90s PC Nonsense: WizardWorks Holiday Collection CD-ROM

Wetenschap en technologie

Simply taking a look at one of the many Christmas-themed software packages from the mid-90s filled with random junk that the publisher had lying around. Holiday games, labels, clipart, fonts, screensavers, a MIDI jukebox, a t-shirt designer and more! Even a cassette tape, ooh.
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  • LGR
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    It had to be done. #RibBitt www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Rib-Bitt-by-TheLGR/66176785.WFLAH and World Peace - It Could Happen www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/World-Peace-It-Could-Happen-by-TheLGR/66419878.WFLAH

  • Smaco


    25 dagen geleden

    Man, when I enter redbubble it defaults at spanish and it says "Costilla Bitt" Its translating Rib for some reason

  • Dennis Snider

    Dennis Snider

    Maand geleden

    “So many felonies so little time” would be the best T-shirt to wear in one those mugshot vlogs. 😂

  • TheGuyWhoIsSitting


    Maand geleden

    There's a clean version of the Rib Bitt design from another person and another World Peace it could happen. Although your version is perfection for the backwards letters and all.

  • Alexander Antonopoulos

    Alexander Antonopoulos

    Maand geleden

    That transition on 5:31 was so smooth!

  • Steve Heimann

    Steve Heimann

    Maand geleden

    @Sion Jones the reviews are for the shirt itself. Not necessarily by the designer.

  • User6327
    User63273 dagen geleden

    I fuckin died laughing as soon as I saw the t-shirt outline being printed. 🤣🤣

  • CannedMan
    CannedMan4 dagen geleden

    Dude, whenever I need to cheer up, I watch your vids. Believe me, that T-shirt made my day - and so did you.

  • toastynotes
    toastynotes10 dagen geleden

    I forgot games didn't have the instructions in the game itself. I took it for granted I haven't had to open a physical manual in a decade.

  • Farzher
    Farzher10 dagen geleden

    @LGR where can we find all the t-shirt images? they're amazing

  • Bryant Floyd
    Bryant Floyd12 dagen geleden

    They should have been released these stupid ridiculous holiday games for the PlayStation 1. Those games are so ridiculously stupid and a big waste of time to play that there worthy of a PlayStation 1 release.

  • Bryant Floyd
    Bryant Floyd12 dagen geleden

    Could u see if it possible to get this software to work in Windows 10??? From what I am seeing it so stupid by today's standard that I actually like it.

  • HatedJared
    HatedJared16 dagen geleden

    10:19 when the new guy starts at work and you dont know how to say his name yet.

  • Megan
    Megan20 dagen geleden

    I literally cried at how funny that T-shirt maker app came out. Tib Bir for life.

  • Krzysztof Czarnecki
    Krzysztof Czarnecki25 dagen geleden

    I like how the box around the cassette box has just the right mix of Christmas and nuclear missile launch button aesthetics

  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam26 dagen geleden

    I could just see this: Taking this back to the store, guy asks me the problem, I'm like "HALF OF IT'S IN GERMAN!", pulling out my disk labels showing him.

  • scot shabalam
    scot shabalam26 dagen geleden

    Savior, 7:33 Is that something Jesus would really want to see on his computer?

  • Tim Sandel
    Tim Sandel28 dagen geleden

    This looks so familiar, I think I had this

  • Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music Studios
    Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music Studios28 dagen geleden

    The laughing here has the same energy as that photoshop video lol

  • GuillermoMasipGamerHD2
    GuillermoMasipGamerHD228 dagen geleden

    c:\>lazy game reviews

  • Christian Hannappel
    Christian Hannappel29 dagen geleden

    As far as I know, Zweckform is part of Avery nowadays. It used to be a German company which also produced blank labels, business cards and similar stuff.

  • Ziggy Pi
    Ziggy Pi29 dagen geleden

    the music was bad and amazingly bizaree at the same time

  • THTSound
    THTSound29 dagen geleden

    you print a t shirt on your t shirt. that s wow :))

  • PuffyRainbowCloud
    PuffyRainbowCloudMaand geleden

    I think those midi files are playing harmonics without the melody. Like, it’s playing only one voice of the choir for some reason.

  • Fan of Leafnation
    Fan of LeafnationMaand geleden

    Nice hat roland!

  • martijn games NL
    martijn games NLMaand geleden

    Wizards works, where your money magically disappears

  • Nathan Vs Everything
    Nathan Vs EverythingMaand geleden

    I had one of those 100 in 1 ones it was great when I was bored and wanted mindless fun

  • Logan 999999999999999
    Logan 999999999999999Maand geleden

    We need "Rib Bit" t-shirts in the merch store.

  • ukranaut
    ukranautMaand geleden

    Chaikovski himself has risen from his grave to copystrike your video, isn't it a real Christmas miracle?

  • RyanAvx
    RyanAvxMaand geleden

    Hey LGR how do you capture VGA? I've tried converting from VGA to RCA to RCA Upscaler but too much quality is lost along the way.

  • Alvaro Faria
    Alvaro FariaMaand geleden

    A T-shirt inside a T-shirt. Cool!

  • LordJazzly
    LordJazzlyMaand geleden

    Those MIDI files sound like they're playing the second melody line from a performance arrangement, which seems like an easy mistake except they've got the bass and percussion as well? How do you make that mistake? Like it's everything except the actual lead melody. Are they supposed to be backing tracks for singing along to in some sort of weird christmas karaoke session?

  • Pat Hurley
    Pat HurleyMaand geleden

    Your videos are great. Last night I was sick in bed and awoke to videos from 8 years ago. As much as it made me want to give in to being sick and just die because of time, it was quite relaxing and helped me sleep. It was like watching my 9 year older brother play video games in the 90s...that might of sounded sarcastic but I love your channel....new subscriber

  • ElijahBlueFish
    ElijahBlueFishMaand geleden

    rib bitt merch when?

  • jbfarley


    Maand geleden

    You're not very observant

  • C Smith
    C SmithMaand geleden

    90s smell *sniff* *sniff* yeah, LGR, youre a decent lad but that was a cret.

  • KillerB Hive
    KillerB HiveMaand geleden

    That world graphic is realistic as fuck. Didn't you know the Earth is only four colors?

  • TG5455
    TG5455Maand geleden

    ttiB diR

  • TG5455
    TG5455Maand geleden

    World peace it could happen? Well, after the year that was 2020 it's going to be awhile. 😆

  • Marlyjade
    MarlyjadeMaand geleden

    I need pursuit of worm for a tee shirt oml

  • William William
    William WilliamMaand geleden

    29:35 it sound like samsung C100 ringtone of the nutcracker suite

  • TheBartolonomicron
    TheBartolonomicronMaand geleden

    I did not see this video before visiting your Red Bubble store, so I was very confused about the Rib Bitt backwards shirt lmao. I came for the Cool Crab, but stayed for the potential word peace...

  • Das Raddiche
    Das RaddicheMaand geleden

    Still loving the ROLAND speakers

  • Das Raddiche
    Das RaddicheMaand geleden

    66 mhz with a TURBO BUTTON FTW!!!!!

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel StewartMaand geleden

    Yikes, that was bad even for one of those 90s random collections.

  • Caitlin
    CaitlinMaand geleden

    Holy crap all of those shirts were fantastically terrible that they swing back around to good

  • That Gaming
    That GamingMaand geleden

    I want to see what Vinesause reactions for the T-shirt maker

  • Alistair Blaire
    Alistair BlaireMaand geleden

    I can imagine someone using this program in the 90's intending to make christmas cards, then going "what the hell everything's in german" lol

  • Andy B
    Andy BMaand geleden

    Inspired by this video, I am going to change my surname to "Cane".

  • CAR912
    CAR912Maand geleden

    19:38 - that shirt preview reminds me of the infamous "Jazz" design that was everywhere in the '90s.

  • BadDoomGuy
    BadDoomGuyMaand geleden

    L O O K A T T H E S E B A L L S

  • Ddespair Ddespair
    Ddespair DdespairMaand geleden

    The nutcracker score has always been in the public domain so that’s probably why it’s used there.

  • DJ Qarloxx SV
    DJ Qarloxx SVMaand geleden

    ypu can change the "gm.dls" to another soundfont in the same format .dls . with awave studio

  • cjsnowdon
    cjsnowdonMaand geleden

    Staples used to love selling software like that!!

  • Ironraven24
    Ironraven24Maand geleden

    the art in these games looks like a pilotredsun video

  • Timo Pines
    Timo PinesMaand geleden

    My sister's and I used to play those cd games all the time. Feeling nostalgic

  • Akow
    AkowMaand geleden

    back in 1998 my Wife got me something like that for Christmas. We got our first computer on Black Friday 1997. She got me two other boxed PC games, each had like 3 to 5 games. one was called Freddie pharmacist or something like it lol But I had a blast with the Christmas one. It had a few Christmas games but it was the screen savers, icons, and clip art I liked the most. Good times having fun with paid Shareware lol

  • Yue Fan
    Yue FanMaand geleden

    Retro LGR intro!

  • Greg Cushing
    Greg CushingMaand geleden

    Holy shit, this cheered me up when I needed it. Thank you. What a shirt. Wow.

  • Anthony Cortes
    Anthony CortesMaand geleden

    “LGR. It’s an addiction” t-shirts coming when?

  • Alex Schmitt
    Alex SchmittMaand geleden

    That was absolutely hilarious. Thanks for making me feel much, much better (:

  • Greg Pace
    Greg PaceMaand geleden

    I'm sitting here at 3:49am trying to fall asleep to some LGR and I'm bursting out laughing waking up my wife at the addiction shirt.

  • cheesechoker
    cheesechokerMaand geleden

    Got legitimately pissed off that they couldn't even punch in the correct notes for a bunch of well known Christmas carols

  • Rafael Cabrera
    Rafael CabreraMaand geleden

    "World Peace. It Could Happen" LMAOOOOOO

  • P T
    P TMaand geleden

    The midi's remind me of those "copyright safe" versions of other music, where people will make something that sounds similar to the Mission Impossible theme and people will use it on NLdron for their action scenes. Except all the christmas music is public domain, so it doesn't make any sense to me why they would do this. Also, the Scrooge Squirrel music is much better than the midis that came with the actual midi player. Explain that one batman!

  • Andrew Cook
    Andrew CookMaand geleden

    I'm guessing the strange arrangements of the songs are to accommodate German lyrics.

  • Jesse Swaney
    Jesse SwaneyMaand geleden

    29:32 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • catholiccontriversy
    catholiccontriversyMaand geleden

    19:22 says it's only going downhilll from here, 20 seconds later are the craziest T-shirt maker designs ever.

  • SlyArtË
    SlyArtËMaand geleden

    I laughed out at the t-shirt maker thing, especially at "World peace, it could happen"

  • Mike Krow
    Mike KrowMaand geleden

    Red bubble has some serious competition, Rib Bittle.

  • Simon Tay
    Simon TayMaand geleden

    Its so bad, its great.

  • Doc. Tear Popper
    Doc. Tear PopperMaand geleden

    So, did this Clint escape the simulation?

  • The Snyders
    The SnydersMaand geleden

    Yo frog...

  • StripedKarl
    StripedKarlMaand geleden

    Printing a shirt onto a shirt. It doesn't get any more meta than this.

  • tigrom01
    tigrom01Maand geleden

    this episode was incredible. thank you very much!

  • StripedKarl
    StripedKarlMaand geleden

    I'm P.C.

  • épinards & caramel
    épinards & caramelMaand geleden

    “Jesus had the same settings”

  • insertusernamehere
    insertusernamehereMaand geleden

    6:00 "look at these balls"

  • Cosmic Nautilus
    Cosmic NautilusMaand geleden

    Missed this when it was relevant.

  • Stein Schneider
    Stein SchneiderMaand geleden

    Roland the speaker is my favorite elf

  • Rick Thinks Tech
    Rick Thinks TechMaand geleden

    Holly smackeroo that T-Shirt transfer bit had me in stitches hahahaha! Is it weird that I'm watching this in the second week of 2021 and already feeling Christmas nostalgia?

  • Retro Owen
    Retro OwenMaand geleden

    Hello LGR i am a big fan and i am only a kid thats in middle school i love retro computers and i windows 98 and 95 i am like a 90s kid surprisingly I don’t have any windows 95 98 computers but i have a windows 2000 ibm net vista i hope to become like you one day you are bacaly my favorite NLdronr.

  • Невада большевик
    Невада большевикMaand geleden

    17:57 I like when you die, it shows a little Santa get spaced.

  • Robin
    RobinMaand geleden

    Always loved your channel and just found out that Charlie Puth also watches your content according to his IG stories haha.

  • OldNerdTV - Games & Tech
    OldNerdTV - Games & TechMaand geleden

    Hehe, so the label making program is German, I recognized "Boeder" and "Zweckform" right away...and then all those field descriptions in German. No localization teams at that point in time ;)

  • MrDaftJustice
    MrDaftJusticeMaand geleden

    In all my years, I've never heard you laugh so hard as in 20:12 + part

  • Andreas Horn
    Andreas HornMaand geleden

    Saw your video now. Please send me the Sonntag label. I could use it, here in Germany. :-)

  • Beauregard Slim
    Beauregard SlimMaand geleden

    Now print a t-shirt in a t-shirt and transfer that to a t-shirt!

  • Paul.
    Paul.Maand geleden

    WHERE ARE YOU 😒 I need my LGR fix of anything please 😥😥😥

  • heikkint
    heikkintMaand geleden

    'Sonnta' -> Just remove one 'n' and you got one of many words in finnish for crap.

  • DOSboi Aidan
    DOSboi AidanMaand geleden

    It’s 2021. I’m depressed and jobless. But I will give up everything I have left for some LGR Tech Tales.

  • MothChip
    MothChipMaand geleden

    Rib Bitt Graphic design is my passion

  • eltrash
    eltrashMaand geleden

    I haven't laughed so heartily for a long time. The t-shirt program is the icing on the cake

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew FaradayMaand geleden

    The t-shirt made my day.

  • Jose Berron
    Jose BerronMaand geleden

    "It's printing out a picture of the T-shirt." That was amazing.

  • Raven
    RavenMaand geleden

    Are all the NLdronrs on vacation? No new videos from anyone in my subscriptions for days now, last LGR video was a week ago. I need my fix.

  • allan forster
    allan forsterMaand geleden

    Above and beyond the call of crapness- thank you for your service

  • Ribbon-Kitten
    Ribbon-KittenMaand geleden

    ttiB diR

  • DrCoolyy
    DrCoolyyMaand geleden

    Trying to giveaway your jazz jackrabbit plush? :x I needdd

  • Jack Pierce
    Jack PierceMaand geleden

    Girl: "Are you single?" Guy: "No, I'm PC" Stellar Stone: "No, You're Winner !"

  • Justin Keys
    Justin KeysMaand geleden

    I... think I had this... Pretty sure my mom mainly bought it for the cassette tape.

  • 4everblacknite
    4everblackniteMaand geleden

    Clint laughing until he runs out of oxygen is my favorite thing.

  • Jack MacDonald
    Jack MacDonaldMaand geleden


  • Damien Hartley
    Damien HartleyMaand geleden

    It would have held up back in the day because most people could not afford pc hardware for games like doom and were grateful for any value bin software they could get working.

  • Thor Gram
    Thor GramMaand geleden

    The whole shirt making fiasco was PERFECT! I laughed the whole way through waiting for the next thing to go wrong!

  • More Tech Sir!
    More Tech Sir!Maand geleden

    The tshirt print pretty much sums up 2020, had me laughing so much, were can i buy one?