Microsoft Bob Experience: Was It Really THAT Bad?

Wetenschap en technologie

This is the infamous Microsoft Bob from 1995. Often ridiculed for being childish, overpriced, and introducing us to Comic Sans and Clippy. But was Bob truly as terrible as its reputation suggests?
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  • LGR
    LGR3 jaar geleden

    Next piece of odd Windows software to cover: Bonzi Buddy? Thoughts? EDIT: I DID IT

  • Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones

    10 maanden geleden

    An old boss of mine installed Bonzi Buddy. Dear oh dear.

  • Connor Weller

    Connor Weller

    Jaar geleden


  • SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

    SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

    Jaar geleden

    just remember to use a condom, bonzi has some nasty STD's

  • Dwern


    Jaar geleden

    E x p a n d D o n g

  • The Raddest Chad

    The Raddest Chad

    Jaar geleden

    @Gamernate_ moore who? ME? Yeah. Why?

  • Tegan pilots a Chicken
    Tegan pilots a ChickenDag geleden

    I had this as a kid on my first PC and had a blast with it!! I really enjoyed redecorating the rooms and stuff. It was fun. A lot of unnecessary hate imo.

  • snufflmup
    snufflmup5 dagen geleden

    thank you, Bob, for inventing comic sans, the best font ever created by man

  • Michał Lewczuk
    Michał Lewczuk5 dagen geleden

    Does anybody remember Multimedia Catalog and Microsoft Dinosaurs etc.?

  • J C
    J C6 dagen geleden

    11:25 Frylock assistant

  • Prima Mawitjere
    Prima Mawitjere8 dagen geleden

    Nice vdeos..

  • Geno Salvati
    Geno Salvati9 dagen geleden

    I was at a Microsoft Office launch (2007 maybe) where they literally killed Clippee on stage. Ballmer...

  • Mateo Ombao
    Mateo Ombao9 dagen geleden

    2:37 wait a minute is it just me or is that sus (look at the red clock)

  • Wolfy_Boy104 TheGreat
    Wolfy_Boy104 TheGreat12 dagen geleden

    lol. LGRVill

  • Al Brundage
    Al Brundage12 dagen geleden

    Did the color printers necessary to print those fancy designed greeting cards even exist in 1995?

  • Captain Synaptic
    Captain Synaptic13 dagen geleden

    Voice kind of reminds me of Tom Hatten.

  • Mandy Oxbrow
    Mandy Oxbrow13 dagen geleden

    Had this as a young teenager, and loved the concept, but managing households and my taxes wasn’t relevant.

  • MateG2k10
    MateG2k1017 dagen geleden

    I used it in a vm in windows 95

  • Bruce Grubb
    Bruce Grubb17 dagen geleden

    Reminds me of the front end set up people were using HyperCard (1987) on the Mac for, Though Hypercard was insanely flexible. Despite it's limitations it was light years ahead of BoB.

  • Kai Davis
    Kai Davis17 dagen geleden

    4:14 komedee

  • sunshine
    sunshine17 dagen geleden

    it looked fun though!

  • ExperimentalHalfHour
    ExperimentalHalfHour17 dagen geleden

    If you grab the files for the assistants you can copy them to the directory that MS Office used around this time and add Bob assistants to your MS Word!

  • bob
    bob18 dagen geleden

    Hey , thats's me !

  • ViVi
    ViVi19 dagen geleden

    as a certified idiot, I would totally still use this, especially the letter writer and address book. also the style is super cute as well so idk, I kinda like Bob

  • CatPublishingStudios
    CatPublishingStudios22 dagen geleden

    I can tell why people hated microsoft bob. That face is just so freaking disturbing.

  • Ducks are ur lords
    Ducks are ur lords22 dagen geleden

    But comic sans is my favorite font...

  • Dave Sunhammer
    Dave Sunhammer22 dagen geleden

    Not for you or anyone else to tell me if "Bob" was bad for me. If you liked it or hated it good for you. Me? Effing resource wasting banal bloatware geared for housewives and little kids.

  • Dusk Fall
    Dusk Fall23 dagen geleden

    This reminds me of the magic school bus game. We'd play it at my friend's dad's laptop in the late 90s.

  • Jim Phoenix
    Jim Phoenix23 dagen geleden

    Clippit: The 'T' is silent.

  • RedBreadToasty
    RedBreadToasty26 dagen geleden

    Should've been called, MicroBOB

  • Roxana Victoria Zotescu
    Roxana Victoria Zotescu28 dagen geleden


  • chocoboasylum
    chocoboasylum29 dagen geleden

    It's actually kind of charming. Mid-nineties me probably didn't have much accounting to do either, but playing around with the furniture and printing greeting cards would have been fun. I used to print greeting cards in other applications that were a lot simpler, on a 1985 PC with just MS DOS. Still fun, though. Ant borders all the way.

  • R W
    R W29 dagen geleden

    Whoa.... Clippy is a new Mandala effect you found

  • Tim Ramich
    Tim Ramich29 dagen geleden

    The whole Clippy/Clippit thing is an example of the mandela effect. It was changed.

  • Alto
    AltoMaand geleden

    2:33 omg among us

  • miles rigby
    miles rigbyMaand geleden

    bob xp

  • Tommy Victor Buch
    Tommy Victor BuchMaand geleden

    Totally irrelevant for a cat person.

  • The Watcher
    The WatcherMaand geleden

    Who Else Remembers Cyber Bob From The Movie, 'The Net', Also From 1995.

  • Nova Gaming
    Nova GamingMaand geleden

    Don't be mean to Bob

  • Niall C
    Niall CMaand geleden

    This looks awfully like the WMR Cliff House...

  • Cheston Kordys
    Cheston KordysMaand geleden

    The thick trombone numerically look because population gully entertain till a panicky pond. black, omniscient trouble

  • Staś Wasyl
    Staś WasylMaand geleden


  • Hina Baby
    Hina BabyMaand geleden

    “Bob the drag queen”

  • Nagashi Satoshi
    Nagashi SatoshiMaand geleden

    Water damage in my lap top pleas3 get back to me

  • kelleylmiller
    kelleylmillerMaand geleden

    Microsoft Bob walked so Clippy and emojis could fly...

  • VioletStorm
    VioletStormMaand geleden

    Environments like these are having a resurgence thanks to VR

  • Michael Turner
    Michael TurnerMaand geleden

    I never saw it originally, but then I think Microsoft Bob was only released in the US.

  • Stone Previous
    Stone PreviousMaand geleden

    They should bring back the Microsoft Balloon.

  • calvinthedestroyer
    calvinthedestroyerMaand geleden

    Never saw it myself but dam that's expensive! Not only Is the program $100 but you also have to buy more ram! 4megs would of been like $150 back then.

  • Makaseil Amallee
    Makaseil AmalleeMaand geleden

    8.45 - Blue Screen of Death

  • Makaseil Amallee

    Makaseil Amallee

    Maand geleden

    go to this number : 8:45

  • Anita Vaszilkó
    Anita VaszilkóMaand geleden

    LGR: Who Calls Softwares Bob? Me: LOL

  • Cheems Cheemsburger
    Cheems CheemsburgerMaand geleden

    My mom bought a copy in 1995 and it still have it and in the year 1996 when win nt 4.0 workstation was released my mom bought a copy of it and installed the copy on our family pc and the after a year my mom let me and my dad to install ms bob (my mom still have all of the windows and ms dos and a few programs install cd and floopy)

  • Secret Chest
    Secret ChestMaand geleden

    This looks like a scratch project

  • Brody Sawyer
    Brody Sawyer2 maanden geleden

    But I really like the normal computer layout. I'm boring I guess.

  • ninjacat230
    ninjacat2302 maanden geleden

    can you make custom objects for programs?

  • Troy Carter
    Troy Carter2 maanden geleden

    Psychosoft Bindows The next big thing to ruin Microsoft Windows.

  • Mika Misaki
    Mika Misaki2 maanden geleden

    I loved MS Bob when I was a kid

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller2 maanden geleden

    BoB was Microsoft's attempt to emulate the cool interfaces we saw on movies like Hackers. But, they couldn't be edgy like the ones in the movies, because they didn't want to offend anyone, and get sued.

  • Best Bro kalafior
    Best Bro kalafior2 maanden geleden

    Bob is good game for kids i can even buy it for win10 and i am going to play with my younger sister

  • Uncle Jay
    Uncle Jay2 maanden geleden

    I don't get why everyone is always shitting on Comic Sans. It's a font. The only job a font has is to convey a message, which it does perfectly fine.

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry
    It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry2 maanden geleden

    Today: Second Life !!!

  • Muhd Rizal Affandi
    Muhd Rizal Affandi2 maanden geleden

    Peckard Bell have its own version of BoB

  • Rory McGuire
    Rory McGuire2 maanden geleden

    This screams less “this is for kids”, but more “this is for grandma”

  • DjinFreeMind
    DjinFreeMind2 maanden geleden

    Reminds me of that strange interface on Packard Bells.

  • Dan S
    Dan S2 maanden geleden

    Dave called his software Bob

  • dibyo haldar
    dibyo haldar2 maanden geleden

    Imagine if it were an IOT software and it allows you to remotely manage your house, kitchen and everything. Imagine how cool it would be.

  • LaserButtonz
    LaserButtonz2 maanden geleden

    Where can I get the physical disc ?

  • Trevor Hunting
    Trevor Hunting2 maanden geleden


  • YoyomaG6
    YoyomaG62 maanden geleden

    I was 15 when Bob came out. As a 9th grader, i thought it was really cool and really cute. Helped my little brother navigate windows. I knew everyone was laughing about it but we liked it. Fast forward to 1999 and we all had the Tahni desk mate!

  • 4Legacy
    4Legacy2 maanden geleden

    13:53 Greeting cards?!? Pshht, with those designs, I'm making Dixie cups!

  • DokValentine
    DokValentine2 maanden geleden

    Way before it’s time

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas2 maanden geleden

    Is this where "Toys for Bob" got its name?

  • The Little Dragon
    The Little Dragon2 maanden geleden

    It isn't Comic Sans, it's actually Dom Casual.

  • Matthew Kershner
    Matthew Kershner2 maanden geleden

    Holy shit LGR, are you actually from TN? That'd be wild. I'm from Sevierville/Gatlinburg. lol

  • Pat Hurley
    Pat Hurley3 maanden geleden

    should print some

  • Omega999
    Omega9993 maanden geleden

    Comic Sans Bonzi Buddy Clippy Microsoft Bob MS-Dos Windows Vista Windows ME “It’s not that bad” -Some people I guess. N O S T A L G I A .

  • bensai sakura
    bensai sakura3 maanden geleden

    I remember as a kid i had Microsoft Bob on floppy disks so yeah, it was available as something other than a CD. And yeah, the customization was pretty nice for the time.

  • adrien Pinard
    adrien Pinard3 maanden geleden

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  • mercster
    mercster3 maanden geleden

    I think by "list program" you mean "simple spreadsheet/database software".

  • mercster
    mercster3 maanden geleden

    I'm 43 years old, I remember seeing BOB on shelves ;-)

  • mercster


    3 maanden geleden

    Honestly, though most techies laughed at it and it failed miserably, my 70 year old mother would love Bob. I think this was for that kind of market... young kids or old people. It also wasn't clear, at the time this was released, how "normal people" would react to the rapidly advancing GUIs of the era. I think it's a cool product.

  • mercster


    3 maanden geleden

    HEY you're in TN?! So am I!

  • stella
    stella3 maanden geleden

    i adore clippy

  • Xeveniah Darkwind
    Xeveniah Darkwind3 maanden geleden

    I was a beta tester for it it was supposed to be the windblows95 gui aka graphical user interface.. I love windows for workgroups / wfw 3.11 interface or Nt 3.51... interface this made me want to shatter the crt monitor to treat the migraines it induced.. bob was the worst shell of computer interface history... MS-DOS shell was a dream give me dos 6.22

  • Sharks Are Cool
    Sharks Are Cool3 maanden geleden

    for the easily amused

  • Gimpygamer
    Gimpygamer3 maanden geleden

    Oh wow major nostalgia I loved this thing blew my 10 year old mind I couldn’t get over how “interactive” it was 😂

  • Peter D Morrison
    Peter D Morrison3 maanden geleden

    The Comic Sans font is no laughing matter. It is actually the most readable font for anyone with dyslexia.

  • Charlie Clapp
    Charlie Clapp3 maanden geleden

    The only thing worse than Microsoft B☹B is Mac OS

  • MR.Strawberry13
    MR.Strawberry133 maanden geleden

    I think if they would sell it as a pc for kids, it would do a good job

  • Scoth
    Scoth3 maanden geleden

    Apparently Bob was shipped to many millions of computers, in a encrypted state. Go watch the video "The Secret History of Microsoft Bob - by Retired Microsoft Engineer Davepl".

  • findantu
    findantu3 maanden geleden

    Fuck bob

  • Jess L.
    Jess L.3 maanden geleden

    I was a kid and my aunt had this. I thought it was just a fun game. I played it for hours. Scuz was my favorite character! I loved it!!! I never knew it was a flop!

  • Skirmishers Southport
    Skirmishers Southport3 maanden geleden

    Dave plumbers got a you tube channel now called Dave's Garage. He says he secretly shipped Bob with every copy of windows xp.

  • Heavy0331
    Heavy03314 maanden geleden

    fun fact: Comic Sans shows up better on aliasing than times new roman or something like that.

  • Tre Hamilton
    Tre Hamilton4 maanden geleden

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  • Danny 120
    Danny 1204 maanden geleden

    I think i found it was activated B🤓b on Windows Xp

  • Elijah Da Human
    Elijah Da Human4 maanden geleden

    I tried it out once on a windows XP laptop awhile back and I don’t think it’s that bad of a program.It’s not my cup of tea, but I understand what Microsoft was trying to achieve.

  • BigSleepyOx
    BigSleepyOx4 maanden geleden

    Wait, is Comic Sans frowned upon? I use it all the time taking notes in OneNote. Am I in the wrong? lol

  • Lala
    Lala4 maanden geleden

    This is like Magic School Bus for productivity, but with a lot of text.

  • Windows 7
    Windows 74 maanden geleden

    micrososft bob sucks!

  • skrvmz
    skrvmz4 maanden geleden

    I think the idea of a dog talking in times new roman is cuter than a doofus comic sans dog

  • The Real Red Rabbit
    The Real Red Rabbit5 maanden geleden

    Macrohard Robert

  • brolookatyou
    brolookatyou5 maanden geleden

    *collapsing in a pile of darkness*

  • Frankie Paul
    Frankie Paul5 maanden geleden

    What were they thinking!.

  • Sapp440
    Sapp4405 maanden geleden

    Why didn't they call it Bill?

  • PrivateSi
    PrivateSi5 maanden geleden

    Micky Mouse OS creator taking the pi$$ to extremes.... Personally, if you can't program the CPU you shouldn't be using the computer!

  • Carter R
    Carter R5 maanden geleden

    hold on that's really cute i want this.