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Host: Clint Basinger


  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb5 uur geleden

    Clint should've called it "The stew episode" because it's a stew of cut footage and new footage.

  • Ryan N
    Ryan N5 uur geleden

    I used to use them all thru college at WPI for solid modelling, FEA and CAD. They were awesome! I wish I could buy a case and put a modern computer in them they always looked cool.

  • Lukas Virvilas
    Lukas Virvilas5 uur geleden

    But The question is can you overclock it ?

  • Nokel Claa
    Nokel Claa5 uur geleden

    pretty sure most of my computer fans have been thermaltake... Also, I get people who regularly ask if the company I work for sells computer power supplies because they want to make a cheap lab power supply... After working with DC power supplies and making enough make shift things, things like this isn't amazingly surprising honestly...

  • Nokel Claa
    Nokel Claa5 uur geleden

    also I know enough smokers to know that while it seems stupid as hell to have a cig lighter in a computer, it definitely will get used, and the computer will also definitely get choked up with a room full of cigarette smoke/ash/tar... Never underestimate the stupidity of people, because it's literally never ending... If only you could harness it into energy somehow...

  • Patrick Tucker
    Patrick Tucker5 uur geleden

    it the dame as $5 98 pc

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B5 uur geleden

    If he could fire on an angle it would be better

  • acalthu
    acalthu5 uur geleden

    Clint, you can now do this with an FPV headset and transmitter, and any cheap RC car.

  • Long Peter
    Long Peter5 uur geleden

    But… why? Yes, it’s a small 486… until you supply all the supporting hardware and it goes back to being a full-size computer. Guessing this application is not its original niche.

  • Ghivi Fahmi
    Ghivi Fahmi5 uur geleden

    Imagine if transistors were never invented

  • Salem Tskvhari
    Salem Tskvhari6 uur geleden

    i kinda want an old vroken one so i can build a modern gaming rig in it

  • heavyaccept
    heavyaccept6 uur geleden

    In the beginning my thought was "What the heck? Is this a console or a VHS player? And what is the storage/removable media that it is using? VHS cassettes?

  • Ohh Well
    Ohh Well6 uur geleden

    Holborn = Stonks.

  • Thomas Xavier
    Thomas Xavier6 uur geleden

    The Gizmondo always seemed so cool to me, I wish Colours got released on phones or tablets, it seemed like a pretty cool game It's a shame so much potential went to waste

  • Jason
    Jason6 uur geleden

    Kinda wish you could drag other Sims to their deaths as a Mermaid or Merman.

  • Lukáš Materna
    Lukáš Materna6 uur geleden

    17:69 Are you using Unoficial Microsoft Windows 98 SE service pack 3?

  • Guilherme Trojan
    Guilherme Trojan6 uur geleden

    All music noises in this videos pleases me

  • Matthew Shannon
    Matthew Shannon6 uur geleden

    Review fallout 2. Don't be a coward, lose your freinds and family and embrace the *FALLOUT 2*

  • Das KritterHaus
    Das KritterHaus6 uur geleden

    IBM serrrrriously dropped the ball with their exorbitant pricing. basically it cost the company their market.

  • World Comics Review
    World Comics Review6 uur geleden

    I think the first graphics card I ever bought was a 32mb 3D Prophet! GTA 3 was great on it

  • papercut
    papercut6 uur geleden

    From a 2014 ad I have: "Get an i7 4700mQ! 4 cores for ultimate gaming performance!" :')

  • arseymcpherson
    arseymcpherson7 uur geleden

    Oh dear god. EEE POCK.

  • Ghivi Fahmi
    Ghivi Fahmi7 uur geleden

    Hot wheels STD sounds like something you'd get after picking off from a sketchy dating site

  • Traugott Müller
    Traugott Müller7 uur geleden

    Clint plugs in a device to his PC. PC makes an affirmative sound. Me: "What the hell did just plug into my Laptop and why?! Oh, it's from the video..." Clint unplugs the device from his PC. PC makes an affirmative sound. Me: "What the hell did just unplug from my Laptop and why...?!"

  • randomstring
    randomstring7 uur geleden

    That video you made, makes so much sense, at the same time as it makes absolutely no sense at all. It should've been the only video humanity sent out on Voyager.

  • Raven Snowfall
    Raven Snowfall8 uur geleden

    That "hardware" sure sounded Bostonian!

  • Long Peter
    Long Peter8 uur geleden

    I can’t just imaging his old boss: “Clint, I appreciate your attention to detail but you can’t spend 90min on each frame.”

  • dowingba
    dowingba8 uur geleden

    This is one of the first horror games I ever played.

  • Donal O'Shea
    Donal O'Shea8 uur geleden

    You really want to game on this thing? Bit of an unfair test guy

  • Patrick Dunn
    Patrick Dunn8 uur geleden

    Interesting to watch you unbox the Sound Blaster. I use to sell those at our Software etc. store!

  • R1one82
    R1one829 uur geleden

    a full 15inch laptop for a 2 month old baby

  • Jellybean
    Jellybean9 uur geleden

    burger keycaps and airbrush one of the trashcan mac pros into a tall stack burger?

  • Tim Bird
    Tim Bird9 uur geleden

    I saw that calculator and right away I was thinking Space 1999....

  • SutorippuDotCom
    SutorippuDotCom9 uur geleden

    6:53 The moment this started, my drink began to glow in the dark.

  • hope dies
    hope dies10 uur geleden

    Oh, god. Old media player... memories of getting high then staring at the visualizer while listening to eiffel 65. 🤣

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B10 uur geleden

    "jazzy musical vistas" - Is the caption during the opening to this video! 😎 That tickled me enough that I stopped scrolling through my feed to come comment (not to worry, I'd already added the video to my "buffer" playlist to watch later. That's exclusively how I watch all NLdron videos now in order to "hack" my recommendation algorithm so it doesn't spiral into stagnation!) Anywho, I was just curious as to whether that caption was written by you (does sound like something you'd say; I think maybe I've even heard you say it!), or if it was AI generated? I'm actually not sure which would be cooler, but either way I like it!

  • Alkan Turan
    Alkan Turan10 uur geleden


  • Julien B
    Julien B10 uur geleden

    Great review, would be superb to have now the Black Mesa one :)

  • Scott Dodson
    Scott Dodson11 uur geleden

    I really REALLY REEAAALLLYYY hope that aquarium case is the next video you make.

  • Edward Guillermo
    Edward Guillermo11 uur geleden

    My grandma has a nokia.

  • Ken Huffman
    Ken Huffman11 uur geleden

    How can 82 people not like this tech goodness?

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin11 uur geleden

    When I was doing an engineering internship around 1990, I used a Summagraphics digitizing tablet like that one (I think it was the 1824 model, 18" tall by 24" wide) with the same 'puck'. It was attached to the department's PC based AutoCAD workstation, a 386 with dual monitors -- a large 17" to display the drawing and a smaller one showing the AutoCAD command screen. We had a big plastic overlay attached to the pad with AutoCAD commands and widgets. It was so cool to use... Also, I have Windows 1.01 from 1985 -- but it's not in Microsoft packaging. It came bundled with my Heath/Zenith Z-248 286-based PC, so it's in Heath/Zenith packaging. I don't have that PC any more, but I do have the EGA monitor, and a slightly newer 286 hooked up to it, running DOS 6.22 and Windows 1. Other than playing Reversi, Windows is not really very useful except to launch DOS programs, and the later DOSShell is actually better at it...

  • Jay Antiwoke
    Jay Antiwoke11 uur geleden

    I had to pay $100 for whatever model was out in 04 that we were basically just renting from the school for my senior year and it was mandatory for both my math classes then turn it back in before graduation.. We used it twice the entire fucking year!! Lol

  • Kylemsguy
    Kylemsguy11 uur geleden

    Oh wow, that rechargable battery looks like the one used in the Epson R-D1

  • John F. Donnelly
    John F. Donnelly11 uur geleden

    Up to your fourth donation (modular synth component), and I can only say one thing: TWITCH TECHNO CONCERT? XD EDIT: Box o' Monorail stuff - ABOUT THE MWAVE: I had that card built in my first computer: The IBM Aptiva 2146-C31. The MWAVE is a hybrid modem/soundcard, whose DAC SUCKS under DOS (it can only mix up to 20KHz audio in DOS, unlike the full range in Windows). That caused me to ask for the AWE 64 Gold for a birthday present. Which I still have to this day! :P EDIT DEUX: ...Phone Blas-- . . . my gawds, CREATIVE MADE THEIR OWN MWAVE!!!!!!! WITH AN SB16 IN IT! o.o

  • Carlos José Rivera
    Carlos José Rivera12 uur geleden

    Colossal Order should do with Sims what they did with SmiCity.

  • Jorge Javier Morzán Scerpella
    Jorge Javier Morzán Scerpella12 uur geleden

    LGR you have a scar in your right hand, how do you get it? I have a similar one. Is the mark of the beast?

  • Chris
    Chris13 uur geleden

    I remember these, I had one on my desktop, you could order them on new machines, everyone was starting to have them. Then CD's came and they went bye bye into the anals of history.

  • jakfox44
    jakfox4413 uur geleden

    This was one of my favorite games

  • Dayton
    Dayton13 uur geleden

    44:30 Imagine a moden version of the isepic, can't imagine how that would be done though.

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo14 uur geleden

    can you ship alcohol across state lines ?

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C14 uur geleden

    Can't wait for the aquarium PC build video!

  • B Young
    B Young14 uur geleden

    I swear I've watched this more than 20 times.

  • Atlantis IRL
    Atlantis IRL14 uur geleden

    Dude that song at the beginning that you mixed was sick!!!

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo14 uur geleden

    the only good part of Salt Water Taffy is buying it at the beach.

  • AleK
    AleK15 uur geleden

    this is weird i thought lgr literally only liked smooth jazz i can't believe i've been lied to all my life

  • Orochii Zouveleki
    Orochii Zouveleki15 uur geleden

    Too many videos to wait for just from this batch, damn!

  • David Somoza Domenech
    David Somoza Domenech15 uur geleden

    Huh, i am really curious about trying something like this with dolphin emulator as a virtual wiimote to be honest.

  • hblaub
    hblaub15 uur geleden

    The Windows installation will be "sleeping with the fishes"

  • MC 808
    MC 80815 uur geleden

    I found the sound of the rain soothing to my soul.

  • Jules L
    Jules L15 uur geleden

    Escape Velocity, the greatest game ever released on the early macintosh: shareware, hack-able, moddable, endlessly enjoyable. Amazing universe and gotta love the shareware reminder pilot who would kill you if you didn't eventually pay for the game. Captain Hector.

  • Jordan Mackey
    Jordan Mackey15 uur geleden

    I loved this game, where could i buy or download it today? I think there were some creature expansion packs too.

  • Jacob Smart
    Jacob Smart15 uur geleden

    The Russian Campaign is the best i think! One of the best RTS games of all time!

  • Shadowmick M
    Shadowmick M15 uur geleden

    Great job and fantastic memories.

  • Markianna Tharpe
    Markianna Tharpe15 uur geleden

    Please play school tycoon !!!!

  • R1one82
    R1one8216 uur geleden

    Imagine when Clint passes (god forbid) and his next of kin passing all his stuff off to a good will store..... Lines out the door and down the street :)

  • Heelix Ranier
    Heelix Ranier16 uur geleden

    It's funny, in general, that we went from large bulky laptops, to small laptops, to large laptops again (thinking, gaming laptops). Of course now we have tablets like the Surface Pro and Apple iPad Pro that could run circles around even the gaming laptops of this era. The one technology IBM had that I could never really get used to was the stupid trackpoint. I mean even the integrated trackball (Compaq had a unique idea to put it into the screen in some models) but the trackpoint was never something i ever used. Felt weird to use.

  • Chris Buchaniec
    Chris Buchaniec16 uur geleden

    Dick Buster?????? Omfg! Oh sweet Jesus

  • Máximo Alamé Mauriz
    Máximo Alamé Mauriz16 uur geleden

    Wow Dell used to be good

  • Mark Benson
    Mark Benson16 uur geleden

    Timex Watch = LGR OddWEAR? xD

  • Rick Sarvas
    Rick Sarvas16 uur geleden

    Respect for DEC. Even today, I still set my default terminal width to 132 cols.

  • Heimvar the Apprentice
    Heimvar the Apprentice16 uur geleden

    My favorite game as a kid wow

  • Max Goldberg
    Max Goldberg16 uur geleden

    You could run all your led lights light 24/7 and use less energy than all incandescent bulbs with this home automation.

  • David Perkins
    David Perkins16 uur geleden

    Monospace characters are very 'programmery' !

  • Catch489 Roblox
    Catch489 Roblox16 uur geleden

    14:10 that a is bellsouth/southern bell first aid kit, my grandpa has one

  • Haku Haku Haku En
    Haku Haku Haku En16 uur geleden

    This looks amazing

  • Rave Raptor
    Rave Raptor16 uur geleden

    Honestly I'd like to have a modernized one of these for my physical media, with cd-burning

  • Zachary Drummond
    Zachary Drummond17 uur geleden

    Was it possible for people to hook up their PC to a hifi stereo back then? Did those audio cards have line outputs, or were they specific for PC speakers?

  • Nova Leader
    Nova Leader17 uur geleden

    Man and I thought Denuvo was shit, at least you don't always have to be online for that

  • Nickfil
    Nickfil17 uur geleden

    Oh man. That Viking DLE-200B phone line simulator can link up 2 sega saturns if you have the modem attachment. Thats the arcade at home dream!

  • D.P.O
    D.P.O17 uur geleden