Building a Ridiculous Pointy Pyramid PC

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So I bought this absurd glass and metal pyramid PC case. Now what?
Let's build something with it! This project started off as a modern computer centered around legacy support, with PCI slots, serial, parallel, and PS/2 ports alongside an LGA 1200 CPU and DDR4 RAM. But then it kind of... mutated.
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Parts list:
Azza CSAZ-804V Pyramid Innovative PC Case
ASUS Pro H410M-C/CSM Business Motherboard
4.0GHz Intel Pentium Gold G6400 CPU
4GB G.SKILL Aegis DDR4-2400 RAM
256GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD
Cooler Master MasterAir G100M UFO Cooling Fan
550W EVGA 550 G5 Modular Power Supply
Netgear A6210-10000S USB 3.0 WiFi
Xubuntu 20.04 x64
...and a bunch of cheap RGB LEDs
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  • LGR
    LGR4 maanden geleden

    So! It seems that a kernel-based virtual machine might be something awesome to try on here with those PCI cards. Apparently you can pass specific hardware through to an older version of Windows that way, which would be a best of both worlds situation. Lemme know if you'd like to see me try that -- or any other ideas! I'm really enjoying learning what can be done using Linux and this funky mix of old and new hardware.

  • Liam Duffield

    Liam Duffield

    19 dagen geleden

    @Fernando Mikowski . ..

  • comicsansgreenkirby


    Maand geleden

    Linux gots its own drivers. It'll cover most (if not all) the hardware you throw at it.

  • Geo Tech & More!

    Geo Tech & More!

    Maand geleden

    A trick that I do is to add double the SWAP space on old computers when installing Linux. For a 2 gig RAM system I well create 4 gigs of SWAP space on the hard drive. Hope this helps! Have an awesome hApPy nEw yEaR LGR and everyone (^_-)/ Looking forward to more videos on this cool Linux computer (^_-)/

  • Vinny


    2 maanden geleden

    I would like to see this...

  • jameswalker199


    2 maanden geleden

    I was just going to suggest that you could try installing XFCE or MATE on the Ubuntu game flavour, since that seemed to be the one that ran the best, but lacked a lightweight desktop environment. Using a VM or three would probably be best if you're up for it. Give it some old versions of Windows and DOS to play with, maybe try out some modern projects like FreeDOS or ReactOS if you're so inclined as to tinker with the latter, and I guess just throw in a bog standard GNU-y, Linux-y something to have a workstation VM.

  • frieMo
    frieMo17 uur geleden

    It's not a pyramid PC case, it's a multi level PC case.

  • Jonnyreverb
    Jonnyreverb5 dagen geleden

    Is that thing literally open to all dust through those huge slots along the faces???? What a terrible design!

  • John R
    John R5 dagen geleden

    pointy pyramid pointless pc

    I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS6 dagen geleden

    Dress it up like pyramid head

  • I don't plug things in professionally
    I don't plug things in professionally6 dagen geleden

    The reason linux is running so poorly is likely because ATI graphics cards never supported linux very well

  • 4DVNTR
    4DVNTR7 dagen geleden

    The way half life runs is the way it used to run for me back in the day so it makes me kinda nostalgic to see it like this.

  • Thespacemanfil
    Thespacemanfil8 dagen geleden

    It is possible that the pc is running off the processor rather than the graphics card, that would explain why it is so slow.

  • Dracothrope101
    Dracothrope1018 dagen geleden

    Aw we didnt get to know how he got the rgb fan to work at the top (which he did)

  • Murilo Santos
    Murilo Santos8 dagen geleden

    Linus was building a PC similar to this. I'd like to see one too. Maybe having one... Why not

  • HerrSaturn
    HerrSaturn8 dagen geleden

    Why.. why. you dislike this video? Its the real deal... the dude knows it...!

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie8 dagen geleden

    .... i want the pointy PC...

  • Shifty Beef
    Shifty Beef8 dagen geleden

    Just don’t fall on the darn thing Clint

  • Theodore von Kármán
    Theodore von Kármán9 dagen geleden

    put a webcam on the top XD

  • Jeremy Massicotte
    Jeremy Massicotte9 dagen geleden

    My 2017 asus board I bought as a base for my gaming PC in 2017 has pretty much the exact same AIO. I feel attacked.

  • Lifesman On Blitz
    Lifesman On Blitz10 dagen geleden

    the issue with windows 98 was the memory manager. you can replace it with a better one and it will install. MattKC did a similar thing and had a similar problem, and replacing the memory manager fixed it.

  • Ed Fortune
    Ed Fortune11 dagen geleden

    Sharper processing, surely?

  • Gentry Geissler
    Gentry Geissler11 dagen geleden

    Ya, I've made drunken internet purchases before too

  • TheNextDecade244
    TheNextDecade24411 dagen geleden

    "American Megatrends BIOS. Nostalgic!" That feeling when your current gaming PC still uses the American Megatrends BIOS because your motherboard is from before 2011 >>

  • Stephen
    Stephen12 dagen geleden

    i love how all his recommendations were his own videos

  • Rocky Films
    Rocky Films13 dagen geleden

    How you have room for all the computers

  • L
    L13 dagen geleden

    This but mitx and a gpu riser cable.

  • L
    L13 dagen geleden

    A pyramid needs a gold ad lib soundcard.

  • Steve Russell
    Steve Russell14 dagen geleden

    That has to be wildest motherboard I've ever seen!

  • Wulfex
    Wulfex15 dagen geleden

    I missed this video when it came out, but welcome to Linux my friend!

  • Paul Leach
    Paul Leach15 dagen geleden

    Is it wrong that I love this? 😅

  • Smart Pig
    Smart Pig17 dagen geleden

    29:36 One Must Fall 2097

  • Philip Casey A Calloway
    Philip Casey A Calloway18 dagen geleden

    Dang, you're putting bass boats to shame with the amount of glitz and glam going on with that thing.

  • Christopher Liffers
    Christopher Liffers18 dagen geleden

    wow i did know know you can do retro games easier with linux i wonder soon can you do a video on how to use linux for retro gaming for beginners like me

  • blacklupus
    blacklupus20 dagen geleden

    Jill of the Jungle. The original Fortnite.

  • HondaCivicGamer
    HondaCivicGamer20 dagen geleden

    When you try making a gaming PC but end up making a Sith Holocron instead.

  • j_n
    j_n20 dagen geleden

    that pc is still better than mine, even with it running windows 98 edit: it is so fast, in fact that in text mode the cursor flashes so much you cant even see it flashing

  • Waggle
    Waggle21 dag geleden

    the way you say Ubuntu is very very chaotic and i don't like it

  • Milk_ape_is_milky
    Milk_ape_is_milky21 dag geleden

    One of the first thing on LGR I actually might buy/build. Love it!

  • Powerful Aura
    Powerful Aura25 dagen geleden

    Where did he buy that PC cone speaker??

  • D H
    D H26 dagen geleden

    Piramid computeris has made for faraons

  • Mihai Gradin
    Mihai Gradin27 dagen geleden

    Maybe a Socket 775 system would have been better suited for the pyramid.

  • Jolt Koens
    Jolt Koens28 dagen geleden

    Omg that's re-volt. That brings back some memories.

  • Justin Langiewicz
    Justin Langiewicz28 dagen geleden

    I forget where I read this article and I didn't read to see if anyone commented this but you can modify the boot file for win98 and limit the amount of ram the system will access. I have it running on a 16 g ddr4 system as we speak.

  • Dex the gamer
    Dex the gamerMaand geleden

    dude. just get a faster card

  • Kamen_Rider_Kiva
    Kamen_Rider_KivaMaand geleden

    I really hope that they also make a spherical shaped PC case, WE NEED THE GAMESPHERE DAMMIT

  • Tom Savage
    Tom SavageMaand geleden


  • Reiwas
    ReiwasMaand geleden

    I am still waiting for somebody to make a small form factor machine that would run win98se and XP and had enough power for all the games from that era. Kind of like the classic ps one or nintendo but for windows. I surprised nothing like this exist yet :(

  • Kody Shmody
    Kody ShmodyMaand geleden

    I remember building my pc and I wanted something other than just a rectangle so I looked up weirdest pc cases and the pyramid case popped up and low and behold it’s my pc case now haha

  • Ryan Pascual
    Ryan PascualMaand geleden

    28:33 WARNINGS: Front Right Axle broken Rear Right Axle broken Exhause damaged

  • Kheldar Lars
    Kheldar LarsMaand geleden

    Is that lamp made of uranium glass?

  • My Father Calls Me Elijah
    My Father Calls Me ElijahMaand geleden

    It's beautiful!

  • Umbra S.
    Umbra S.Maand geleden

    Dear google, i already watched this video about 20 times. I pressed all the bad buttons. Dislike, never recommend lgr again. but still i i get this video. i don't get it. Who do i have to murder so i stop getting this video?

  • Zac Dw
    Zac DwMaand geleden

    Illuminati confirmed

  • Kyle Phantom
    Kyle PhantomMaand geleden

    Where did you get Re-volt?

  • Uncle Jay
    Uncle JayMaand geleden

    If your PC is gonna sit there anyways, it mise well look like art. I wouldn't mind this for the den's media center.

  • Ian Rolfe
    Ian RolfeMaand geleden

    That cooler is awesome. Almost tempted to get one on the offchance I might build a PC sometime!

  • PowerMeep
    PowerMeepMaand geleden

    Connect the 5v ARGB strip to the topside fan to get it lit up.

  • Tranka
    TrankaMaand geleden

    Hey Clint, awesome build! I dont know if you have it, I dont know all of your vids & builds, but how about a HardSID Quattro PCI for C64 and Amiga chiptunes and a Media Vision PSA with YM2612 for the Genesis ;-), if you are already playing around with emus on it?

  • MangoQ
    MangoQMaand geleden

    next upgrade the gpu. The gpu is bottlenecking the cpu i suggest 1gb video card. gtx 460

  • Jodie Price
    Jodie PriceMaand geleden

    Does it come with the StarGate or is that an extra?

  • vubhuhjkbhubohjb
    vubhuhjkbhubohjbMaand geleden

    Retroarch is far superior to retropie, X86 has much better emulators and more of them, I play Saturn a lot on retropie with a proper arcade stick I built

  • The Unknown
    The UnknownMaand geleden

    My laptop with an AMD A4-6210 APU is faster than that. And half the time it's thermal throttling because of the coolers being clogged.

  • Vanilla Fox
    Vanilla FoxMaand geleden

    When you spend so much on your case and now you don’t have enough budget for good parts

  • JChronic
    JChronicMaand geleden

    I demand this PC case.

  • alex ello
    alex elloMaand geleden

    It’s not ridiculous if it has a point. And it has 5 :)

  • cheezdoodle96
    cheezdoodle96Maand geleden

    Damn, that actually looks awesome! I kinda want a PC like that now, lol. If only I had space on my desk... (And was actually crazy enough to do it.)

  • Zoddhand
    ZoddhandMaand geleden

    I imagine this thing sitting on a pedestal in the middle of a room and it having touch screens on all 4 sides.

  • Simon
    SimonMaand geleden

    Linus tech tips would be mad...

  • Josh Waters
    Josh WatersMaand geleden

    I know this is really random but what is that lamp and where do I buy it I can’t see a single wire on that thing

  • TwitchyTopHat
    TwitchyTopHatMaand geleden

    Sabre Electronics

  • mike all
    mike allMaand geleden

    Doooooooood.... that's the same triangle from the "Modern Talking" music video!!!!!!

  • RoÆther
    RoÆtherMaand geleden

    as cool as it is there is just way too much wasted space IMO... I like big PC cases but I like them in work station form: that extra size means more expansion capability!

  • Tyler Mustard loooser
    Tyler Mustard loooserMaand geleden

    29:22 anyone know what that maze game is called?

  • lego man

    lego man

    Maand geleden

    it's a Windows 95 or 98 screensaver

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty ShacklefordMaand geleden

    cool beans!

  • Emik Zotic
    Emik ZoticMaand geleden

    xubuntu is amazing :(

  • Tyler Seip
    Tyler SeipMaand geleden

    I'm a sucker for PORTZ! Made me lol

  • Marshall Berry
    Marshall BerryMaand geleden

    The perfect case for your Goa'uld mothership

  • alejandro morgado
    alejandro morgadoMaand geleden

    what movie at 30:43?

  • Péter Juhász
    Péter JuhászMaand geleden

    This case is beautiful! I would love one for my old rig.

  • LiquidSnack
    LiquidSnackMaand geleden

    I am confused i like this video but i keep hearing sandwich background music. send help

  • Astral
    AstralMaand geleden

    That actually looks pretty cool with all the lights. It’s the Luxor of PC’s lol.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter ParkerMaand geleden

    The mini version is straight up awesome. Even better without the glass imo

  • Pierry Radrik
    Pierry RadrikMaand geleden

    Pyramid, Cone, Triangle, That 3 Sides!

  • Vornan19
    Vornan19Maand geleden

    @LGR. You don't know really what you're running. Prove me wrong.

  • Riko J. Amado
    Riko J. AmadoMaand geleden

    A see-thru Pyramid case is exactly the kind of thing I would have expected to find commonplace in the futuristic 21st Century. Not...wood grain.

  • Medocproductions
    MedocproductionsMaand geleden


  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone RossMaand geleden

    30:50 What game is that?

  • Alex Xander
    Alex XanderMaand geleden

    I think the ridiculous here is the one who makes an old system in this amazing modern case.It's terrible when realize that you put a motherboard without RGB support...Finally, the case is amazing, something out of that world and i have it...with i7 5820k+x99+RTX2070Super...And this look amazing, i will put a video soon. Too ironic and arrogant video for me...

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_MogulMaand geleden

    Honestly, that board looks pretty much like my LGA1155 board, at least in terms of connections. Seperate PS/2 ports, VGA out, PCI slots, etc. Sure it doesn't have a serial port, but there is a header so you can plug one in. That board would be interesting in some old case. It looks like an old machine, even the ports make it look old, but there is someting else in.

  • Joe DiGiovanni IV
    Joe DiGiovanni IVMaand geleden

    Wasn't there a torture device shaped like this?? 😫😫 ouch

  • Hal lo
    Hal loMaand geleden

    This pc is eagerly anticipating silent hills ❤

  • Fanman867
    Fanman867Maand geleden

    PLEASE HELP what led strips are those i need argb strips for a build ut cant find any

  • Ralof
    RalofMaand geleden

    you know how to time it, that a fade to black is a fade to ad

  • nightmareofkaitos
    nightmareofkaitosMaand geleden

    pentium gold sucks even on windows 10. i speak from experience

  • ScoriacTears
    ScoriacTearsMaand geleden

    11:05 Unless! the cables are snakes. . . hmm, but then you'd probably need to rig up a case open rolling boulder boobytrap reservoir diorama, and then you'd definately need a hidden auger to feed the sand falling through the case. . .

  • archivis
    archivisMaand geleden

    Awesome case :)

  • Cam Man
    Cam ManMaand geleden

    All I'm hearing is it's Jonny Number Fiiev

  • Ked Viper
    Ked ViperMaand geleden

    This is more alien than anything Alienware has made (to my knowledge).

  • ChristhegeekHD
    ChristhegeekHDMaand geleden

    Clint playing Minecraft never thought I'd see the day

  • Peter Heineman
    Peter Heineman2 maanden geleden


  • Matthias Dartmann
    Matthias Dartmann2 maanden geleden

    Running Ubuntu or a Ubuntu-based distro doesn't really make sense on hardware that old. Something like Debian with LXDE or Arch would make more sense here to prevent bloat and have a functioning desktop environment

  • Jason Harmon
    Jason Harmon2 maanden geleden

    I'd suggest an Adaptec 2940 series PCI SCSI card and something like a SCSI tape drive as an obsolete thing you can use a PCI slot for.

  • K G
    K G2 maanden geleden

    The amount of negative space in the box hurts my brain

  • Ville Metsola
    Ville Metsola2 maanden geleden

    UFO inside a pyramid? Doesn't get much more illuminati than that.