LGR eThrifts - Ep. 1: Shopping Goodwill

With the future of frequent LGR Thrifts rather unknown at the moment, I decided to try this idea I've had for a while: electronic thrifting! Which is really just online shopping, ha. In particular, we're taking a look at the ShopGoodwill.com website, where stores from all around the country list things for auction. Let's go eThrifting!
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"Branches", "Mining By Moonlight", and "Spy Groove"
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  • LGR
    LGR5 maanden geleden

    Lemme know your thoughts on this format! This isn't a replacement for LGR Thrifts, but those are taking forever to film due to 2̶͈̘̌0̶̰̰̄͆2̵̞̉̏0̴̤̅, so this seemed like something fun to try in the meantime. I'm happy to hear any ideas you have for future episodes though -- or whether or not there should even _be_ future episodes, since I haven't decided if I'll do any more eThrifts or not. It's always a gamble when trying new things and I see several of you aren't happy with the result. But yeah, I'm open to ideas. Thanks for sticking with me as I experiment, folks!

  • Billy Witton

    Billy Witton

    Maand geleden

    really enjoyed the format

  • Tehcooler


    2 maanden geleden

    Man you just predicted future. 2:33 Tomy Tutor HMmmmmmm David? :D

  • Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

    3 maanden geleden

    I enjoyed it. Of course now you could eThrift overseas too

  • Lauren H

    Lauren H

    4 maanden geleden

    I enjoyed it!! Online thrifting is what I’ve been doing for the past few months. Don’t always buy much but I love looking!

  • Gerald


    5 maanden geleden

    Love it! Would be even cooler if you showed more of you bidding on them and showing the results.

  • Holdington Farley
    Holdington Farley3 uur geleden

    Just wanted to say that I love your LGR Thrifts videos and you really made this eThrift video feel like the same thing to me. Really enjoying this new series!

  • zamardii12
    zamardii125 dagen geleden

    The Bose Waves did in fact sound amazing.

  • Sterconium
    Sterconium8 dagen geleden

    _eThrifts_ is not as intriguing as regular _Thrifts_ , but there's always something mystical about weird online sale posts, so there's something worthy of a commentary as well. I say keep this format going at least until you can replace it with the gool ol' one!

  • Malachi C
    Malachi C15 dagen geleden

    He gave away our secrets NOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Matt Bryce
    Matt Bryce16 dagen geleden

    that sony alpha was a bargin, I have that same camera and it's awesome and if you use a smallrig cage the battery door wouldn't even matter

  • killin it
    killin it21 dag geleden

    I have a Bose Wave in 2021 and I can confirm its solid. Used it for pretty much my whole life and its awesome.

  • TechnoloTree
    TechnoloTree23 dagen geleden

    My father wears a mask, and goes to Goodwill, still.

  • Cody Ross
    Cody Ross23 dagen geleden

    Zippos have a LOT of collectable and limited editions that they dont sell for that long so yeah they will get up there. Personally I like the matte colored ones but a lot of them are sought after because they get rare

  • michail okeefe
    michail okeefe26 dagen geleden

    S that a Phillips G 7000 over your shoulder or Tandy ? When the next one ?

  • Red Sea MIDI
    Red Sea MIDIMaand geleden

    Watching the OG series really helped me through early quarantine i am vv happy to see it's back:)))

  • hateeternalmaver
    hateeternalmaverMaand geleden

    Plumbous - the hero of my childh.... no, wait.... ;D Plumbous?!?

  • Player2
    Player2Maand geleden

    I love the format! It was really great to browse through goodwill stuff with LGR haha. Mostly because there are no goodwills in Germany so it's even more interesting

  • Konoi Kurozora
    Konoi KurozoraMaand geleden

    Man I love uranium glass so much. I wish I had some pieces made of that. Also, I want these dolls... No doll deserves to be left to rot...

  • Intercept
    InterceptMaand geleden

    I like the IRL going to stores better

  • thebes1
    thebes1Maand geleden

    Most of it is too pricey.

  • Evin
    EvinMaand geleden

    17:50 you sounded like duke nukem 🤣

  • aly nicholls
    aly nichollsMaand geleden

    that sharp cassette unit would be perfect for 8 bit computers

  • Ked Viper
    Ked ViperMaand geleden

    LGR! My brother got me that clock in the background at 19:54 and it's actually a pencil sharpener too. Edit: The clock with the bells and arrow specifically.

  • Majinga Zetto
    Majinga Zetto2 maanden geleden

    Loved it. Not only the format, but also you, taking the current situation seriously. Utmost respect for you, sir.

  • CowGoes Moo
    CowGoes Moo2 maanden geleden

    My area is getting bad with covid again, everything is gonna be shut down again. I know it, just like when it first started.

  • Brian Erickson
    Brian Erickson2 maanden geleden

    As someone who actually works as a ShopGoodwill poster, I'd love to see more of these

  • DCShowsAreBetter
    DCShowsAreBetter2 maanden geleden

    did you really just call them wii condoms

  • kas ask
    kas ask2 maanden geleden

    I’m an avid thrifter and love browsing through the “jungle” that is Goodwill. But I had no idea they had a website where you could go on and purchase items as well! I still go to Goodwills around my hometown (which is a ‘hidden gem’ type place and only more experienced thrifters know how to find the good stuff) and the locations around my college just as a fun stress reliever and study break. But this has definitely been added to my routine a bit for just some quick browsing online and seeing if anything catches my eye! Thank you for sharing this, and honestly, as long as you’re thrifting still and sharing it I don’t mind if it’s e-thrifting or in person

  • Tony Darre
    Tony Darre2 maanden geleden

    You are a gem of the Internet. And living proof that even if you are just a chunky nerd - you can over over 1m subscribers on NLdron

  • Trippie Redd
    Trippie Redd2 maanden geleden

    u should do a face cam next time

  • Ashen Vendetta
    Ashen Vendetta3 maanden geleden

    really nice get on that card

  • Johnboydojo
    Johnboydojo3 maanden geleden

    We had one of those pioneer receiver's!! Really good piece of kit

  • Superfluous74
    Superfluous743 maanden geleden

    I really like seeing you go out but this was just as entertaining so it would be cool to see more.

  • Jerome Bergeron
    Jerome Bergeron3 maanden geleden

    Love the e version. Keep it going!

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramel3 maanden geleden

    Why is that card so expensive?

  • Fehnik
    Fehnik4 maanden geleden

    When you said the Wii is fourteen years old, that hit me like a punch in the face.

  • Gevell Torturer
    Gevell Torturer4 maanden geleden

    That creepy doll visited me in the nightmares. F U, Clint

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H4 maanden geleden

    I used to work in a charity shop. I can confirm people would come in looking for gold just to sell onto those bullion stores.

  • GTB7979
    GTB79794 maanden geleden

    This stuff is given to Goodwill but they always charge ebay prices.

  • PlayStation Gaming Quarterly
    PlayStation Gaming Quarterly4 maanden geleden

    hey Clint please do an eThrifts episode 2.

  • Vekh Gaming
    Vekh Gaming4 maanden geleden

    47th video in this playlist and I finally learn how you spell "Tchotchke" so I could google what the hell that is.

  • myfamilyiscrazy
    myfamilyiscrazy4 maanden geleden

    Used to work e-commerce for my local Goodwill, and jewelry, video games, Macs, and LEGO tended to go for the most money.

  • conversequeen64
    conversequeen644 maanden geleden

    My family had that exact Bose radio! it did in fact sound pretty good!

  • SteelRodent
    SteelRodent4 maanden geleden

    18:46 technology connections covered that LD/CD changer

  • Ian Hay
    Ian Hay4 maanden geleden

    I`m British and extremely envious of you guys who have these thrift stores and online thrifts we have nothing that comes even close to that.

  • Natalie Marie
    Natalie Marie4 maanden geleden

    I really enjoyed this format, I’d love to see more videos like it! :)

  • Noname
    Noname4 maanden geleden

    I like the format. Not as well as I like the original thrift episodes but under the circumstances this is great!

  • Kristian Wontroba
    Kristian Wontroba4 maanden geleden

    This was great!

  • IFM
    IFM4 maanden geleden

    2:33 I want those guys' picture on my wall. Posterized!

  • arthur scroggins
    arthur scroggins4 maanden geleden

    I got a 3x3 copper heatsink and mounts for 2 quid earlier ethrifting. made my day. :)

  • SutorippuDotCom
    SutorippuDotCom4 maanden geleden

    Seeing an SB Live! go for so cheap... I'd have jumped at that.

  • Jeremias Westmeier
    Jeremias Westmeier4 maanden geleden

    Awesome Format! Please make a video about the 3500 TV AGP with all the TVNESS AND LGRNESS. 😁

  • Nicholas Flores
    Nicholas Flores4 maanden geleden


  • JD
    JD4 maanden geleden

    @16:00 is that a Rick and Morty reference?!

  • SirCheeseTheThird
    SirCheeseTheThird4 maanden geleden

    woah, this is cool. check out ebay and maybe even craigslist, see if there are any good deals out there.

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous4 maanden geleden

    watched this and bought the first intel imac online for a few usd :)

  • meancloth
    meancloth4 maanden geleden

    Are you going to buy and showcase some of this stuff? Or is this format literally just you looking at shit online?? If that's the case, count me out, I can surf the web on my own, don't need to watch someone else do it lol.

  • jimshaly1
    jimshaly14 maanden geleden

    My dad has that stereo xD

  • John Carbery
    John Carbery4 maanden geleden

    Great vid, I'm looking forward to going through the goodwill site myself.

  • Laurie B
    Laurie B4 maanden geleden

    Love this format! Those creepy dolls... 😂

  • V. M.
    V. M.4 maanden geleden

    I love this since all the goodwills near me shut down...but how long until you drift to wish.com?

  • Justice Towne
    Justice Towne4 maanden geleden

    Ah, and after 2 days of binging the playlist, I’m finally caught up with the LGR Thrifts Cinematic Universe :)

  • Muldrf
    Muldrf4 maanden geleden

    I have one of those old racetracks. We used it a lot when I was a kid in the 80s. It was old then but worked great.

  • D827 Kelly
    D827 Kelly4 maanden geleden

    I have one of those pioneer radio amplifiers, pretty decent.

  • TigerNightmare
    TigerNightmare4 maanden geleden

    Nothin wrong with my Wii feet. Those ones in the pictures must have survived a meth lab explosion or something.

  • Tyler Kennedy
    Tyler Kennedy5 maanden geleden

    I require an offering to -a- lucky stone

  • Lauren Wooten
    Lauren Wooten5 maanden geleden

    Please continue to do this. Its nice to see other people browsing Goodwill.com

  • Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland5 maanden geleden

    Digital trifling

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith5 maanden geleden

    Man, these scammers have some balls. No, I’m never paying retail prices or paying more than what you originally spent for it, on ANYTHING that’s been used, looks used, and past it’s popularity 20 years ago. They must be the same people posting broken phones on Facebook marketplace as in “fine condition”. And asking for $5k for 16k gold plated jewelry... that’s obviously junk and the kind of prize you could get for 5 tickets at Chucky Cheese.

  • toastynotes
    toastynotes5 maanden geleden

    I would've snagged those creepy dolls when I was setting up a haunted house at my uni

  • S K
    S K5 maanden geleden

    Absolutely loved it! Hope you'll cover eBay and Japanese auction sites, too.

  • Euclides Zoto
    Euclides Zoto5 maanden geleden

    I've been looking for that game in the background but never knew the name. Please what is the games name?

  • LoydMongo
    LoydMongo5 maanden geleden

    17:49 Yes, your "cash", sure... ;D

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane5 maanden geleden

    Wow, what kind of "goodwill" prices are those..? So expensive... I used to work at a goodwill before the covid. It seems youtube stopped recommending me your videos around then lol. Nice to see you back thrifting. 🤗

  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill5 maanden geleden

    I liked the format. Especially the bidding part. I dunno, guess I’m a sucker for suspense.

  • Than Oliver
    Than Oliver5 maanden geleden

    the bose radio does sound good, but i just prefer a big component system

  • Nate the Fate
    Nate the Fate5 maanden geleden

    I can't wait for LGR Thrifts 2 HE MADE LGR ETHRIFTS ITS A SEQUEL WHAT

  • Chocobo Cloud
    Chocobo Cloud5 maanden geleden

    Omg, I have the bose wave. It actually sounds awesome

  • Jaime Lacayo C.
    Jaime Lacayo C.5 maanden geleden

    i still had my Bose Wave radio from 1992. My dad gave it to me when I went to Military School in Virginia. I tried to get it fixed last year and it doesnt work, but I still love it.

  • Scott Ster
    Scott Ster5 maanden geleden

    I don't know if this is still a thing. But back in in 2000's people would modify those car phones, and case phones to work on the modern cell network. The reason was they had extremely powerful antennas because cell towers were so rare at the time they were sold. If you lived, or were doing something too far for a normal cell phone, you could connect with the old one. I remember reading about someone who lived off the grid, way out in the woods, using an old car phone to stay in contact with people. This was before even 2 or 3G, so I'm sure it wouldn't work now.

  • 1980s Fan
    1980s Fan5 maanden geleden

    went on there and won a VHS Camcorder for 17 bucks

  • Andrés Felipe Sánchez Cano
    Andrés Felipe Sánchez Cano5 maanden geleden

    Great new format !

  • Jorge Javier Morzán Scerpella
    Jorge Javier Morzán Scerpella5 maanden geleden

    no es lo mismo. Mejor es salir a conseguir las ofertas en vivo.

  • Meri Lundström
    Meri Lundström5 maanden geleden

    Been following this channel for years, this was the first video I found too boring to finish. Sorry, just not my cup of coffee I guess :/

  • Alex Valentine
    Alex Valentine5 maanden geleden

    What's that little brown table holding up your monitor called? I'd love to get one.

  • 1980s Fan
    1980s Fan5 maanden geleden

    Wii Condoms XDDD 9:20

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson5 maanden geleden

    I wanna stick my cash in there!!! Lmaooo

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson5 maanden geleden

    I enjoyed this Clint. Btw, NFS SE is the best racing simulator to date.

  • emilyofjane
    emilyofjane5 maanden geleden

    I was today years old when I learned that Goodwill had an online store 😲 *The game has been forever changed*

  • Dan Soare
    Dan Soare5 maanden geleden

    I kind of like this new format. Actually when you come to think of it, as long as Clint provides the commentary I'll watch it

  • Pedro Bona
    Pedro Bona5 maanden geleden

    15:59 _"First they take the dingle bop and they smooth it out with a bunch of schleem..."_

  • GoblinLibrary
    GoblinLibrary5 maanden geleden

    I had the exact same reaction as you to that Valiant typewriter, Clint. I’ll fight you for it, but loser has to buy the creepy doll lot. In all seriousness, I dig this format. For me, it’s window shopping without the work.

  • Hugo Freitas
    Hugo Freitas5 maanden geleden

    Oh my God! I'm from Portigal and my parents have those Durnham miniatures! What are the odds?

  • Gigadenza
    Gigadenza5 maanden geleden

    You purchased a Voodoo 3 3500 for exactly $7 more than its original launch price! Worth every damn dime! I briefly had the UK version but returned it when I discovered that it didn't have the integrated TV tuner!

  • Unsolvable Captcha
    Unsolvable Captcha5 maanden geleden

    I need that Charizard card. Oh, wait I forgot this isn't the year 1999.

  • Technomage 7
    Technomage 75 maanden geleden

    hi just wanted to let you know I won my auction on good will when it comes in I will do unboxing video on my NLdron channel You inspired me to do you tube thank you love all your channels when i up load will let you know :)

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun5 maanden geleden

    ever since i started watching your stuff when i go to thrift stores I look for old tech. I found some new old stock zip disks and ink ribbons for dot matrix printers. I have no intention of buying these things but it's neat to see them.

  • drgribb
    drgribb5 maanden geleden

    Noticing a trend here. Just about everything you show here is wayyy way more expensive than it makes any sense for a normal person to pay for this stuff. Hardly "thrifts" or "good finds."

  • Steve Paul
    Steve Paul5 maanden geleden

    Dude, has anyone ever told you that your voice is the best?

  • Kc Cel
    Kc Cel5 maanden geleden

    Yeah, this format is good too. Do more!

  • montork
    montork5 maanden geleden

    kinda pisses me off goodwill will take anything of value they get for free and sell it online. i actually stopped shopping at goodwill because of this.

  • Jeff B.
    Jeff B.5 maanden geleden

    Janica Mini Ste-RERO lmao

  • Saul Weinberger
    Saul Weinberger5 maanden geleden

    I honestly forgot Goodwill did online auctions! 'Scuse me while I do some browsing.....

  • Jennifer McCoy
    Jennifer McCoy5 maanden geleden

    I absolutely loved this! I had no idea that goodwill had an auction site! To be fair though, I only this week learned they had books online...and I can't wait to get some hardcovers.