Building a Bigger, Badder MIDI Mountain

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Let's assemble a MIDI RackMountain! The idea is the same as the first MIDI Mountain: combine a bunch of MIDI synths together to make a mountain of musical goodness. But instead of just stacking it all up, this time it's going in an 8U rack-mount case! Plus a few upgrades, like a rack-mounted Roland MT-32, an 8-channel mixer and MIDI thru box, a clicky power strip, and more vintage General MIDI modules. Also a stupid equalizer, ha.
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00:00 Intro
02:45 Parts Selection
15:57 Build Begins!
24:15 First Tests
27:09 MIDI Keyboarding
30:29 Enjoying the Mountain
44:52 Packing It Up!
46:41 Summary/Outro
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  • LGR
    LGRMaand geleden

    For those asking about my main synth setup and what I make with it, there are a number of brief videos on Twitter showing that in action! I'll probably have an LGR video on it eventually though 👍

  • Eric Sills

    Eric Sills

    4 dagen geleden

    I'd like to see how your main synth equipment is hooked up. I get a strange kick out of such processes.

  • Vortex 64

    Vortex 64

    24 dagen geleden

    Not too long ago techmoan did a review of a graphical EQ that actually is legit so you could look at that for a replacement for the fake one

  • BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull

    BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull

    29 dagen geleden

    @Zoo Horizon I like the Fairlight, but it's just a nostalgia piece now. Just as I like the MT-32, but almost every VST completely blows it out of the water nowadays.

  • Zoo Horizon

    Zoo Horizon

    Maand geleden

    Left or right? RE: Which would you give for a Fairlight CMI?

  • Jesse Monk

    Jesse Monk

    Maand geleden

    Make synth videos please!!!!!

  • Andy Marsala
    Andy MarsalaDag geleden

    More like building a bigger, badder beard! Looks good Clint. Nice and clean.l

  • Twix Yt
    Twix Yt4 dagen geleden

    My Mum called me for a Covid-19 test but I’m scared so I’m watching this bc it makes me feel better

  • π-ШТО
    π-ШТО4 dagen geleden

    well that soundcanvas has a pretty screen. can you play doom on it?

  • foreverseethe
    foreverseethe9 dagen geleden

    Wtf is a "MIDI enthusiast"?

  • The Weekend Warrior
    The Weekend Warrior9 dagen geleden

    Remove that stupid equalizer and shove in an Emagic Unitor in there so you have an individual MIDI IN for each device so you can play different channels on each (or mirror the channels if you feel so)... makes much more sense as feeding them the exact same data... also, you won't need the thru-box and the MIDI interface either. There are older versions of the UNITOR with serial to PC for older machines as well as newer with USB.

  • The Weekend Warrior
    The Weekend Warrior9 dagen geleden

    Did you know that you can adjust the display contrast on the MT-32? Worth a try...

  • VioletGiraffe
    VioletGiraffe9 dagen geleden

    This was a very enjoyable video to watch, thank you!

  • Jax Wins
    Jax Wins10 dagen geleden

    Man somebody is stuck in the past

  • RyuX
    RyuX11 dagen geleden

    I just love your dedication

  • Bonnie Bishop
    Bonnie Bishop11 dagen geleden

    The near eggnog peripherally tumble because consonant centrally destroy since a complex inventory. simplistic, penitent thread

  • Mac Nifty
    Mac Nifty12 dagen geleden

    At 1 point in 2002 I had over 53 rack items mounted and was going for the full fill of 127 devices to max 1 channel of midi on A. Most of my rack items (E-MU E4XT) had up to 4 (a,b,c,d) Midi ins and outs. Then all the power conditioning, all the signal wires isolated and insulated perpendicular to any power lines low or high voltage. My electricity bill was always high like running 5 big window air conditioners and all the energy created a lot of heat. Dry radiant heat. I always loved my Korg NX5R for a quik basic sound set normal and had 48 midi w/ daughter board. My E-MU samplers were the bomb. The mapping samples to keys and the punch in the truncation is still unmatched. I always liked before we had all the plugins today and processing, you had to have external midi. Just to sequence that much midi on a 133mhz Pentium II and the audio hi-res 2-track was a load. Today, blows my mind, I can run 16 omnispheres, 64 samplers etc. on one pc box and eliminate my whole wall of racked gear. Cool video man. Thanks.

  • Karreth
    Karreth12 dagen geleden

    While undeniably cool, this really isn't needed. The MT-32 and SC 55 mk2 are entirely sufficient.

  • Guilherme Cardoso
    Guilherme Cardoso12 dagen geleden

    Imagine building a badass midi rack to play Doom ... Sign me up for that.

  • Tengu Sp33d
    Tengu Sp33d12 dagen geleden

    The Way by Fastball midi file.

  • CryhmeTime
    CryhmeTime13 dagen geleden

    Could you just not have added stopping bolts to the end of the shelve? No added height and you could still pull foreward out.

  • joseph sierakowski
    joseph sierakowski13 dagen geleden

    That case and its contents are actually super freakin' sweet LOL! Awesome video

  • B4NCL4M
    B4NCL4M13 dagen geleden

    The Yamaha Dangit. Cant wait to get my own. Hahahaha. Nice midi mountain Clint

  • mixisme
    mixisme13 dagen geleden

    Imagine trying to get that case through the airport scanner. Be prepared to answer a LOT of questions, haha.

  • Marcos Paulo Ruppel
    Marcos Paulo Ruppel14 dagen geleden

    Poor Korg was left out of the party

  • criggie
    criggie14 dagen geleden

    What about reworking the MT32 case so it is just 1 RU tall? In the past I've moved rackmount ears from other switches, and as long as the case itself fits, the front could remain happily angled. Maybe drill and bolt lugs on the side of your other stock MT32, which would give you a 1RU slot spare for MORE THINGS.

  • PretzelDude
    PretzelDude14 dagen geleden

    When he fired up the demo at 24:36 I instantly had flashbacks to playing the SNES again. Happy memories 😁.

  • Christopher P.
    Christopher P.14 dagen geleden

    Very satisfying to see, after you placed the last module into the rackmount.

  • MrPod
    MrPod14 dagen geleden

    That bossa nova sounded incredible. I remember loving the midi music in Theme Hospital

  • BroBryce64
    BroBryce6414 dagen geleden

    Here's loving that you answered the question, "but can it play Doom?"

  • obnoxiouspriest
    obnoxiouspriest15 dagen geleden

    Third arm! Third Arm!

  • Nexus Yang
    Nexus Yang15 dagen geleden

    Another dope track for the MT32 is Sylpheed from Sierra On-Line as well... :)

  • Nexus Yang
    Nexus Yang15 dagen geleden

    Police Quest with MT32....oh man.

  • Chris Andrews
    Chris Andrews15 dagen geleden

    midi sounds a lot better than its induction over 30 yrs ago, great vid

  • JoshDaMemeDL100
    JoshDaMemeDL10015 dagen geleden

    I like midi music, but I don't like midi music that is trying not to be midi music. If that makes any sense.

  • AMDK6
    AMDK615 dagen geleden

    What's the cool clock thing on the top of the stack at the start of the video?

  • Devin Lasher
    Devin Lasher16 dagen geleden

    Now I fuckin want one, for dubstep purposes

  • Computer Expert
    Computer Expert16 dagen geleden

    30:00 Wow that sounds like a bi-plane

    RETROCENGO16 dagen geleden

    Highly enjoyable video, I love GM in Ms Dos gaming. Love the build. One thing I have to mention though, when everything is turned on, they generate heat, maybe active fane cooling will be an idea for summer video update😊

  • Hunter Davis
    Hunter Davis17 dagen geleden

    I HATE that stupid equalizer

  • boaconstrictor37
    boaconstrictor3717 dagen geleden

    30:01. Sweet, Excitebike.

  • Wii U
    Wii U17 dagen geleden

    33:35 I was not expecting that since it sounded much brighter earlier with melodic instruments.

  • Corey Iles
    Corey Iles18 dagen geleden

    This is sweet! All together it's like an orchestra, on 80s drugs.

  • SSJ Legend
    SSJ Legend18 dagen geleden

    1:20 in 2020 LGR was trying to be the new Mick Gordon 😏

  • HazewinDog
    HazewinDog19 dagen geleden

    Man MIDI is freaking awesome. I'm honestly disappointed I missed all this growing up. The only game I played growing up with MIDI music is Stunts, and I played that on a PC without dedicated MIDI support. so I've only had the smallest and worst taste of it growing up, yet I already loved that game's music and it's since fueled my love for MIDI music in general!

  • Defence Bangladesh
    Defence Bangladesh19 dagen geleden


  • Billiam Dabne
    Billiam Dabne19 dagen geleden

    Hey so Sims 4 minimum OS is XP, you should try it 🥺

  • Robyn & Rob
    Robyn & Rob19 dagen geleden

    How about some slinking flex too send the cables along the sides in a clean fit

  • Nick Carter
    Nick Carter20 dagen geleden

    The ONLY way to play Doom. I must have my own midi mountain

  • virtualnate
    virtualnate20 dagen geleden

    You should have a dedicated LGR MIDI channel. Would definitely subscribe!!!!!!!!!

  • 12-op
    12-op20 dagen geleden

    Really nice comparison. Ever try the Roland JV-1080 or 2080? While they were professional modules they both had an excellent GM mode I used for many late-90s games. Kawai in general is a very underrated synth brand.

  • Alex Schmitt
    Alex Schmitt21 dag geleden

    I think, these cheap chinese equalizers are scam. But it can be replaced with normal rack EQ, either graphical or parametric. dbx 215 or Yamaha GQ1031, for example. The rest of the rack is excellent, excellent! That's the true way to DOS games music.

  • pvt mclaren
    pvt mclaren21 dag geleden

    would love to see more audio videos. could have guessed youd be into analog synthesis, you should make a channel for hifi audio

  • DoodMang
    DoodMang21 dag geleden

    that music station setup is really pretty looking with all the lights 🤘🤙🔥

  • Alessandro Pena
    Alessandro Pena21 dag geleden

    Hi Clint! I´m a big fan of LGR. I think i have a sugestion of a perfect 31 band spectrum analyser for this MIDI hack. The name is Fun Generation RTA-31. Keep up with the amazing work! We do realy appreciated!

  • Soluside
    Soluside22 dagen geleden

    42:37 hey, the mt-32 is trying its best, dang it!

  • - 42 -
    - 42 -22 dagen geleden

    To this day I can't see a spectrum analyzer without thinking of Winamp. FYI, I'm one of those guys who very much dislikes midi sound, but I very much like it when you're messing around with sound like this so its still great content

  • CircularTonic
    CircularTonic22 dagen geleden

    I had no Idea you were into hardware synthesizers as much as you are. Been watching you for years . This made my year. I guess it makes sense you like retro tech and retro music a lot of overlap in these interests.

  • Beat Freqz
    Beat Freqz22 dagen geleden

    Great video! The half-rack module I really love is the alesis nanosynth. I find its sound is quite surprisingly good. Its the same form factor as the ones you have. Peace!

  • K1darklord
    K1darklord22 dagen geleden

    I want to play with your toys! I am lucky enough to have a MT-32 but have never plugged it upto my pc I really should!

  • MorganTubeHD
    MorganTubeHD23 dagen geleden

    Would you use it with a Sharp X68000?

  • George Weaver
    George Weaver23 dagen geleden

    You are a god damn wizard

  • cbtillery135
    cbtillery13523 dagen geleden

    That Gmega has a very Super Nintendo sound. I think that's the unit used for composing Super Nintendo music.

  • Karen Elizabeth
    Karen Elizabeth23 dagen geleden

    Didn't occur to me until now that Fire Hawk has a Jean Michel Jarre sound to it

  • Flint Westwood
    Flint Westwood24 dagen geleden

    This was really good. I with my soundblaster 16 didn't realize midi could sound so good. I loved the old CFM tunes from Creative. Makes me wonder how those would have sounded through a deck like this.

  • Thomas_The Dank_Engine
    Thomas_The Dank_Engine24 dagen geleden

    That equalizer has rackmount ears for a older datacenter rack not audio lol why would that ever be on there

  • Twitter Cliffdog01
    Twitter Cliffdog0124 dagen geleden

    Man, that is cool!! Kinda would love it you did and FM Synth version adlib and various Paralelport Sound devices I think It could be a fun way to show how Soundblaster and stuff changed.

  • Serg Eloy
    Serg Eloy24 dagen geleden

    This was nuts bro. I watched the whole video. Well done dude. You know your stuff!

  • briandemodulated
    briandemodulated24 dagen geleden

    Volume in drive C is WOOD

  • Robert Greenberg
    Robert Greenberg24 dagen geleden

    so bling.... lol ....soon, you will need to unplug from this rabbit hole Bad'grrrr

  • ted hazelwood
    ted hazelwood24 dagen geleden

    Soooo, those aren't musical instruments? What are they, what do they do.

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor24 dagen geleden

    Hi Clint! When you’re dealing with MIDI and nothing is being played, the light flashing is an “All notes off” pulse. MIDI sends the note data, how hard it was struck, if it’s being held, and if anything is being used like pitch bend / after touch / panning / then the final signal sent is when you release the note. You should see if someone would loan you a piece of pro gear like a used Korg Triton, Yamaha Motif, etc. 😉

  • Alexander Binder
    Alexander Binder25 dagen geleden

    I would be curious to hear what Transport Tycoon songs would be like, played it so many hours back in the days.

  • Setsrat
    Setsrat25 dagen geleden

    My face immediately smiled the moment I saw your Minilogue xd. I bloody love mine

  • Dj Pastoelio
    Dj Pastoelio26 dagen geleden

    techmoan showed a spectrum analyzer last week maybe get that thomann one

  • fredthesecond
    fredthesecond26 dagen geleden

    Who's that at 9:44?

  • horus falcon
    horus falcon26 dagen geleden

    Meets the Army definition of portable: if a regiment can move it, it's portable.

  • horus falcon
    horus falcon26 dagen geleden

    Kawai is a musical instrument maker. Their pianos gave Steinway a run for their money back in the day. Akai is an electronics manufacturer most noted among audiophiles for their tape recorders. I've used their M4 and M8 reel-to-reel recorders, and they are outstanding.

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger26 dagen geleden

    Regarding the rackmount spectrum analyser, whilst I'm sure you know by now, Techmoan uploaded a vid about a really good one the other day. At least I think it was 1U

  • The Laptop Lagger
    The Laptop Lagger26 dagen geleden

    That Kawai sounds fuckin impressive but I must admit. I always love how clean Yamaha devices sound. Idk there's just something I appreciate about them whether it comes to Hi-Fi or MIDI or frankly anything. They always manage to have a very neat sound. Maybe that's just me though.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones26 dagen geleden

    I think the reason your midi light continued to flash is that the MPU-401 was still sending midi time code. You're right, once you're back in DOS, nothing could have been sent from the PC, so it had to be coming from the MPU. Second - it is standard that the MT-32 channels start at 2, and I also believe the reason your one sound module was in a strange single instrument condition is probably because of the control signals sent to the MT32 by the sierra game you sent.. The configuration commands intended for the MT32 would have potentially had random meaning to the other general midi devices. Overall great job!! You need to label every power switch and mixer channel though.. That would drive me crazy, not knowing which dial was for which module!!

  • rebmcr
    rebmcr26 dagen geleden

    I don't know why you'd go to all that effort when the Akai consistently sounds the best for anything.

  • Trymon
    Trymon26 dagen geleden

    Best gaming experience using all MIDI devices for Audio. Most intense sound. :D

  • space
    space27 dagen geleden

    That sounded like something they would playing in the Miami vice show

  • Bastien Auxer
    Bastien Auxer27 dagen geleden

    Techmoan has done another video about a spectrum analyzer, this time both are decent and rack mountable. Hope they will fit your needs.

  • Bamahut
    Bamahut27 dagen geleden

    43:30 the only and BEST way to play Doom on DoS. man I wish I had those midi devices.

  • Damouze
    Damouze27 dagen geleden

    If you feel that the Yamaha MU80 sounds a bit bland, that is because the unit was really made for the Yamaha's own XG standard. I bet if you feed it some XG data it will really shine. I remember having an XG daughterboard on my SB16 back in the day and I have always been in awe of the XG standard ever since.

  • Глад Валакас ФЭК
    Глад Валакас ФЭК27 dagen geleden


  • LogiForce86
    LogiForce8627 dagen geleden

    Okay... now play some Theme Hospital with all of them going. That game has some nice and weird music after all. 😎

  • Thedrakanmaster 124
    Thedrakanmaster 12427 dagen geleden

    I to think 2017 was two years ago lol

  • FRONT:MAN242
    FRONT:MAN24227 dagen geleden

    Cool ! Get gird of that terrible EQ !

  • Ist Egal
    Ist Egal27 dagen geleden

    that DOOM Level on no monsterharm / no damage ... worldrecord ? 11sec. ?

  • Jeff Y
    Jeff Y27 dagen geleden

    I went a different route, I have 4 internal sound cards, a Roland LAPCI, Roland RAP10, AWE 64 Gold, and an Adlib clone for FM. It gives me everything I want without the need foe external synths.

  • chuckschwa
    chuckschwa27 dagen geleden

    man, I really took MIDI for granted growing up on PC games in the early 90s. it's all so nostalgic now. awesome setup LGR!

  • Donkey Conga
    Donkey Conga27 dagen geleden

    lol that is too much!!! greetings!

  • steven payne
    steven payne27 dagen geleden

    uh clint ... where the fuck did that third arm come from .????????

  • Pedro Nascimento
    Pedro Nascimento28 dagen geleden

    An Arduino would fit nice for a custom Spectogram I think.

  • please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن
    please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن28 dagen geleden

    Wasted opportunity to say "It's no longer a MIDI mountain, more of a MIDI molehill"

  • Mariusz Kozłowski
    Mariusz Kozłowski28 dagen geleden

    Roland, Yamaha and Kawai are all from the same city in Japan - Hamamatsu.

  • Dúnadan SonoftheWest
    Dúnadan SonoftheWest28 dagen geleden

    "It just works" Phantom Todd Howard appears and disappears

  • Home Maker's Shop
    Home Maker's Shop28 dagen geleden

    Wow cool synthesizer work station.....and super sexy beard.

  • Designator
    Designator28 dagen geleden

    LGR really just casually flexes a full modular synth setup.

  • Jake Camp
    Jake Camp29 dagen geleden

    there is always something interesting going on here

  • giddl
    giddl29 dagen geleden

    we need uncut doom synth mountain gameplay

  • Chris
    Chris29 dagen geleden

    Will you be changing out the equalizer? Also maybe put the mt-32 below the power switches so its easier to see the text.