LGR Oddware: SpaceOrb 360 RealLife 3D Game Controller

Wetenschap en technologie

Spacetec IMC was responsible for a range of successful Spaceball 3D input devices. NASA even used one to control their Mars rovers! Then they came out with a PC gamepad in 1996, and eh.
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  • Joseph Rhodes
    Joseph Rhodes2 dagen geleden

    damn i wanted one of these to play descent when i was like 14

  • Mike Long
    Mike Long7 dagen geleden

    I love the jazz music you use on your intros 👍

  • Vladyslav Zolin
    Vladyslav Zolin9 dagen geleden


  • Spermicide
    Spermicide10 dagen geleden

    I'd like to see someone try an immersive sim game like Thief or System Shock with this controller. The whole "imagine the ball as your head" thing seems like a perfect fit.

  • Andrew Potapenkoff
    Andrew Potapenkoff11 dagen geleden

    You aren't holding this right

  • Dank Hill
    Dank Hill15 dagen geleden

    Ascii made Kingsfield. It makes so much sense now, I was meant to use this controller with the game!

  • zetO
    zetO15 dagen geleden

    I just... don't understand... why try to replace the widespread use of great controllers basic functionality/feel/looks with something that quirky, ugly, hard to manoeuvre? Who thought it would sell? I'm sure it can be useful for some applications, but surely not for gaming... the idiocy...

  • Depth Klocke
    Depth Klocke18 dagen geleden

    This would probably be better with an ambidextrous reversible/modular version, but I can't help but feel this is probably a lot like a steam controller in it's nicheness. If it had paddles or dualball inputs, it would probably be a lot easier for people to learn how to use. But some of that shape defiantly needs to change. Though it looks appealing just aesthetically on it's own. They should have built it tanky enough, if it's gonna hold up to the experience. With the shape, they could also potentially fit microswitches like the omron switches in a silent jlf. Since it looks like it has a generous amount of depth and girth. The main reason for reversible-ambidextrous or dual, is because some people will probably have an easier time getting the articulation down, if you had your dominant hand fingers' manipulating the ball instead. Because moving purely horizontally, means you have to carefully spin it or shift left and right to not subconsciously tilt it, everytime you go to move the thing. It may be redundant of an idea to have dual inputs, not unalike the two analog thumbsticks on a console controller. However, it would be more lenient on the learning curve, if it offered something potentially familar to the user as an option. And if it's built heavy enough and you can manipulate the ball with heavy intent, then holding the ball into a hard spot or hard into a spot, should be easier to do without it being too clunky I hope. I think that would make it a step up from just a regular controller. But, it needs to be smooth and rugged to take a heavy grip with, in the first place. As in, internally it has to be structurally supportive and resilient, but not in a way that it impedes too much on the user, to get it into a new spot and be dynamic with their input. In a mechanical sense, it needs to be built for precision. And with a consistently intentional amount of tension and resistance, it should be encouraging of precise control by design. Oh and the reason for paddles, is that it would make it so that you can have inputs in the back, hopefully that you can use simultaneously while aiming and moving. The layout, button placement, button feel and form factor will be very important to implement if it's to be used in unison with the balls, since they are unwieldy monsters, may be hard to contend with on attention span in the beginning. Best to have inputs that work together in harmony. And, because the thumbs are mostly going to be occupied for stability when manipulating the skewered input balls, with two of them up front, I don't think there is going to be any room to have proper face buttons. Also with the balls being where the triggers and bumpers would be on a regular controller. For a pc controller, the most amount of button inputs you'd otherwise need is around 10 since mouse key inputs usually stop counting after 9 or so, or with 0 being the last I think. I think left and right click is independent on the mouse, with forward and back, commonly being mouse 1 and 2 input, and mouse 3 as the scroll wheel click even tho it's it's own input as well to scroll. If rear paddles or buttons are in a set quantity, the last few button inputs could be something like a joystick found on a monitor for settings control. But really not meant for analog control, only meant to differentiate inputs in a few direction deadzones, depending on the amount of inputs mapped to it. It can sort of be like a hub set to the middle to be used by either of your middle/ring/pinky fingers. (I think) idk so much with the pinky. Ideally the thing on it isn't a thumbstick but more of a pad you find on a psp, an analog disc i suppose. And that, could go off quickly in a short distance to one of 4 or 5 at the most, of directions for inputs. I don't know how the disc would be segmented to be able to tell or lean into directions specifically. Especially, if you wanted it to be modular in a sense that you could adjust it to your preference, by rotating it for different games ofc, while having it be encouraging of or intuitive to know the boundaries of which to nudge into when you're using it. How would it divide the circular space with specific target deadzones in mind. Having the platform as flat and decently wide for a sort of wobble to controlling it on a disc-circle. Or just make it a saucer design while on the theme of space orbs. it should certainly be a lot more wider than a trackpoint, and just enough wider than a thumbstick, should make it an easy input to just fat finger off into directions even when things get chaotic/hectic. Especially, with a hefty controller that you may end up gripping furiously to stay in control. Everything should in turn just be dialed in with resistance and weight for control. Although, for a modern iteration, it would make sense to make as versitile as possible in offering options not just a disc by default for it. And maybe not just paddles but also back buttons found on other controllers, that are two button ovals (im maybe generalizing). Maybe as a controller, it has two left and right clicks on the front of it, in emulation of menu start and select buttons on all controllers. maybe a revolving scroll wheel that can be locked into place when not in use as the middle button. esc. optionally or by default as the scroll click if it would have that.

  • Unmuffled Ryan
    Unmuffled Ryan18 dagen geleden

    I remember getting one of these FREE with either a copy of unreal tournament or a voodoo graphics card from the local electronics boutique (UK). Me and my brother were so excited to try it out, needless to say... We were a tad disappointed, I remember my dad even tried playing DOOM on it. Makes me laugh seeing it again, I was beginning to think I was making it up and it never actually existed. Here is the proof, thankyou for bringing back some great memories of that time, and my earliest PC gaming experiences.

    HIMIK-MAN19 dagen geleden

    You can choke the chicken by squezing the ball. **Wheeze**

  • oliknow
    oliknow20 dagen geleden

    Pure Life Advice: don't twist the ball

  • Rex Renart
    Rex Renart23 dagen geleden

    That controller is fucking awesome !... I love it ! :O

  • boyfriend
    boyfriend24 dagen geleden

    Alternate title:ballpad

  • Slippin' Jimmy
    Slippin' Jimmy29 dagen geleden

    I'm using tilt controls!

  • New Guy
    New GuyMaand geleden

    That thing is friggen nuts for the age. Especially the game setting defaults. A lot of work went into that, from what I can tell.

  • Duncan K
    Duncan KMaand geleden

    TBH I would love to try one of these, But the prices they pull are OUTRAGEOUS

  • The Boip
    The BoipMaand geleden

    Compatible with all 95 games, eh? Try playing a full round of YDKJ.

  • Aaron Talbot
    Aaron TalbotMaand geleden

    The software reminds me of 360ce

  • Jaryos
    JaryosMaand geleden

    this cosy intro!

  • Iidi Knavely
    Iidi KnavelyMaand geleden

    i want one of these things.

  • Patrick Lange
    Patrick LangeMaand geleden

    Looks like a piece of junk.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe SmithMaand geleden

    This controller was amazing for Descent. My friend would destroy me all the time with it.

  • ArcTM
    ArcTMMaand geleden

    09:40 This demo actually still comes with the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse nowadays.

  • Ralph Barbagallo
    Ralph BarbagalloMaand geleden

    I remember Spacetec’s office was upstairs from the computer lab at my university in the 90s-U Mass Lowell. They used to send people into the lab and survey us about this thing.

  • L0op
    L0opMaand geleden

    I mean, it does what it says on the box. What it says on the box is just not very good in practice.

  • ro8inmorgan
    ro8inmorganMaand geleden

    I miss the good old times where shit like this actually came out and I probably even went out to buy it cuz it looks cool!

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi ManMaand geleden

    press the 8 button for a jojo reference

  • The Quintessential Gamer
    The Quintessential GamerMaand geleden

    I do like the ship from descent on it

  • Lofote
    LofoteMaand geleden

    I was in the Descent gaming scene back then and at first everybody didn't like players in multiplayer mode that used the SpaceOrb, they were considered cheaters, because at first it allowed the player to instantly turn 180°, which no other controller allowed and gave an unfair advantage. It was fixed later so that you could not turn faster than players with any other controller.

  • selwonk
    selwonkMaand geleden

    Drink every time he chuckles to himself.

  • J. M. Pérez
    J. M. Pérez2 maanden geleden

    I remember a friend had that. He wouldn't let anybody touch it🤣

  • The Raddest Chad
    The Raddest Chad2 maanden geleden

    Quit playing with your balls, Clint.

  • Jake
    Jake2 maanden geleden

    maybe more!

  • rockman fan
    rockman fan2 maanden geleden

    I feel like I have seen these multiple times at my local thrift store for 1 dollar. I wonder if they worked

  • RzRshRp 709
    RzRshRp 7092 maanden geleden

    A 25 minute episode? Shit let me go to the bathroom and get comfy

  • Braeden Jeffery
    Braeden Jeffery2 maanden geleden

    Have you ever tried the Thrustmaster Frag Master? That was one wierd FPS joystick...

  • Torc Handsomeson
    Torc Handsomeson2 maanden geleden

    idk seems like he's bad at it, perhaps it's muscle memory from using an analog stick, he seems to want to really wrench that ball around, but you have you treat the ball gently, only twist the ball a little, or it's certain to cause pain

  • Torc Handsomeson

    Torc Handsomeson

    2 maanden geleden

    for real tho it's like someone trying to paint by smooshing the brush as hard as possible into the canvas and wondering why it's hurting his hand, and the brush is creaking, and he can't move the brush very well..

  • Brog Lang
    Brog Lang2 maanden geleden

    Your hand is crying out for you to stop because your not used to it. I'm sure if you used it for a few days you'd be perfectly comfortable.

  • P Piddy
    P Piddy2 maanden geleden

    Definitely lamer than WASD + mouse.

  • DerkuiDerkui
    DerkuiDerkui2 maanden geleden

    Achievement Unlocked: Strafe Master

  • Andy B
    Andy B2 maanden geleden

    I never used one of these, but I do swear by my Spacepilot Pro, which uses the same technology.

  • peter obermuller
    peter obermuller2 maanden geleden

    That sure was one Ballin' controller.. :D

  • Graylord
    Graylord2 maanden geleden

    Does anyone know if there's a modern equivalent to these? Even just the 3d joytick itself. I'm working on a personal robotics project, and figuring out the best way to do 6DOF controls naturally is being a challenge.

  • Graylord


    2 maanden geleden

    @Torc Handsomeson Thanks! I honestly wasn't expecting a response, I'll definitely check it out!

  • Torc Handsomeson

    Torc Handsomeson

    2 maanden geleden

    people in the comments mention something called a 3DConnexion SpaceMouse

  • Sputnik
    Sputnik2 maanden geleden

    The proto-prototype of the steam controller

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp3 maanden geleden


  • Eric Fate
    Eric Fate3 maanden geleden

    This controller had a steep learning curve, but once you were used to it, you could do some amazing things with it. I just wish they had been a bit more durable. Even while handling it with care, the lifespan of any given sensor seemed to be roughly eight months. I was on my third replacement unit by the time the company stopped honoring the warranty and ceased production.

  • AmateurThespian
    AmateurThespian3 maanden geleden

    That is the most 90s packaging ever

  • dorpth
    dorpth3 maanden geleden

    "What could be a more explicit euphemism than 'Play with your jotstick?' " "Play with your balls?" "Get it made!"

  • Jonathan Noorman
    Jonathan Noorman3 maanden geleden

    I still have mine and managed to get a special adapter from birdman to convert it to usb/directinput. Its working flawlessly with Overload, the new modern Descent game. There is nothing like this on the planet. No controller/gamepad even comes close to what this does for natural movement.

  • Urban Weekend Warrior
    Urban Weekend Warrior3 maanden geleden

    This trainer program gives me feedback that reminds me of my childhood

  • Ching chong Johnny sins pp long
    Ching chong Johnny sins pp long3 maanden geleden

    It seems like everything you test hurts you... I think it may be time to regrow your beard and lions mane!!!

  • Bloozbee Blooperson
    Bloozbee Blooperson4 maanden geleden

    Would there be a way to use some form of converter to use this in a USB slot? I'm wondering if you could use Joy2Key to try to play modern games with this thing.

  • L
    L4 maanden geleden

    I'd like to see someone using this to play Tie Fighter.

  • slipAngle
    slipAngle4 maanden geleden

    I feel like if this was a desktop thing like a joystick or trackball it would have worked a lot better. More comfortable at the very least.

  • Justin William
    Justin William4 maanden geleden

    Get yer pocket knife out Clint, I wanna see WHATS IN THE BALL???

  • Bit Rage
    Bit Rage4 maanden geleden

    The 3DConexxion spaceexplorer 3D mouse nowadays is actually really good for 3d software

  • Matrxmonky
    Matrxmonky4 maanden geleden

    I REMEMBER THESE GARBAGE PILES! I think a homie got one for his birthday and immediately asked for it to be returned.

  • DarthFN
    DarthFN4 maanden geleden

    I think this would be BALLer in Rocket League

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley4 maanden geleden

    The Descent 2 soundtrack was great

  • brett knoss
    brett knoss4 maanden geleden

    The best part of Monster Truck Madness is when you run into a portapotty

  • ElMariachi
    ElMariachi4 maanden geleden

    Hm, there still are no much better options.. Anything invented is just a mere compromise for any kind of 3D movement. Dual Analog sticks being the standard, I really hate them for being extremely coarse and slow, especially when compared to Mouse+Keyboard. But Mouse+Keyboard are great for fps, but not so great for 360 games.. Analog Joysticks with throttle and such are good for 360 games, but terrible for anything else.. And all those modern VR input devices really are no serious choice, being to unprecise and unsteady.. SO there still is way of room for improvement.

  • Jackson Starship
    Jackson Starship4 maanden geleden

    **confused screaming**

  • Blh Blhh
    Blh Blhh4 maanden geleden

    They need to remake a gud version of this

  • CtrlAltPhreak
    CtrlAltPhreak5 maanden geleden

    LGR: The late 90's never change Mandela Effect: Hold my beer...

  • Artie the Swolest Man in the World
    Artie the Swolest Man in the World5 maanden geleden

    the fucking nostalgia man

  • DarkSide3211
    DarkSide32115 maanden geleden

    kinda looks like an original xbox controller but just with a ball for joysticks lol

  • A55tech
    A55tech5 maanden geleden

    as I was watching I was hoping he'd demo using Descent, and he stepped up. well done sir though u didn't like it, many of the top players in Descent used this thing

    DJMETTATON!!!5 maanden geleden

    imagine tripping balls, in a ballpit and playing some space game with the spaceball

  • Charles McKee
    Charles McKee5 maanden geleden

    I still have my SpaceOrb. Works fine on my retro built P-233MMX. It was THE way to play Descent. OMFG you could snap flip around faster than anyone could ever anticipate you to do in multiplayer.

  • Weege64
    Weege645 maanden geleden

    "an adapter for adapting adaptations." - LGR 2019

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh5 maanden geleden

    Imagine being a CSGO pro using this masterpiece XD

  • BubblewrapHighway
    BubblewrapHighway5 maanden geleden

    Tales from Genesis Space, brought to you by Spacetec IMC

  • Frater Ehf
    Frater Ehf5 maanden geleden

    SpaceBalls: The GamePad!

  • tomrow
    tomrow5 maanden geleden

    This thing supports Sonic CD? That can't go well

  • TheMagnificentZoltar
    TheMagnificentZoltar5 maanden geleden

    I uswd the MS Sidewinder Dual Strike for some time and I very much liked the concept. But the build quality and the sensors were bad which caused it to never reach its potential.

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa5 maanden geleden

    6:16 Is that a space elevator music ? ^^

    EMILIEN SAHLI5 maanden geleden

    could you try playing some of the same games with a 3dconnexion space mouse? I doubt they're compatible (maybe possible on an emulator??) but I know the ergonomics are much better, wonder how much the new tech/design changes overall experience.

  • MK4000
    MK40006 maanden geleden

    Give me dual joysticks for Descent anyday.

  • Chappy
    Chappy6 maanden geleden

    Hahaha weak hands work em out bubba love your stuff keep it up

  • qwws TV
    qwws TV6 maanden geleden


  • TheDwarvenDefender
    TheDwarvenDefender6 maanden geleden


  • JH-M
    JH-M6 maanden geleden

    I wonder how well you could control a drone with this thing.

  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez6 maanden geleden

    I pity any parents during those times whose child drove them mad until they bought him that useless gimmick of a device, with the child being adamant that it was the best thing ever and that he would use it forever... only for it to be shoved aside after a couple of days, pretty much never to be used again. $99 down the drain. Like with so many other such gimmicky peripherals of the 80's and 90's, when gaming consoles and PCs were such a new thing.

  • Yohanan Arjoon
    Yohanan Arjoon6 maanden geleden

    Awesome video. 😎👍 But I prefer the Playstation Controller Anytime. 😄✌

  • EnglertRacing96
    EnglertRacing966 maanden geleden

    You have a radio worthy voice

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller6 maanden geleden

    Honestly, I think the lack of sales was because computer geeks were already picked on for "playing with their joystick" and were never going to deal with "playing with someone's squishy balls".

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller6 maanden geleden

    The wrist strain explains why the other samples you showed were desktop based and not handheld.

  • NinjaRunningWild


    2 maanden geleden

    He’s holding it wrong.

  • 1994 Honda Civic GLi
    1994 Honda Civic GLi6 maanden geleden

    reminds me of the bandai pippin

  • farhadinho9
    farhadinho96 maanden geleden

    9:21 rock and rule

  • Feck Eric-Schmidt
    Feck Eric-Schmidt6 maanden geleden


  • russian bot
    russian bot6 maanden geleden

    the bad design choices and stiffness and cheapness of the controller aside, can we all take a moment of reflection that not once did LGR even mention that it is effectively western-inverted/japanese-standard, back of the head camera controls that this emulates ("twisted the ball to the left" was right after he twitches his thumb too far to the *right*), which means they absolutely succeeded at the level of intuition they set out for with emulating controlling the back of the head? i literally never hear the end of people whining about my preference for 'back of the head' X/Y-axis camera controls and how it doesn't make sense, so that this is never even mentioned as an issue is incredibly impressive to me. ...or clint is a filthy inverted camera control diehard and didn't even notice to mention it, in which case, hell yea, m'dude! i only assumed because your history with games doesn't seem to include many japanese games, and inverted X-axis was quite rare in western games until more recently ime~

  • S D C
    S D C6 maanden geleden

    I still have my SpaceOrb (2 actually). I used it to basically school all of my friends in the original Descent. You simply couldn't move in 3D space with a mouse and WASD like you could with a spaceorb. Last time I used mine it had a horrible drift issue - but that may have been a stuck reset switch. It would be nice to see a revamp of this device, to be honest.

  • Steep
    Steep6 maanden geleden

    Omg, I remember Monster Truck Madness. Used to be my jam! Along with Bonzi Buddy and Windows Media Player lol

  • bytraper
    bytraper6 maanden geleden

    This was one of the best controllers once you became adjusted to it. I used to be able to blow my flatmates away who were all using mouse/kb using one of these when we would lan play. It softens up after a bit of use and you become accustomed to it. It's good.

  • ThatSuaveRaptor
    ThatSuaveRaptor7 maanden geleden

    Struggles walking left for a full minute "Ah, you must be the strafe master!"

  • Thad
    Thad7 maanden geleden

    Hehe spaceballs

  • Miz Marts
    Miz Marts7 maanden geleden

    Yooo what are those jackets called, the one he's wearing at the end of the video? Looking stylish my dude.

  • Emma Verde
    Emma Verde7 maanden geleden

    LGR: My hand is crying out for me to stop. My dirty mind: *activate me bish, activate me*

  • Zackary Strange
    Zackary Strange7 maanden geleden

    Hit white man plays with huge black balls

  • 1chi TheKilr
    1chi TheKilr7 maanden geleden

    I remember seeing this thing as a kid and thought it had to be the coolest thing. I mean, my PC game controller was cheap. Certainly not a hundred dollars! It had to be really good!