Maand geleden

    Have you ever done any thing in Linux

  • Juanita Morgan
    Juanita MorganMaand geleden

    The amused carol apically breathe because helen partly jump midst a deep plant. vivacious, steady support

  • Pelago _
    Pelago _Maand geleden

    The fact that community members and companies could sell further add-ons is cool as hell.

  • Lukas K
    Lukas KMaand geleden

    lol i have the same mouse

  • Rocío P Ch
    Rocío P ChMaand geleden

    My dad installed it on a computer we had back at my aunts' house. The computer itself was in a bedroom at the end of an hallway, and had doors that blocked the passage from the living room to the hallway and another one that divided the hallway from the bedroom. I used to imagine it was the loading bridge 😂 I was a flight attendant and a pilot at the same time, lol 😅

  • Johnjohn
    JohnjohnMaand geleden

    Did you ever find those larger colour versions from the manual?

  • cobrocks
    cobrocksMaand geleden

    Is there any way you can post a list of all the Fighter/Flight games you have on your shelf?

  • Mr_Tea_Rexx
    Mr_Tea_Rexx2 maanden geleden

    man i played a crap ton of falcon 3.0 during my time growing up the F-16 was my favorite fighterjet

  • Roy David
    Roy David2 maanden geleden

    Nice, i wasn't even born yet.

  • jason19twofour
    jason19twofour2 maanden geleden

    I tried mouse and keyboard in 2020, it's pretty bad.

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro2 maanden geleden

    a video with all add-ons installed?

  • avi8r66
    avi8r662 maanden geleden

    Man that brings back memories. Good memories.

    IIAOPSW2 maanden geleden

    Which version added the 200 knot hot air balloons?

  • Ambrus Nemes
    Ambrus Nemes2 maanden geleden

    Landing on the carrier, was my favourite task to do!

  • Corban Damukaitis
    Corban Damukaitis2 maanden geleden

    What about crimson skies?!

  • Red Pill Productions Canada
    Red Pill Productions Canada2 maanden geleden

    Flight simulator 4.slow

  • 42r14n 42R14N
    42r14n 42R14N2 maanden geleden

    1:38 that cover is kinda sus

  • Mathias Tesoni
    Mathias Tesoni2 maanden geleden

    I am getting boring. I go "off".

  • Akeem
    Akeem2 maanden geleden

    this looks like roblox