Holiday Lemmings-esque Vibes of Xmas Ducks 2000 #DOScember


It's December! And that means Christmas LGR once again. Also clones, and I think they're getting weirder. As for the game itself, Xmas Ducks 2000 is another Lemmings variant at first glance. But then I played it and yep, this one surprised me! Ducks has some fascinating changes, rather excellent atmosphere... annnnd some really frustrating bits of gameplay. So it goes with MS-DOS puzzle games.
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  • MaYheM M
    MaYheM M14 dagen geleden

    This video had a great AVGN vibe. Which is awesome! Actually would love to see an LGR / AVGN collab video.

  • aperitifs
    aperitifs18 dagen geleden

    love the into ( Do you recall in the 90's Dominos Pizza gave out a Free Game on 1.44 mb floppy disks to pizza buyers

  • FerHivore
    FerHivoreMaand geleden

    Nothing says Christmas quite like… howling wolves.

  • Ddespair Ddespair
    Ddespair DdespairMaand geleden

    I want that hoodie. It looks comfy.

  • Deson Bowenford
    Deson BowenfordMaand geleden

    I had no clue that lemmings had a space harrier level to it. Cool.

  • Nicholas Gawler-Collins
    Nicholas Gawler-CollinsMaand geleden

    6:00 It could be just me, but this font looks like The Simpsons logo font.

  • Shadi Sammoun
    Shadi SammounMaand geleden

    Dude, your character is unique, im surprised you arent in a movie or something.

    theducks.orgMaand geleden

    I like it!

  • SeriousSim
    SeriousSimMaand geleden

    You are actually a good actor!

  • Jason Hass
    Jason HassMaand geleden

    All that dialogue at the intro just to hit the 15 minute mark. I see you LGR

  • mccallumcra
    mccallumcra2 maanden geleden

    Sounds like a good 2020 game.

  • Patrick Fleming
    Patrick Fleming2 maanden geleden


  • Jonathan Jay
    Jonathan Jay2 maanden geleden

    This is the best cut of Split available.

  • michaelkeha
    michaelkeha2 maanden geleden

    Unless you have a hospital grade disinfection set up you put that mask through every time you use it that piece of cloth is going to do precisely dick

    TAPETRVETVBE2 maanden geleden

    "What do you think we need to do about it, is the question." "I think the answer is, play The Three Frank Harlons on infinite loop."

  • GamingRage
    GamingRage2 maanden geleden

    that intro reminded me of AVGN, when it used to be a good show

  • The Key
    The Key2 maanden geleden

    That classic Lazy Game Reviews intro always warms my heart. Wish you all a merry christmas and and happy new year, better than 2020!

  • The Caffeinated Owl
    The Caffeinated Owl2 maanden geleden

    Someone (or LGR) should make a best-of and compile all his intros with his clones into one video! I love the clones 😁

  • B24Fox
    B24Fox2 maanden geleden

    Oh boy... do I miss the old intros...!!

  • Veronique487
    Veronique4872 maanden geleden

    For a non gamer like moi, to stay engaged with this fun video I say Kudos to LGR, that was entertaining! Cuack!🦆👍💾

  • Natalie Kate
    Natalie Kate2 maanden geleden

    I live for LGR Christmas lore! 🎄 🤩

  • Mash Rien
    Mash Rien2 maanden geleden

    Holy beard Clintman

  • Andrew Colchagoff
    Andrew Colchagoff2 maanden geleden

    alternate Clints have come a long way.

  • Arconos
    Arconos2 maanden geleden

    Gotta say after a handful of years, you're definitely my favorite NLdron channel LGR

  • Ashley Barber
    Ashley Barber2 maanden geleden

    I love the Christmas Clint clone videos!

  • J Martin
    J Martin2 maanden geleden

    Wow for freeware, that's pretty damn cool. Congrats on the 1M+ subscribers.

  • Kat Murray
    Kat Murray2 maanden geleden


  • bob
    bob2 maanden geleden

    exatctly at my birthy day

  • Mark Tinberg
    Mark Tinberg2 maanden geleden

    "Questionable Chuckling" and I lost it. hahahah lol

  • Loony Catbread
    Loony Catbread2 maanden geleden

    There’s a new Porsche laptop, you know what that means...

  • The RealAFK
    The RealAFK2 maanden geleden

    This channel sure had its own lore about xmas

  • Michael Kolodziejczyk
    Michael Kolodziejczyk2 maanden geleden

    Happyland Adventures X-Mass edition is a must play for me. Every December

  • Michael
    Michael2 maanden geleden

    Thank you and Merry Christmas, Clint.

  • Chey
    Chey2 maanden geleden

    Christmaaaaaas Huehuehuehuehue

  • docsav
    docsav2 maanden geleden

    The art in this game is amazing, maybe peak for its era. Which, amusingly enough, was at least 5 years before it came out.

  • BleuVII
    BleuVII2 maanden geleden

    The number of understated duck puns in this video is truly astounding.

  • Sinister Gerbils

    Sinister Gerbils

    2 maanden geleden

    Send me the bill...

  • Damian Montero
    Damian Montero2 maanden geleden

    Love the intro!

  • newfangled cypher
    newfangled cypher2 maanden geleden

    The saga continues. I’ve been looking forward to this all year.

  • Ero Zen
    Ero Zen2 maanden geleden

    LGR discovers psychedelics

  • SlashZaku
    SlashZaku2 maanden geleden

    My favorite thing about Christmas lgr is seeing the old intro again

  • saint_vit
    saint_vit2 maanden geleden

    Hey are you going to review cyberpunk 2077?

  • Cryde
    Cryde2 maanden geleden

    This style of comedy from LGR reminds me of the Drew Carey Show for whatever reason

  • tomtalk24
    tomtalk242 maanden geleden

    Weird time to grow a beard. Masks and more time at home lol! Happy xmas all, be grateful!

  • Chris Weed
    Chris Weed2 maanden geleden

    The editing in that into is top tier

  • Simon
    Simon2 maanden geleden

    Clint includes himself into his videos so rarely that I must admit that I've missed him

  • R
    R2 maanden geleden

    Hahaha this was good

  • Pranav R P
    Pranav R P2 maanden geleden

    Intro looks like 2009.

  • Shay
    Shay2 maanden geleden

    Im crackin up: Youre in a simulation, this year sucks XDD

  • king ayrton
    king ayrton2 maanden geleden

    you look like santa man :))))))

  • E War
    E War2 maanden geleden

    again! yer awesome!

  • Phedran
    Phedran2 maanden geleden

    Pretty sure that's supposed to be holly, not mistletoe. 👍

  • Pip5528
    Pip55282 maanden geleden

    The Christmas Clone lore just got way crazier.

  • Birdie
    Birdie2 maanden geleden

    i swear watching lgr christmas videos is practically a yearly tradition for me to throw on when i need some holiday stuff to watch while online..that and also your sims videos since it's what introduced me to your channel😂 my favorite online holiday tradition

  • MadMordo
    MadMordo2 maanden geleden

    Opening skit was hilarious

  • Aba Bab
    Aba Bab2 maanden geleden


  • Z S
    Z S2 maanden geleden

    LGR broke the time continuum!

  • Ashen Vendetta
    Ashen Vendetta2 maanden geleden

    Yo LGR, This is a Massive Video. Your Content is improving all the time. THIS IS THE CONTENT WE WANT> YOU MAKE NORTH CAROLINA PROUD BROTHER . . . and after watching some its your writing. Your writing is getting so much better. Being alone has been really good for you and it is showing. Fellow introvert here.

  • Guilherme Solda
    Guilherme Solda2 maanden geleden

    I had one idea, what do you think about a tech tales on mediavision? would it be interesting?

  • samtheking25
    samtheking252 maanden geleden

    wait is that LGR stands for?

  • HiTek RedNek
    HiTek RedNek2 maanden geleden

    Yeeeeees he's backn

  • Robert Kirsten
    Robert Kirsten2 maanden geleden

    The whole of youtube: Cyberpunk 2077 LGR: Xmas Ducks 2000 for MS-DOS That's why we subscribe :)

  • Camilo Rivera
    Camilo Rivera2 maanden geleden

    Anyone has a Christmas lgr playlist? Can't find it

  • LGR


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  • JUKO
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  • JUKO


    2 maanden geleden

    beards lookin slick g

  • Philip Rizek
    Philip Rizek2 maanden geleden

    Off the Wall question I bought a $100 Ford F-150 1997 with an automatic that has a tow haul button that's busted and no longer with the truck I was thinking about using a push button power switch that I got from a computer monitor and relocate it from the automatic gear selector to the dash and I have a miniature pool ball that I'm going to drill out and put on the end of the automatic gear selector I'm pretty sure the computer minder switch can handle the current

  • Сом Речной
    Сом Речной2 maanden geleden

    Heeey, LGR Dude, i know you are quite experienced in 486 computers for nowadays. I am here to complain about my life. recently i got gifted (totally free) with DM&P eBox 2300SXA. it is a ridiculous device, running a Vortex86SX i486 cpu without math coprocessor / no floating point instructions. Also it uses CF card as hard-emulated IDE. I've spent month or more trying to pick up any os that will utilize all of its generous 300 mhz and 128m onboard hardwired sdram. so far, i am unable to try windows 2000/xp, i did though get gui on win98se (system hangs into black screen "no display" after prompting for some drivers), also could run many dos flavours, and DM&P had some .gho images at their website, giving to try static freedos, demo windows ce 5.0/6.0 (both surely run in ramdisk, do not access neither ethernet nor storage) and some strange x-linux, which i did not succeed to run. i aim to at least some unisolated (in networking means) that can use at least ftp and some text processing. so here I ask for your advice, what did you succeed to run yourself on any of your 486sx computers that are lacking fpu? couldn't you share some sort of list?

  • LiK
    LiK2 maanden geleden

    It’s that time of year again!

  • wrhythm
    wrhythm2 maanden geleden

    Watching Christmas Clint is becoming a classic holiday tradition at my house.

  • Jeff Welcher Media
    Jeff Welcher Media2 maanden geleden

    Happy holidays my man

  • crazy4vidoegames
    crazy4vidoegames2 maanden geleden

    Was eating duck fried rice while watching this :/

  • Kerjewski
    Kerjewski2 maanden geleden

    That screen wipe Jeeeeeeeeeeez!!

  • grimTales1
    grimTales12 maanden geleden

    I loved the beginning of the episode - wasn't expecting that! :D

  • GR Kelly
    GR Kelly2 maanden geleden

    Christmas Clint remains terrifying.

  • Wͬiͣnͨdͤ
    Wͬiͣnͨdͤ2 maanden geleden

    that ending made me so hungry that taco looked so tasty

  • I
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  • alwynd
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  • Interference22
    Interference222 maanden geleden

    I remember Tim Furnish from years ago, not via the Ducks games, though: I played his adventure game, Out of Order, which is really good.

  • Bad Name Wolfie
    Bad Name Wolfie2 maanden geleden

    Hungry Softwre? One of my favorite indie point and click adventure games is made from them. Its name is Out of Order. If you like the genre, I recommend it.

  • Buch Fritze
    Buch Fritze2 maanden geleden

    Uuuh, "Ducks Redux". I thought of "Ducks Deluxe" :-) But C:\ember or Dosember is so great, I was laughing so loud. Good job Clint!

  • Linkale_
    Linkale_2 maanden geleden

    This video made me freak out a bit about being submerged in a substance, that thing being air. I never really though about it, but it is weird. It's like being under water but you can breathe this thing, so we're like fish somehow

  • invghost
    invghost2 maanden geleden

    Two mentions of the word eerie but no eerie ambiance :(

  • LGR


    2 maanden geleden

    Watch with subtitles ;)

  • Twin Rabbit
    Twin Rabbit2 maanden geleden

    Wasn't expecting the surrealist spin on the traditional opening, seems fitting given the game.

  • Kevski802
    Kevski8022 maanden geleden


  • Mica Crestana
    Mica Crestana2 maanden geleden

    Love your beard in the video.

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R2 maanden geleden

    I know thats really you Randall!

  • patprop74
    patprop742 maanden geleden

    Greetings Clint, Totally unrelated to the Xmas Duck, could you be the only one in the whole DosC:\umber thing to actually talk about Dos and the programs and commands included with DOS itself, Such as dos shell or how we use to change the colour of the dos fonts, maybe talk about some of the actual Dos Command such as mem, the different format command... and or even get into the little tricks we all use to do with autoexec.bat and config.sys to speed up the compute and such, I'm a little disappointed that most of the Dos C:\umber thing talks about a vintage computer that ran Dos and not about Dos itself, I know I'm asking a lot and with half of dosC:\umber already gone. If anyone is up to the challenge I have no doubt it's you. Cheers

  • Paul Boland
    Paul Boland2 maanden geleden

    I miss Lemmings. It would be great to see the franchise come back.

  • Alejandro Ael
    Alejandro Ael2 maanden geleden

    Looks like a 1990 game than a 2000 game

  • Gravijta
    Gravijta2 maanden geleden

    *No ducks were harmed during the filming of this video.* 14:40 ... Never mind.

  • Google+sucksballs
    Google+sucksballs2 maanden geleden

    Christmas LGR: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! LGR: Aw shit, here we go again.

  • NikateeN
    NikateeN2 maanden geleden

    It’s cool to see so many Christmas themed PC games. As a console gamer, I can say that I haven’t had the chance to play many Christmas games.

  • Joseph Rigdon
    Joseph Rigdon2 maanden geleden

    Have you covered the Elf Bowling series?? I still have all the installers for each version that they did, it's so awesome, lol!! 😁

  • Joseph Rigdon

    Joseph Rigdon

    2 maanden geleden

    @LGR Nice!! I don't know how I missed it!! Thanks for the link!! 🙂

  • LGR


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  • xiaochicash
    xiaochicash2 maanden geleden

    I like how Clint talking to himself is a call back to the very first upload.

  • weirdproq1
    weirdproq12 maanden geleden

    Huhuhu. Christmus!

  • Chad Bertrand
    Chad Bertrand2 maanden geleden

    What you pointed to as mistletoe looks more like holly.

  • hblaub
    hblaub2 maanden geleden

    Don't believe him! The cake is a lie!

  • darkmage07070777
    darkmage070707772 maanden geleden

    I swear, if LGR ever tells us he can't find enough Christmas/Holiday themed games to cover, I'm going to become a developer JUST to make more,

  • Adroid Advice
    Adroid Advice2 maanden geleden

    Your hairs pretty thin buddy. For a second I thought you were MVG.

  • Endy Mallorn
    Endy Mallorn2 maanden geleden

    Where did you get those duck tacos?

  • I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry
    I'd Rather Watch Paint Dry2 maanden geleden

    Christmas can official come now that there is a new LGR theme Christmas video.