LGR - The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Review


Gameplay and overview of the SEVENTEENTH stuff pack to The Sims 4. What items can sims knit together in their rocking chairs? How does selling on Plopsy compare to Etsy? And is the pack more yawn than yarn, even with a metal radio station? Let's see!
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  • LGR
    LGR5 maanden geleden

    To those asking about reviewing the Star Wars pack... twitter.com/lazygamereviews/status/1303336772311691266

  • Daniel King

    Daniel King

    2 maanden geleden

    @Mia Carr the comment lol

  • Mia Carr

    Mia Carr

    3 maanden geleden

    you still didn't do star wars from what I've seen (if u have pls someone link ) :P

  • Ana-Maria Deliu

    Ana-Maria Deliu

    3 maanden geleden

    How about Snowy Escape? Sorry if it has been asked before, I couldn't find it.

  • Liam Jones

    Liam Jones

    3 maanden geleden

    Holy fuck that was the greatest review I’ve ever read

  • Anastasia Moffatt

    Anastasia Moffatt

    3 maanden geleden

    I like watching you review them so I can see what’s in the pack and your commentary makes me laugh🥺

  • 〤sic
    〤sic8 dagen geleden

    I really just want to get this for the metal radio. So, I’m here to see if there’s more I’d be interested in other than the metal radio.

  • Emmi
    Emmi9 dagen geleden

    You think “arts and crafts” you think making cards, building models, knitting (and sewing, making quilts etc.) making little sculptures, making candles, painting, the list goes on. More things for kids too.

  • Rogue
    Rogue12 dagen geleden

    Ive decided not to bother with Sims 5 when it comes about. I feel like by buying their expansions and packs in the past I and anybody else unhappy with it is just encouraging it. I'll leave it a year or so, see if EA put any effort into it at all but if they were gonna do that they'd start now with the final years of The Sims 4. It's a shame how it's gone but at least The Sims 2 and 3 are timeless classics to go back to.

  • Killer Saiyan Gaming
    Killer Saiyan Gaming16 dagen geleden

    Looking at this stuff pack. It's very nice. love the rocking chair. Knitting looks like it should be comboed with snowey escape and seasons but I think the knitted mailbox and some stuff is cute. But as a person trying to decide if I should buy this or paranormal I'll say ide wait and buy it for 5$ and not 10$ a piece I'll snag them for 10$ in total later on

  • Masha Chan
    Masha Chan26 dagen geleden

    Well instead of just knitting they should’ve added crocheting, embroidery, rug tufting, things that needs the use yarn or a needle and a thread. At least it’s less boring

  • Asgardian Queen 1014
    Asgardian Queen 1014Maand geleden

    Personally, I'd rather put up with randomness like this than the Environmentally aware stuff.

  • Iben Skou Andersen
    Iben Skou AndersenMaand geleden

    what is the least disappointing stuff pack?

  • Demonic Monica
    Demonic MonicaMaand geleden

    Why couldn't they just add metal without putting it in a terrible pack.

  • LucidDream
    LucidDreamMaand geleden

    I imagine the only fun from this pack would be creating your own sweat shop.

  • Samantha
    SamanthaMaand geleden

    I was actually keen for this pack 😂 I’m sad I know lol

  • 2Scribble
    2ScribbleMaand geleden

    Now we get down to the KNITYY GRITTY :D

  • biscuit
    biscuitMaand geleden

    Honestly this just feels like custom content that you fork over $9.99 for. I've seen modders and custom content creators create stunning, game changing and useful things for the Sims series and releasing it for free. When players are creating whole locations with an open-world concept, or creating furniture and clothes that people will actually wear and use, it's a pretty obvious sign that the Sims team needs to approach packs differently. moral of the story is to support your favorite custom content creators and modders, don't waste your money on another stuff pack you don't need from a company that doesn't listen.

  • ehkä sitte myöhemmin
    ehkä sitte myöhemminMaand geleden

    Ah, another lovely day to say you are Finnish 5:45

  • Anto theja
    Anto thejaMaand geleden

    Why no journey to batu?

  • LucidDream


    Maand geleden

    Look at the pinned comment. He didn't cover it because he said he was tired of covering sims 4 and that there are only so many ways of saying that something sucks. And the pack does suck.

  • Nikki S
    Nikki S2 maanden geleden

    Was literally about to purchase this and thought ' Hmmm, better check what LGR thinks...' *Removes from basket* Thanks for saving my £10 👍☺️

  • Neorin
    Neorin2 maanden geleden

    me, who knits with a random assortment of LGR videos in the background: :) LGR: KNITTING!!! me, jumping out of my chair to face the computer and praying this isn't the simulation: D:

  • Gaini Gaini
    Gaini Gaini2 maanden geleden

    It’s the boringest thing I have ever seen

  • Logan Braveheart
    Logan Braveheart2 maanden geleden

    I think the Sims has a huge age demographic problem!

  • DangerousKittenFangs
    DangerousKittenFangs2 maanden geleden

    Sims 4 is such an embarrassment of a game. They should turn this into a free to play and be done with it.

  • Nutter Raven
    Nutter Raven2 maanden geleden

    I got mine half off 😌 not the best purchase but I love the little plushies ☺️

  • rm jerome
    rm jerome2 maanden geleden

    Does the help of custom content still finds you feeling ts4 is boring? I guess you're right EA shouldn't expect modders to take their place where they are lacking- realizing what we truly love in the S4. It's only now that I feel EA is catching on to collaborating with modder and youtube that care about the content of their game.We care about the details and Sims 4 just regressed in that gameplay.

  • MagicalRanter224
    MagicalRanter2242 maanden geleden

    Remaining question: are any of these stuff packs worse than the Katy Perry one?

  • Stories by Irish
    Stories by Irish2 maanden geleden

    If I played The Sims 4 for fun, I'd be as disappointed as you and everyone else is with the game. Personally, I'm a builder/storyteller, so the packs more or less work for what I play it for. Edit: roflmfao, the woman in the rocking chair and knitting while listening to metal is hilarious... omg... reminds me of that scene from Monsters Inc University - mom in a mumu listening to metal while her kid and others break into the scare factory 🤣

  • Corehaven22
    Corehaven222 maanden geleden

    I honestly feel like this is a joke.

  • Wynter Johnson
    Wynter Johnson2 maanden geleden

    I feel like the sims 4 modders should just make they one real life simulator together it will be 5x greater than the sims 4

  • LucidDream


    Maand geleden

    Would be nice. The people who make Sims seem to have lost their creativity.

  • Whomst'd've
    Whomst'd've2 maanden geleden

    This could've been a great game pack if it was just an arts and crafts thing, not just knitting. Add in all the ideas suggested, knitting, embroidery, glass melding, edible art, sculpture, maybe some other stuff! If there were all these things I'd totally buy it, especially since I embroider irl and love it! But this is just pure shit on its own

  • Adam James
    Adam James3 maanden geleden

    I love this pack! Everything in it is so cute and the Plopsy store is great for a more realistic way to make money for other skills (eg selling paintings on plopsy rather than magically at the easel lol).

  • julian lecei
    julian lecei3 maanden geleden

    Can u believe I spent money on this pack because of the hair....👁👄👁 I mean I don’t even know how to get my sim to knit.

  • walmart khaleesi
    walmart khaleesi3 maanden geleden

    Lol remember Open for Business? Good times

  • K Dow07
    K Dow073 maanden geleden

    Not gonna lie...Nifty Knitting is great for rags to riches. I love to force my sims to succeed from the ground up. My typical rags to riches is a sim with nothing on the lot and the only way they can make money is one way. I.e. If Sim has a job, they can't find frogs/dig/harvest. If they dig/find frogs/harvest, they can't fish. Nifty Knitting Challenge adds a new challenge. Naked on a lot.

  • nelly_kins
    nelly_kins3 maanden geleden

    who exactly are these community members voting on these packs? I can't believe that a pack about knitting was the one with the highest votes lmao

  • Twisted Logic Coasters
    Twisted Logic Coasters3 maanden geleden

    Disappointing you stopped doing let’s plays of the Sims 4

  • Laura Timmel
    Laura Timmel3 maanden geleden

    Thank you for introducing me to the World Heavy Metal Knitting Championships!

  • MissLilyPlays
    MissLilyPlays3 maanden geleden

    It's the metal grandma pack tbh.

  • wayfareangel
    wayfareangel3 maanden geleden

    As a knitter, I find the jank knitting animations irksome.

  • DerpySnake
    DerpySnake3 maanden geleden

    Why do Sims players like to vote for the most boring sounding packs? Like we could've gotten Arcade stuff or Dangerous stuff, but players instead thought "You know what? I really wanna do laundry in the Sims."

  • A Human
    A Human3 maanden geleden

    Why not just make a broad “hobbies” game pack? Then they could add like knitting, sewing, sculpting, furniture making maybe a few other crafts... also why can’t you sell knitted objects in existing retail stores? I hope they fixed that.

  • Zeis012
    Zeis0123 maanden geleden

    does anyone know where necrofortress forastu mordoo song comes from? like who’s the author or anything.. I can’t find it anywhere, but it’s so good

  • Lauren Theorist
    Lauren Theorist3 maanden geleden

    It is so scary that this might be the last Sims review we ever get from LGR.

  • Alelric1
    Alelric13 maanden geleden

    Hav LGR done the sims 4 star wars journey to batuu game pack ????

  • Sharlotte Yu
    Sharlotte Yu3 maanden geleden

    won't play sims 4 if it wasn't for all the mods

  • J R
    J R3 maanden geleden

    They are just splitting expansion packs across fifty different stuff packs and ugh. The fact that it took SO LONG for the Sims 4 to get down-right essential mechanics (note that I didn't say expansions, shit like this SHOULD BE IN THE BASE GAME OF A *LIFE* SIM!) like University, Pets, Seasons, etc while they continue to spend time on hyper-focused, puddle deep stuff packs is just dissapointing. A proper arts and crafts stuff pack would've been nice, would've been even better as part of a hobbies pack like Free Time or Ambitions. This stuff is why I just play TS2 and TS3 these days.

  • Chief Kai
    Chief Kai3 maanden geleden

    And they still expect us to buy things from them? Another terrible stuff pack, why do people keep buying stuff from EA? I just feel like a used customer. I hope Paralives comes out soon.

  • Zuckerwatt
    Zuckerwatt3 maanden geleden

    Clint, I love how you ghost the Star Wars Pack. Edit: I didn't knew about the twitter posts. It's so sad seeing THE one and only important simsNLdronr kinda quiting the sims 4. It is sad but also not surprising for me:(

  • HuNG


    3 maanden geleden

    What he said in his tweet

  • Uncle Paul
    Uncle Paul3 maanden geleden

    EA Vs Activision, Money War!

  • Lauren Elizabeth
    Lauren Elizabeth3 maanden geleden

    I’m a sims-Addict, Sims 2 is still my favourite by far, and I want to say I love the sims 4, but it’s so far downhill it breaks my heart. It’s like a family member or dear friend who’s a piece of shit, but you still love them and want them to be good again. I still do find enjoyment in sims 4, but only because of the literal hundreds of mods I use. Both aesthetic CC and gameplay mods, and glitch-fix mods. Sims 4 is just a skeleton that I use mods to turn into an enjoyable experience. I mod Sims 2 as well, but a vanilla game is still enjoyable unlike sims 4😖 Sims 3 was/is also pretty good when it worked but I find its almost always taken hours to load, and mostly just lagged constantly while playing 😟

  • Lorenzo Benito
    Lorenzo Benito3 maanden geleden

    This is why I don't buy every pack that comes along, and I wait for them to be on sale: I feel a lot less disappointed that by The Sims 4 than most people seem to be.

  • shawna h.
    shawna h.3 maanden geleden

    I'm actually really glad he ain't reviewing the stars wars pack cause being honest I wasn't gonna watch that shit 😒

  • FryedWaffle
    FryedWaffle3 maanden geleden

    This is really sad to see the game die I loved the sims 4 I have put hundreds of hours into it I have bought most of the packs and it makes me sad to see this die at this rate there be no sims 5 meaning that one of my favourite series has died

  • C S
    C S3 maanden geleden

    is this real? they thought this was a fun idea?

  • Marin Morg
    Marin Morg3 maanden geleden

    How much does the sims 4 costs if u buy the whole game (base+packs+exp.packs)

  • The Great Arceus

    The Great Arceus

    3 maanden geleden

    Over 700 USD

  • Gamer208010
    Gamer2080103 maanden geleden

    Are you gonna be doing a review of the 64-bit Mac update for TS3?

  • Tiger Bear
    Tiger Bear3 maanden geleden

    If this is what has come to for TS4, it’s going to get more mundane and useless by TS5. Don’t know why people are waiting for it, but it’s gonna be garbage because of EA

  • Rusty Kinks
    Rusty Kinks4 maanden geleden

    This pack isn't even convincing enough to be called bloatware.

  • The Aspiring Writer Of 2021
    The Aspiring Writer Of 20214 maanden geleden

    The Journey to Batuu pack is so bad he didn't even buy it lmao.

  • madison davis

    madison davis

    3 maanden geleden

    I keep coming back to see if he did lol

  • Nicholas Aselis
    Nicholas Aselis4 maanden geleden

    I mostly watch these to see you talk crap on them lol

  • A Human
    A Human4 maanden geleden

    Why can’t you sell the knitted objects in the existing retail stores?

  • LifeRx
    LifeRx4 maanden geleden

    This Sims 4 community voted on this??

  • Breathin Ariana
    Breathin Ariana4 maanden geleden

    Honestly Laundry Day Stuff will always be the best.

  • Shelby Gossett
    Shelby Gossett4 maanden geleden

    No review of the Star Wars pack? 😂

  • The Great Arceus

    The Great Arceus

    4 maanden geleden

    Read the top comment

  • George Theboy
    George Theboy4 maanden geleden

    can you play the sims 3 like you did with the sims 2 and the sims 1 with the expansions

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound4 maanden geleden

    Ralph is in a better place.

  • Valeatrah Lyn
    Valeatrah Lyn4 maanden geleden

    I’d rather learn how to knit irl. Or sew. Or crochet. Why the fuck does EA give us suck lackluster packs?

  • Cyria Angel
    Cyria Angel4 maanden geleden


  • Jusuf Ramadhan
    Jusuf Ramadhan4 maanden geleden

    Just waiting your review about journey on batuu star wars pack here. Because Snowy Escape trailer just launch. Wish you healthy, wealthy, and happy so can make video about the sims 4.

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior4 maanden geleden

    moat expensive unfinished game...

  • GL vs Gal Samuel
    GL vs Gal Samuel4 maanden geleden

    no review on the bullshit pack of "star wars"? only for the laughs you should review it! i can think of a 100 ways you can rip it apart :) pleaseeeee :)

  • Number 445
    Number 4454 maanden geleden

    for EA a patch = DLC

  • Katherine Pierce
    Katherine Pierce4 maanden geleden

    i decided to start playing Sims again after months of not playing, i couldn't wait to see what stuff packs had been released, and the only knew one was this! like really?

  • Diekssus
    Diekssus4 maanden geleden

    I'm sure that LGR is only a few stuf packs away to just open these reviews with "kill me"

  • Padiddles95
    Padiddles954 maanden geleden

    Even the sims get bored of knitting... The realism.

  • star
    star4 maanden geleden

    Hey so I just bought sims 4 recently and I don’t have any expansion packs or anything. Which ones do you (or anyone) recommend to get??? Thanks!

  • star


    4 maanden geleden

    @Lil Desktop Thanks!!

  • star


    4 maanden geleden

    @Jai Kundicevic well sims 4 was cheaper when I bought it. I got it for like $5

  • SnowWitchPrincess


    4 maanden geleden

    @Lil Desktop get every pack on sale they aren't worth full price

  • Lil Desktop

    Lil Desktop

    4 maanden geleden

    SnowWitchPrincess in my opinion no, it's because cats and dogs are just repetitive gameplay loops. The only reason in my opinion to get it is if it's on sale.

  • SnowWitchPrincess


    4 maanden geleden

    Seasons and cats and dogs!

  • Magnum Patrol
    Magnum Patrol4 maanden geleden

    I honestly don’t blame you for stopping your reviews on this trash game. Literally the modding community is what makes this game good and it’s just so sad because I rarely ever put mods in my previous sims games. I do look at others reviews that are honest and I could not believe how bad the Star Wars pack actually was.. not even actual creatures! They are costumes? EA are dicks. And eco living? I’m sorry but no. And this stuff pack I’d never buy. Now they are already pushing out another expansion and I am just like please stop 🛑

  • Grey Time
    Grey Time4 maanden geleden

    Is there any good stuff packs????

  • Alystrin Chudomix
    Alystrin Chudomix4 maanden geleden

    I need your commenting on Star Wars and this TS4 downfall that is happening.

  • Afrikaanse Boi
    Afrikaanse Boi4 maanden geleden

    Ralph is rolling in his grave.

  • Drbigt let's plays
    Drbigt let's plays4 maanden geleden

    I was *really* hoping to hear your thoughts on the Star Wars one.

  • Saltybee


    4 maanden geleden

    I really wanted to hear a rant

  • Drbigt let's plays

    Drbigt let's plays

    4 maanden geleden

    @Naoh Perkins Yeah, I get it. But I would have liked to see Clint cover it anyway.

  • Naoh Perkins

    Naoh Perkins

    4 maanden geleden

    I feel like he is not doing it and I don't blame him the pack is garbage and was made as advertisement of a Disney attraction its sad that it is bad aswell because I'm a huge fan of star wars

  • Blaine Hale
    Blaine Hale4 maanden geleden

    Hey man, I know you might not see this comment but I had to say 1 thing and ask another. Listening to you is like a warm cup of cocoa and a soothing jazz album. Also, would you ever consider playing The Sims Online and doing a review of that? I believe it's in a state no where the community has taken over and now offers Free Sims Online.

  • uH Poggerz
    uH Poggerz4 maanden geleden

    i only want it for the baby onesie because ps4 player:(

  • Genzinio
    Genzinio4 maanden geleden

    Stars wars pack so boring. there’s no rush to review it

  • moth moth
    moth moth4 maanden geleden

    I remember I used to watch ur sims 3 videos when I was younger. When you started posting stuff criticizing sims 4 I was upset because I really liked it but give it a few years and now I see. Now I see...

  • Calipers and Tongs
    Calipers and Tongs4 maanden geleden

    There's some cute items here but this really suffers from the fact that they want to make more money by cutting everything up into tons of tiny packs that don't fit well together in a jigsaw sense. It would be better if they made a larger creative pack with lots of creative, craft and design activities. They could include maker's workshops (like community spaces where you can go and build stuff with other Sims,) have a bunch of objects to create your own workshop/tool area at home. The ability to work on cars like in The Sims 2, knitting, game development (make your own games,) build robots/small electronic devices, general textile and clothes designs, pottery etc. Reintroduce cars in this pack and then have carboot sales (not sure what they're called in America, but like events where you sell stuff out of your car,) and other craft fairs, and events like that. Could introduce robot battles as well for craftable robots and other competitions. I know robots were introduced in university but I think it would have made more sense to put them in a general crafting/tech oriented pack.

  • Troy Spencer
    Troy Spencer4 maanden geleden

    Have you done a review on the basemental drugs mod by any chance? That would be awesome! LOL

  • neither enemy nor friend
    neither enemy nor friend4 maanden geleden

    Why won't this game just die so we can have sims 5

  • Doctorgeo7
    Doctorgeo74 maanden geleden

    Hey fans! We're really struggling here...;( So we need you to spend $1000 on all our DLC! -EA

  • George Theboy
    George Theboy5 maanden geleden

    can you play the sims 3 and do the expansions like you did with the sims 2 and the sims 1?

  • starlightflare
    starlightflare5 maanden geleden

    You are my all time favorite, and first Sims reviewer throughout the years... I just have one question: Where’s the Star Wars?

  • starlightflare


    5 maanden geleden

    I see you now... So sorry to hear that you’ve lost interest. You truly were the best! I Vulcan 🖖🏼 solute in your general direction!

  • Pili Uría Romero
    Pili Uría Romero5 maanden geleden

    :/ Really? A pack JUST FOR KNITTING? They could have done a hobbie pack or something else this is so dissapointing , I would install mods but I don't want my computer to lag or the game :(

  • Cynquilla
    Cynquilla5 maanden geleden

    Idk why but watching your plays and reviews give me a comforting feeling, no matter how true and harsh they may be 😅 thanks Clint. Hoping you do a new Sims review soon

  • Harmony Knight
    Harmony Knight5 maanden geleden

    please do a review for the star wars pack!!

  • Amy Sass
    Amy Sass5 maanden geleden

    Can't wait to see the star wars review

  • GMusicLover311
    GMusicLover3115 maanden geleden


  • airmail dolphin
    airmail dolphin5 maanden geleden

    I was hoping for Naughty Knitting, but, whatever.

  • The Smoking Dog
    The Smoking Dog5 maanden geleden

    It would be cool if people sent LGR Sims 4 mods to review. Something that is actually decent related to Sims 4, but I think Clint is getting broken by the lack of creativity and actual, you know, stuff getting added that is of use to Sims fans. It's all quite sad when a beloved franchise begins to die and is simply being milked to gain more money for EA. I pretty much don't play the Sims the way I use to, it's basically me using tons of mods to make the game a bit too mature for the average gamer. Let's just say that the homicide rate in my Sims 4, is very very high.

  • GrenGoddess
    GrenGoddess5 maanden geleden

    Has EA finally done it? Make a Sims pack SOOO Bad that even Clint won't buy it to review it? Still no Journey to Batuu review. Well,, congrats EA....

  • Xenon
    Xenon5 maanden geleden

    That rocking chair (not those, it’s just the same one 4 times) could be one item in BB with the different variants being swatches like some of the CC. This is just their way of making the items look more numerous so they can “get away” with so little work.

  • Marina Dee
    Marina Dee5 maanden geleden

    Ralph is turning in his little grave.

  • Eier
    Eier5 maanden geleden

    While making your own clothes sounds nice, locked content is something that REALLY doesn't fit with CAS.

  • pezpdx
    pezpdx5 maanden geleden

    Please don’t support EA by buying that stupid Star Wars pack! I rely so much on your reviews because you’re so honest. But it’s really time for the people with the biggest voices to help make changes. Please!