Doom 3 - 16 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective


Reevaluating Doom 3 sixteen years later, released by id Software and Activision on August 3rd, 2004! Looking back at the hype and history of its development, its entirely new style of horror FPS gameplay compared to its predecessors, and of course that darned flashlight.
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  • Tyler Shaw
    Tyler Shaw13 uur geleden

    Ugh. The flashlight switching was absurd to me. Seemed to have split the audience.

  • Unfathomable
    UnfathomableDag geleden

    DOOM 3 is my favourite as i love it's new approach to the gameplay, the new designs, the engine,enviroments everything really

  • Fratzen Koffer
    Fratzen KofferDag geleden

    @LGR, funny enough Dr. Betruger ist almost the same as the german Noun Betrüger, which means something like Cheater, Scammer, Deceiver, Betrayer, depending on the content

  • Zippy Dastrange
    Zippy DastrangeDag geleden

    The BFG edition of DOOM3 took out the gun flashes that could be used to see in the dark a bit. I swear who made the BFG or metro redux games they wound up being worse...

  • Zippy Dastrange
    Zippy DastrangeDag geleden

    Doom 3 was its own thing its not that bad but I still hate it. I am irritated by corridor shooters... and demos as games....I'm also not super fond of the 2016 and newer games mainly because they try and make you get close to get more ammo.... I have range weapon I have no need to get close to things...

  • EdrumSense
    EdrumSenseDag geleden

    Freaking Shit! I still get goosebumps watching this video while the daemons pop out of nowhere

  • gctechs
    gctechsDag geleden

    My favourite game back in the day. I loved the audio design to no end.

  • jcc3d
    jcc3dDag geleden

    Graphics are still amazing

  • Diamond BeringYT
    Diamond BeringYT2 dagen geleden

    This game scared me, confused me before.. because the HUD was all familar by the other games i played which is QUAKE 4.

  • Roller Coaster Line Productions
    Roller Coaster Line Productions2 dagen geleden

    Completely forgot I owned this game. Had to dig it out, along w my Half Life GOTY edition and unreal tournament

  • Brian Bagnall
    Brian Bagnall3 dagen geleden

    This game is amazing on the Oculus Quest. I've been running it on the Quest 1 and it's super fast, but probably even better on the Quest 2. The visuals and lighting look incredible and the sounds of other marines in the corridors yelling is amazing. So immersive. Probably one of the best games on the platform.

  • Jeffy P
    Jeffy P3 dagen geleden

    I bought this for switch, and aside from not being able to have the pre-BFG flashlight setup have had a ton of fun with it. blasted through d3, and lost missions. roe always takes me a while on the last boss.

  • freak777power
    freak777power3 dagen geleden

    New Doom is just garbage

  • Erik Britz
    Erik Britz4 dagen geleden

    Can we all be honest in saying this game was vastly better then sooo many games that came after it?

  • André Almeida
    André Almeida4 dagen geleden

    Seems like yesterday the days I've played this piece of art..

  • Geo WA
    Geo WA6 dagen geleden

    Best doom

  • Jorge Sanders
    Jorge Sanders6 dagen geleden

    Totally loved it in the original xbox felt like a next generation game!

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown6 dagen geleden

    Flashlight Simulator.

  • bsdpowa
    bsdpowa6 dagen geleden

    I bought Doom 3 on Steam the other day, it was on sale and runs natively on LInux so I thought why not. It's really good, even for today's standards. One thing I miss about game nowadays is the lack of physical boxes. I really enjoyed having those on display on my desk and reading through guides and manuals.

  • James Savel
    James Savel6 dagen geleden

    Who's playing this on the oculus quest 2?

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M6 dagen geleden

    I have to say that this is the most objective and fair Retrospective review of Doom 3 that I have ever seen. Thanks for that. Most retrospective or review vids either hate the game and gloss over its merits (majority of retrospectives), or they love the game and gloss over its flaws (very rare). Your vid actually praised its strengths and documented its flaws. Well done. I personally love the game (Doom 3) but I do acknowledge its flaws. I just can't get into the new Doom games with its acrobatic platforming and reliance on enemy pinatas for ammo refill. I'm not dissing it, just that its NOT for me. I'll take Doom 3 every time for its more realistic approach and creepy atmosphere.

  • TheSolMike
    TheSolMike7 dagen geleden

    I now have this game on my Switch. So I can play for 5 seconds while taking a shit.

  • Kelly Christus
    Kelly Christus7 dagen geleden

    To hear this with EAX is pretty amazing

  • Killing DeadThings
    Killing DeadThings7 dagen geleden

    My Nephew was so scared of Doom he got me to swap him my copy of Fable on Xbox for his Doom 3 lol.

  • Arjan Vuik
    Arjan Vuik7 dagen geleden

    Darn it! Now you have me going to GOG and get DOOM3! I still own the OG as well!, So I might try Dhewm3 as well :D

  • Bit Rage
    Bit Rage7 dagen geleden

    I went to Full Sail for 3D Computer Animation at the time.. Bought a SUPER high end PC. Athlon FX-51 and Geforce BFG Tech 6800 Ultra

  • Star Scorpia
    Star Scorpia7 dagen geleden

    Doom 3 is the most important game i never played... because my (not yet at the time) girlfriend did and for some reason wanted to talk to me about it, and i listened.... best choice of my life

  • user540000
    user5400009 dagen geleden

    I remember when the demo or beta came out for this, it truely seemed like a generational leap all at once in terms of graphics. The models and environments were so much more rounded and natural compared to old blocky 3d models of past games

  • Jay holloway II
    Jay holloway II10 dagen geleden

    I played doom three when it first came out and it scared the crap outta me at first especially when the damn spiders came out hated those buggers -:

  • Tom Hyer
    Tom Hyer12 dagen geleden

    Star of David on the disc?

  • Barry Kent
    Barry Kent12 dagen geleden

    I was never able to play Doom III - now I could and I was disappointed... It was shock, but not as big as Wolfenstein, Doom or Quake... Still - great step for human kind... All the best...

  • Christos77
    Christos7713 dagen geleden

    For me is the best gaming experience i ever have. It will be forever installed in my system. The best DooM EVER.

  • ArthurTheError
    ArthurTheError14 dagen geleden

    2036: Doom eternal 20 years later

  • Foxymew
    Foxymew14 dagen geleden

    I remember this game terrifying me when I was a kid. I'd have been around 12 ish by the time I got to play it? I also just kinda like it overall. I completely agree it can feel like it's not a 'doom game' but it's still a good game. Doom 2016 had an undeniable doom game written all over it. But doom 3 was actually kinda scary.

  • Elmz Muzic
    Elmz Muzic15 dagen geleden

    Its my favorite doom honestly i wish they would do another game like this the lighting in some maps is like Art amazing

  • J
    J15 dagen geleden

    LGR did you first run doom 3 off a athlon xp 1600+??

  • AcoolCat
    AcoolCat17 dagen geleden

    It’s crazy I’ve never played doom 3 yet, but I plan on putting it on the quest 2 and playing it in vr for the first time

  • Nick Sickmore
    Nick Sickmore17 dagen geleden

    All educated gentlemen can agree; Doom64 is the *TRUE* Doom 3.

  • kwizzeh
    kwizzeh18 dagen geleden

    I remember the day I bought this. Biked to pick it up at Futureshop (RIP) on a hot summer afternoon, then went across the street to Micro to pick up the parts for my very first pc build. A Gigabyte motherboard, AMD Athlon64 3200 and 2GB ram. Came home, cranked the AC up, tore down the old PC, put in the new parts, after two hours I was in there and played it through out the summer break!

  • Emilio Marinez
    Emilio Marinez18 dagen geleden

    Spoiler alerts? No???? Ok then...

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow18 dagen geleden

    best opening sequence of any doom game

  • Caion
    Caion19 dagen geleden

    Currently playing Doom 3 in VR, on the Oculus Quest. Some really talented folks tweaked the engine to function in VR, allowing you to copy over your legally owned game files to play it that way. It's one thing to go down those dark corridors while staring at a screen; it's another to be in there, aiming with your actual limbs. Highly recommend checking it out. The mod is available on a community-driven sideloading program called Sidequest.

  • Kooldogkid
    Kooldogkid19 dagen geleden

    I do wonder what looks better: Half Life 2 or Doom 3?

  • False Prophet
    False Prophet20 dagen geleden

    this is the game that got me into PC's. The incredible quality you could get on a decent PC was mind blowing at the time, then Oblivions, then Crysis. Those were the good old days, when everything supported SLI.

  • Byron McLaggan
    Byron McLaggan21 dag geleden

    Although this game majorlly lacked the feel of DooM, I still played the crap out of it. I even returned years later, hell bent on finding all of the secrets, which made me back track hundreds of times. The funniest thing was when I showed my brother the graphics. He finally considered the Xbox a legit system after seeing this and Splinter Cell. It was pretty mind blowing to see high end (as close as they could) pc graphics on a console. Still, like most gamea at that time, it looked and played much better on the pc.

  • Tuvshinbat Sundui
    Tuvshinbat Sundui22 dagen geleden

    SYS REQ?

  • TedShatner10
    TedShatner1022 dagen geleden

    I'm having fun with this game on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Axelvad
    Axelvad22 dagen geleden

    I bought this for ps4 a couple of days ago and i havent had this much fun with a shooter for a long time. It has a lot mire in common with doom 2016 than old-school doom in my opinion. Im so impressed with the art and game-play direction.

  • Thedjrush
    Thedjrush23 dagen geleden

    Decided to buy this game for Xbox series x ahhhh the memory’s

  • line ways
    line ways23 dagen geleden

    Doom III and episodes after are pure and utter garbage except gzdoom mods.

  • KastorM
    KastorM24 dagen geleden

    That gamr is Amazing

  • zolcos
    zolcos25 dagen geleden

    That EAX is so bad. NPC right next to you speaking calmly in an office and it sounds like their voice is being blasted out the PA system of a warehouse

    FREEZERQC25 dagen geleden

    i think the game is perfect as it is buuuut playing wirelessly on oculus quest 2 through sidequest instalation gun in one hand flashlight in the other it can't get better thant this

  • CptWesker07
    CptWesker0726 dagen geleden

    2004 was the best year for gaming, Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. I remember that year my pc couldn't even launch the game because I had less then 300mb of ram and a shitty gpu, then I installed 512mb total ram and bought a Nvidia FX 5500 and soon as I launched Doom 3 that shit ran smooth!

  • Space Fish Aviation
    Space Fish Aviation26 dagen geleden

    these graphics are good even in 2021

  • Hunter Symbal
    Hunter Symbal27 dagen geleden

    Playing this game for the first time in vr is a big terrifying

  • Fosforos
    Fosforos27 dagen geleden

    I was 14 when Doom 3 came out. I remember being so hyped for it and I also remember my disappointment how it did not tingle the same nerves as Half-Life did at all. Its graphics may have been from the future but the game mechanics were from 1993 :D. Also I somehow missed the chainsaw in the game and only later found out that you can actually get a chainsaw in Doom 3. Which just goes to show how utterly disappointing it is. I mean what the hell. A Doom game where you can actually miss the chainsaw?! :Dddd

  • Chris M
    Chris M27 dagen geleden

    In my opinion, Doom 3 is a great game but it’s not a good Doom game. If you think of it as a different series there’s really no flaw that can’t be overlooked.

  • PC Tech & Gaming
    PC Tech & GamingMaand geleden

    Happy to say I was around when this launched, what a great time.

  • paolo chicco
    paolo chiccoMaand geleden

    The doctor seems Rudy Giuliani

  • Max SMoke
    Max SMokeMaand geleden

    NOW AVAILABLE IN VR!!!!!! It plays natively on the Oculus Quest (1 and 2). It's AMAZING!!! (You have to install it through SideQuest, btw)

  • cakone micke
    cakone mickeMaand geleden

    I play it on Quest VR. It is crazy

  • Oldy McStinkySocks
    Oldy McStinkySocksMaand geleden

    2:46... oh man those were the times lol

  • Guilherme Caiado
    Guilherme CaiadoMaand geleden

    Doom 3 was the game that maked that i couldnt keep up with releases. Never got to play it on max settings.

  • thumbwarriordx
    thumbwarriordxMaand geleden

    I believe it was Doom Eternal that established this but: Every Doom continuity is canon. Every version, every playthrough. The multiverse is going to hell.

  • Mao Dijong
    Mao DijongMaand geleden

    Man 2004.....heck from 2000-2010 gaming was evolving at such a fast rate.

  • Ed LoVuolo
    Ed LoVuoloMaand geleden

    The end game scene of McNeill welcoming the marine home with nothing but a white screen in RoE totally sucked!

    JANKBOMBMaand geleden

    Played this on the original xbox. Scared the hell out of me.

  • offtenplaystuff
    offtenplaystuffMaand geleden

    Every time you make another doom 3 video I know it’s gonna be a good one

  • Eelafnt
    EelafntMaand geleden

    I’m playing this game first the first time right now in vr through side quest and it is really excellent

  • Brian Beeby
    Brian BeebyMaand geleden

    Overall, despite its flaws, I really like the original Doom 3. I prefer its slower-paced horror-themed shooting over Doom 1 + 2's hyper-paced circle-strafing emphasis. I actually think the original Doom games would have been better as slower horror shooters. Essentially, Doom 3 was a tech demo. Doom 3 was the result of a bunch of technology developed first, then having a game made for it. That is the classic video game design flaw. The flashlight implementation is the bane of Doom 3's game design which goes back to the technology. John Carmack wanted real-time light sourcing, and that is what we got, but at a tremendous cost of hardware performance. That is where the on-off nature of the flashlight came from. Id wanted a dark, scary and atmospheric game yet still wanted to show off Carmack's real-time light sourcing. They wanted to always have the player's "flashlights" on all the time like the Colonial Marines in Aliens. But that would have been extremely taxing to most users' PCs at the time, which Doom 3 already was. That is why most monsters teleport into an area, in an attempt to make the game more playable with the flawed flashlight mechanic. This of course severely diminishes the horror nature and intensity of the game. The monster bodies almost always disintegrating after being killed really degrades the atmosphere, for performance reasons. Doom 3 would have been arguably better with the Quake 3 engine. True, there wouldn't have been all the fancy polygonal architecture and machines, and the cherished real-time light sourcing, which were expressly designed to show off the new Id Tech engine. But you could have had a better game that was still dark, scary and atmospheric yet without the aggravating flashlight mechanic and the atmosphere-diminishing teleporting monsters and disintegrating corpses.

  • creamcancel
    creamcancelMaand geleden

    Doom 3 has multiplayer servers still up, and people do play it still (although not many); it seems that the master server may have temporarily been down when you were recording footage for this video, or perhaps you're using dhewm3 which might have issues with finding multiplayer servers

  • Gordon Freeman

    Gordon Freeman

    21 dag geleden

    It's because he was using dhewm3, multiplayer servers are never going to show up with it.

  • Daniel White
    Daniel WhiteMaand geleden

    This game has aged so well. I actually prefer this to the other doom titles. The level of atmosphere and detail in the environments is truly incredible. True game changer when it came to graphics and lighting effects.

  • Sal Carreiro
    Sal CarreiroMaand geleden

    Have you played the quest vr version? Its a ton of scary fun 🙃

  • Swagging With Ben
    Swagging With BenMaand geleden

    LGR mentions the widescreen patch for our viewing pleasure, then proceeds to fire up the game on his 4:3 CRT haha :)

  • arcticnova4ever
    arcticnova4everMaand geleden

    Try perfected doom 3 a mod for doom 3 same maps enhanced weapons each has special effects additional of super shotgun and demons art best there is in graphics for doom 3 with additional pain elementals and baron of hell which is technically a hell knight but enhanced green effects and the 2 horns missing from hell knight also if you remember the invisible imp and pinky also in there the lost souls heads are enhanced to the original doom 1 and 2 looks which is a skull and 2 horns instead of the head floating of doom 3 i really enjoyed it even the guardian of hell level enhanced graphics red aura seems like fighting a balrog from Lotr

  • ISAK.M
    ISAK.MMaand geleden

    The menu music is just too good

  • Ernan Dalcolmo
    Ernan DalcolmoMaand geleden

    To be honest I personally don't like the new doom. I'ts so fast. The doom in this video and the original were better for me, I could explore in my own pace and enjoy all the scenario, enemies and secrets.

  • columbiars
    columbiarsMaand geleden

    I even installed it in Ubuntu at that time, hehe.

  • Markus Granberg
    Markus GranbergMaand geleden

    You should do a video of doom3 and HF1 VR ports!

  • Squirrel
    SquirrelMaand geleden

    was 7 learned how to run doom I & II with DoS commands. scared me then. my first FPS. then quake , hexen duke nukem to halo. Doom III was slower but was scary AF. i remeber not wanting to explore cause of the shadows and what may lurk. then DOOM(2016) A HARDCORE REVAMP !!! the music to the style of gameplay. it holds a place in my heart as doom I & II but on the next gen gaming lvl.

  • Bloody Pommel Studios
    Bloody Pommel StudiosMaand geleden

    Doom 3 has been ported to the Quest (all in one VR) now and it's awesome!

  • Lucas Fortes
    Lucas FortesMaand geleden


  • morti271
    morti271Maand geleden

    9:55 Especially unsuspicious if you speak German 😂

  • Loundsify
    LoundsifyMaand geleden

    LGR have you tested this game out on the Quest 2 port?

  • Lasse Kviesgaard
    Lasse KviesgaardMaand geleden

    Dead Space and F.E.A.R are also in this genre of spookiness. I’ve also played DOOM 3 a lot. The time you take that elevetaor down to the “Excavation Site” was a great part

  • ZestySauce
    ZestySauceMaand geleden

    Doom 3 was the better launch than Half-Life 2 in 2004

  • Blended_ Cheese
    Blended_ CheeseMaand geleden

    To be honest I really dislike DOOM 3 but I can see why people like it. I prefer the fast paced combat and heavy metal constantly playing. As well as I also don't like how many times you need to reload. For me it's not a DOOM game, it's a horror game set in the DOOM universe. So really I dislike it for the reason people like it. But I don't believe in the "you like DOOM 3 = bad taste" that's just stupid.

  • Pimpenstein McChickenLegs
    Pimpenstein McChickenLegsMaand geleden

    You know, I got caught in the hype for this and boy what a great game Doom 3 was when I look back it. The story was crap, the flashlight was annoying, the 3D still looked clunky even on Ultra settings, I hated having to read the PDAs to absorb more of the game's world, even though there were some interesting story arcs there. - but this was ULTRA back then. The atmosphere, the shadows, the animations... they were brilliant. This was the absolute BEST you could get. It even got its own set of mods like Last Man Standing Co-op and errr.... I think that's about it, but you're right. It DID feel like a game from the future. I had a GeForce 4 mx 440 (non-Ti version) and an AMD Duron and this game ran at a solid 15-20 fps. BOY was it fucking cool though I was so hyped to play this game. My mum paid to upgrade my PC for my 15th birthday with an Athlon 64 and a Radeon X800 XT 256mb graphics card solely for this game and Half-Life 2.

  • Gaming 1up
    Gaming 1upMaand geleden

    i wish someone did a can it run doom on a vsmile pocket

  • sverrehu
    sverrehuMaand geleden

    I'm probably the only one in the world who thinks Doom 3 was the absolute best Doom game.

  • GoldSkula
    GoldSkulaMaand geleden

    I always thought that the dlc for this game were what the main game should have been

  • Dar Sure
    Dar SureMaand geleden

    People love to talk shit on John Romero, but id hasn't put out a good campaign since he left, IMHO. Game design is important, and nothing proves that more than Doom 3 and Doom 2016, both of which are not even remotely fun compared to Doom and Doom 2. Nobody seems to realize that what made Doom so fun was the feeling of being can't feel lost in linear games (like Doom 3 and Doom 2016)

  • Andreas Vågane
    Andreas VåganeMaand geleden

    Why add the "roomy" audio effect? It sounds like a low end non dynamic reverb. It takes away more than it gives.

  • Markus Dmitri
    Markus DmitriMaand geleden

    Where can I download a Full version of this game for Windows 10?

  • wolfgang frost
    wolfgang frostMaand geleden

    I guess the Beta Doom 3 gravity gun was invented to simulate the destroyed office spaces. Build a normal looking office & let the gravity gun throw around the physics objects to simulate the random destruction.

    TYGUYMaand geleden

    Ha those ppl who scoff at 60fps don't remember this!

  • Jason Howle
    Jason HowleMaand geleden

    It's just come out on the oculus quest 2. Doom 3 in VR! It's AMAZING!

  • James Jeff
    James JeffMaand geleden

    When I was a kid my brother used to make me watch him play this game in the dark and it absolutely terrified me. However, probably because of this, Doom 3 is one of my favourite games of all time.

  • Avoo
    AvooMaand geleden

    Wow, this game is so dark on a CRT monitor. On my modern monitor I never had to use the flashlight.