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Host: Clint Basinger


  • pepito papita
    pepito papita17 uur geleden

    Been waiting for this

  • Bolívar Mena
    Bolívar Mena17 uur geleden

    Well you didn't really try to crash the system, that's where ME hit the fan. I was a tech-kid back then, running around the neighborhood doing maintenances, and while ME in my home computer worked fine (althought I reverted to 98 eventually mostly for MS-DOS mode), damn windows ME drove me crazy. For some users it would crash over and over, even microsoft took note of that: ME had the only built-in registry repair tool I've seen in a windows version lol. I could never tell for sure the root of all those crashes i fixed, but i suspect a simple hard shutdown, like a power outage, was enough to keep ME from booting. Maybe you could try to emulate that yourself ;)

  • frieMo
    frieMo17 uur geleden

    It's not a pyramid PC case, it's a multi level PC case.

  • Latin lover24
    Latin lover2418 uur geleden

    Hahahaah holy crap....you did it!

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas18 uur geleden

    First program on CD-ROM was the "Muppet Treasure Island" adventure game for Windows 95.

  • Latin lover24
    Latin lover2418 uur geleden

    Ooooo brings back memories!!!

  • Retro Christmas
    Retro Christmas18 uur geleden

    Im going to make a fancy laptop called The big dump. And the ultra book will be called the mini dump.

  • moviebod
    moviebod18 uur geleden

    That 3DO logo is so similar to the Google Home connecting to wi-fi GIF / Animation.

  • Ribulose15diphosphat
    Ribulose15diphosphat19 uur geleden

    At least he is an action hero, who openly admits using steroids.

  • Stephan King
    Stephan King19 uur geleden

    I had the extra mail order charts. I remember them being delivered and the deliver guy told me he had a package for my dad. If I only still had them...

  • DepthsDoes
    DepthsDoes19 uur geleden

    Ah yes, the CUMquat.

  • Ribulose15diphosphat
    Ribulose15diphosphat19 uur geleden

    This Game (together with Bio Menace) had probably an Influence in Duke 3d. Duke has blendet with the other two heroes. *Harry introduced the concept of women trapped in goo and the body horror done to them. Harry is however more of a gentleman. *Harry made the Jetpack cool. *Harry is clearly on Steroids. *Bio Menace put the setting into a realisitic setting and added extreme violence, to make the horror more edgy. The same concept was later used by Duke 3d (and Half Life). In fact you could say Bio Menace is to Duke (or Harry ) that Half Life is to Doom.

  • Solea
    Solea19 uur geleden


  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri19 uur geleden

    Fatal1ty kinda meant something back then. :P

  • Marcos da Silva
    Marcos da Silva19 uur geleden

    I tried to play without Generations and I couldn't. I got addicted to the small changes it adds. XD

  • Saad Nabil
    Saad Nabil19 uur geleden

    1 word! Ewwwwwwwww! Who put a peanut butter on keyboard?

  • SummonTheEnderman
    SummonTheEnderman19 uur geleden

    I am waiting for someone to reverse engineer the light gun

  • Pellervo Kaskinen
    Pellervo Kaskinen19 uur geleden

    A late comment -- I could add a few more, including one that I built myself from a kit by Giarcia's Circuit Cellar. It used a Hitachi CPU, 80180 and ZCPR operating system. A friend of mine had an Osborne portable. And just when the IBM PC was on its first incarnation, there were HP-85 and HP-87. I bought the '87 that had a wide screen display with text or bit graphics. The operating system was HP's own Basic (Amigo, I think). The floppy disk and printer interface were through HP-IB that was later standardized as IEEE-488 instrument control interface. One of the odd things was its memory stack, which could be optionally chained to 64 bits width. By the way, in the 1970's there were "development systems" to build programs and even burn EPROMS. One that I saw had a word processing program (loaded from an 8" floppy disk) and a compiler for Motorola 6800, 6801 and 6803 chips. A bit later Motorola came out its own development system, VME/10 that was a 32/16 bit unit for programming their 68,000 series chips.

  • Tumas s
    Tumas s19 uur geleden

    Same pc I had from 2002 to 2005. Except I had the 500mhz pentium 3 variant.

  • rusty paperclip productions YT
    rusty paperclip productions YT20 uur geleden

    Review killing Time it's a pc game released in 1996 or 7 by studio 3DO it's 10.99 on Steam more expensive on GOG and free on the zoom platform

  • Thom K
    Thom K20 uur geleden

    I totally remember the disappointment of PU. I eventually forced myself to grind through and unlock the cars, leaned how to do the e-brake 360s, and honestly it became worth it when I finally got the GT2. HOLY SHIT that car was nuts! Almost made up for it eliminating every other car. Underground was pretty fun. Loved the drag mode, but NFS3 was always king.

  • shantih19
    shantih1920 uur geleden

    You made a Monty Python reference and here I tought I couldn't love you more than I already do

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller20 uur geleden

    I remember seeing that PC being used for computer operated factory machines.

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller20 uur geleden

    I am pretty sure it was made by I Can Has Cheezburger Cat.

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller20 uur geleden

    I am pretty sure this is a CNC controller they converted to a basic laptop.

  • Robert McQuiggan
    Robert McQuiggan20 uur geleden

    I missed all this crap.. because I switched to Amiga from PC in 1990.

  • Jon C
    Jon C20 uur geleden

    They claimed a remote control was an industry first in '95? When the Macintosh TV came out 2 years earlier? Um....

  • Jeff Hitchcock
    Jeff Hitchcock20 uur geleden

    So what's the progress on Y2K38?

  • Will Lane
    Will Lane20 uur geleden

    Were you ever able to get this to run under GLIDE? Does it look different on GLIDE hardware?

  • qdave
    qdave20 uur geleden

    How to play this in windows 10?

  • yes sir
    yes sir20 uur geleden

    Can we please talk about why in the flying fucks 2gbs of ram would've costed 1800 bucks back in 04????

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique21 uur geleden

    this was my first PC hahahahah as a kid i didn't know it could run duke nukem and other games, now i kinda miss it but will never be able to find another one

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson21 uur geleden

    Since you are into tech stuff and modular get an Ornament and Crime. Would recommend getting it with Hemispheres installed. I have a feeling you would love that module.

  • theNWdigital
    theNWdigital21 uur geleden

    My dad has a window and door fitter company and a few years ago, they subscribed a special program for about 100 € per month from a large window and door manufacturer. During the installation I saw a hint like "use WinRAR if this doesn't work, it's included on the CD-ROM". I thought "no way, they really put a shareware on this CD-ROM?". In fact: They didn't. On the CD-ROM was a goddamn old WinRAR version from 2002 including their site license file! I extracted this license file and it's still working with the most recent versions of WinRAR.

  • ThehakkeMadman
    ThehakkeMadman21 uur geleden

    Wish I still had those pixelated pics of the Dodge Viper I downloaded as a kid!

  • artao5
    artao521 uur geleden

    Being a musician, you'll get this. How crazy is it that most of the Korg Volca series STILL uses audio like the cassette drive to transfer data. I'm specifically talking about the Volca Sample here, original. (The one I bought, and love) LOL eh? .. THEN they got smart and made the Mark 2 with USB .. considering selling this one and buying that one. But then, I'm running the Pajen custom firmware, and IDT the Mark 2 has all the functions Pajen put in there. Or perhaps he's done a custom firmware for the Mk 2 now. I haven't checked. hmmmm

  • Mack Tate
    Mack Tate21 uur geleden

    I love all of your Need for Speed videos

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound21 uur geleden

    Too bad its broken. The graphics are nice compared to the ugly cartoon Cities Skylines and SimCity games.

  • Benoit Adam
    Benoit Adam21 uur geleden

    Xerox Alto was impressive indeed

  • Youngie761
    Youngie76122 uur geleden

    SImcity was the first game I saw on PC that made me look at myself and realize- "I am a Pc Gamer."

  • Akkordinator
    Akkordinator22 uur geleden

    Check out Toca Race Driver 2 (2004) if you want to see the GT90 in another game

  • PreBound
    PreBound22 uur geleden

    I wish I would've experienced '97 through the eyes of an innocent 11 year old, but I was a troubled 21 year old instead.

  • tt ww
    tt ww22 uur geleden

    As a sysadmin I loved ME as it broke a lot of apps and devices we told staff not to use.

  • Wazzy's Garage
    Wazzy's Garage22 uur geleden

    Still have my iMac G4

  • The Excelsior_00
    The Excelsior_0022 uur geleden

    Here to watch the good old days... sigh*

  • wgordon165
    wgordon16522 uur geleden

    Manic minor was good , jetpack ok

  • Crylhound
    Crylhound23 uur geleden

    32:06 :D

  • Andreas Baird
    Andreas Baird23 uur geleden

    Whoa whoa whoa, where is our $800 cd bookshelf review??!?

  • Ariawan Sulistya
    Ariawan Sulistya23 uur geleden

    Wow, Altec Lansing ACS 90 😍

  • Yvan Krzeslo
    Yvan Krzeslo23 uur geleden

    your clips are like a little jump in the past . Music and all. I love them.

  • MarkoRollo
    MarkoRollo23 uur geleden

    my first 'proper' computer

  • Jozef Kumancik
    Jozef Kumancik23 uur geleden

    -Me: looking at not proper inserted second RAM module, telling for myself - it won´t run.. -PC at first attempt to run: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.....C1 :D

  • Bit Rage
    Bit RageDag geleden

    For some reason your videos put me in a good mood... it like reminds me of my "pc weekends" where nothing existed or could mess up my weekend if i had pc stuff to do

  • PedanticTwit
    PedanticTwitDag geleden

    I actually registered winrar like 15 years ago. Still using the same license.

  • TrashToTable
    TrashToTableDag geleden

    I still play this and Porsche Unleashed on my dimension all the time lol (mostly PU) and I still got my GT90 hotwheeles too xF

  • Gojiro7
    Gojiro7Dag geleden

    "I do not have neighbors, I live in a house" eeeh, Clint? you know those people who live in their own houses around ARE your neighbors right? XD

  • Rockman Zero
    Rockman ZeroDag geleden

    Notable ones: Sega Genesis version of Lemmings, Sega Master System, Amiga.

  • iain ridley
    iain ridleyDag geleden

    This needs a re-release!

  • Andy Marsala
    Andy MarsalaDag geleden

    More like building a bigger, badder beard! Looks good Clint. Nice and clean.l

  • MD4564
    MD4564Dag geleden

    In future can you make full hdd images :) thanks.

  • DrControversy
    DrControversyDag geleden

    Mary Steam Version

  • Open ID
    Open IDDag geleden

    My God! One of my first PC racing game back then, this bring back time..

  • Nula-v
    Nula-vDag geleden

    music production stations, video production stations, aaand DRONNNES. I giggled quite a bit at that. Thanks for the awesome review!

  • ElectronicsAddict
    ElectronicsAddictDag geleden

    You're my idol

  • Mira AL
    Mira ALDag geleden

    I feel old 🥺

  • Unfathomable
    UnfathomableDag geleden

    DOOM 3 is my favourite as i love it's new approach to the gameplay, the new designs, the engine,enviroments everything really

  • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez
    Fernando Aguila GonzalezDag geleden

    Man, Japan in the 90's sounds more futuristic than my country

  • My_4_brain_cells
    My_4_brain_cellsDag geleden

    In 13 years I'm so gonna do the same thing for 2020/21

  • Andrew Tillott
    Andrew TillottDag geleden

    Costs hundreds these days. Just checked on ebay.

  • Nick LeMaster
    Nick LeMasterDag geleden

    Hold on, is there no warning about how the internet is not a big truck? Its not something you just dump something on....its a sieres of tubes! The internet is tubes!

  • Mr G
    Mr GDag geleden

    Hey people, I'm trying to remember a game, with digitize human characters, similar to this game. Your character, in jail, (I believe framed for some crime) he punches out a guard, gets the keys, then escapes the cell. The you go up and down (by stairs/ladders..looks a bit like Donkey Kong) and the guards chase you! If you punch a guard, you can steal their gun, and shoot back. Does anyone know this game?

  • Jesse Swaney
    Jesse SwaneyDag geleden

    0:35 When I step on a lego..

  • Hell Hound
    Hell HoundDag geleden

    If the game wasn't so clunky and unintuitive. I'd play it for more than 3 minutes before giving up. Seriously its horrible. Say what you will about later TES but at least they're playable.

  • Chuck Smith
    Chuck SmithDag geleden

    Man, my Win 95 PC I just remember playing NFS2, NHL 97, Command & Conquer and Starcraft. Those games... NFS2 was definitely my favorite... played it so much, often with my dad too with him on the steering wheel and pedals and I'd take the keyboard. Good times!

  • Harvey Brown
    Harvey BrownDag geleden

    I need a version of the track starting at 0:29. It sounds amazing!

  • Makaseil Amallee
    Makaseil AmalleeDag geleden

    8.45 - Blue Screen of Death

  • Makaseil Amallee
    Makaseil AmalleeDag geleden

    go to this number : 8:45

  • luke yami
    luke yamiDag geleden

    Those FMV videos about the cars remind me a lot of Top Gear.

  • Vinnie Boognish
    Vinnie BoognishDag geleden

    In Connecticut we didn't get a frog to dissect. We got an earthworm, which isn't that educational considering there's nothing inside of it

  • Bro Jangle
    Bro JangleDag geleden

    I want something, anything, in my adult life that brings me even half of the enchantment the world of floppy stored games did for me in the 90's

  • RecklessORbital55
    RecklessORbital55Dag geleden

    In my opinion game is good now with all content that comed :)

  • Cuvtixo D
    Cuvtixo DDag geleden

    Although, if you go into the specifics about how those characters are "drawn" on the screen, there's a whole world of digital goodness going on, different than text on PC monitors.

  • Miljan Vukićević
    Miljan VukićevićDag geleden

    This is the best CHANNEL ON NLdron EVER!!!!!!!!