Dell Inspiron 9100: $4,800 Pentium 4 Laptop from 2004

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Among mid-2000s Windows XP notebook computers, the Inspiron 9100 was thoroughly into desktop replacement territory. Dell gave it a full desktop Pentium 4 CPU, a 16:10 HD display, and even a built-in subwoofer! What a hot and heavy beast of a gaming laptop, portable workstation, and media center all in one.
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  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez8 uur geleden

    Would never pay 4800 for that fuck that

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez8 uur geleden

    Fuck that my shitty 2020 Mac back is cheaper than that

  • yes sir
    yes sir22 uur geleden

    Can we please talk about why in the flying fucks 2gbs of ram would've costed 1800 bucks back in 04????

  • Wuff Twenty-sixteen
    Wuff Twenty-sixteen4 dagen geleden

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear4 dagen geleden

    3:01 _"...86min of battery life is amusingly awful..."_ Me with no integrated graphics in my laptop 👀

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear4 dagen geleden

    My first job when I left school in '01 was holiday temping for a major UK electronics retailer; the specs of some of the "I'll never own one of _those"_ items are hilarious..

  • Wyatt Chilton
    Wyatt Chilton4 dagen geleden


  • EoCxFeNiX
    EoCxFeNiX5 dagen geleden

    6:42 doop de doop de doop comic sans farts LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Akotski1338
    Akotski13385 dagen geleden

    I love how big the laptop is. The screen is huge which I love

  • Silentype Student Producer
    Silentype Student Producer6 dagen geleden

    I used to play Half-Life 2 and Gmod on this laptop. Good times!

  • diper chatito
    diper chatito7 dagen geleden

    lulz money

  • CornMC
    CornMC7 dagen geleden

    whats the LCD CRT button for

  • Andy
    Andy7 dagen geleden

    3:27 Making this just about the most awesome laptop battery ever made. ... except for the fact that it had a tendency to overheat and cause fires... eh... whatever * brings out a fire extinguisher! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Womble
    Womble8 dagen geleden

    Chungus Big chungus

    TFR_ HILTS8 dagen geleden

    No Medal of Honor allied assault ?!?

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt9 dagen geleden

    I like big hulking desktop replacement laptops. I adore my Predator Helios 500 for its Ryzen 7 2700 and Vega 56, both desktop components that you can fully customize, in a laptop.

  • cyberjack-CJ
    cyberjack-CJ9 dagen geleden

    my company had the same computer ..extremely powerful in day ....Its amazing to think that my phone probably had more power now days lol

  • wpl955g
    wpl955g10 dagen geleden

    I had a Dell Inspiron 500m from the same era which Clint would have loved: £20 extra bought me the Burlwood snap cover. Mock burled walnut, like the dashboard of a Jaguar.

  • Tomasz M
    Tomasz M10 dagen geleden

    Is anyone can help me ?I got this laptop at home, unfortunately not working. I want retrieve a date from the hard drive. There is Hitachi 80 GB hard drive 2,5” What usb / data cable( pocket) I have to use to do it ? If someone could sent me eBay link .etc much appreciate.

  • Gavin Davies
    Gavin Davies10 dagen geleden

    That power brick is actually larger than some windows sub note book things you've done videos on. Says it all really

  • JRGx777
    JRGx77711 dagen geleden

    Can it play Halo 2 Vista?

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen11 dagen geleden

    Its hard to think that in 2008 my brother bought an extreme i7 3.33ghz with 8gb of 1333 DDR3 RAM and two GTX 285m graphics cards. Was still a dell in a fancy case. But it holds 2 Graphics cards in SLI....... It now has 16gb of ram, Usb 3.0 in the 200MB/s ExpressCard 54mm slot & x2 2gb GTX 765m's running in SLI with a SSD running in SATA 2 at 384 MB/s So it runs win 10 well and I see no reason to upgrade to anything other than the 18 version that runs 32gb ram, 2 GPUs & a 4ghz i7 with a1600 mhz FSB and sata 3.

  • Andrew Christiansen
    Andrew Christiansen11 dagen geleden

    2:51 Alienware owners be like YOU GET 1.5 HOURS OF BATTERY?! I get 40 minutes from the factory in battery saving mode. 25 in performance. Its about enough power to move the laptop from one side of a lan party to another while other people are logging in and plugging up.

  • SysGhost
    SysGhost11 dagen geleden

    But back in 2004, this was a butter smooth experience.

  • ZeeTechWoman
    ZeeTechWoman12 dagen geleden

    lulz money screensaver FTW!!!

  • chrisjamesr77
    chrisjamesr7712 dagen geleden

    That thing blows away my 2007 Acer Aspire!

  • Hectic1 Tech
    Hectic1 Tech12 dagen geleden

    I'd install a linux distro on it and use it today :P that's if I could make the gpu drivers run on something modern.

  • extrameatsammich
    extrameatsammich12 dagen geleden

    Prescott was quite literally hot garbage.

  • BiGSQUiD Gaming
    BiGSQUiD Gaming14 dagen geleden

    too bad that modularity didnt catch on.

  • Roman Spencer
    Roman Spencer14 dagen geleden

    my 14 year old self in 2004 is drooling all over this sucker!!

  • gaijinblow
    gaijinblow14 dagen geleden

    The MR9700 Pro was more like a desktop 9500. Only had 4 pixel pipes and 2 vertex shaders The MR9800 Pro was more like the real deal.

  • Revo
    Revo14 dagen geleden

    105W on a laptop, oh wow

  • db05
    db0514 dagen geleden

    searching on google and found they reused the XPS 9100 model name for a somewhat later windows 7 based desptop.

  • Visual Audio
    Visual Audio14 dagen geleden

    I absolutely love the fact that the blue plastic highlight around the keyboard matches the task bar in windows xp!!!!

  • René Ehlert
    René Ehlert15 dagen geleden

    I Sold a kidney back then to get the Radeon 9800 upgrade. Totally worth it 😄 might have given me scoliosis taking it from LAN party to LAN party. Good times.

  • JP Chow
    JP Chow16 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure I had to fix one of these for a friend who was getting severe thermal throttling, by sandwiching some folded aluminum foil between the CPU and heatsink assembly. Not enough clamping force on the heatsink caused these to overheat when the TIM gradually dried out over time due to the design flaw.

  • Reynaldo Orio
    Reynaldo Orio16 dagen geleden


  • Mens B
    Mens B16 dagen geleden

    wow my dad had this no wonder it was so thicc he used it as a desktop at work for 6 years and then as home computer thereafter (always plugged in) i remember replacing the inverter for the display when it died

  • MonoPalisa
    MonoPalisa17 dagen geleden

    “I love ports” ok guess that’s why we don’t see apple products on this channel

    XCI5ION17 dagen geleden

    man i miss windows xp. i also liked 98 those where the first 2 ms OS i used

  • David Smith
    David Smith17 dagen geleden

    This laptop was a piece of shit period, I had one that was given to me, and only after 2 weeks of ownership the motherboard failed on it entirely, it was purchased new in 2005, and i got it in 06 someone had given to me, My Toshiba satellite, with a lower end proccessor, and a bigger display was a better computer then this one at the time, and it only cost $1200.00.

  • Sir Sic
    Sir Sic18 dagen geleden

    This thing was basically the same as my first self built pc, especially some of the high end features... had a 3ghz p4 (Prescott) and a radeon 980 pro with a cool 256 ram... only cost me a fraction of this thing, for some reason lol... but damn that's some serious nostalgia.

  • Dakota5488
    Dakota548818 dagen geleden

    man these games, it's a shame a lot of games like that aren't made anymore. everything has to be expensive and super high production. Can we just go back to silly 2004 graphics with silly mechanics :(

  • Shriveled Alien
    Shriveled Alien19 dagen geleden

    Fuck you I can put it on my lap if I want to asshole.

  • Shriveled Alien
    Shriveled Alien19 dagen geleden

    Does Pentium Penis 6 exist on the market 🤔

  • Lemmie's mom
    Lemmie's mom19 dagen geleden

    It's crazy how fast tech has improved just in 17 years

  • PunkyB 88
    PunkyB 8819 dagen geleden

    The removable fans a decent idea!

  • arbington
    arbington19 dagen geleden

    I still have an old Inspiron 8100 lying around somewhere. Thing weighs more than all three of my more modern laptops I’ve gotten over the years. Combined. lol

  • TheInnerPigdog
    TheInnerPigdog20 dagen geleden

    10:26 In 2004 we students watched lots of youtube videos in university. If WinXP, Flash player and Firefox are up and running for few minutes, surfing the web was rather fluent. Bottleneck were the harddrives. As soon as every important processes has been loaded in caches and RAM, notebooks got good responsetime even in 2004.

  • SportSciencePT
    SportSciencePT21 dag geleden

    Runs hot? More like, keyboard doubles as a hand warmer.. :)

  • Mango Faygo
    Mango Faygo21 dag geleden

    Why is the RAM so expensive though??

  • Aaron Stepien
    Aaron Stepien22 dagen geleden

    I have a similar one as a backup/throw-away that I still use to watch DVDs since it actually has a remote control that pops out of the side

  • Minecrafter Pictures
    Minecrafter Pictures23 dagen geleden

    This is like an overkill bomb (I say it's a bomb due the battery but I say overkill because of the specs). I'm pretty sure you can play games like Portal 2 on lowest settings like a cakewalk

  • Tiago Mian
    Tiago Mian23 dagen geleden

    1200p wide-screen in 2004? Back then I had a 1.8ghz p4, 512mb ram and 40gig hdd, with a crappy via s3 graphics and a LG 500G monitor

  • Randy Waage
    Randy Waage24 dagen geleden

    Great review and laptop. Those P4 laptops will keep you very warm on a cold Winter night.

  • normal osu! player
    normal osu! player25 dagen geleden

    in my country , this is cheap as hell

  • Shawnus.TheMoon
    Shawnus.TheMoon25 dagen geleden

    I still have the basic version of this laptop, minus the fried hard drive. Still, got my money out of it since I used it for college classes.

  • Adrian Lupu
    Adrian Lupu25 dagen geleden

    Midtown madness WIN

  • Amoeba Virus
    Amoeba Virus26 dagen geleden

    I have a Sony Vaio with similar spec to this from late 2003, I just got it out after not being used for 5yrs or so. Still runs ok after I stripped it down and got all the fluff out of it lol. I just tried to upgrade the ram to 2g, it didn't work but it's stable at 1.5g. I think I'm gonna keep it and use it for music media.

  • Zero Bullet's
    Zero Bullet's26 dagen geleden

    This more feature than the newest macbook

  • Old Computer Reviews
    Old Computer Reviews26 dagen geleden

    I have a Dell studio Windows Vista.

  • Arconnelly 53
    Arconnelly 5327 dagen geleden

    I have one almost exactly like that, Mine is a Dell Inspiron 8600.

  • Arconnelly 53

    Arconnelly 53

    27 dagen geleden

    Keyboard and top are exactly alike, but the bottom and port placement are a little different.

  • Wing Zhan
    Wing Zhan28 dagen geleden

    In 2004 I bought a Sony Vaio in the same spec

  • andygozzo72
    andygozzo7228 dagen geleden

    i have a Medion branded(made by Mitac, i think) laptop that i'm pretty sure has desktop pentium 4 in, also uses full size desktop ddr ram, a whopping 6.5 amp at 19 v power input !

  • Nick C
    Nick C28 dagen geleden

    The newest version for XP of the Opera browser runs a lot better than Firefox on XP.

  • Collier Farnell
    Collier Farnell29 dagen geleden

    Oh wow I thought you had purchased the one I sold on eBay several years ago! Was running Windows 10 with the P4 Extreme Edition, 1200x1080p res, 2GB of RAM and that 256MB card with the pipeline mod (connect two points, double the pipelines!) I wish I never sold it, I bought an XPS version but the Inspiron 9100 in that spec is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Runs Fallout 3 and Oblivion pretty well!

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu Ikimasho29 dagen geleden

    I had the lesser model of this that came along also with the desktop CPU on the motherboard and yes it ran very hot. I only got it so I could play HALO and it ran so hot that it bent the memory chips! When the memory chips cooled off they would not ever bend back straight. So had to buy new memory...... Also would over heat the hard drive like crazy as well. Lovely machine if you just run MS office on it and thats it

  • akio2589
    akio2589Maand geleden

    Eh, see if you can stick a Pentium D in it.

  • christian
    christianMaand geleden

    OMG!!!! I used to have one of these. I'm not gonna lie it was a really awesome laptop. Thank you for posting this!!!. I haven't seen one like mine since 2007 it's amazing..!!

  • Victor C
    Victor CMaand geleden

    Haha I had this laptop, no joke it actually started smoking and caught fire on my lap while I was using it in bed...customer support shat themselves and offered immediate replacement but I said no thanks.....

  • zen strata
    zen strataMaand geleden

    2004 isn't that long ago really....

  • Mr_ Geekchic
    Mr_ GeekchicMaand geleden

    My Dad had one, actually he still does..... Might see if it still runs 😊

  • James L
    James LMaand geleden

    Hahaha I still have that laptop

  • Ripp3r Jac
    Ripp3r JacMaand geleden

    Wow tech then vs now. While watching this on the air 4

  • TC Kewlzter
    TC KewlzterMaand geleden

    Now I want to play Doom 3.

  • Learning Wisdom
    Learning WisdomMaand geleden

    Cool laptop.

  • Citro
    CitroMaand geleden

    Dang.Thats faster than my dell inspiron clocking aat 3.1 ghz

  • Tadfafty
    TadfaftyMaand geleden

    Slow? that browser is running as well as chrome on my windows 10 PC.

  • KuraiWolf
    KuraiWolfMaand geleden

    That thing is like my old 2004 Workstation in a laptop. Holy shit!

  • Karee Marsh
    Karee MarshMaand geleden

    This is the laptop I clocked probably thousands of hours of Sims 2 gameplay on!! It was hot as balls!

  • Cole
    ColeMaand geleden

    Oh, good. I was about ready to start typing VERY quickly if he didn't play Morrowind.

  • Cole
    ColeMaand geleden

    Since when is "Skullz" not with a Z?

  • -xXValentineXx-
    -xXValentineXx-Maand geleden

    I got an old Notebook from this time (Toshiba Tecra S1 2ghz Pentium m + radeon 9000 2gb ram) but this dell thing is a beast.

  • charles Spurlock
    charles SpurlockMaand geleden

    Use BRAVE Browser, much easier on older PC/Laptop

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001Maand geleden

    Ah, the good old days.....when you could actually service your laptop.

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001Maand geleden

    This iPad. has 3 Gb ofRAM.....AND they charged how much to “upgrade” to 2?

  • prismstudios001
    prismstudios001Maand geleden

    Amazing how much computers used to cost.

  • The Mystic
    The MysticMaand geleden

    I think I have that same laptop

  • Maf '
    Maf 'Maand geleden

    How do you able to open youtube with windows xp

  • fernando salazar
    fernando salazarMaand geleden

    I remember my dad having a few of these he got from his work in '09 they were one of my first ever computers I came in contact with. This was a nostalgic video

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick HoeyMaand geleden

    I got one of these when I graduated high school. It was absurd.

  • A.G.
    A.G.Maand geleden

    I wish he tried The Sims 2. In 2004, if this laptop could run it, I would ask my parents to buy it for college purpose, though really, I would just play The Sims 2 anywhere I Like. :P

  • Willie Green
    Willie GreenMaand geleden

    I want them to make the laptops thick again so they can put full power components in dere

  • Bruno Fernandez
    Bruno FernandezMaand geleden

    My 2017 dell Inspiron also has an easy access to change parts, and also a really nice screen. Good to know they had this features since 2004

  • Bruno Fernandez
    Bruno FernandezMaand geleden

    Lgr made a mac cry when he said he loves ports

  • Marcus Grant
    Marcus GrantMaand geleden

    Oh god I remember this laptop. My mom had one and I’d always ask her to bring it on vacations so I could play roller coaster tycoon and Civ3

  • Lawn Mowers & Things That Make Noise
    Lawn Mowers & Things That Make NoiseMaand geleden

    I WANT that laptop. I cannot find one on ebay :-( (UK)

  • Gerenocidiac
    GerenocidiacMaand geleden

    That pentium 4 chip being 32-bit is what made it so much worse compared to even a mobile AMD Athlon 64, being a 64bit cpu and all. As long as you fed the athlon 64 with updated applications that took advantage of it, it would beat the Pentium 4 any day even at lower clock speeds. Might have been a better focus when comparing those during your benchmark section of the video.

  • Empyreal
    EmpyrealMaand geleden

    If you're not Lenovo/IBM, just don't even try trackpoint. You're going to fail miserably.

    BEXY'S PCMaand geleden

    I have the XPS version of that lol with the RED snapon lid cover, 2GB RAM, Radeon 9800 256MB and a P4 EE 3.2GHz only real different I can see beteween the mainboards it the Gigabit ethernet and startup splash screen on the XPS :)