Exploring a MASSIVE Retro Computer Warehouse!

Wetenschap en technologie

No joke, this place is truly mind-blowing! Taking a tour of Computer Reset in Dallas, Texas. It's a closed down vintage computer shop that's been largely abandoned and has stayed relatively untouched for years. Enjoy the mountains of computer hardware and software.
● Here's the group to join for scheduling/info on entering the building:
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  • LGR
    LGRJaar geleden

    Here's the group for Computer Reset updates and volunteer work: facebook.com/groups/627459117730981/ And here's an update video on the status of the place as of July 2020! nldron.info/work/video/haJuiNKXo56pf2A

  • Media Pool

    Media Pool

    24 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the video and keep up the good work!

  • D L

    D L

    4 maanden geleden

    There's a small Goodwill near me called "Goodwill Goodbytes" that I recently ( a few months ago) got a Dell Optiplex 3010 from ($35!) that only needed a HDD and OS. I put a old 3.5" 500GB hdd inside and installed Ubuntu, and now I'll be upgrading the computer sometime soon. It already runs Portal/Portal2 and the old 2005 version of Star Wars Battlefront II well! Current specs: Intel Core i3-3220, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Ubuntu 20.04. It's the SFF version, so not much upgrade options. But I'll upgrade it!

  • Archie Ames

    Archie Ames

    6 maanden geleden

    @Multiple Object Selector the place is semiabandoned and the people who clear it out are doing a service to the family who is incapable of managing it anymore. They should be able to make a profit for their effort. If you just relied on nonprofit driven nerds willing to personally fly over and add to their collections it would take forever to get rid of. Of course it would be better if they charge a more reasonable price for it or better yet if someone could organize and catalog everything and put it on sale formally for everyone.

  • Tommy Vercetti's Gaming News Gameplay Music

    Tommy Vercetti's Gaming News Gameplay Music

    6 maanden geleden

    Great work Clint. Thanks for documenting this place!

  • Al Neuman

    Al Neuman

    7 maanden geleden

    Being a computer geek going back to the early 80's, I would've loved to have picked up another Tandy 1000 EX or SX, maybe a 486 or Pentium to put my BBS on, but really... all of that old hardware is nostalgic, but impractical for a guy who lives in an apartment. Speaking of which, I have a couple Tandy Color Computers and a couple Radio Shack cassette recorders (the white ones used for data), an old vintage Tandy book I think. I'm looking to get rid of them. I was going to e-mail 8-BIT guy, but he's busy with his new studio expansion, didn't want to bother him with it. Any of your group interested in them?

    BIG BEEF23 uur geleden

    Ya I knew John, he died in the Great Keyboard Avalanche of 2020

    Tim CAMPBELLDag geleden

    Them old IBM motherboards have $35 worth of scrap gold in them. At least that's what I heard from a gold scrapper.

  • Iori Clone-09
    Iori Clone-092 dagen geleden

    Maybe the whole warehouse consists of less than 15 gb hahah.

  • John Estupido
    John Estupido2 dagen geleden

    So does anyone know what happened to this place? I tried to search but not much information.

  • Applecake
    Applecake2 dagen geleden

    give me a 1980's model M white label new in box i wanted one in like forever

  • Nadine Lynch
    Nadine Lynch6 dagen geleden

    this just appeared in my recommended to watch, thank goodness that i am computer science student who is interested in technology

  • Google Account
    Google Account6 dagen geleden

    I'm just finding this video, and news about this place for the first time - nearly 2 years after you posted this. Is this place still getting rid of stuff?? I've seen what looks like recent photos of the building, and except for the address... it is no longer marked with any company name on the outside. I think I also saw that the place is for sale, so that leads me to believe that everything has been liquidated as of this time! I wish I could have discovered this place a couple of years ago - or even this video when it was first posted. I am desperately in search of a "black" XT/AT (preferably switchable, not auto-selecting) 101 keyboard. It would have a 5-pin DIN plug, not the PS/2 connector on it. This place probably had one! I can't find one on eBay or Amazon, and Google searches don't turn up anything. I keep checking thrift stores, in the hopes I get lucky!!

  • Coolman6564
    Coolman65646 dagen geleden

    Even saw a glimpse of AST Research... had one of those for my entire childhood, incredible!

  • Bill
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  • Daynox1st
    Daynox1st7 dagen geleden

    I could make use of literally everything there....

  • William Leavitt
    William Leavitt9 dagen geleden

    as somone who has just gotten into this hobby even I was awe struck

  • Super Gamer Sloth
    Super Gamer Sloth10 dagen geleden

    That is worth millions

  • Remco de G
    Remco de G10 dagen geleden

    This is a top broadcast! I totally get the feeling.

  • FridayBeats
    FridayBeats10 dagen geleden

    I live in Greece, i wish there was a way to order stuff

  • Eruen Gameplays
    Eruen Gameplays10 dagen geleden

    i wish there were places like this here at Spain

  • camelazo
    camelazo11 dagen geleden

    You can find something interesting on that tons of hdd's!!

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    ONAIR RECORDS11 dagen geleden

    w0w ❤🙉

  • preben nielsen
    preben nielsen11 dagen geleden

    16:19: That my mid-90s monitor right there, face down. It was beautiful

  • Lightforged
    Lightforged12 dagen geleden

    The owner of this store must have bled circuits

  • PCsrot
    PCsrot12 dagen geleden

    Still nice

  • Daniel Revas
    Daniel Revas12 dagen geleden

    I would spend an obscene amount of money in a place like this.

  • FastTheFood
    FastTheFood12 dagen geleden

    This screams Fire Code Violation

  • majorkonfuzion
    majorkonfuzion12 dagen geleden

    Imagine all the bitcoins

  • PCsrot


    12 dagen geleden

    BTC starts in 2008 i think

  • Jason Pratt
    Jason Pratt12 dagen geleden

    man I wish I had a place like that around heer... I want that copy of OS/2 he found in the box.. lol

  • Botta
    Botta13 dagen geleden

    Holy cow what a story!

  • misterbacon
    misterbacon13 dagen geleden

    A real digital heaven!!!!

  • Tokyo Warfare
    Tokyo Warfare13 dagen geleden

    very cool place, hopw hardware finds way to enthusiasts and not speculators

  • josh kuchmy
    josh kuchmy15 dagen geleden

    @20:01 I had that computer! It's the oldest one I remember growing up. It had a monitor the same colour! I remember playing stuff like tyrian 2000, magic school bus explores the solar system, and 3d movie maker on it.

  • Jason Jones
    Jason Jones15 dagen geleden

    Sounds like the family is holding out the store until the man dies. Then try to cash out all those electronics in there. What a gold mine.

  • Viktor Forsberg
    Viktor Forsberg16 dagen geleden

    Wow the owner of computer reset really dropped the ball. He could have been extremely successful with the right advertising and proper business skills.

  • Jay Futon
    Jay Futon16 dagen geleden

    Wow! How fortunate you were to see a place like this! I would give BOTH nuts!

  • Navana RedWing
    Navana RedWing17 dagen geleden

    This is how I feel when I go through a plant shop🌿

  • Iam Germane
    Iam Germane17 dagen geleden

    All that stuff came from businesses that upgraded. The owner must have gotten paid to remove it!

  • Wut
    Wut18 dagen geleden

    You know you have stepped back in time when you see physical screen saver packs.

  • Chad Judd
    Chad Judd18 dagen geleden

    Get you some Noni Juice. Its made from the Prickly Pear Cactus. I'm born and raised in Arizona. I know this plant well. Its the reason Terrell Owens was able to play in the Super Bowl just 7 weeks after tearing his ACL.....you WILL heal extremely fast. Love your videos brother!!! Just wanted to share.

  • Fábio Pereira
    Fábio Pereira18 dagen geleden

    There was a store in my old town that had a store named Oldware, but it closed many years ago, I think it wasn't the time for it to be.

  • Blenson Paul
    Blenson Paul18 dagen geleden

    Good storytelling... I guess if someone organises and lists online could make a fortune..

  • Bruno Shinkou
    Bruno Shinkou18 dagen geleden

    We can se a lot of passion in what you do in your videos. You really deserve every single subscriber here. Greetings from Brazil.

  • Synaesthesie12
    Synaesthesie1219 dagen geleden

    The whole warehouse is like an area in Fallout or Wasteland.

  • oscar gomez
    oscar gomez20 dagen geleden

    Watched the whole thing. I still don't know why or how it got recommended

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson20 dagen geleden

    wonder how many mechanical keyboards are left there...

  • FoilCandy
    FoilCandy20 dagen geleden

    14:43 looks like someone was living there for a bit with the bed on the floor.

  • samsoulee
    samsoulee21 dag geleden

    12:49 that's a Michael Jackson level of home arcades 🤩

  • Twig
    Twig21 dag geleden

    I'm not convinced you ever left. My theory is that your house was re-made inside of that shop and you've been making videos from there.

  • Matrat57 OG
    Matrat57 OG21 dag geleden

    do they sell that stuff or do they just jack off in the boxes since 1987!?

  • Carlos Weed
    Carlos Weed23 dagen geleden

    That intro alone felt like it could've been its own video. Excellent video, Clint! :)

  • Insert_meme_here
    Insert_meme_here23 dagen geleden

    the place looks like owned by ex-CIA agent

  • Michael Lawson
    Michael Lawson23 dagen geleden

    Mmmm, IBM PS/2 model 25 and Model 30.

  • Raffaele Vacca
    Raffaele Vacca24 dagen geleden

    and I can't find an ibm 386 in Rome, you know how many there are in those rooms 😔

  • Bennett Joseph
    Bennett Joseph25 dagen geleden

    the family should contract with a company in order to reorganize and list all the items or recycle the lot

  • merlijn van gils
    merlijn van gils25 dagen geleden

    All those damn model m keyboards i would love to just help people out with finding one and keep a few for myself

  • Dark Meta
    Dark Meta26 dagen geleden

    Dude of course i've had dreams about retro computer warehouses. I'm not a psycho. 😂

  • jbsmith966
    jbsmith96628 dagen geleden

    am surprised that they did do this "here is $20 , PLEASE take some of this stuff away" lol

  • Mr. Lego
    Mr. Lego28 dagen geleden

    I’ve had that dream

  • Chilie Verde
    Chilie Verde28 dagen geleden

    Thank you for showing me this!!! I was in complete awe the entire time.

  • Randy Mulder
    Randy Mulder28 dagen geleden

    Hate to see what kind of pictures may be left behind on hard drives and diskettes. Wowser....

  • Louie R
    Louie R28 dagen geleden

    When computers were fun...

    ODYSSEY28 dagen geleden

    Does anyone know what those silver blue desktop cat servers are?

  • Vekh Gaming
    Vekh Gaming28 dagen geleden

    There was a German show documentary/reality show that aired here about 4 brothers who ran a scrapyard. This place shown here would've made the best unoffiical sequel to that since holy nuts this looks exactly like it if you were to replace the cars with PC-parts.

  • Johnny Bee
    Johnny Bee29 dagen geleden

    nice pioneer speakers

  • T Fierro
    T Fierro29 dagen geleden

    When i was a kid, you only could buy pcs from this kind of places...where companies sold their old equipment...my first pc when building it yourself and not buy it "premade" became a thing, i bought a server tower with a motherboard from a warehouse...it also came with a huge spider, that got cut in half 😂

  • Just Gamin
    Just Gamin29 dagen geleden

    I don't get old tech or retro, mostly a new age tech guy but that would still be an amazing experience

  • Traumfänger Podcast
    Traumfänger PodcastMaand geleden

    ..pretty sad because it is all just dumped in there.

  • Vida de Técnico TI
    Vida de Técnico TIMaand geleden

    Eu ficaria louco neste lugar, que lugar incrível, quanta riqueza para amantes de RetrôHardware...

  • Randon HVAC
    Randon HVACMaand geleden

    My dad's friend went there

  • gazboh
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  • Solidude 406
    Solidude 406Maand geleden

    Boy OS/2 was crap. We had it at work for a while and tried make it work along side Windows 3.11 (win for workgroups) then finally chunked em both and went Win NT. Used that many years then chunked it and went to Redhat Linux. Hell it was taxpayer money so they did not care. Even used IBM 3090 mainframe OS, TSO, JES2, CICS, IMS...wow memories. Good times.

  • Queen K Juul
    Queen K JuulMaand geleden

    Lincoln Nebraska?!? I used to live there!

  • Enrique Velez
    Enrique VelezMaand geleden

    This place is haunted by pacman ghosts

  • Pasquale Valletta
    Pasquale VallettaMaand geleden

    Waooooo, I Love.

  • Theresa Cleveland
    Theresa ClevelandMaand geleden

    I feel like they wouldn’t be aloud to demolish the building without emptying it because the amount of lead filled crt’s in there could kill an inter city

  • Blind Girl Gaming
    Blind Girl GamingMaand geleden

    The man that you mentioned, Dr. Vance is actually my sister‘s doctor. He owns the tardis!

  • ican't Feel
    ican't FeelMaand geleden

    Honestly if i was filthy rich, I would definitely buy the whole property and then explore it later with these guys... It would really be fun ... Watching all of these old stuff makes me happy...

  • Wayne the Brain
    Wayne the BrainMaand geleden

    Their Hazardous Waste clean up bill will be 1.2 million.

  • Britt
    BrittMaand geleden

    ??? You're from Texas? If you're in Houston I'd love to get crawfish with ya!

  • Bejmo75
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    OMG the props collector inside me is going mental lol

  • uninteressante Dinge
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    I wanna go here but I'm half an earth away 😢😢

  • Vlad Dracul
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    You ruined my life. Um, burn it down:)

  • Vlad Dracul

    Vlad Dracul

    Maand geleden

    Maybe in a Zombie Apocalypse we can live there:(

  • CR Solarice
    CR SolariceMaand geleden

    Should have offered to buy the entire inventory.

  • CR Solarice
    CR SolariceMaand geleden

    ...TAKE 2?

  • kaya
    kayaMaand geleden

    I bet you the virusware windows 10 would love to absorb all this! and make it non functional lol

  • J Martin
    J MartinMaand geleden

    sun micro machines near the 24:30 ish mark were more than likely running solaris and not m/f

  • The Dude
    The DudeMaand geleden

    Honey hole

  • AS
    ASMaand geleden

    Great story, Clint!

  • Gary Williams
    Gary WilliamsMaand geleden

    This tour is anxiety-inducing.

  • H F
    H FMaand geleden

    luckily it looks like Computer Reset is still there. I live near Dallas so I definitely want to stop by if they're still allowing visitors.

  • Jens DPunkt
    Jens DPunktMaand geleden

    So fascinating, I have made it trough the 80s and 90s with most of this hardware and growing up with this stuff. Now seeing it so...derelict? makes me sad. But I also wonder, how we are going to handle all this waste...I am not overly environmental, but all this stuff ist waste, and will probably never get recycled or proplery disposed of. A hard legacy...

  • Nicolas Jonasson
    Nicolas JonassonMaand geleden

    This is a fantastic story

  • Michael J. O’Neill
    Michael J. O’NeillMaand geleden

    11:06 and now Frys Electronics is shut down!

  • Thunder Warrior
    Thunder WarriorMaand geleden

    When I’m down and feeling low,i always come back to this video. So great to see inside a dream wearhouse full of exciting bits of tech such as this

  • John Glielmi
    John GlielmiMaand geleden

    I have a Tandy Color Computer 3, with the Multi-pak Interface, Dual Disk Drives, I am looking for the Color RGB Monitor and cable for it. I've been into the Retro stuff since it was brand new. also had a PC jr. too. and a Tandy Sensation. want to keep looking for these things.

  • Billcee
    BillceeMaand geleden

    I’ll take a Zenith Multimedia player please !

  • Doug Tilaran
    Doug TilaranMaand geleden

    Now i know where hunters laptop is !

  • Gamerguy Vlog 32
    Gamerguy Vlog 32Maand geleden

    12:49 Star Trek TOS Gorn! From the episode arena cool

  • Bad name
    Bad nameMaand geleden

    I am in Australia so no chance for me getting there. If I lived in the US I would have visited when I could. I seen in the video the Acer Aspire Emerald Green Computer (including matching screen, mouse and Keyboard .. split in 2 rooms I think). I want it so bad. Think it was on the 2nd floor.

  • Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel
    Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video ChannelMaand geleden

    Watching this March 2021... anyone else feel like he filmed this in a parallel universe?

  • Official Tony Koma Sweden
    Official Tony Koma SwedenMaand geleden

    I've had that dream, but about 80's toys.. a shelf in a corner of a second hand shop. Unopened, mint quality action figures from Transformers, GI Joe, Masters Of The Universe and Thundercats. Like 5 bucks a piece. Didn't have my wallet with me and no lay aways.. GODDAMNIT! Going to get my wallet but I can't find the shop again. It's gone.

  • dc ocz
    dc oczMaand geleden

    Like I saw this other video about how recover Au from old computers and thought what that's a lot in that place