LGR - Sega PC Games: A Retrospective


Taking a relaxed look back at a selection of my Sega PC game collection! They released dozens of great titles on DOS and Windows 9x back in the day and I felt inspired by Sonic Mania to revisit them.
● Titles talked about in the episode:
00:44 Zaxxon
02:05 After Burner
03:48 Daytona USA Deluxe
06:16 Virtua Fighter
08:43 Virtua Squad
10:26 Panzer Dragoon
11:48 Bug!
13:13 House of the Dead
15:45 Baku Baku Animal
16:50 Garfield in TV Land
18:34 Sonic & Knuckles
20:21 Sonic R
22:59 Sonic CD
24:01 Crazy Taxi
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Music used in order of appearance:
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Genesis OST, Not That Serious 3


  • William Sanborn
    William SanbornDag geleden

    I know this is going to generate a lot of hate, but I actually enjoy Sonic R. It was one of my favorite games when I played it via Sonic Gems Collection on GameCube.

  • GammaBoost Gaming
    GammaBoost Gaming4 dagen geleden

    When you realise that the standalone Sonic R box had a Y2K compliant badge on it. Ah yes, a racing game that needs to count it's own time. I guess it makes sense for time trial date codes, but really...

  • Weege64
    Weege644 dagen geleden

    just a selection of my collection. that rymed

  • Carstuff111
    Carstuff1117 dagen geleden

    Ironic that, the first 3D Sega games I played, were on PC. And then I played the console versions, and for the most part, I to this day prefer the PC versions. However, some of the games were better on Sega hardware, and I agree that Crazy Taxi was better on Dreamcast. Thing is, I only got to play it once on Dreamcast. Daytona USA was arcade first for me, I did not like most of the console versions... but the PC did improve the look, even if it failed on the FPS. I miss the days of arcades.

  • Vincent Gidgård
    Vincent Gidgård7 dagen geleden

    FUN FACT: The person singing at 4:55 is Eric Martin. He is the singer and frontman of Mr. Big. And the crazy thing is that he did this after Mr. Big hit it big in the early 90's

  • Sheila olfieWay
    Sheila olfieWay12 dagen geleden

    mushroom hill bg music...

  • Sipp
    Sipp13 dagen geleden

    I still enjoy Sonic R too this day and genuinely don't understand the hate for it, I've never had issues with the controls and my main complaint about the game is the size, i just wish there was more tracks.

  • Jibo Da Grey
    Jibo Da Grey14 dagen geleden

    sonic r soundtrack is like the persona soundtrack before persona... good af

  • Quake Lovecraft
    Quake Lovecraft22 dagen geleden

    Sonic & Garfield is a crossover I wish happened mostly for the sheer ludicrousness

  • R4Z0R84
    R4Z0R84Maand geleden

    Sonic and knuckles seemed a bit brighter as well compared to the genesis, the music was definitely worse though good to see

  • Chris Emptage
    Chris EmptageMaand geleden

    Played Afterburner on a Saga emulator so it closer to the console version dam that was a good game.

  • redrum0127
    redrum0127Maand geleden

    no jet set radio? for shame.

  • Mech Labs
    Mech LabsMaand geleden

    I´m a Sega fan. I brought most, if not all, of those type of legacy games on steam. I played some of those pc versions, but I owned (I believe I still have) Virtua On. Great game.

  • madjimms
    madjimmsMaand geleden

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Sonic. So we put a sonic in your sonic in your sonic so you can spin while you spin while you spin.

  • Brandon Sanchez
    Brandon SanchezMaand geleden

    It's pretty crazy less than 3 years later we now have most of the Yakuza games on the PC along with Persona 4 Golden.

  • TurtleSauceGaming
    TurtleSauceGamingMaand geleden

    why didn't you cover the smash pack and smash pack 2? Smash pack 2 introduced me to Sonic and Comic Zone! edit: oof spoke too soon

  • WiLL WiLL
    WiLL WiLLMaand geleden

    Oh my God! This episode is a return to the happy memories of the past! Fun!!!!!

  • N T
    N TMaand geleden

    Would you ever review Sega Channel? I only have vague memories of renting it once as a kid. There was a Garfield game with a bunch of snow, some Sesame Street games to help kids with patterns and numbers, and an awful Barney game where you could just jump around until you won

  • Juan Domingo Perón
    Juan Domingo PerónMaand geleden

    22:44 sounds like a police car

  • voldem0rt
    voldem0rtMaand geleden

    Holy crap!!! Your "Crazzzzy Taxi, Hey Hey Hey!!!" Impression is SPOT ON!!

  • Anthony Bradley
    Anthony BradleyMaand geleden

    interesting that sega went to the hassle of composing a red book audio soundtrack for the garfield game... maybe the game was going to be released on the sega cd and it got cancelled due to the demise of the hardware???

  • SkyPlaysGamesAveragely
    SkyPlaysGamesAveragelyMaand geleden

    I only just now noticed that the background music during the House of the Dead gameplay is the same as the music for Chicago at night on Driver 2

  • Ian Wilkinson
    Ian WilkinsonMaand geleden

    i was wondering if you had one of the pc with a built in sage megadrive

  • YITT Mashups
    YITT MashupsMaand geleden

    Watching while playing SEGA Genesis on the PC.

  • Farzher
    FarzherMaand geleden

    i remember completing sonic R as a kid. i thought it was awesome

  • lustyCaveperson
    lustyCavepersonMaand geleden

    I played house of the dead on an arcade machine in 2012 when I was 12 years old :D stubled upon it in an egyptian shopping center that still had those... really sad that I lost the fotos from that trip

  • Erik Luiz De Oliveira Fernandes
    Erik Luiz De Oliveira FernandesMaand geleden

    Eu vim pelo zeroquatro mídia

  • 83Voodooo
    83VoodoooMaand geleden

    you forget about Comix Zone.

  • David de Bergerac
    David de BergeracMaand geleden

    Bug looks, sounds, and animates like a shitpost

    MDKAIMaand geleden

    That House of the Dead port looks almost like the arcade! Incredible. Way better than the saturn.

  • Eric daniels Benavidez
    Eric daniels BenavidezMaand geleden

    Hey..Are you guy's talking about Sega?...

  • Dennys Rodrigues Rios
    Dennys Rodrigues Rios2 maanden geleden

    Eu vim pela ZeroQuatroMidia.

  • Nino Nathaniel Nadeem Nevaeh Ngotso Nǃxau Brown
    Nino Nathaniel Nadeem Nevaeh Ngotso Nǃxau Brown2 maanden geleden

    Sonic CD on PC was the only Sonic game I played as a little kid so I'm glad to know that it was superior to the Sega CD version.

  • Rodrigo F. R. de Souza
    Rodrigo F. R. de Souza2 maanden geleden

    I remember House of the Dead 3 also had a PC version. I enjoyed this game a lot in the Arcade, and I was more than happy to know there was a quite decent PC version around, quite enjoyable TBH.

  • Carl B
    Carl B2 maanden geleden

    I played a lot of Sega Rally and Daytona USA's PC ports. Thing is, I still preferred playing them on my Saturn, since those PC ports had no Direct3D support for my Riva TNT and we're mainly coded to take advantage of MMX, so....they ran kind of iffy for me. When I upgraded to a P2-450 CPU things got better of course, but I was more into FPS's by that time and my interest in console games started dying out.

  • Growly
    Growly2 maanden geleden

    The Virtua games are masterpieces in their original arcade formats. Nobody came close to SEGA during their heyday.

  • This channel should be gone in a couple of days Yes
    This channel should be gone in a couple of days Yes2 maanden geleden

    If you want Sonic CD on pc get the steam port it is much better then the Windows 95 version

  • El Fedora Usado
    El Fedora Usado2 maanden geleden

    20:40 that "Y2K ready" icon brings back memories

  • Venom Metal666
    Venom Metal6662 maanden geleden

    He forgot to mention Sonic Adventure, which had its own port on pc.

  • lordcloudx
    lordcloudx2 maanden geleden

    Fun thing regarding House of the Dead. Try putting in an audio CD into the drive if you have the game installed. It'll play the audio disc as the game's soundtrack.

  • Gamepad 31
    Gamepad 312 maanden geleden

    there was one other port Sonic 3d Blast.

  • Idelacio
    Idelacio2 maanden geleden

    Um wow... Afterburner DOS is terrible compared to the Amiga version. Framerate is still choppy but theyt got the visuals much closer to the arcade. Also for some reason Sega ported the PC version of Virtua Cop 2 to the Dreamcast Sega collection. Weird but there you go.

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow2 maanden geleden

    being a kid in the 90s was fucking great

  • zadeisme
    zadeisme2 maanden geleden

    i dont know if you can help me or not but there was this rpg game i played when i was younger and i found it at sams club and my mom bought it for me and in that game was a collection of sega games and one game i remember playing i dont know the name of it but i remember it started out with me picking a few characters customizing their stats and stuff like that and then the game started...i know its vague but if you know what game im talking about i would really like to know what it is called

  • mandude
    mandude2 maanden geleden

    15:22 Did someone say Garfield

  • Dess
    Dess2 maanden geleden

    Man I kepp forgetting RE 2 and 3 and FF7 were all on pc originally. Anybody play those first?

  • Anarx Studios
    Anarx Studios2 maanden geleden

    yeh but when sounds sound that good, i loved going to news agents and buying The new Dizzy Game for my Spectrum.. that was my week in late 80's, get pocket money, go local shop,, then i go home and load games all night with errors... ahahha but that my fav buying Dizzy games at local shop on tape!!! and beano comics hahah

  • Alex Kubrat
    Alex Kubrat2 maanden geleden

    If you want to play after burner on PC with better music and gameplay, Go play the X68000 version

  • shaolin95
    shaolin952 maanden geleden

    Cyberpunk Zaxxon!

  • William Phillips
    William Phillips2 maanden geleden

    VF1, VF2, Sega Rally, Daytona, all great stuff.

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie Bishop2 maanden geleden

    The sweet join secondarily undress because judo biochemically move amidst a animated collision. woebegone, worthless drop

  • mercster
    mercster3 maanden geleden

    Thanks for not letting us hear the MIDI Sonic music.

  • mercster
    mercster3 maanden geleden

    Daytona has a MUCH better draw distance, not near as much draw-in as the Saturn version!

  • DG64
    DG643 maanden geleden

    I Found This Unknown Re-release Of Virtua Fighter PC In The Tech Section Of... Get This... MY LOCAL SUPERMARKET!!! And It Was Dirt Cheap (R15) So I Bought It! For Some Reason, I Couldn't Find Any Information On This Re-release Untill I Found Listings For It On Bid Sights! But The Image Of The Game In The Listings Didn't Match Mine! Mine Said "Sega Series" On The Top, I Couldn't Find Any Info Or Even a Single Image On This Unknown Re-release (Sadly, It Isn't a Big Box Re-release. It's In a Standard PC CD-ROM Case) This Isn't My Only Time Finding Unknown Things, One Time I Found a Motorcycle Crash Bandicoot Plushie From Universals Studios For R15 (It Wasn't Of The Motorcycle Crash From Crash 3, It Had a Different Motorcycle Jacket And Gloves). I Couldn't Find Any Information On It But Except For a Single Image, It Was For a Ebay Listing Which I Couldn't Find Anymore! Let Me Know If You Know Anything On This Unknown Re-release Of Virtua Fighter PC

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman3 maanden geleden

    holy shit how much is a fully boxed PC copy of panzer dragoon worth?

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo3 maanden geleden

    Sonic CD is my favorite Sonic

  • 1989worms1
    1989worms13 maanden geleden

    Can you send me the following SEGA PC games: Daytona USA Deluxe and Bug!, please? Convert the two CDs games into .iso files!

  • Camilo Rivera
    Camilo Rivera3 maanden geleden

    Sonic R was also my first Sonic game on PC and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, and OMG the soundtrack! Was listening to that all day.

  • Captain Unohana
    Captain Unohana3 maanden geleden

    nothing wrong with loving super sonic racing as a kid!

  • belle
    belle3 maanden geleden

    22:33 You mean... Sonic PC?

  • M. Firza Fadma Putra
    M. Firza Fadma Putra4 maanden geleden

    Every SEGA video games or arcade games was able to port on PC atleast since 1984 and eventually another one, unlike Nintendo, the port to PC was hard and sanctioned from other companies to want porting such as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.

  • Ryan Murtha
    Ryan Murtha4 maanden geleden

    The PC version of Bug! looks more zoomed in than on Saturn.

  • i CABAL i
    i CABAL i4 maanden geleden

    Sonic CD on the Sega CD over here in Europe (or Mega CD) had the Japanese soundtrack. The PC version here had the US soundtrack, as did the Sonic Gems collection version. Needless to say I never played the Sega CD version so only found out about the Japanese soundtrack with the advent of NLdron.

  • M W
    M W4 maanden geleden

    17:24 BIRD UP

  • One3rdNinja
    One3rdNinja4 maanden geleden

    It just shows that for years, if you wanted to play games, you got a console. They were just better. Sure PC’s overtook them in later years, but in the 80’s/90’s you were so much better getting a console. I remember having Street Fighter 2 on the SNES and my friends PC version was utter shite by comparison. The music at colours were wrong, it was crazy bad when looking at what consoles at the time were doing.

  • SuperBoss
    SuperBoss4 maanden geleden

    That Baku Baku animal game looks funky

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User5 maanden geleden

    "Today I would like to talk about... "Seegaaaa"

  • RobbyRobot
    RobbyRobot5 maanden geleden

    I'd love a Taito episode! No one on youtube covers japanese PC games really

  • Aaron_GKV
    Aaron_GKV5 maanden geleden

    I loved Sonic R and i LOVE the soundtrack!!

  • Kamcy Ngene
    Kamcy Ngene5 maanden geleden

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles Title screen : I am speed

  • Hayao Kakizaki
    Hayao Kakizaki5 maanden geleden

    That Garfield game looks like a bad Ristar clone, despite the godly music and graphics

  • Robert Phoenix
    Robert Phoenix5 maanden geleden

    That virtua Squad game seems very similar to old 2d shooters like Operation Wolf.

  • Robert Phoenix
    Robert Phoenix5 maanden geleden

    Wow, that Zaxxon version. I used to play the C64 version. such a difference...

  • rolingthunder86
    rolingthunder865 maanden geleden

    you should've at least gave a shoutout to the golden axe port. it's based on the genesis version rather than the arcade, with all the extra bells and whistles that entails (begginner and endurence modes and the extra final boss), uses the midpack sound driver (compettiter to ail/mss) for music playback, is the only sega dos port I know of with sound blaster support, and has loose sprites for all the characters.

  • rolingthunder86
    rolingthunder865 maanden geleden

    fun fact: the replacement songs exclusive to s&K pc collection don't originate there. they are actually from the 11/1993 prototype of the original genesis game before a certain moonwalker was (allegedly) hired to compose music for the game.

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie Bishop5 maanden geleden

    "We need more friggin' Offspring!" Well said.

  • nun yurbis
    nun yurbis5 maanden geleden

    I had Bug! back when it came out, and it was arguably the only game I wholeheartedly regretted getting in my early PC days.

    RiCKERTAiNMENT5 maanden geleden

    This Daytona is Daytona USA CCE or AKA Circuit Edition in Japan for the SEGA Saturn.

  • ezy. mac
    ezy. mac5 maanden geleden

    Hold up Sonic R was LIFE!

    METALDKNO5 maanden geleden

    I need to get the diamond edge.

  • William Ruzicka
    William Ruzicka5 maanden geleden

    whoa. The address on the back of that Zaxxon box jumped out at me. I used to live down the street from there. Not when they were there, I'm sure.

  • KezKaz
    KezKaz5 maanden geleden

    15:50 did he say package or packwage

  • mid moto
    mid moto6 maanden geleden

    i feel like i had a copy of virtua cop for the pc i might be wrong but who knows really

  • Xeveniah Darkwind
    Xeveniah Darkwind6 maanden geleden

    I loved panzer dragoon and panzer dragoon zwei and saga.. on my saturn virtua series games is respelling of virtual by marketing to catch consumers eyes..

  • Xeveniah Darkwind
    Xeveniah Darkwind6 maanden geleden

    Did I hear sonic?

  • oofingberg
    oofingberg6 maanden geleden

    I really liked the crazy taxi 3 pc port

  • Archestereo
    Archestereo6 maanden geleden

    Cartoony /= Cute This is literally the first time I've heard anybody describe Bug as cute. ...also, it probably would've been worth mentioning that the PC versions of Sonic CD and R were the ones included in Gems Collection.

  • Danbo 22
    Danbo 226 maanden geleden

    I had the Sonic CD pc version growing up! My computer audio was busted, but I could listen to the soundtrack on my CD player

  • modslot 1
    modslot 16 maanden geleden

    Cool shirt!

  • Yohanan Arjoon
    Yohanan Arjoon6 maanden geleden

    Awesome video. 😎👍 I had a Sega Genesis when I was a kid.🙆‍♂️🎮 2:43 After Burner was the best, Streets Of Rage 1 & 2, and Midway Hydro Thunder (PS.1) I used to kill those Games. 😎👍

  • YulsJuls
    YulsJuls6 maanden geleden

    Actually, Sonic & Knuckles Collection has the beta music, not the Genesis release music

  • FireBro74
    FireBro746 maanden geleden

    I've never heard such clean music from sonic and knuckles collection

  • Simon T
    Simon T7 maanden geleden

    I thought this was gonna be about the Mega PC :-(

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones7 maanden geleden

    Bug looks like the early alpha footage for sonic Xtreme

  • XperimentorEES
    XperimentorEES7 maanden geleden

    Never knew Garfield & Sonic had a package game deal back then for pc, man the nostalgia! Out of curiosity, have you heard of the sega genesis game called Viewpoint based on the arcade? Never got ported as far as I can tell, which is a shame because it's such a bizarre shoot'm'up lost to time.

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH7 maanden geleden

    Daytona USA Deluxe is just Championship Circuit Edition with an extra course, no?

  • Some Person
    Some Person7 maanden geleden

    I remember Jack In The Box had a promotion for kids meal with Sonic & Knuckles 3 with screensaver... I couldn't believe how awesome it was to play sonic on my PC, and then I bought Sonic CD at office depot I had so much damn fun! Good times...

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers7 maanden geleden

    I'm glad this guy owns a time machine to give us all these games from the past.

  • GriffyBoiii
    GriffyBoiii7 maanden geleden

    Bruh that SONIC R soundtrack is still on my head since I got my Saturn years ago

  • Christopher Brasher
    Christopher Brasher8 maanden geleden

    "The insect with an attitude!"..Man, that is soooo 90's, lol