LGR - Thrifts [Ep.45] Unprecedented Times

This is a bit of a different Thrifts in terms of how it came together. With all that's going on I haven't gone out much at all, so there's very little footage here that's recent. I had a decent amount recorded from before March 2020, just not enough for a full episode. So I filled out the video with stuff that didn't make the cut in older episodes!
If currents trends are any indication, this will be the final Thrifts video for a while, at least in its usual form. Stores are currently reopening, but I'm not yet comfortable going out traveling all over the region to thrift like I used to. That being said, I think this mishmash of footage came together okay all things considered, so I hope you enjoy!
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Music is all royalty-free. Tracks used in order of appearance:
"Branches", "Mining By Moonlight", and "Spy Groove"
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  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb6 uur geleden

    Clint should've called it "The stew episode" because it's a stew of cut footage and new footage.

  • Dylan Wheeler
    Dylan Wheeler7 dagen geleden

    Wow how did I miss the circuit benders favorite of yesteryear the Barbie Kareoke machine in this episode?

  • vengeance1701
    vengeance17019 dagen geleden

    Easy Bake seems to be from 1971 and is called the 'Mod Design'.

  • sonomama82
    sonomama8211 dagen geleden

    The outfield! Should’ve snatched that up.

  • Danny0
    Danny016 dagen geleden

    2:01 That's what she said

  • Piece of Schmidt Gamer
    Piece of Schmidt Gamer18 dagen geleden

    14:00 I personally wouldn't buy that case for 75 bones. It's probably at least 5-6 years old and there are plenty of really good modern cases of that size class at that price point. Maybe if it were closer to half that price, say $40 bucks, I'd _maybe_ consider it, but that's assuming it's a complete package and considering the missing 3.5 inch bay cover, I think it's a safe bet it's not.

  • Piece of Schmidt Gamer
    Piece of Schmidt Gamer18 dagen geleden

    LGR: *mentions Tandy* Linkara: ...and I took that personally!

  • Larry Royovitz
    Larry Royovitz18 dagen geleden

    How do they got off asking so much money for what, for some items at least, are complete garbage!

  • biboKralle
    biboKralle19 dagen geleden

    22:20 wtf - the chernobyl miniseries for 3,49??

  • bentsignpost
    bentsignpost20 dagen geleden

    Looked like there was a Technics DD turntable with track search in the 1st GW...

  • Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley21 dag geleden

    9:39 The Concertmate. I had one of these. And 11:28 the Heathkit digital design breadboard. I also had one of these.

  • Will G
    Will G22 dagen geleden

    2:32 man, I want that little end table next to the radio. What goodwill do you shop at? I wonder if it's still there.

  • PplsChampion
    PplsChampion24 dagen geleden

    21:15 human music

  • catst_22
    catst_2225 dagen geleden

    That rainbow vacuum is a really good deal, if it works. They cost loads

  • Hedayat SM
    Hedayat SM25 dagen geleden

    Rainbow vacuums used to be high end vacuums sold for disgustingly high prices. Had one of those before. Used water back in the day.

  • Hedayat SM
    Hedayat SM25 dagen geleden

    Secret Lab! Proud to be Singaporean! Cheers!

  • Dennis Vieira
    Dennis VieiraMaand geleden

    No goodwill and no thrift makes lgr goes crazy 😂

  • Raven curse2007
    Raven curse2007Maand geleden

    I like that corsair chassis that u came across.

  • John Glielmi
    John GlielmiMaand geleden

    I have the CoCo 3 dual 5-1/4 floppy drive, Multipak interface, tape drive, and almost every cartridge to go with it, even got an old modem that required the phone headset. seeing the CoCo brought back some memories. Maybe the Goodwill is competing with eBay and some of the Auction Prices that you see for this retro stuff you are talking about.

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew ChristiansenMaand geleden

    13:54 THATS MY PC CASE IM RUNNING RIGHT NOW! Carbide 540 air series. Running an asus z170 progaming mobo and a 6700k @ 4.8ghz 24gb RAM, 6gb GTX 1060, & a 500gb 970 EVO m.2. I love that case. Looks like he lost the drive bay plate as did I. Its the BEST case out there for air cooling keeping the PSU, optical drives, and SSDs away from the mobo and heat sensitive chips. Gaming in 4k I run 57C temps on my GPU. I paid 180$ for that case in 2015. Its now 130$ new.

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew ChristiansenMaand geleden

    4:05 I ran that EXACT sound board @ 9 years old in 1999 at my church for the choir and pastors sermon. I had to record each sermon on tape too.

  • Bill Weeks
    Bill WeeksMaand geleden

    I'll bet that Rainbow vacuum still works better than any Dyson today.

  • adrien Pinard
    adrien PinardMaand geleden

    The sincere database ontogenetically unpack because jumper quickly jam sans a moldy pancake. magenta, elastic whale

  • ngiants22
    ngiants22Maand geleden

    Where’s the new video?

  • Brothers in Metal
    Brothers in MetalMaand geleden

    10:00 has some sick advent speakers! Man those are awesome!

  • Bruno Gallichand
    Bruno GallichandMaand geleden

    Hilarious! Thanks man! Was fun.

  • Y C
    Y CMaand geleden

    And for the Thrifts (EP.46) LGR needs a DeLorean and a Hazmat suit. :_:

  • Aditya Sixviandy J
    Aditya Sixviandy J2 maanden geleden

    mannnn those mixer in 04:40 seems amazing! especially if you want to do podcast but don't have budget for new ones, and it have DOZEN CHANNEL! damnnnn

  • shadow the hedgehog
    shadow the hedgehog2 maanden geleden

    at the goodwill with the lucky rock I found someones whole collection of early electronic music. stuff like gary numan, kraftwerk, and some others. also found a simmons SDSV.

  • Thirsty
    Thirsty2 maanden geleden

    I know this is a computer focused channel but The fact that he passed up an outfield record and a pressing of high infidelity made me die inside a bit

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all2 maanden geleden

    odd pointless detail: back in the day drunks would melt records in the oven and drink it to get drunk I shit u not

  • Jake Francis
    Jake Francis2 maanden geleden

    This episode was all in one frankendevice gold. I miss those types of things.

  • stephen graffam
    stephen graffam2 maanden geleden

    Rainbow vac have a lifetime warranty no questions asked. They still make them

  • scottcol23
    scottcol232 maanden geleden

    I think that the goodwills you go to have caught onto your videos and are pricing things ridiculously ,thinking they are Ebay now.

  • scottcol23
    scottcol232 maanden geleden

    Ive watched EVERY single LGR Thrifts episode and I have to say I love this series! I have been a goodwill'er for 20 years now. I live 1/4 mile away from an EPIC location. They have a 100ft wall of nothing but great electronics to parous through. The crappy thing is they do not sell computers of any kind. They get tons of laptops and tablets donated, They have a big sign out from that encourages people to "give their old computer a second life, by donating today! And that ALL PC's are "professionally wiped of personal data"... but they have a contract with a company that gets them all. then they re sell them. I got to go into the Back warehouse because I needed a power supply for a HP laptop and they let me look. what I saw was what looked like about 100 laptops ranging from pentium 4 to new'ish core i5's and i7s. and a pallet of all in one touchscreen HP pavillions. that came from a school district.

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome
    Ass_Burgers_Syndrome2 maanden geleden

    22:48 BOOBIES !

  • hateeternalmaver
    hateeternalmaver2 maanden geleden


  • eelcogg
    eelcogg3 maanden geleden

    Halo CE at a thrift store, damn I feel old :-(

  • The Lord Of Nothing
    The Lord Of Nothing4 maanden geleden

    Cheapskates: AUUUUGHHHHH

  • Mariokid64
    Mariokid644 maanden geleden

    18:18 O_O OK what was that?

  • Mariokid64


    4 maanden geleden

    Lonves maybe?

  • Kekyoin
    Kekyoin4 maanden geleden

    this makes me miss the thrift store SO much

  • CJ Burgandy
    CJ Burgandy4 maanden geleden

    Grew up with a Rainbow Vac. Hated it because you had to fill the tank with water and then empty it after each use. it was supposed to keep down on dust by not having a bag and filter. Growing up in Alaska, it was not fun to walk the water tank to the drainage ditch in the snow if the chore chart put you on vacuuming in the winter.

  • Tony Darre
    Tony Darre4 maanden geleden

    How much was that Dell monitor? That thing looked massive

  • michail okeefe
    michail okeefe4 maanden geleden

    Just love watching your thrifts videos

  • Onkel Stevo
    Onkel Stevo4 maanden geleden

    18:11 - "Monroe" The "M" is missing. Looks like the MONROEmatic CAA-10.

  • Heelix Ranier
    Heelix Ranier5 maanden geleden

    Why is it that most other Goodwill and Salvation Army's have better items than all the ones I have around me? I mean ours are mainly filled with old cheap stereos you'd buy from WalMart or VCRs and DVD players from 20 years ago. There aren't even any good games at most of them. The only one possible worthwhile thing I found at one was an older WW II camera from a fighter jet (but I found out it was only worth about $200, which is what they were asking and it was a pretty common piece so not very rare--but interesting) and a Pentax film camera with lens. But nothing interesting beyond that. Maybe it's just that I'm not going to them enough (I mainly swing in when I'm in the area where I know there are Goodwill stores but this is primarily once a month maybe).

  • Richter


    3 maanden geleden

    What kind of region you live in? Ours is crap but we're essentially amish country.

  • Kurzov
    Kurzov5 maanden geleden

    I know LGR is generally in the southeast, from what I recall, but I ***never*** have seen this variety of old stuff across any of the Goodwill locations I've ever gone to.

  • Brittney
    Brittney5 maanden geleden

    8:38 ... looks like Fartronics. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’ve been watching too much LGR 😂

  • Triggerboy78
    Triggerboy785 maanden geleden

    I began to imagine that you are commentating right in the shop instead of in the post production.. that makes the videos even better :D

  • bluphant
    bluphant5 maanden geleden

    TI99/4-A was my first computer. I still have it. With the optional speech synthesizer.

  • bluphant
    bluphant5 maanden geleden

    I am listening to this ep on those exact harmon-kardon speakers. They're actually very nice :)

  • Joel
    Joel5 maanden geleden

    "Thrift" >Charges upwards of 200 bucks for previously enjoyed computer hardware Shit at that point might as well just stick to ebay.... sheesh

  • Samuel Sadiq
    Samuel Sadiq5 maanden geleden

    Hey Clint, awesome video as always. Maybe you can upload the morse code record on your blurbs channel ;-)

  • Nate Craven
    Nate Craven5 maanden geleden

    3:13 NLdron POOP*

  • Stuart J 1210
    Stuart J 12106 maanden geleden

    Hey Clint whats the make of your record player ? looks very Technics ?

  • TNTMinecart54
    TNTMinecart546 maanden geleden

    6:03 “General Kenobi! You are a bold one!”

  • Erich Kays
    Erich Kays6 maanden geleden

    My local Goodwill Stores and other thrift stores never seem to have good stuff. That VCR you found really stood out to me. It strongly reminds me of my family's first one, which we had in the early 1980s.

  • Blue Chicken
    Blue Chicken6 maanden geleden

    Finally got around to watching this... and gotta say, that album's kinda hard to dance to 🎶

  • Freakish Uproar
    Freakish Uproar6 maanden geleden

    _"Some things have happened since the last Thrifts episode..."_ xD

  • Soul Survivors
    Soul Survivors6 maanden geleden

    Oh man, that Peavey mix board brings back sweet memories. Heavier than a grand piano, worst handle design ever but my trusty workhorse for years way back then.

  • JDDeluxe
    JDDeluxe6 maanden geleden

    Clint sir you are a genius. Was wondering what spy glasses you wear while out thrifting? Most are crap, but yours a damn good! Lovin the content 👍

  • Cratecruncher
    Cratecruncher6 maanden geleden

    After watching you score some good deals I decided to try my local Goodwill stores in Austin. The prices were ridiculous for anything electronic or computer related. I walked out and decided to never set foot in one of their stores ever again. That was two or three years ago and they've opened another 10 stores in the area!

  • Austin Hale
    Austin Hale6 maanden geleden

    6:45 I have the exact speakers I picked up at my local thrift store years ago and they actually sound great, had to put a new 3.5mm on it but I use them every day, even as a passthrough for my headphones

  • Fossil-bit
    Fossil-bit6 maanden geleden

    Goodwill pricing has been horrible lately all the way down to their tshirts, some being price at $8.

  • John Sparozich
    John Sparozich6 maanden geleden

    Thanks for sharing..Stay safe...

  • Mike Baas
    Mike Baas6 maanden geleden

    My like is for the code record!!!!

  • Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland6 maanden geleden

    21:27 that’s a good place for the stylus cleaner 😃 mine currently resting in the range slider, 1210mk2

  • Elijah Vincent
    Elijah Vincent6 maanden geleden

    00:06 you sounded like as if Joey from Friends was in a Psychiatric Ward.

  • CubicleNate
    CubicleNate6 maanden geleden

    I clearly remember the Rainbow vacuum. My mother and paternal grandmother had those. Instead of a bag, you put water in the base as the medium to capture the dust you vacuum. Nice that there were no bags to throw out but the sludge you would put down the toilet from the process was gross and if you didn't take care of it immediately, it would become an incredible cesspool of nasty. Thanks for sharing!

  • Karl Krauss
    Karl Krauss6 maanden geleden

    I wish anything I own had the words "Space Command" on them.

  • do mingo
    do mingo7 maanden geleden

    i dont think ive ever gone to goodwill & not seen like a dozen herb alpert whipped cream albums.

  • Icyfire91
    Icyfire917 maanden geleden

    Thanks for wearing a mask ☺️

  • Meko Unknown
    Meko Unknown7 maanden geleden

    3:39 I still have that exact same piece in my bedroom...

  • Bingodog
    Bingodog7 maanden geleden

    I just noticed, that LGR lives in my city

  • Alexander Nilsson
    Alexander Nilsson7 maanden geleden

    5:30 to the right, nice shoes

  • Meanie Panini
    Meanie Panini7 maanden geleden

    I haven't been thrifting in awhile, but I quit going to goodwills when one of the workers told me they check ebay for prices. I'd try to go to more Mom and Pop shops, last good thing I found was a TI-83+ graphing calculator for 99 cents (with the cover but not the data cable sadly). Goodwill probably would've marked it at 29.99 or something.

  • PND Customer Service
    PND Customer Service7 maanden geleden

    I have that BSR EQ - theyre worth about $120! Wow they had a stack of ADVENT speakers too! You live in the right place man

  • matt matt
    matt matt7 maanden geleden

    My mom and dad have a similar Rainbow vacuum cleaner. It still works after 25 years

  • ArcanistAbridged
    ArcanistAbridged7 maanden geleden

    alot more voice cracks today

  • Tremaine McCants
    Tremaine McCants7 maanden geleden

    @3:59 i have that mixer in my closet right now!!

  • HiggyNugget
    HiggyNugget7 maanden geleden

    I am so jealous of your Goodwill.

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle7 maanden geleden

    Value Village isn't any better at pricing their items as far as I can tell. Though I did get a PS2 for $14, it was one of those models with the expansion bay. Played Battlefront II for hours that night.

  • Keaton'sProAV
    Keaton'sProAV7 maanden geleden

    Haha. I have that exact peavey mixer in my garage.

  • hippiechick7897
    hippiechick78977 maanden geleden

    My grandma had that exact Zenith tv!

  • Trottotrot
    Trottotrot7 maanden geleden

    Rainbow vacuums were sold door to door. They actually went out of business in 2007 i believe. But they were expensive.

  • dollores
    dollores7 maanden geleden

    Shoulda grabbed that rainbow vacuum

  • Ian Zainea
    Ian Zainea7 maanden geleden

    My mom had a rainbow vacuum, almost just like that. Uses water.

  • R. Voogt
    R. Voogt7 maanden geleden

    So glad you took the mouse with you, now it has a good home. :)

  • Winston Dillon
    Winston Dillon7 maanden geleden

    Hey! Thanks for the upload! Have you thought about using smzeus . c o m to help you grow your channel?

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker7 maanden geleden

    LOL LGR is kinda going a bit nuts.

  • Milk_ape_is_milky
    Milk_ape_is_milky7 maanden geleden

    Can literally sense his horrible breath and bo.

  • j g
    j g7 maanden geleden

    For second I was afraid he was putting the Morse code record back😂That's pretty cool.

  • j g
    j g7 maanden geleden

    I'd have bought the globe. I went to school for geography and love maps. Some of my earliest memories are playing with my grandparents globe. 30+ years later they still have that same globe lol. Funny too see how much it's changed since the 70s. They also have every National Geographic since the 50s. Reading the ads is fun. Strange how we went from trying to get as many words as possible in ads, to as few as possible. They used to wrote essays for ads😂

  • kabes friedrice
    kabes friedrice7 maanden geleden

    I think we can call that old clock/radio/lamp "Fungly" as well as anything else in it's family

  • Bradley Ward
    Bradley Ward7 maanden geleden

    SO YOUR TELLING ME you go to thrift stores twice a week for SIX MONTHS and still only get 3 items and 1 lgr thrift. IM CALLING WOODGRAIN BS

  • BonnieBoi 9743
    BonnieBoi 97437 maanden geleden

    I like the new intro

  • Jaded Jester
    Jaded Jester7 maanden geleden

    Am I the only one who thought that "Angie", of Angie's Closet, is dead and that's why all her shit is in Goodwill? 🤣

  • Cade Edwards
    Cade Edwards7 maanden geleden

    Thanks again for one of these Thrifting Videos. It got me checking my local Value Village and I found an Intel i3 Dell Latitude E5410 laptop from 2010 that runs Windows 10 Pro perfectly for only $12.00 - CRAZY!

  • totophi
    totophi7 maanden geleden

    You got my upvote due to the infectious enthusiasm shown for many things that I otherwise would not have even looked at. 😎 Some interesting bits like the suitcase turntable, and the Tandberg screen with mystery connections. I wonder if they would have taken offers/haggling on the overpriced items. You’re so right - $200 would be an appropriate amount to spend on a modern SFF desktop, not a TI 99/4A. P.S. Did you not find any Nerf dart blasters? 😁 Aaaahhh, the blessings of insufficient space and money.

  • Mr Roboto
    Mr Roboto7 maanden geleden

    Man seriously? You got some awsome good wills out there. I never find any vintage electronics in the stores around my area. Rather jelous... Perhaps I should move! lol. Keep up the good work and content bud been a fan for a very long time.