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In 2003 Hewlett-Packard released the Photosmart Mobile Camera for iPaq Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile. And the entire thing is on an SD card! Or more specifically SDIO. It's got a 1.3 megapixel sensor, 4x digital zoom, manual focus with macro, and a surprising bit of versatility for such a tiny device.
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  • LGR
    LGRMaand geleden

    "What happens if you plug it into an SD card reader?" Nothing! I discussed this briefly during the section on SDIO, but while the two interfaces look the same, SD interfaces do _not_ accept SDIO peripherals. Unless you've got a device built to support SDIO things then it won't work. Plugging the HP Mobile Camera into an SD card reader results in a whole lot of nothing, it won't even recognize that there's anything inserted :)

  • Matthew Green

    Matthew Green

    9 dagen geleden

    @Miroslav Kocúr wow

  • Miroslav Kocúr

    Miroslav Kocúr

    9 dagen geleden

    You might find quite a lot of SDIO devices. SD shaped WIFI cards, 3g modems (if you have nanoSIM). Some of these are quite practical if you have notebook with SD IO compatible slot and you decide to remove some internal cards in favor of different devices.

  • Jonathan Nocon

    Jonathan Nocon

    28 dagen geleden

    I just commented the exact same Q lol Left it in there just for the lols anyways. Thnx Clint!

  • Matthew Green

    Matthew Green

    29 dagen geleden

    I have a prototype lego apple ll

  • Dana Goyette

    Dana Goyette

    Maand geleden

    I'd suggest trying it on devices that already use SDIO, such as for wifi. For example, some crappy Atom (Cherry Trail) tablets and boards use SDIO wifi, and might support it on the other slots too. I believe there's a list somewhere in the Linux kernel of quirks of SDHC controllers that specifically *don't* support SDIO.

  • Daniswara Mulyayudana
    Daniswara Mulyayudana3 dagen geleden

    Griding Bangsat

  • cookmcpherson
    cookmcpherson4 dagen geleden

    Outdoor face diaper selfies!! Soooo 2020!

  • David Calman
    David Calman6 dagen geleden

    What a massive shame SD Express doesn't have an SDIO standard. Would be great to have Thunderbolt on an SD slot.

  • Andy B
    Andy B6 dagen geleden

    A tiny camera with a touchscreen interface? It'll never catch on.

  • Steal the painkillers
    Steal the painkillers7 dagen geleden

    Reminds me of the gameboy camera

  • Nuno Vicente
    Nuno Vicente8 dagen geleden

    14:45 the Toyota off-roader passing by on the street crossing!!

  • bird brain
    bird brain9 dagen geleden

    Unrelated: That Land Cruiser is a beaut.

  • Hosam
    Hosam9 dagen geleden

    Great video, the real magic for me was when I got the WiFi SDIO for my Win Mobile 2003 iMate and was able to connect to WiFi networks when mobiles were limited to the super fast EDGE networks :)

  • Baked and Awake
    Baked and Awake9 dagen geleden

    How many millions of dollars of old crap has changed hands on the internet between seller's who've been holding obsolete hardware for yearsor decades, and fans of this channel who suddenly decide/remember/discover "Hey, I NEED THAT" after watching for any amount of time? No need to answer- that was rhetorical.

  • MrDuncl
    MrDuncl10 dagen geleden

    5:46 How come they could fit Xenon Flash into a small camera add on, and then in phones like the Sony K800i back then yet no one does it these days.

  • XIAYUL 下雨叔叔
    XIAYUL 下雨叔叔10 dagen geleden

    i love u clint

  • naza uwu
    naza uwu11 dagen geleden

    instantly makes all the pictures taken look like a still from a zack snyder film

  • Xnepp Exty60
    Xnepp Exty6012 dagen geleden

    love how he waits for the intro to finish then greets us.

  • Silver Bullet
    Silver Bullet13 dagen geleden

    Those pictures are exactly what modern photos looks like, considering everyone is going to apply Instagram filters...

  • Bad Lamprey
    Bad Lamprey13 dagen geleden

    I keep forgetting you're in Asheville, and then I see the trainyard...

  • TechVlogger
    TechVlogger13 dagen geleden

    It's AAiSO :D :D :D

  • digitalportakal 2
    digitalportakal 214 dagen geleden

    15:10 I loved that look it reminded me Pink Floyd's album covers

  • Arawn
    Arawn14 dagen geleden

    I'm really impressed by the quality of this device. I expected it to be worse. Just wow for a device from those times. Cheers!

  • Daniel Bull
    Daniel Bull15 dagen geleden

    I remember considering buying one of those for my "Compaq iPAQ". HP iPAQ, pahh just doesn't have the same ring ;)

  • Brian Lawler
    Brian Lawler15 dagen geleden

    I’m actually genuinely impressed by the quality of the camera. That’s incredible for 2000s funny tech

  • Drbigt let's plays
    Drbigt let's plays15 dagen geleden

    What's with those mouse homes? Do people want to get more rats around or something?

  • SummonTheEnderman
    SummonTheEnderman15 dagen geleden

    this is the best camera in the world

  • Orbis92
    Orbis9216 dagen geleden

    My friend had something similar for his Motorola Flip Phone (the chunky one, before the Razr was released). It blew my mind... I never expected to see a camera working on a phone.... in a SD slot ;)

  • Zack Schmiesing
    Zack Schmiesing17 dagen geleden

    It's weird to see recent model year cars in 2003vision video.

  • andywolan
    andywolan17 dagen geleden

    Don't forget, digital camera technology at that time was advancing leaps and bounds every year. A great camera one year was quickly behind the times as short as a year later. It was an exciting time for digital cameras.

  • ganus
    ganus17 dagen geleden

    This thing is so cool

  • JimJim120
    JimJim12018 dagen geleden

    I live about an hour outside of ashville and remember parking in that same garage as that land cruiser from around the 13:00 mark a few weeks back visiting with friends, i can only imagine the hilariously strange encounter that would have ensued if the timing of mine and LGRs days had lined up

  • luke yami
    luke yami19 dagen geleden

    Nice to know the CCTV of the world are all filmed on this thing.

  • Jonny Gg
    Jonny Gg19 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Michael Kleinpeter knows his review of this product is still available for people to see 17 years later. Did he realize that someday his post on a forum would be shown for all of youtube to see? I wonder if hes still alive? Maybe hes watching this right now in awe that his review was aired? Who was Michael Kleinpeter...

  • Daniel Hammerschmidt
    Daniel Hammerschmidt19 dagen geleden

    Esp8266 isn't is a RaspberryPi.

  • Cooper Jeramiah
    Cooper Jeramiah19 dagen geleden

    15:00 The photo looks like an album cover or something. It looks really cool for some reason.

  • Orzene Tyranni
    Orzene Tyranni19 dagen geleden

    I can imagine an amateur blogger in the late 90's using the video function to post "live action video shots" for whatever reason

  • Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane20 dagen geleden

    Gawd, that WinXP Active Sync brings back memories. I had a HTC O2 XDA II which lasted me a few years until the battery exploded. It had a built in camera and I seem to recall the photos actually being similar to this SD camera (I think, it was like 15 years ago now).

  • Joshua Vanderburg
    Joshua Vanderburg20 dagen geleden

    I realize this might be the intended effect, but your mask really disturbs me when I look at it.

  • Sqwerpo!
    Sqwerpo!21 dag geleden

    Wait a minute

  • Akotski1338
    Akotski133821 dag geleden

    It looks like this camera has a permanent filter on it

  • Hayley
    Hayley21 dag geleden

    Ngl a lot of those photos are great for a 2003 PDA camera

  • Jason Hon
    Jason Hon21 dag geleden

    Holy Crap man! I work in Asheville!!! Dude I been watching your vids for a long time and I had NO idea!

  • kendokaaa
    kendokaaa21 dag geleden

    I'm actually impressed considering how bad some phone cameras were less than a decade ago

  • CreeVal
    CreeVal21 dag geleden

    No "Farts" :(

  • Will Giovi
    Will Giovi21 dag geleden

    Great video camera for cryptozoology

  • Buster Beachside
    Buster Beachside22 dagen geleden

    Everyone: "Wow, check out this tiny camera for PDAs!" Me: "Wait, Microsoft Windows MOBILE existed!? And before the Windows Phone!?"

  • help me
    help me22 dagen geleden

    I could swallow that

  • William Richardson
    William Richardson22 dagen geleden

    That camera has no right to be that good.

  • Steve S
    Steve S22 dagen geleden

    LGR your head is starting to look like peanut.

  • Tiago Mian
    Tiago Mian22 dagen geleden

    What's really sad is that the quality is better than a lot of 2008-2012 chinese phones, specially the ones with Mediatek processors.

  • Arief Mubiar
    Arief Mubiar23 dagen geleden

    I remember dreaming this camera. I was HP ipaq h1930 users. I didn’t know the result is so good compared with my add-on attached phone camera at that time.

  • Riikka the Ice Princess _She_Her_
    Riikka the Ice Princess _She_Her_23 dagen geleden

    26:42 after quite some time struggling with the crappy live preview and LGR's device-wiggling efforts against me, searxing far and wide I have determined that that's The Shadow of YSERBIUS there. All may now offer congratulations, adulations, adorations, and praise of various descriptions. Dunno why but I just had to know what was written on that box :'D Edit: Also does anyone else have trouble paying attention when there's a wall of games to inspect >.

  • keon Solomon
    keon Solomon23 dagen geleden

    For a 18 year camera, i'm actually very freaking impressed! I wonder who worked on this camera and what are they doing now?

  • JeeBeeM
    JeeBeeM23 dagen geleden

    FunFact: the employes from the 'Nederlandse Spoorwegen' (Dutch Railways) used PDA's for seeing their shift's and scanning tickets for the last in 2016!! Since then, they use smartphones for that...

  • Davide Calițescu
    Davide Calițescu23 dagen geleden

    The video mode on the camera can be used to make maps for counter strike 1.6 😂😂

  • Aedrith
    Aedrith23 dagen geleden

    I did not expect at all that quality of the images, such a pleasant surprise, also I'm really digging the photography itself, nice job Clint!

  • billionthb
    billionthb23 dagen geleden

    Where can one get a woodgrain mask. Asking for a friend...

  • Antonio Barba
    Antonio Barba24 dagen geleden

    Scotty Kilmer would approve this video :D

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos24 dagen geleden

    I like how the Spanish translation says it has 3MP.

  • Olivia Foley
    Olivia Foley24 dagen geleden

    it almost has this beautiful film-like aspect to it, astonishing

  • mikehawk11
    mikehawk1124 dagen geleden

    Why does this thing take better pictures than my budget cell phone from 2019

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman25 dagen geleden

    If you can get somebody else with a windows mobile pda on your LAN you should try find a copy of microsoft portrait which was a primitive video calling demo app for windows mobile that could use some models of these cameras. Had great fun with it on a motorola mpx200 with side car camera back in the day

  • madmax404
    madmax40425 dagen geleden

    I think the way the digital zoom works with the crop is how it should always work! Eventually the image is upscaled by your GPU on the viewing device anyway if you blow it up, so no point wasting CPU/storage for that useless re-generatable data. I think they did this on purpose so that zoomed images could be handled better by the low-end hardware on the PDA anyway. Working with a proper XP machine to demonstrate the syncing was a really cool addition. Though not having the PDA screen visible all the time was a bit of a bummer. Also missed a proper audio test with the video functionality

  • guuguu cometh
    guuguu cometh25 dagen geleden

    i knew you lived close to me, but didn't realize it was that close lol

  • Latshaw, Austin
    Latshaw, Austin25 dagen geleden

    I love this thing. I want one.

  • Kristofor Gieske
    Kristofor Gieske25 dagen geleden

    Is that the same Land Cruiser again at 14:44? Or a different one? How many Land Cruisers are there running around Asheville?!

  • Emmitt Morgans
    Emmitt Morgans25 dagen geleden

    The Journeyman Project and Buried in Time!!! I can only hope those are getting a review in the near future.

  • WeebSter
    WeebSter25 dagen geleden

    Better than Bank CCTV

  • Tony Neat
    Tony Neat25 dagen geleden

    I'm pretty sure I still have Sony's version of a camera stuck to a Memory Stick

  • JustPlaying GAMES!
    JustPlaying GAMES!25 dagen geleden

    WOW - an HP product that still works 5 hours after leaving the manufactor- new HP record

  • Leo Bustos
    Leo Bustos26 dagen geleden

    I love your videos so much dude, perfect to drink my coffee in the morning.

  • Brick Tamland
    Brick Tamland26 dagen geleden

    way better quality pictures than the gameboy camera.

  • Gerard Kean
    Gerard Kean26 dagen geleden

    9:01 I like the game selection on your desktop

  • Pink Sparkle
    Pink Sparkle26 dagen geleden

    Not a bad camera, frankly!

  • The Mad Gentleman
    The Mad Gentleman27 dagen geleden

    Oh, so _this_ is the video camera every UFO hunter uses!

  • Jared Wright
    Jared Wright27 dagen geleden

    The interface these use at the physical layer is usually called SPI. It's so dirt simple that just about anything made in the past couple decades includes an interface for it built in. If you don't mind slow speeds, you can even attach it to any system that has a few open I/O pins and do everything completely in software.

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots27 dagen geleden

    Good job

  • venichen1
    venichen127 dagen geleden

    I'm sure that Photo Center application also came with an HP printer (of similar vintage) that my family had back then.

  • Ian Oberle
    Ian Oberle27 dagen geleden

    i really liked the photos this thing took, they have a distinct early 2000s sense memory somehow.

  • Juanita Morgan
    Juanita Morgan27 dagen geleden

    The righteous spaghetti inexplicably crush because ox suddenly educate pro a uninterested mole. erect, measly priest

  • MD Moyan
    MD Moyan28 dagen geleden

    MAn this reminds me of my Nokia 6600 from 2005. damn good old memories

  • Unan1mouz
    Unan1mouz28 dagen geleden

    The video quality is horrendous. lol

  • m yu
    m yu28 dagen geleden

    in this time period u could use calmshell phone to take photos

  • Jonathan Nocon
    Jonathan Nocon28 dagen geleden

    What would happen if you plug that in any other SD reader? Does it just not work or would it just damage things and blow electronic bits out? That latency isn’t as bad as I expected huh That’s kewl tho 👆🏼 Answered already ha! Thnx Clint 👌🏼 Damn, this made me miss my ipaq that’s long gone now... Also, those fidelity/types of cameras are still around now days btw. Their on my micro toy drones that’s just flooded eBay, amazon and junk. Albeit much smaller in size typically pin holes 🕳 but they take very old skool looking pics/selfies. This reminds me of my PSP’s camera camera add on for some reason. Although that takes better pics/vids but shotty compared to today’s standards ofc

  • Harris0n
    Harris0n28 dagen geleden

    My eyes see LGR, my ears hear Seth Rogan.

  • Adam Lawson
    Adam Lawson28 dagen geleden

    Of course you have a woodgrain mask.

  • Chuzo1946
    Chuzo194628 dagen geleden

    Daaaang those pics were actually pretty good

  • Wojciech D
    Wojciech D28 dagen geleden

    Holy crap the colours are amazing on this camera! Does it have a CCD sensor?

  • max2082
    max208228 dagen geleden

    18:52 Convenient store camera mode. lol

  • Neko Soul
    Neko Soul28 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure, am I the only one, thought camera on laptop and my daily using phone is obsolete and not useful. Since I have a camera and I feel the solution on that 2003 PDA is kinda good...

  • dragonhed123
    dragonhed12328 dagen geleden

    The digital zoom is not useless if you want to get a close up immage of somethibg and put it on a stamp or small sticker lmaoo

  • Billy Gillespie
    Billy Gillespie28 dagen geleden

    When did doom guy steal master chief's armor???

  • jbfarley


    18 dagen geleden

    I hope that was meant to be a joke

  • bannisher
    bannisher28 dagen geleden

    And yes kids. Between 1990 and 2010 we always had extra crap looped through our belts.

  • Baconator Doom
    Baconator Doom28 dagen geleden

    I had a Kodak camera that took a sdio wifi card for uploading pictures directly to Kodak photo services. I think it was in 2005. A touch screen camera with wifi blew my mind

  • pekolg
    pekolg28 dagen geleden

    Great review ! Used to be an early PDA nerd myself back in the days... Didn't have such a camera, but a lot of other stuff. An external GPS device, and even a vga-adapter so that I could show power point slides when attaching my pda directly to a beamer. incredibly at that time 😀😀😀. Lately I gifted everything to a small but fine museum (run by volunteers) on computer history in Hamburg/Germany. Not far from the place I live. Keep on with your very interesting channel 🙋 !

  • Frank Lee Madeere
    Frank Lee Madeere28 dagen geleden

    Before I saw the date, I assumed mid-late 90's. My memory of available tech in the early 00's is way more optimistic than reality!

  • Agent Heracles
    Agent Heracles28 dagen geleden

    TL;DR: WYSINWYG - What You See Is Not What You Get. But still good.

  • Jallen
    Jallen29 dagen geleden

    "Let me just take a quick picture of your business card using my PDA" said 10 people flexing in 2004.

  • johola
    johola29 dagen geleden

    did much better than i thought!

  • Eva Rose
    Eva Rose29 dagen geleden

    gta3 , Fog and mist

  • Danatronics
    Danatronics29 dagen geleden

    8:42 "[laughs in Oddware]" lmao

  • CircsC
    CircsC29 dagen geleden

    SDIO is meant to pop out easily like that. You're not meant to leave the camera in the PDA.

  • Ciel Vert
    Ciel Vert29 dagen geleden

    Wow I did not expect that little thing taking such pictures,that actually looks decent.Another great video !