16MB 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee GPU from 1998: Quantum3D Raven

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San Francisco Rush on the PC in 1998? Yep, only with the Quantum 3D Raven Voodoo Banshee! The video card itself is nothing terribly special on its own, despite its glossy black PCB. But the software it came with is quite unique indeed.
● Download the drivers/software CD-ROM here:
● And here's the patch for San Francisco Rush The Rock Alcatraz Edition for PC:
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  • LGR
    LGR6 maanden geleden

    At one point I misspoke and said it had a 100 _hertz_ clock. Obviously meant 100 _megahertz,_ heh. Also! Since recording this video, installer music has made a return with Flight Simulator 2020. I now regret requesting more installer music.

  • Random videos

    Random videos

    4 maanden geleden

    @LGR +LGR that was my first card I still have it. if you force install the regular voodoo drivers it is much quicker. and adds better support for certain resolutions.

  • Will Mercier

    Will Mercier

    6 maanden geleden

    @Lassi Kinnunen haha yep, love those. And some trippy graphics to go with sometimes.

  • LukegaX


    6 maanden geleden

    Hey @LRG I have interesting fact for you: San Francisco Rush the Rock: Alcatraz Edition have released officially on PC in Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition - compilation from 2006, San Francisco Rush 2049 is in this pack too.

  • Jay Brooks

    Jay Brooks

    6 maanden geleden

    Clint you ever review the quadrant cards (not sega saturn card) like Hercules’s cards?

  • KAPT Kipper

    KAPT Kipper

    6 maanden geleden

    One can mute the app in the volume mixer.

  • 10p6
    10p62 dagen geleden

    Back in the day, having a Packard Bell 233MMX with crappy onboard graphics, then putting in a Voodoo Banshee was freaking awesome. The Banshee was best suited to a Pentium or Pentium 2. On many games, the Banshee will run faster than a Voodoo 2 unless using the 2's twin texture units. The Banshee could also do higher res graphics and only needed one card slot. One of the best GPU's for its time of all time.

  • Darren Giles
    Darren Giles10 dagen geleden

    i remember going crazy when i got my voodoo 3, came with carmageddon.

  • Shriveled Alien
    Shriveled Alien14 dagen geleden

    you said the n word????? 😱😳 sus sus sus😳😳😳😳😳

  • Shriveled Alien
    Shriveled Alien14 dagen geleden


  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow21 dag geleden

    Man I hated mail in rebates.

  • Maximilian von Heyl
    Maximilian von Heyl23 dagen geleden

    Anyone may tell me what monitor this is? Love the design of the buttons!

  • Fan of Leafnation
    Fan of Leafnation25 dagen geleden

    10:40 i do the same things with my mouse while listening music

  • Rand0081
    Rand008126 dagen geleden

    Am I old if I went to the game room to play Rush with classmates?

  • Iris
    Iris28 dagen geleden

    Ah shutter glasses, I had a set of those and I was pretty sad when I got my first flat monitor that they didn't work on (I had a cheap CRT, which made them not completely comfortable to work with, because they split the refresh rate). The connector for the Infrared LED's was the exact same by the way, but mine used a dongle that went into the VGA of the videocard and you plugged the monitor into the dongle. The dongle took the refresh rate out of the VGA signal in order for the glasses to know what to do. Except for the fact that the glasses at times could induce headaches due to a 60Hz refresh rate (remember, cheap CRT :P ) being split up to 30Hz per eye, it was absolutely amazing to be able to estimate distances in racing games so much better. By the way, is the girl in the intro by any chance Kari Byron?

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTHMaand geleden

    That Extreme difficulty car was probably my favorite car too. I always tended to lean towards it, particularly in Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA. It has really shallow turning but it's fast and it looks sleek.

  • Papel MIDI
    Papel MIDIMaand geleden

    That installation music comes as one of the demo songs in the Yamaha DJX (Model 1).

  • Paul Mathews
    Paul MathewsMaand geleden

    Still got my voodoo 2, wish I kept the box and stuff.

  • Ross Potts
    Ross PottsMaand geleden

    @LGR, is that a Lian Li case? I think I have the same one. Beautiful. I cut a window and put grab handles on mine.

  • Sean Maples
    Sean MaplesMaand geleden

    Woah, is it Gex night already?

  • S1lent
    S1lentMaand geleden

    Watching a video at 0230am about a guy playing old arcade/windows games on a win95 pc. I'm such a nerd..

  • Boggus
    Boggus2 maanden geleden

    Posh british smooth Gex > boring american stand up comedy Gex.

  • TJ JVR
    TJ JVR2 maanden geleden

    I had a 900mhz cpu and an amd 128mb gpu back in 2000. Those were days.

  • Leandro Schmitt
    Leandro Schmitt2 maanden geleden

    Man, this sound 8:28.

  • StuffOffYouStuff
    StuffOffYouStuff2 maanden geleden

    Great review dude. Nice to see this old tech. Those scanlines! What a nice touch! Shame the rest of it is a bag of shite

  • Jonathon Tsamantanis
    Jonathon Tsamantanis2 maanden geleden

    I had this card omg been a while

  • rolingthunder86
    rolingthunder862 maanden geleden

    that's gotta be the most batshit marketing moves in the history of gaming. Imagine if sega's pc ports outright refused to even install if your pc wasn't equipt with a Nvidia nv1.

  • Duke Nukem
    Duke Nukem2 maanden geleden

    Ahh, good old DID locked software. 🤣

  • Sam Eash
    Sam Eash2 maanden geleden

    Gex is running fine, it just has bad controls :)

  • AnnoyedLawStudent 87
    AnnoyedLawStudent 872 maanden geleden

    My Dad and I used to spend hours playing the stunt driving side game. Great memories

  • DeRepear
    DeRepear2 maanden geleden

    I was sure that when I played Gex back in the day he was voiced by Danny John Jules (who played the Cat in Red Dwarf). Perhaps that was only in Europe though.

  • BiGSQUiD Gaming
    BiGSQUiD Gaming3 maanden geleden

    wow blitz was one of my fave games to play when i had a banshee, with thurstmaster gamepads

  • DragonNexus
    DragonNexus3 maanden geleden

    I'm so used to the British voice of Gex, which painted him as a more suave, deep voiced Bond style character saying casual, dry one liners. American version is way too tubular for me.

  • AH AH
    AH AH3 maanden geleden

    banshee was a voodoo 2 rush...

  • toshineon
    toshineon3 maanden geleden

    I'd love to build a late 90's gaming PC. And while it isn't especially hard or expensive to find some decent components, eBay annoys me like crazy. Listings like "VINTAGE RARE" (2500 listings). Like, why?!

  • Tall Paul
    Tall Paul3 maanden geleden

    I had the Jazz Adrenaline Multimedia 3Dfx Voodoo Rush 6MB card and it came with Interstate 76, Mechwarrior Mercenaries: 3dfx Edition, and Turok. It wasn't until much later that I learned what a bad card this one is.

  • Kai0nTheMoon
    Kai0nTheMoon3 maanden geleden

    A racing game set in San Francisco today would have you driving through human feces and homeless meth addicts.

  • PharaoahMonk
    PharaoahMonk3 maanden geleden

    i am proud to say as an old school gamer that my first 3dfx card was a Black Magic Voodoo2. i remember it was prohibitely expensive for those days but my parents made great effort and bought it for me. it was like a 2 months paycheck during those days in my country. i was blown away by then graphics.

  • Alan Batsford
    Alan Batsford3 maanden geleden

    A-Are you kidding me??? My favorite arcade racer of all time was on the PC as EARLY AS '98!? AND I HAD NO IDEA??????????????????? I'm dead.

  • Matteo Boldizzoni
    Matteo Boldizzoni3 maanden geleden

    Do you know you sound exactly like Mr Burns when you say "excellent"?

  • Saulie
    Saulie3 maanden geleden


  • New Town
    New Town3 maanden geleden

    Man this was like my 1st card . Damn Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee. Couldn't figure out why my computer kept stalling after 30 minutes of playing. I then figured I had to put a house fan next to my computer and remove the side panel to get it to work correctly. Ahhh the days when air flow was not looked at when building a pc.

  • MyYoutube
    MyYoutube3 maanden geleden

    Great video

  • bloodnokian
    bloodnokian3 maanden geleden

    My first vid card was a Voodoo 3 2000 AGP, it was the bomb back in the day for palying Quake 3.

  • ProficientGaming
    ProficientGaming3 maanden geleden

    LGR, can you do a video on the Voodoo 3 1000 which came about with a partnership with Compaq?

  • ProficientGaming


    3 maanden geleden

    If you don't have one, I do.

  • xZotic Blight
    xZotic Blight3 maanden geleden

    8:00AM sunday morning (work night shift) getting ready for bed eating a bowl of spicy noodles watching an LGR video, perfect.

  • Nelson Stack
    Nelson Stack3 maanden geleden

    reminds me of gta 2

  • ViceCommando
    ViceCommando3 maanden geleden

    Love this game. Best arcade game ever. But this is really dissappointing. Its missing everything arcade was. Running poorly, missing some effects, backrounds are messed up... First I was so excited (I have to have this!), but the port just sucks... sad days.

    THEYOUTUTOS3 maanden geleden

    Nostalgic!!Thanks for It..

  • E M
    E M3 maanden geleden

    Only had problems with the voodoo card, always crashed never performed as expected, I dont know if I had a dud or it was just a terrible unstable card. Huge waste of money for me.

  • Lexy Starwatcher
    Lexy Starwatcher3 maanden geleden

    Oh gods, the flash back...yellow archer needs food...yellow archer needs food badly, yellow archer is about to die....

  • pacxel
    pacxel4 maanden geleden

    Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition on pc is just as weird.

  • Jack of Blades
    Jack of Blades4 maanden geleden

    I had to click this video i still use a Lian LI PC-65. I bought a new Motherboard tray and a 3 slot fan bay with hard drive mounts so it looks more modern.

  • Bryan C
    Bryan C4 maanden geleden

    Active Shutter glasses review!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley4 maanden geleden

    omg.. the win 98 sounds, the 3dfx splash when you started things up... My brain went through a "staring at the wall" childhood pc gaming nostalgia trip for like 3 minuntes. I gotta build myself a classic machine like this someday. I saved up for a while as a 15 year old kid to buy my first 3dfx voodoo card. I think it's still at my parents house in a box somewhere....

  • Ultradude
    Ultradude4 maanden geleden

    Voodoo 3dfx blew my mind when it came out. Computer graphics and frame rate went from shit to great!

  • hueh hueh
    hueh hueh4 maanden geleden

    omg rush, I played that game soo much

  • Михаил Фёдоров
    Михаил Фёдоров4 maanden geleden

    Where is the handbrake in Road Rash

  • darkbounD
    darkbounD4 maanden geleden

    Nice video! I think your channel is great and I really like it 👍 Thank you for your great work👋👾

  • Paul Allinen
    Paul Allinen4 maanden geleden

    i had that card and when i bought i thought i was the best in the world

  • Swayybaby
    Swayybaby4 maanden geleden

    Please do a gameplay on midtown madness with that computer

  • Tommy Paris
    Tommy Paris4 maanden geleden

    Riva TNT 2 Ultra, double price of voodoo, i remember graphics was shock some times and crush, riva tnt 2 ultra was best with 32 megabytes, from NVidia i had 1998, tell the truth to people! Today Tnt are the RTX 3090, again the greatest!! Where is the voodoo to many years? May you remember voodoo bunshe doesnt can run the Alien Versus predator only riva tnt 2 ultra 32 mb! 1998 voodoo was only 16 bit! With diamond card better even from voodoo with matrox to goes down fake graphics and first tnt 2 ultra, so why was only for business? Now are the Giant with ATI AMD to follow back always behind, double price but gold nvidias works the others silver followers! My pc pentium 3 mmx 450 mhz, 262 mb ram with extra device next to dim on mboard, plato pc most expensive 3800 $, im byuing voodoo bunshee and when im see to a friend the differents of rivas from mine voodoo crystal 3d i return back i paid difference 150 dollars and 150$ voodoo 320 $ but my pc 2001 pentium 3 450 mhz was playing easy to full graphics 1280 x 1024 the game max payne which this game was minimum requirements needings: processor 1000 mhz at least 256 mb s memoory ram, strange for me was my new 2000 pentium 4 1.7 ghz does not run with a good card graphics for this year was sis but all central unit, costs like 1000 $, unfortunatelly i do not have money for buy the special turbo pc, i remeber price was 5000$ pentium 4 nvidia 6800 ultra fx again 1024 mb vidoram the topest pc too with 2048 memory ddr, my pentium 3 was sdram but max payne for requirements play very easily, so im open case changhe my processor with a pentium 4 for try because i did not know yet hows works systems pc, so i was press power and floop, burn like a lamp, now i feel bad cause i had the best unit on city!!

  • BØLT
    BØLT4 maanden geleden

    "That's unfortunate, but... so is Gex" LOL

  • yung HDMI cable
    yung HDMI cable4 maanden geleden

    It's cool the PC version ran at 60hz, but the visuals were ass compared to the arcade version. We should have seen video cards based off the Model 3 GPU instead.

  • georgef551
    georgef5514 maanden geleden

    A 3D card with a DEC chip? Had to have been by HP, as they bought DEC, and shut it down, way before then.

  • Stephen Finton
    Stephen Finton4 maanden geleden

    What happens if you use a VOODOO Banshee as the main card for an SLI VOODOO II setup?

    CRAZY TV GAMING4 maanden geleden

    man this old hardware is so mechanically satisfying

  • Coderjo
    Coderjo4 maanden geleden

    The Rush arcade hardware ran on windows and had a 3d card. I don't know which offhand. Perhaps Quantum3D supplied those cards as well, and that's how they got the pack-in pc port deal? Edit: I guess I meant Rush 2049 was on windows. The Rock Alcatraz Edition apparently ran on a MIPS R5000, though still with 3dfx graphics.

  • SnakeVenom3000
    SnakeVenom30004 maanden geleden

    Man....... I forgot what Windows 98 looked like.

  • Farren Minns
    Farren Minns4 maanden geleden

    NFL Blits still looks good to me! :-)

  • 77elvistheking
    77elvistheking4 maanden geleden

    10:40... I see I'm not the only one doing this thing with mouse and music lol

  • XtremeConditions
    XtremeConditions4 maanden geleden

    Dat Windows 98 startup sound... Oh hell yes.

  • Murrythesane
    Murrythesane4 maanden geleden

    Oh man that was my first GFX card, I got it to play Half life and final fantasy 7

  • rpavlik1
    rpavlik14 maanden geleden

    "Judo chop baby, yeah" Austin Powers has entered the courtroom.

  • Jack El Dogo
    Jack El Dogo4 maanden geleden

    So cool, I had an X24 back in the day. What a monster that was!

  • digital peer
    digital peer4 maanden geleden

    no fog. my emulator has mad fog everywhere

  • Quaalude Charlie
    Quaalude Charlie4 maanden geleden

    Wow , I had a Daughter that year , Last year I dated too , Good Card :) QC

  • Невада большевик
    Невада большевик4 maanden geleden

    13:15 "Warning: Full Simulation"

  • Rodrigo Pinchiari
    Rodrigo Pinchiari4 maanden geleden

    My God! I miss the good old days! good times!

  • Torrvic
    Torrvic4 maanden geleden

    This sports games are bullshit. I wonder if anybody really plays that. But Okay if somebody likes it but I can imagine it.

  • Sir Taki
    Sir Taki4 maanden geleden

    Can it run Unreal?

  • Alex W
    Alex W4 maanden geleden

    niffle blitz lol 20:30

  • Todd Abbott
    Todd Abbott4 maanden geleden

    My first 3D accelerator was a Voodoo3 2000. Slapped a little fan on it and overclocked it to 166mhz. I ran that on my K6-2 350 until I got my Duron 600 and did the pencil trick to unlock it so I could run it at 900Mhz easy. I think I ran that Voodoo3 until I got a GeForce4 Ti4200 (died after only a year) and then I went to the Radeon All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro, Radeon HD 2600 PRO, GeForce GTX 440, GeForce GT 630, GeForce GTX 950, and then the GeForce GTX 1060 I have right now. I'm looking at likely a GeForce RTX 3060 or maybe a Radeon 6600. Not only am I worried about the price/performance, but I am not happy with the power demands of the 3070, 3080, and 3090. If the 660 matches the 3060 and costs about the same but comes in 75 watts less power draw I'm getting the 6600.

  • Dracus
    Dracus4 maanden geleden

    Voodoo video cards were the shit back then

  • jer none
    jer none4 maanden geleden

    rich jackass wishing he was not a millennial born after 1998 wishing he grew up in the 80s

  • Nick Baldeagle
    Nick Baldeagle4 maanden geleden

    My first top tier GPU was the Radeon 9800 Pro. Back in 2003 it was a beast.

  • Tzeff's Main Channel
    Tzeff's Main Channel4 maanden geleden

    10:45 Everything is being downgraded: Gameplay (less fun,) Sequels (graphics get downgraded from previous starter titles) But developers love cashing $$$ in with reboots and remakes!

  • WhyteLis21
    WhyteLis214 maanden geleden

    Wish they brought back NFL Biltz, NFL Street and Rush to modern pc. Lol.

  • Manjushri
    Manjushri4 maanden geleden

    I loved Gex as a kid... Named my Day Gecko after him lol...

  • FireGate_13
    FireGate_134 maanden geleden

    Can you make a video about retro gaming with a wheel ?? how about testing all need for speed with a Driving Force GT ?

  • Marcelo Velarde
    Marcelo Velarde4 maanden geleden

    Is this guy the same person as the car wizard?? He sounds like him...

  • Chris Tuckwell
    Chris Tuckwell4 maanden geleden

    I'm looking for a legit copy of SF Rush for PC, have the N64 cart, the Dreamcast disc, the rereleases on midway collections for PS2, Xbox and pc. Also have LA Rush, the sequel? But I can't find that cd you show in your video on eBay or any other site.

  • pianokeyjoe
    pianokeyjoe4 maanden geleden

    So I thought to check ebay for these VOODOO cards and the prices are so high for 2020, that it is not even worth it lol! You can not use it with Windows 10 or modern LINUX and no, it will not run CRYSIS. Great cards to have for playing with vintage versions of UNIX and LINUX with early implimentations of 3D tech and with the likes of BeOS and other vintage operating systems. BUT for modern use? No, hell no! I can buy a 4GB PCIe card for $100USD so why pay $550 for a used 3DFX voodoo 32mb pci card?

  • RevOneEight /Mr. Pickles
    RevOneEight /Mr. Pickles4 maanden geleden

    I built my first pc in 2001 when dark age of Camelot came out....i miss those days

  • Mac Cumhail
    Mac Cumhail4 maanden geleden

    I am getting old. Can't be that long ago I had this

  • dhruv saini
    dhruv saini4 maanden geleden

    It can play gta1

  • dmacaulay75
    dmacaulay754 maanden geleden

    Aaah. Voodoo Banshee. That was my first ever 3D accelerator and I thought it was awesome. I used to play the hell out of Rogue Squadron 3D on that thing.

  • Broder
    Broder5 maanden geleden

    San Francisco RUSH happened to be a very popular game for Nintendo 64, I actually had it in the 90's.

  • marines0001
    marines00015 maanden geleden

    loved voodoos first sli

  • james bond
    james bond5 maanden geleden

    Loved banshee, had one in like 98' with 300mhz 64mb.. Please change some better CRT,flat, I have 17' Samsung 755df and 19' Samsung 957df and I m not LGR. 100hz 1024x768.

  • james bond

    james bond

    5 maanden geleden

    You can go with nf(natural flat) instead df(dyna flat) , its better but at time much more expensive

  • Tah Sin
    Tah Sin5 maanden geleden

    damn a walk down memory lane, love this content. keep it up!

  • Macca Gee
    Macca Gee5 maanden geleden

    When you added the crack and ran it at 60fps which graphics card was it running on? BTW this runs on mame, I believe mame needs hacking to run abover 30fps.

  • FhargaZ
    FhargaZ5 maanden geleden

    10:51 we do, but not with the legally obtained games 😈

  • Tercio Lopes
    Tercio Lopes5 maanden geleden

    Hey Clint, in the original installation CD have soundtrack?

  • John Wohlwend
    John Wohlwend5 maanden geleden

    FitGirl music comes to mind