It's Time to Talk About My Synth Setup!

Wetenschap en technologie

I've put off talking about this stack of synthesizers, drum machines, and audio gear for long enough. Let's dive into the main LGR synth setup and what I do with it! I'm still an amateur with this but here's a bit of a studio tour anyway. Weird electronic music and cool sounds of all kinds, I just can't get enough!
● Take a look at my eurorack modules here:
● LGR links:
● Music courtesy of... myself, this time.
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  • LGR
    LGR28 dagen geleden

    Here's a longer mix of the intro music:

  • J


    Dag geleden

    11/10, Please continue making more.

  • DJ Thermite

    DJ Thermite

    4 dagen geleden

    For your combined mixer, effects, and recorder take a look at the Allen & Heath Qu series. Good effects, lots of channel routing options, built-in 18 track direct-to-hard drive recording. I got the Qu-PAC a little while ago and it has been wonderful

  • Odiee47


    9 dagen geleden

    Oh, Thank you for that.

  • Guth Half

    Guth Half

    13 dagen geleden

    Check out PreSonus mixer with save and retrieve track settings, individual effects for tracks and recording to USB or flash drive :) there the goods and I think you would find it perfect for your use case scenario

  • Bruce Scott

    Bruce Scott

    22 dagen geleden

    Awesome! Please do more jamming!!!! LLAP

  • Phúc Nguyễn Phan Hoàng
    Phúc Nguyễn Phan Hoàng4 minuten geleden

    what is a synth? is it from the Institute? The BoS is not gonna happy with this

  • 1 Professional
    1 Professional12 uur geleden

    Most of it sounds like 90/2000s video game music and like some corny action movies from the era , the sounds are definitely nostalgic tho ...

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson21 uur geleden

    Since you are into tech stuff and modular get an Ornament and Crime. Would recommend getting it with Hemispheres installed. I have a feeling you would love that module.

  • Harvey Brown
    Harvey BrownDag geleden

    I need a version of the track starting at 0:29. It sounds amazing!

  • One3rdNinja
    One3rdNinjaDag geleden

    I play synth... We all play synth....

  • Jo Bull
    Jo BullDag geleden

    Portal vibesss mmmmm

  • Ric Jenner
    Ric Jenner2 dagen geleden

    Very enjoyable and relatable content.

  • Phil Carter
    Phil Carter2 dagen geleden

    LGR should do a colab with LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER :)

  • Jason Gurtz-Cayla
    Jason Gurtz-Cayla2 dagen geleden

    Nice!! Way cool hobby and hope to see more. Maybe a new LGR: tüns channel?

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers2 dagen geleden

    rebirth and winamp stickers ok you are the fucking man!! lol

  • LGR


    2 dagen geleden

    Gotta respect the elders 🤘

  • Chase Me
    Chase Me2 dagen geleden

    i would fuck with this....unexpected

  • P. Klein
    P. Klein2 dagen geleden

    I consider buying a korg monologue as well, for the same exact reasons: I'm not a musician by any means but I like weird ambient sounds and analog technology. Now I know where this is going to end, equipment wise. oh boy.

  • Animation Engineer
    Animation Engineer3 dagen geleden

    Look out, Daft Punk --- it's LGR! He's going to do the *Tron 3* soundtrack!

  • wazthatme
    wazthatme3 dagen geleden

    music streams when?

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström3 dagen geleden

    I can't say I'm surprised. This is all of Synth Memes in one person :p Euroracks, fart noises - all dawless. He probably inserted a Volca somewere too. ;) I do love it! Clint is living every nerds dream!

  • HaloFromMetroid
    HaloFromMetroid4 dagen geleden

    I love this video, but my plebeian speakers can't keep up with your Synth Setup!! I'll come back when I update my sound.

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones4 dagen geleden

    Can we have a rave with LGR playing

  • Keith Vassallo
    Keith Vassallo4 dagen geleden

    ... this is a world I never knew existed. Thank you

  • Nacxit Enciso
    Nacxit Enciso4 dagen geleden

    Daft Punk dies... LGR Rises 👾🤖

  • David Gereg
    David Gereg4 dagen geleden

    Surprised you didn’t go vintage with your synth set up. I’m putting together a electronic studio with nothing made past 1995. Mostly Oberheim, Akai, Moog and 70s Yamaha CS stuff. Looking to get a couple Sequential pieces. Running sequences via Oberheim DSX, Alesis MMT and eventually Atari ST.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd4 dagen geleden

    Everytime you need a good giggle, go to 2:50. You're welcome.

  • dj osearth
    dj osearth5 dagen geleden

    *SO PROUD!!!*

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith5 dagen geleden

    I'm enjoying this too much. I must've seen this vid half a dozen times already.

  • Ya Grandad Pc gaming
    Ya Grandad Pc gaming5 dagen geleden

    lmao that shit sounds awesome I bet it’d do well if released I know I’d buy it for sure

  • LiK
    LiK5 dagen geleden

    Looks like a set from a space station

  • datagod
    datagod5 dagen geleden

    Love the beats!! Great setup. The LED display at the top - with the falligng blocks - is quite intriguing. I program LED displays as a hobby. What one is that?

  • nate Leuthner
    nate Leuthner5 dagen geleden

    Hey Clint can we get more videos of you making music on this? Recordings are great but watching you operate it is just cool.

  • Brian TheBrian
    Brian TheBrian6 dagen geleden

    Beautiful set up Clint. There is a way to find out what every knob on the Minilogue xd is set to when you load a brand spanking new patch. It’ll show a little asterisk on the screen when the knob hits the value that the patch loads with. Just go to settings and put Parameter Display to all I think.

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika6 dagen geleden

    i guess you're the sound hacker

  • Robert Kight
    Robert Kight6 dagen geleden

    No idea what that Samson sounds like but I have an SVS SB-1000 to compliment my Audioengine HD-6 speakers for my vinyl setup. Honestly, I'd like to upgrade at some point but it's a beast either way.

  • Dominic Baughman
    Dominic Baughman6 dagen geleden

    Huh....this is the third time I've clicked on one of LGR's videos and am wearing the exact same Tee shirt as LGR. Target shopping for the win I guess.

  • Brian Kapellusch
    Brian Kapellusch6 dagen geleden

    Wow, how am I finding out that you own all these synths? Make me some techno and I'll play it out (whenever dj gig start happening again)

  • Brian Kapellusch

    Brian Kapellusch

    6 dagen geleden

    And im kinda shocked that you can't load samples into the TR-8 via USB. I bought the TB-3. Roland did a great job on their AIRA series (altho it's obviously all digital and not analog, which makes it less appealing to a lot of people).

  • Dirk Koltermann
    Dirk Koltermann6 dagen geleden

    now we're talking XD

  • Benjamin Wynn
    Benjamin Wynn6 dagen geleden

    Awesome 👍

  • digitaljunk
    digitaljunk6 dagen geleden

    Thats where all the YT money goes. Nice that you let us have a look on your racks. Nice setup. Back in the days I used an korg ms2000 to made sounds and a daw with propellerheads and cubase and lot of h2o back then. 🙈

  • Draaangus
    Draaangus6 dagen geleden

    This video is criminally under-viewed.

  • Tommy Krues
    Tommy Krues6 dagen geleden

    WOAH! All these years of watching your channel and to see that you’re starting a euro rack collection just makes me smile. I’m so glad this might become a part of the channel dude.

  • Fehnik
    Fehnik7 dagen geleden

    Now you can rename your channel to "Look mum many computers"

  • Andreas Rowicki
    Andreas Rowicki7 dagen geleden

    awesome synth setup, sound great and looks super fun to play around with! What DAW and interface are you using for recording?

  • Dr. Murdoch
    Dr. Murdoch7 dagen geleden

    I sense a big Depeche Mode fan.

  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright7 dagen geleden

    I mean, of course LGR is a modular synthsman. it all makes sense.

  • José LLaneza
    José LLaneza7 dagen geleden

    I've seen lately some of my favourite youtube producers show their synth gear... Curious Droid and now you. BTW cool eurorack selection.

  • Michael Varley
    Michael Varley7 dagen geleden

    If you're willing to delve further down the rabbit hole of semi-obsolete rack-mountable audio gear consider getting an old Alesis ADAT 8-track recorder. They're super cheap and it was the industry standard throughout the 90s. The aesthetic appeal is on point too, particularly the green LED VU display. Most importantly these units are truly pinnacle of the awkward transition from analog to digital--they record digitally onto S-VHS tapes in a manner similar to DAT. The main downside is that S-VHS tapes have become expensive since being discontinued but you can stock up on a few and reuse them (I think). Beyond that, it should be just as functional as that Zoom recorder pictured in the video (but way cooler).

  • zombizzle
    zombizzle8 dagen geleden


  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson8 dagen geleden

    You should post your music ngl

  • James Morris
    James Morris8 dagen geleden

    Im still watting for that drop 😔😂😂

  • Sterrence Bartholomint
    Sterrence Bartholomint8 dagen geleden

    your music rocks, clint!

  • Bobby M
    Bobby M8 dagen geleden

    ay ive the same td 303!

  • Vapor Neon
    Vapor Neon8 dagen geleden

    you forgot to tell us about those stands you use for holding up stuff like the tr-8s and the td-3

  • Corporal Quigg
    Corporal Quigg8 dagen geleden

    I am in awe. Also a big synth fan working on a collection. New to the channel. Glad I came across it.

  • Grant Starr
    Grant Starr8 dagen geleden

    Howdy Clint, long time subscriber I didn't know you were into music and music production so much. Vintage guitarist here myself now into recording and messing with synths. This was me in the 386/486 days. . This is me trying to mesh synthetic and live played . Hit me up if you need a collab partner for your compilation.

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell8 dagen geleden

    So, when's the album out?

  • Jesper Sevel
    Jesper Sevel8 dagen geleden

    You should deffently put some more tunes out there to download... Great music!

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry8 dagen geleden

    Nice jam on the Eurorack. Liked it a lot.

  • Tarrabyte
    Tarrabyte8 dagen geleden

    You need to find a way to hang out with deadmau5. I think you would go bonkers over his synthesizer setup. I have a feeling you've already seen it though but if you too hung out and made some music you guys would be

  • CrippleX89
    CrippleX898 dagen geleden

    Damn I really dig your sound! I know some clubs here in Europe that’d play your music..

  • candycabngfl
    candycabngfl9 dagen geleden

    Very Cool !

  • The Screwfly Solution
    The Screwfly Solution9 dagen geleden

    Having checked out a playlist you put up a while ago, I appreciate your tastes and I'm not surprised your little hobby turns out to be pretty interesting. Personally I prefer the ambient stuff and I don't think you need to be especially modest about it. I'd call all of it music. Music = organised sound.

  • Tyler Jones
    Tyler Jones9 dagen geleden

    Dude.... wtf! That shit slaps harder than Rick James hanging out with Charlie Murphy! LGR you just blew my mind. I never knew you were a man of such talents. Keep it up!

  • DoubleBarrel1962
    DoubleBarrel19629 dagen geleden

    What the hell? This is crazy! I had no idea you were into this stuff

  • XPenacoba
    XPenacoba9 dagen geleden

    Man I don't listen to this type of music but I like a lot some of the sounds you played here, you definetly know what you are doing!

  • Odiee47
    Odiee479 dagen geleden

    46:40 That IS awesome.

  • SaltedChip375
    SaltedChip3759 dagen geleden

    24:21 got me thinking of the Pit People ost

  • ukwerna
    ukwerna10 dagen geleden

    Wow! Nice, and impressive!!

  • Björn-Eric Abrahamsson
    Björn-Eric Abrahamsson10 dagen geleden

    LOVED this video, thank's for showing this stuff.

  • Kyle Jenkins
    Kyle Jenkins10 dagen geleden

    bruh i may as well just get a fucking patreon to make 6k a month buying synths like what the fuck

  • alberto balsam
    alberto balsam10 dagen geleden


  • Charles Cimino
    Charles Cimino10 dagen geleden

    Shit dude. You need to drop an album. NOW. Or at LEAST start streaming for 30 or 60 minutes at a time, just doing this. I think a LOT of your fanbase would dig the hell out of it!

  • Heero 99
    Heero 9910 dagen geleden


  • Jordan Springer
    Jordan Springer10 dagen geleden

    You should get on Twitch and start streaming live making synth beats. Lots of musicians popping up on there in recent months, I think you'd be successful.

  • Mark Pfeffer

    Mark Pfeffer

    6 dagen geleden

    For real Clint just stream modular noodling on twitch. Don't even need to talk or anything.

  • Connor Stierwalt
    Connor Stierwalt10 dagen geleden

    This is sick, makes me want to get into synths

  • Ripped Torn
    Ripped Torn10 dagen geleden

    Aren't you aware theres this thing called Acid House ? Coz thats what you make .

  • Nexu Jin
    Nexu Jin11 dagen geleden

    Admit it, we're all this same kind of nerd otherwise we wouldn't be here.

  • Koishi
    Koishi11 dagen geleden

    Can I have the full version of that fart super Mario song so I can put it on blast on my stereo to annoy people

  • Carlos López
    Carlos López11 dagen geleden

    Thats some sick gear

    OCEANSINSPACE11 dagen geleden

    A secret synth madman! I love it, keeping it nice and tidy too. Hails to electronics.

  • Simon Christensen
    Simon Christensen11 dagen geleden

    2:29 I'm expecting Wesley Sniped to walk into the club at any point now

  • Tetrapodum
    Tetrapodum11 dagen geleden

    You are serious? You decide to talk NOW about this great hobby of yours? You bet its time to talk about that! :-D And I do insist that this is music by all means!!! Strongly convinced so! Wanna share some of your tunes, especially the electronic and ambient ones?

  • Avery Trashmouth
    Avery Trashmouth11 dagen geleden

    My man's out here making the pathologic soundtrack

  • Aethere Breather
    Aethere Breather11 dagen geleden

    I wanna clip of one of those BDSM clubs from The Matrix with Clint as the DJ, regular guy haircut, t-shirt, fleece, khakis, and all. Then he pushes up his glasses and they anime flash as he smiles.

  • NiamorH
    NiamorH12 dagen geleden

    where is your Maths?

  • Synths Make Noise
    Synths Make Noise12 dagen geleden

    Good for you, going dawless, is like being lawless in the old west, giddy up there pilgrim!

  • Samy K
    Samy K12 dagen geleden

    Your modular synth rack is just crazy ! It sounds really great congratulations :)

  • Johnny Cab
    Johnny Cab12 dagen geleden

    "I play synth.....We all play synth"

  • Tiny Power
    Tiny Power12 dagen geleden

    Show us the spring reverb raver dood! Have you made tech step drum and bass on that set up?

  • Malachi C
    Malachi C12 dagen geleden

    If this whole disaster of covid fades away you should totally perform live. I'd totally go to an LGR concert!!!

  • DjVolumeUp200
    DjVolumeUp20012 dagen geleden

    13:20 I have that same exact Pioneer amplifier and oh lord is it the best speaker amp I've ever used!

  • larrisAWSOME
    larrisAWSOME12 dagen geleden

    Holy shit

  • Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster
    Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster12 dagen geleden

    Lets talk about your synth setup? How about we talk about your electric bill.

  • Remco Van Hoeve
    Remco Van Hoeve12 dagen geleden

    Very cool, that you also like this electronica !

  • Ryan Winklevoss
    Ryan Winklevoss12 dagen geleden

    That fart diddy had me laughing

    SENATORPAIN113 dagen geleden

    the late 90s called clint it wants its sound track back.

  • myguitardidyermom212
    myguitardidyermom21213 dagen geleden

    Your synth setup is nicer than my entire studio

  • john thracian
    john thracian13 dagen geleden

    the beat is alive.

  • Rj Kumar
    Rj Kumar13 dagen geleden


  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer13 dagen geleden

    Clint for Doom Soundtrack.

  • G1RGG
    G1RGG13 dagen geleden

    Hell Yes...Synth live stream time. DO IT....

  • Haze Anderson
    Haze Anderson14 dagen geleden

    Ooooo .... I might have to get one of those Behringer Ultracurve Pros ... 😏 you put together a really nice studio.

  • ThiccLink •
    ThiccLink •14 dagen geleden

    I'm really disappointed to see this only has a couple 100k views. We really have an opportunity to hear some incredible music but i fear the lack of support means it won't be worth Clint's time 😔